Michael , Kayla Pt. 07


Despite having just cum a mere 10 minutes before, Michael’s cock was hard and ready for Kayla’s mouth. It was quite simply an opportunity that hormones wouldn’t let fall by the wayside. As a sexual being, the sight of a gorgeous, naked girl kneeling down in front of your own naked body was a sign that you were being called upon by some sort of evolutionary selection process. Sex between these two individuals–and all that leads up to it–just had to happen.

“You can hold me by my hair if you want,” Kayla permitted. “You can do anything you want.”

She adjusted herself on the hardwood floor to get as comfy as she could. Her knees were right between his feet in their open stance. She grabbed hold of the back of his thighs which only aroused her more. It was then that she really realized for the first time just how much hair he had on his body.

It wasn’t overkill. While she found dark fields of hair to be a turn off, she loved a good amount of it. Michael was hairy but in all the right ways to make him incredibly sexy. His hair was light which made the patches he had look thinner and more appealing.

The hair on his chest, though, was a bit darker. There wasn’t a lot. Just enough to go between his two nipples, across his toned pecs, stretching low only a couple inches in a rough triangular shape.

His torso was almost entirely hairless except for the treasure trail below his navel which she had already taken the time to fawn over. The density of that skinny patch was grand: a curious stroke of nature. How could a little bit of hair elicit such naughtiness inside her?

Michael’s pubes were darker and more coarse than the average shade of his body hair, much like on his chest. It was a well-tamed jungle accentuating the smooth main prize in the centre–a glorious rod of engorged tissue which Kayla could not wait to put back in her mouth.

Her hands cupped the back of his thighs which were hairier than she expected them to be, though not by much. The front of his thighs and down his shins were much more furry. A blond shimmer from each hair caught the light making them all golden. His feet were hairless, except for a cute little set of around ten follicles on the knuckle of each big toe.

She could tell he shaved his back and shoulders. Only his front and forearms had the benefit of a light kaçak iddaa coat. Truthfully, the back wasn’t a place that could benefit from any hair at all, in Kayla’s opinion; she was glad he kept his smooth.

Her hands slowly slid up his thighs to the one place she had yet to examine for hair: his hot ass. The brush of just a few strays made her giggle. Aside from them, his ass was bare, in every way it could be. His buttocks were so solid. She loved how they felt in her petite paws.

The perfect mix of hairy and hairless across all the inches of his body made her practically hum in delight. The hair he had in all the right places just made him so manly. Puberty had done him right in all its work the couple years prior. She cited the distinct drop in his voice from a couple grades ago as the one true marker of his transition from boy to man. Only now could she finally see how the flood of testosterone had impacted his physicality, aside from stealing glances of his legs from time to time when he wore his gym shorts at school. But now, here he was–naked. A stud. And a cock sticking straight out towards her mouth like a compass needle pointing to pleasure.

“I wanna make you cum with my mouth,” Kayla confessed. “You want that, baby?”

A slow, metronomic nod of agreement was all he could muster.

“Good,” was Kayla’s last word before engulfing his dick in one swoop down two-thirds of the shaft.

The hot slab that sat on her tongue, filling her mouth, was the most erotic thing she could imagine. And she didn’t have to imagine it. This was real life. Michael’s throbbing dick was lodged in her inviting mouth. She moaned and purred and made every sound in the book to let him know how much his cock was turning her on. She could feel an endless rush of pussy juice slowly running out of her. Every dirty thought Kayla ever had about Michael was flashing through her head. This hot dick was like a mental trigger; she felt herself get overwhelmed with joy and ecstasy as she jostled her head back and forth to stimulate him.

Tears were forming in her eyes. She was emotional and didn’t care. Quite simply, this was everything she ever wanted. She didn’t care that it was a dirty goal to have. She couldn’t help that his cock was something that was literally making her dreams come true. This moment was so sexy.

Kayla kaçak bahis grabbed hold of his balls and delicately rolled them between her fingertips as her mouth formed a tunnel around his entire shaft, alternating between showing it daylight and plowing it right back until it hit her throat.

It a brief moment where she forced herself off his engorged tool, she said, “I love your cock.” She had looked up at him, but his eyes were closed.

Michael seemed to be in another galaxy. The escape of short breaths was all that could be heard on his end.

“I love your cock so much,” she restated, if only for herself. She realized the tingle was returning between her thighs. Pleasure was building with every lick of his organ.

Oh my God. Oh my…God. She couldn’t believe it. Am I going to cum from this??? Sucking his cock is gonna make me cum like a dirty slut. Oh fuck!

She continued to caress his ball sack so she could feel how swelled they were. They were where his body stored such sweet cum. She needed more. Literally like a fucking drug.

It was then that Kayla realized that Michael’s hands were still minding their own business, despite her originally prompting him to put them in her hair. She forced herself to peel her lips off his hot cock once more to remind him.

“You can grab me. Please.”

She went back to sucking. The smoothness of his skin rubbing back and forth on her tongue was sending filth through her mind and pleasure to her groin.

“Please,” she uttered, prying her tongue off his lollipop once more. “Put your hands in my hair.”

She went back to the blow job, so her eyes were not on him; however, she felt his big hands land on top of her scalp. They weren’t moving. Just resting in that position. Frustrated, Kayla pulled off for one final time, knowing that this was the last time she’d have to demand it before he had no other choice to oblige.

“Grab me by the hair! Make me take your cock! Fuck my mouth!”

All of a sudden, Michael grabbed two tufts of long silky hair, one from either side of her head, and tightened his grip.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned. “I’m fucking your throat now!”

Kayla felt her mouth closing around his entire shaft as he buried it deeper into her orifice. The struggle for breath ensued; she loved it. It was one of her biggest fantasies.

With illegal bahis her consent, Michael continued to dominate the interaction now, pulling her head back and forth along his huge rod. Pleasure shattered his soul every time he thrust his hips forward to meet her throat as he pulled her into his pubic bone.

His words started to turn more breathless. All that escaped from him now were faint profanities and quiet affirmations of how nifty he found this experience. Fucking a mouth was the hottest thing that he could imagine. Fucking Kayla’s mouth seemed too good to be true.

His breathing turned to panting and his face began to pout. His orgasm was approaching.

The dimly lit room started to feel extra hot. Their arduous coupling brought a few beads of sweat to both their bodies. A rich musk that defined Michael’s cock–that which only flourished with each sweaty second that passed–had Kayla more horny than she ever had been in her entire life. This hot man was naked in front of her and her nose was pressed against his crotch. Waves of pleasure were pinging from her brain to her wet cunt.

She practically ripped her mouth off of his dick, his hands still in her hair, so she could make sure she got in her most desperate plea yet.

“Michael, cum in my mouth!”

With that, she eagerly latched back on and continued viciously swirling her tongue around his bulbous head, sucking the top half of his shaft, and then bobbing back and forth along the whole of his penis.

“Yeah,” Michael said, trance-like, clearly about to have his next orgasm. His quiet words continued to trail off. “Oh yeah…”

All of a sudden, his legs shook and he pressed his crotch forward like his hips were possessed. Quiet moans turned into one deep grunt. His seed started to spill into her warm mouth.

Waves and waves of the best orgasm of his life just kept coming at him relentlessly. Kayla’s hands were back firmly on his ass, pulling him deep into her. She was destined to milk every drop. The heat of his sperm on the back of her tongue was mind-melting. As it began to stream into her throat, she felt her thighs begin to shake. She was cumming again! All just from sucking this godly dick to a blistering climax of its own. She had never before cum without touching her clit. She could hardly believe how hot she felt in this moment. Everything was beautiful. Life was lit up with sunshine. Pleasure was more bountiful than oxygen.

The sight in the room was dazzling. Michael and Kayla came hard together.

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