My sister used me! The Garden


My sister used me! The GardenAfter my sister introducing me to sexual play it was not long before I hear the words I was so waiting to hear……”Little bro you are needed”. It was a Sunday morning and mum and dad had gone out for the day to visit nan as the did at least 3 times a week. I was in the garden when Pam walked out of the kitchen to join me completely naked. She said the magic words and came towards me. I watched as this vision of utter sexuality approached. I said Pam be careful we can be seen from next door . She said “I don’t care, being naked in our own garden is OK, they should not be looking anyway. Go and get the sun bed out of the shed and put it on the patio” I retrieved it and set it up in an area of the patio was out of site from next doors view. “ok” she said “now go and get the suncream from my bedroom and take your clothes off and hurry back. I almost ran to her bedroom, crabbed the cream and ran to mine, taking my clothes off as I ran. I was pleased to see that my cock was already hard for Pam. When I got back Pam also noticed my erect cock and said “oh little bro, you are enjoying this aren’t you” I just nodded and went to give her the cream. “i güvenilir bahis don’t need that she said, you do. I need you to apply it for me” She then laid down on the sun bed and said “start with my hands and work your way from there” I took the top from the bottle and squeezed cream onto my hands. She lifted her right arm and I started rubbing the cream down her arm all the time looking at her pert breasts and pink erect nipples. When I reached her shoulder she put her right arm down and lifted her left and I repeated creaming that arm. “OK” she said “you know where to go now”. I certainly did! I squeezed more cream into my hands and placed a hand on each breast. As I did Pam closed her eyes and laid her head back. I gently caressed her breasts, rubbing the cream into the already soft skin. Without opening her eyes she said “little bro you are learning fast, thank you”. Over the next few minutes I gradually moved over her chest, shoulders and belly until I reached the top of her thighs and soft fluffy blond pubic hair. I said…shall I do your legs as well Pam and she said “OH YES”. I refilled my hands with cream and as I moved to her thighs she opened her legs to güvenilir bahis siteleri reveal her beautiful pussy to me. “Don’t cream that at the moment” she said “I will do that” as she smiled. I spent the next 10 minutes massaging cream into her shapely legs ensuring I got as close to her pussy as I dare. They felt so soft and smooth and when I finally reached her feet. I was about to start on them when Pam said “No stop, I want you to suck my toes, I’ve seen dad do that to mum and I want to feel what it’s like”. I was unsure that I should do it but I thought ok, lets try! I started at the big toe and took it into my mouth and sucked. Oh yes” Pam said “now move down to my little toe slowly, make sure you tongue explores the gaps between all my toes. As I moved from toe to toe and foot to foot Pam laid back moaning while one hand worked on her breasts and the other was between her legs. I felt her body stiffen and passion rise until she screamed “Oh yes little bro, Oh yes”. I sat back and looked at her and said was that good. She said “fantastic little bro….now it’s your turn” I said I didn’t want my toes sucked and she said “it’s not your toes I’m going to iddaa siteleri work on, now change places with me”. I took her place on the bed and she said “lay back and close your eyes” As I did I felt cream being squirted onto my by now aching cock and balls closely followed byher hands closing around them. She gently massaged them as she talked to me “Is that nice little bro, do you like your big sister playing with your big cock and balls for you” I stared to answer but she told me not to talk, just listen. She continued “so do you like my body Phil? Do you like looking at me naked. I love boys looking at it and using it. It feels lovely. I think I might be a whore like mum” I had to speak at that point and asked what a whore was. She said “a woman who gives herself to men for sexual pleasure”. I asked how did she know mum was like that and she said “I have seen her with dad and uncle Brian on different occasions, naked and playing” I asked her to tell me more but she said “another time, now relax” She lowered her mouth around my cock and as she massaged my balls she sucked me to orgasm> As my passion subsided she carried on playing with me. She looked at me and said “oh little bro, as I told you, we are going to have such fun” She then got up and went inside to shower. I laid there fora while wondering if this could get any better and praying the next call of “little bro you are needed’ would come very soon!!!!!!!!!!

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