Our First Story ?


Our First Story ?In our relationship, we’ve had a long running joke (about 6 years now) that one day I would fuck my husband in his ass, it hasn’t happened yet but I hope to follow thru. =) Like any couple with years under their belt, we have had our ups and downs, arguements, jealousy and financial woes. Fortunately for us, we have always came to our senses, worked together and learned how to move past the difficult bumps in the road. Our little “joke” spawned from one of those bumps.In November of 2014, I worked at a local grocery store. I liked my job. It was close enough to home that I could walk back and forth, and a nice light work load after finishing college. Hubby could stop in on his lunch break and we’d have a little midday moment before seeing each other again in the evening. After a while, my husband’s attitude towards my job completely changed. Nothing was good enough. First my pay, then my hours, and then the job itself. Telling me to quit, and get a job that put my degree to use.The day I bahis şirketleri found out the REAL reason for his frustration, I asked a co-worker for a ride home as the weather was beginning to get worse that day. As soon as I walked in the door, he blew up. Who was that!? Where’ve you been!? Etc etc… turns out he had been insecure about this certain co-worker the whole time. He accused me of sleeping with him, and on top of that, letting him fuck me in the ass (something we had never done). I was confused, hurt and angry that he didnt trust me.After staying with a mutual friend for a few days, my husband finally apologized and said that his insecurities had gotten the better of him. He told me he knows how much I love to flirt. He could see the way Antonio would look at me, and caught him staring at my ass. Antonio was maybe a couple years younger than myself. Tall, mix skinned, and highly attractive, I can understand why hubby would feel a little insecure. For his sake and our relationship, I decided bahis firmaları to quit my job. My husband was making a decent living and not long after I quit, we decided to road trip for a quick get away before I got serious and focused on my career. Things were good again. Our road trip in the car lead us into deep conversations about not only our relationship (the first time he admitted he wanted to fuck my ass =) ), but previously relationships with our exes. Without getting too in detail, I described my previous experiences before our marriage. My Highschool sweetheart, the two guys after her, and the love who cheated on me. My husband was a virgin when we met. His previous relationship was a long strung out tease that ended in heartbreak. All the stories we shared that trip lead us to our current outlook today… He is mine and I am his Queen. I know now thru the years that he will do anything for me. =) We love each other completely. As we drove, a sign appeared for the Lion’s Den. A sex shop. I thought kaçak bahis siteleri it would be fun to spice things up so I asked him to stop and his eyes lit up. Lol I remembering wandering thru the store just watching how excited yet timid he was at the same time. It was such a turn on to feel a sense of sexual confidence he hadn’t achieved. Walking past a strap on, I jokingly flipped roles, and told him it was time I started bending “him” over. Another couple over heard me and giggled. As I saw the embarrassment on his face my panties began to soak with juices. The idea of these 2 people thinking that I dominate and fuck my husband felt so empowering. I had his fly open and his dick in my mouth as we left the parking lot!As much as I’d love to bend him over, to this day he refuses. =( I have had small victories throughout the years, ocassionally getting him to wear panties under his work clothes. =) I currently maintain my dominance by keeping him clean shaven and in chastity. I’m happy we have still found a number of ways to satisfy my selfish desires, this account being the most recent!!!I can’t believe I wrote so much; Hubby approves? I’m posting it anyway. Queen T ?TLDR; I told my husband I’d fuck his ass and one day I will! =P

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