Suspicion [P1]


Suspicion [P1]At the time it happened I didn’t even think about it but on reflection it may have been the most significant occurrence of my life. This happened to me in the summer of 2009. Me and my friend (let’s call him Mike) were hanging out at my house watching TV, playing video games, etc. It was about as ordinary of a summer day as possible, around 2 pm. One of my chores was cutting the grass and for whatever reason my mom was adamant that I finished before my dad got home from work that day. So I went outside, cut the grass like any other time but when I came back in I noticed the movie we (me and Mike) had been watching was paused at almost the same spot as when I had left. We were watching Blade Runner, and I went outside during the scene when Deckard interviews Rachel. It was strange that he would have paused the movie for the entire 45 minutes I was outside cutting the grass. I remember closing the sliding door; taking a breath, realizing that Mike wasn’t on the couch and that the house was quiet. In the stillness of the moment I could hear the water running upstairs. I felt disoriented at that time not sure where my mother or friend was, I called out Mom? Mike? There was no reply. I walked to the front of the house and look out the window next to the front door. Mike’s car was still there. I could still hear the water running upstairs so I walked up there. As I walked up the stairs I began to get a queasy feeling in my stomach. I didn’t know what bahis siteleri was going on but I felt strange, it is really difficult to put in to words but I just didn’t feel right. As I reached the top of the stairs I immediately realized that the shower in my parents room was running, and that their door was open. This wasn’t something I was accustomed to noticing because the door to their bedroom would usually be closed any time they were in the room. Growing up with three guys in the house (me, my brother and my dad) my mom had always kept her room closed off from the rest of the house. In fact, I couldn’t even remember being in their room the entire time I grew up. I stood at the top of the stairs frozen, not knowing what to do. On the surface, nothing was wrong or out of place but I had this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something just felt off, I don’t know how to verbalize it beyond that feeling. I called out for Mike one more time. There was no answer. I didn’t expect an answer but at the same time I hoped to hear his familiar ‘yeah’ calling out from my room.I knew my mom was still in the house, I knew Mike was still in the house but neither was responding to my calls. It had only taken me 45 minutes to cut the grass that day, as I had already done the backyard the previous day when my mom was at work. Was it possible that my shortened occupied time had caught my mom (and Mike?) off guard?At this point I remember the awful thoughts beginning canlı bahis siteleri to darken my mind. For a split second, the image of my mom and Mike together; in bathing suits, in the shower filled my mind. I dismissed it. I took another step towards my parents room and all I could see was my mom, completely nude with her body pressed up against Mike in the shower. I tried to compose myself and proceed normally. I reached the frame of my parent open door. Still no Mike, still no Mom.After taking one step in to my parents bedroom it was as if I sounded an alarm. To my memory, as soon as my foot landed in their bedroom I heard a loud, guttural moan from the bathroom. The sound was a mix of my mother’s voice and that of a porn star. The moan sounded exaggerated and playful but at the same time earnest. It froze me in my tracks for a moment.Once the alarm of the moan wore off I found myself in my parents room astonished at what I found. It was the circumstantial evidence proving what I had feared most. The dress my mom had worn that day was tossed haphazardly at the pillow of the made bed. The covers were seemingly in place but also ruffled in a way that made it certain someone or something had moved them. A beige bra was discarded to the side of the bed furthest from the shower door. A pair of black thong panties were hanging around the bed post. My stomach turned at the scene. As I continued to hear the water flow, more and more disgusting images poured canlı bahis in to my mind. My mom, nude, kneeling before a cocksure Mike. My mom, straddling Mike, against the shower wall gasping in pleasure. What the hell was I supposed to do? I was sure they were in the shower together. My mind swirled in a stream of anger, dread and bewilderment. I was frozen, incapable of determining my next step. In that moment, I decided I had to know for sure. I gingerly stepped closer to the bathroom door, sticking my hand out to twist the knob. At that moment, I heard the front door open. I stood still. Footsteps traversed the downstairs floor and after a few seconds the TV volume turned back on. Mike was downstairs. He wasn’t in the shower with my mom. Everything was fine. The stomach turning details had all been imagined. My world slowly reassembeld.As I left my parent bedroom I chastised myself for creating such an insane narrative. My imagination had taken a disgusting turn and created something I previously thought unimaginable. Reaching the top of the stairs my mind suddenly started processing again. Why was my mom taking a shower in the middle of the afternoon? I could never remember this happening in the past. Why would she be showering with her bedroom door open? Again something I couldn’t find precedence for. Why would her clothes be all over her bedroom? Why would she disrobe with her door wide open? Why would she disrobe with her door open with a friend over? Was it possible she got naked in front of Mike?The best case scenario I can determine is that for some unknown reason my mom decided to take a shower in the middle of the day and from the bathroom threw her clothes about her room.

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