My first


My firstI need to tell you that my story is true and not embellished upon. I have read many stories about other’s “First Time” and cannot believe some of the things they say about their experience. Gobbling down the cock in front of them and taking the whole thing in their mouth, swallowing every drop the first time. No…I believe there is more fantasy to most first time stories than truth. Read mine to know what I believe to be what really goes for most first time experiences. I hope you enjoy my true tale.I remember the first time I ever stepped into an adult theater at age 51. There were no such places near me where I grew up, but I had to go to the city to pick up some things for my job and that’s when I passed what would become a reason to visit the city more often. I sat in the car for some time debating whether to go in or not wondering if it was safe or would I be seen by someone who knew me. But my curiosity got the better of me and I entered the store. I was amazed by the collection of sex toys, books and videos. I didn’t know where to start as I am curious about all things sexual. While browsing the magazines I noticed guys going through a door and wondered where they were going and what was behind the door. I asked the attendant and he explained that the door was the entrance to the video booths where for $5.00 worth of tokens you can view various movies on a TV. I thought I would explore this area and bought my tokens and entered the door. It was very dark with the only light showing were the red and green lights above the doors of each booth that signaled whether it was occupied or not.I saw on the wall near the entrance a display case that was actually a movie directory of sorts with the channel number of each movie listed. I was nervous and at the same time very intrigued by all of the sounds coming from the booths and decided to enter one. I also noticed a lot of guys just milling around as if they were bahis siteleri waiting for something. It was all so new, I wished they had an instruction sheet on how to behave in there. But, since I was there I stepped into an empty booth near the door ( I was also a little frightened). I put in a few tokens and started channel surfing. Oh what wondrous things I saw. I stopped on a movie with a cross dresser giving a guy a blow job and was mesmerized. I have always fanaticized doing just what the CD in the movie was doing but never had the opportunity or the nerve. So now I am in this booth watching my fantasy being played out when I hear the door to the booth beside me open and close.At first I thought it was my imagination, but I thought I saw something move on the wall beside me. It was dark except for the light from the TV screen, but as I looked around I saw a faint light coming from a hole in the wall of the booth. I had to kneel down to inspect the hole and believe me what I saw shocked, scared and thrilled me all at once. Through the hole I saw a guy in the next booth stroking his cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and yet I was afraid he might see me peeking and get angry at me for watching, but I couldn’t help myself. It seemed like and eternity that I had been staring, but is was only a few minutes and then I noticed he moved closer to the hole as if to give me a really close look. Little did I realize that I was peering through my first glory hole. I was so dumb that I didn’t even know that it was a glory hole, but I still could not take my eyes off of him as his cock grew harder and longer.I have never seen another male cock before except in magazines and here I was in a dark booth watching a guy stroking his cock in front of me. Watching through the hole and not knowing who this guy was or what he looked like gave me a thrill like no other I had ever experienced. I admit, I was pretty naïve about canlı bahis siteleri most things sexual except for the “NORMAL” stuff. Today I was getting a new education about things I never thought I would ever see, do or imagine doing. I was lost in these thoughts when all of a sudden the guy came so close to the hole that I jumped back a little, not knowing what to expect next. And then it happened. In the dim light I saw the head of his cock come through the hole. I didn’t know what to think or do, but I had to get a closer look at it. I bent down and moved closer and it was beautiful and the sight of a cock through a hole in the wall made me so hard I almost screamed out loud. The guy whispered, “I take it this is your first time at a glory hole.” I said yes and told him that I didn’t mean to stare at him through the hole. He spoke softly and said that is what the hole is for…that and for people to play with each other with out any inhibitions or worry about being seen or recognized. Then he asked if I had ever touched another mans cock before. I had to admit that I had not. He asked if I would like to touch him and stroke him like I do myself. I didn’t know how to reply. I was again curious thrilled and scared all at the same time. It wasn’t long that curiosity got the best of me and I reached out and touched, the held and then started stroking his hard cock through this glorious hole in the wall. I heard him moan ever so softly as I explored his cock with my hands. All the while the movie was showing the cross dresser and the guy he was with, doing things I never thought I would have a chance to do, but here I am with another man’s cock in my hand for the first time and really did not know what to do with him. I watched the CD lick and kiss his guys cock so I decided to try that for myself. As I lowered my head toward the cock in my hand so many thoughts were whirling through my head, but I had to try this, canlı bahis for who knew when I would ever get another chance. I stuck out my tongue and tasted my first cock and felt oddly wanting more. Then the movie showed the CD putting his mouth over the head and sliding down the shaft and I just had to try that too. The man on the other side of the wall moaned again and again and I knew I was doing something right. He slowly started to move his cock back and I thought I had done something wrong when he started to push it back into my mouth. That’s when I realized he was using my mouth as a pussy. I tried to match his rhythm and before I knew it I was bobbing up and down faster than I thought I could and enjoying every minute of it. Then I felt something wet in my mouth and although I knew what it was I had never tasted pre-cum before. Not slowing down the man warned me that he was about to explode so I grabbed his cock in my hand and pulled my mouth away right as he shot several jets of semen through the air. I felt his cock starting to get soft in my hand and thanked him for warning me before he came and he told me that I did a great job for a first time, but that the experience would not be complete unless I tasted his cum. There was a lot of it on my hand and I was not sure if I could do it and I heard him say thank you as he left his booth. Now there I was, alone, in a dark booth, having just given my first blow job to a total stranger and my hand covered with his cum and the knowledge that to complete this experience I had to taste his cum. Slowly I lifted my hand to my lips and stuck my tongue out and tasted just ever so tiny a drop of his cum. Then I tasted a little more until I had licked my hand clean.Now in the dark I reflected on what had just happened. My emotions were running wild from guilt to excitement to fear and many others. I was no longer a first timer at the glory hole. So what was I? Was I gay? Was I Bi-sexual? WHAT WAS I? I left the booth and as I was walking out of the store I figured out what I was. I was a satisfied customer and would become, in time a frequent customer and a lover of the power of “The Glory Hole”.

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