On The Train (Quicky)


On The Train (Quicky)I was waiting for the departure of my Overnight Train from Glasgow to London, I had a bit of time to kill so I went into the toilet, I wasn’t cruising at the time but if the opportunity arose I wouldn’t turn it down, I stood at the urinal with my cock out and noticed one of the cubicle doors kept opening and a bloke popping his out, Intrigued by this I went and stood opposite the lock up he was in , he didn’t shut the door completely and I could just see him peeping through the door that was slightly ajar. I flashed my cock at him to see if I could get him to come out. It worked and he opened the door, his trousers were on the floor and he was squeezing his cock through his tight black briefs. I approached the open door and stretched my hand out to feel his cock, it felt like he had a nice package, I moved my hand up under his shirt and felt his smooth chest and belly while he felt my cock, It only lasted a few seconds before he pulled his trousers up and made his excuses that he had to go to work. I followed him out of the toilet and he went his way and I went mine.Well I got on the train found my seat and made myself comfortable, usually by undoing the laces on my shoes and loosing my belt. The train pulled out on time, it couldn’t have been that busy as I had an whole carriage to myself and the carriage in front only had an hand full of people. It didn’t take me long to drop of and have güvenilir bahis a bit of a sleep, when I was awakened by the conductor to check my tickets, he smiled and said we meet again, I looked up and was a bit surprised to see the bloke from the station cottage, he noticed my trousers were undone and said Oh your ready for me. He sat down next to me and we had a little chat.Apologies about that earlier I was pushing for time a bit, if you want to carry it on I can come back later when I’ve carried out all my duties, then off he went back down the train, sometime later an announcement was made that the toilet on the back two carriages were out of order and for passengers to use the one further down the train. At this point most of the lights were dimmed on the Trian to allow passengers to get some sleep.The conductor came back up the train and sat down, don’t worry about the next bit I’ve put I’ve locked put an out of order notice on the door, plus there’s only three passengers in the forward carriage and I’ve got forty five minutes before my next duties start. His name was Roy, I would describe his as a Middle age slightly over weight man, he was going slightly bold, wore glasses and had a ginger and grey goatee beard.Roy collapsed the table and put it to the side he also pulled the blinds down either side of the carriage, he sat opposite me undid his trousers and got his cock and balls out, I did the güvenilir bahis siteleri same and we both started wanking until he got up and knelt in-between my legs and took my cock in his mouth, oh I didn’t expect this service tonight I said, he had a right good suck on it before he sat back in the opposite seat, he told me to straddle him and fuck his face. So with my trousers and briefs down I did what he wanted and stood on the seat while he was seated and began to fuck his face, it felt real quiet surreal, he reached around to my arse and squeezed my cheeks, his finger found it way to my hole and within a few second he was fingering me while I rubbed his head.Things moved on and I ended up still standing on the seat, this time Roy was rimming my arse and fingering me, do you fuck he asked my, certainly do Roy. I give and I can take whatever takes your fancy. ‘Id love to bang your tight little hole, we can go into the toilet for extra safety if you like but lets have a bit more fun first he said. We both sat down, Roy’s trousers were around his ankles at this point so I went down on his hard cock. He grabbed the overhead rack and started to fuck my face as I felt his muscular legs and arse that he must have attained by the miles of walking up and down the train everyday. I stood up undid his shirt and went to town on his nipples. Roy’s moans got louder the more excited he got, after our short but iddaa siteleri intense foreplay he did his shirt and pulled up his trousers and pants and he lead me down the carriage to the toilet, the door slid open and we went in, he pressed the button to lock the door, he dropped his trousers and briefs again all the way down to his ankles, he took his blazer off and hung it up, he pulled a small tube of lube out of his pocket and squirted some into my hand and said that for your arse give it a good lubing while I do my cock.I bent forward slightly and offered him my arse, he grabbed my hips and penetrated me, and started to bang my arse, I was usually use to men being quiet gentle with me but Roy (Pardon the pun, seemed to have a train to catch), I gripped on to one off the hand rails as he pumped his cock hard into me, his hands were all over my body as he reached around and started to wank me off, then my nipple and finally up and down my thighs, he was absolutely rabid after five minutes or so he shouted I’m cumin I’m cumin, his thrust were getting harder and harder, he bit my neck hard as he shot his load into me, he let out a moan as he emptied his balls into me. Did you like that he said, Fuck Roy that was good, he removed his cock from inside me and washed it in the sink, he gave me some wipes to clean the spunk from my arse, it was all over as quick as it began, he thanked me then stated passionate kissing, he wanked my cock to I shot my load, he got some on his hand and licked it off.We both got our clothes sorted then we left the toilet, he sat and talked to me for a while before he left then came back to me with a couple beers and a few snacks.

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