Lizzie Pt. 04


Jackie and Lizzie wrapped themselves against either side of me. We giggled and sighed together in a haze of satisfaction, until after a few minutes both girls began softly grinding their hips against the sides of my thighs. Lizzie reached down and began stroking my cock in rhythm with her and Jackie’s slow, sliding thrusts against me. Plenty of my cum was still stuck to Jackie’s chest and belly, and it lubricated her skin as she gently writhed against me. After several minutes of lazy, luxuriant gyrations full of delicious friction, each girl began approaching a strong but subdued climax. Their reactions inspired my own, and we all came together in a shuddering tangle. We giggled some more as our breathing slowed back to normal, and I fell asleep with two nude, sweaty, sticky, beautiful female bodies wrapped around me.

I awoke in the morning to see Lizzie was grinning at me and wiping me down with a wet washcloth. Jackie was gone along with her shoebox, but a couple of colorful, cylindrical plastic objects lay on Lizzie’s desk. Loaners from from the box, I supposed.

“Yeah, I don’t think this is doing the trick,” Lizzie lamented as she gave up on my wipe down. “How about you hit the showers while I bundle up these sheets for the laundry.”

I looked around and saw that the sheets were just as crusty and stained as I felt.

“Yes ma’am, right away ma’am!” I answered and hopped out of bed, dressed, and ran down the hall to my room for fresh clothes. I scrubbed a nightful of sweat and dried semen off of myself in the shower at the end of the floor, brushed my teeth, then got dressed and met Lizzie back at her room just as she was coming out the door with a laundry basket under her arm. She was dressed in a faded blue tank-top, dark green canvas shorts, and a pair of strappy leather sandals. The nails on her fingers and toes were both freshly painted in a shade of blue that almost matched her tank-top, and I salivated a little looking at her bare toes.

“Let’s throw this in a machine and go do something in town,” Lizzie suggested. I happily agreed, gave myself a quick pat-down to confirm I had my phone, wallet and keys, then followed her to the elevator. This time, after we entered the elevator and the doors closed, I took the laundry basket from her arms, dropped it gently to the floor, and took Lizzie in my arms. We fell together in a passionate kiss, our jaws slowly opening and closing in unison as our tongues swirled together. I lowered one hand to squeeze her ass, and she responded by pushing her hips against my groin. We both moaned a little, then let go of each other and separated just as the doors opened again at the basement level. We smiled at each other hungrily, stepped out of the elevator, and headed to the closest washing machine.

After starting a wash cycle, we headed back upstairs and outside to start our day. There was a bus stop close to the dorms, and we had student passes that were good for getting around town. Aimless, we took the first bus that came by and decided to see where it took us. The bus was about a third full of other students and locals, so we managed to avoid the urge to make out and paw at each other in front of them. Lizzie wiggled her toes at me a few times when she caught me glancing at them, and would occasionally pretend to point at something interesting out the window as an excuse to turn toward me and press her breasts against my arm. Lizzie would giggle each time, which was almost as arousing in itself as either the sight of her toes or the press of her breasts, so I was hard for virtually the entire ride. We decided to get off at the mall and I pulled the cord when the bus approached the parking lot.

Holding hands and smiling, we entered the mall and looked around. I saw a sign for a small comedy club down at the end of one wing, with a standup show that started in the late afternoon. We decided to make that our last stop, and set about looking for other things to do until then. Naturally, Lizzie wanted to look at some clothes and go through a couple of those stores that sell nothing but ointments and lotions and whatever. I accepted, on the condition that we also browse through the video game and electronics stores in between.

Lizzie and I walked through the mall, blissful and content and generally basking in each other’s presence. Every time I looked at her produced a mild jolt of excitement, as if some part of me was seeing Lizzie for the first time, over and over. And every time I seemed to notice a new feature of hers that I hadn’t processed before… the way her eyebrows arched when she rolled her eyes at my jokes, the way her ponytail swung back and forth as she walked, the tips of her hair tracing light arcs against her skin where her shoulders curved into the back of her neck, how her firm breasts rose up her chest under her shirt when she raised her arms, or when she saw something intriguing and lifted her heels just a bit in response, her calf muscles flexing under her creamy white skin. escort izmir In fact, unless I was scanning a rack of video games or reading the specs on the (crappy) drones on sale, I was looking at Lizzie and drinking in the sight of her.

While browsing through a clothing store, Lizzie suddenly lifted her heels, whirled around, waggled her eyebrows at me flirtatiously, and nodded her head toward a direction deeper in the store, beckoning me to follow. I did so, and a few dozen yards later we walked into the shoe section. Lizzie led me to the back of an aisle full of shoes and turned to sit on a small bench.

“Grab me a pair of shoes,” she directed.

“Uh…” I said, glancing around at the dozens of pairs around me on the shelves.

“It doesn’t matter,” Lizzie whispered as she bent to start unstrapping her left sandal.

Confused, I grabbed the box closest to me and stepped toward her. Lizzie took the box from my hands, opened it, dropped it to the floor next to me, and beckoned me to kneel before her. I quickly compiled, and Lizzie thrust her now-bare left foot in front of me.

“Just pretend you’re putting a shoe on me if someone comes down the aisle,” Lizzie whispered. Then she wiggled her toes at me and said “in the meantime…” and winked.

I looked down at her left foot and took it gently in my hands. Lizzie’s skin glowed, even under the cheap fluorescent lights. Faint lines from the sandal straps criss-crossed the top of her foot and her ankle, and I traced them with my fingertips. I slid my knuckles under her sole, breathing in the light musk from her foot… dried sweat and the scent of sun-kissed skin. I felt the discomfort of my rapidly hardening cock and adjusted my pants with one hand, quickly returning it back to caress her ankle. I was intoxicated and couldn’t stop staring at her foot as I stroked and fondled it.

I took a chance and lifted her foot slowly upward and planted kisses on her toes, then drew one into my mouth as I continued to rub and massage her foot with my fingers, sliding one hand around her ankle and up her calf. She tasted delicious and my erection was practically buzzing with arousal. I lightly traced one fingernail across the arch of her sole and Lizzie gasped and her leg twitched hard, yanking her toe from my mouth. Her gasp was apparently loud enough to draw the attention of a nearby clerk, who poked his head around the corner of the aisle.

I watched Lizzie’s flushed face as she looked over my shoulder and smiled at the clerk reassuringly. I fumbled for the shoebox to pretend we were actually shopping. It didn’t seem to work, as Lizzie’s gaze remained fixed until she looked down at me and said loudly “let’s try that other place I have that gift card for.” I replaced her sandal on her foot and (regretfully) let go of her so she could strap herself back into it. I stood and turned to see the clerk continuing to glare at us. I just smiled at him and helped Lizzie to her feet as she finished with her sandal.

We sauntered out of the store grinning at each other and trying not to laugh within earshot of the nosy clerk. I was still hard as a diamond and ready to sprint back to the dorms and resume my exploration of Lizzie’s body. But she suggested we grab a bite at the food court and then hit the comedy club we saw earlier. I grudgingly accepted, and we walked over to order some tacos.

“This taco tastes almost as good as your toes do,” I told Lizzie with a wink, a few bites into our meal. She blushed a little as she wiped a smudge of sour cream from the corner of her lips. Under the table, Lizzie slid the tops of her toes against my leg, causing the beginning of another erection. I could feel the coolness on the tip, pushing against all the precum that I’d been depositing into my underwear ever since kissing her in the elevator back at the dorms.

“My taco is pretty tasty, too” Lizzie remarked innocently, only realizing her inadvertent innuendo when my eyes widened in surprise. Then she really blushed, all the way down her neck to her chest, and ducked her head in amused embarrassment.

I shook my head in mock disapproval and said in a sarcastically wistful tone, “you know, you used to be a sweet and innocent girl…”

Lizzie looked up and grinned at me. “Used to be…” she admitted.

We were seated in the middle of the room at the comedy show, holding hands as the room darkened and the MC introduced the first comic. Unsurprisingly, the mid-afternoon show at a mall comedy club didn’t exactly feature the best talent I’d ever seen. But the third or fourth comic that hit the stage was very funny, and I very much enjoyed watching Lizzie laugh at his act. Also unsurprisingly, I found her physical response quite arousing. At this point, I suppose I would have found her sorting files or washing dishes rather arousing, to one degree or another.

But when Lizzie really laughed hard, I was reminded of our more intimate moments. The way her shoulders drew back and her head tilted escort izmir up were similar to the way her body moved when she was cresting into an orgasm, trembling and breaking a fresh sheen of sweat. Even the way the muscles in her long neck flexed and fluttered were reminiscent of how they were the previous night, trembling and then seizing up as she climaxed on her bed between Jackie and I.

I pondered these similarities in her laughter and orgasm responses in the back of my mind as we rode the bus back to the dorms, with Lizzie’s head resting on my shoulder. I had my arm around her and held her close as we rode, content to breathe in the scent of her hair and her skin as she held my free hand in my lap with both of hers.

Upon arriving back at the dorms, we stopped in the basement to transfer her laundry to an open dryer, then headed up to my room to wait for it to be finished. I had half a mind to seat Lizzie on top of the running dryer and make out with her, just to see if the vibrating metal (and my magical kisses) would be enough to get her off. But we were both ready for some privacy behind a locked door, and we headed upstairs with great haste.

We mauled each other in the elevator again, trying and failing to remember to pull ourselves apart before the door opened, as to avoid getting ‘caught’ by one of our neighbors. We failed to separate in time, but the person who caught us still holding each other, flushed and breathing heavily, was Jackie. She just grinned at Lizzie and I as we stepped past her out of the elevator.

“Got time for another ‘meeting’ this week, guys?” Jackie asked slyly, and I glanced at Lizzie’s face for her reaction. Lizzie smiled shyly and nodded her head.

I beamed at them both and said “I’ll clear my schedule!”

Jackie chuckled as the elevator doors closed between us, and Lizzie and I stepped quickly toward my room. My roommate was out of town for the full weekend, so we definitely had all night to ourselves. Plus, I had clean sheets on my bed… not that I expected them to stay clean for very long.

I locked the door and turned to Lizzie. She had her hands on her hips, surveying the room with a look of mild distaste. My roommate was a bit of a slob.

“Hey, MY side of the room is pretty clean,” I countered her unsaid rebuke.

Lizzie looked at me and cocked an eyebrow.

“You know what I’m thinking, do you?” she asked coolly.

I smirked at her and said “I’ve got a general idea.”

Lizzie stepped slowly to me and put her arms around my waist, laying her head on my shoulder and whispering “what am I thinking now?” as she subtly pressed her hips against mine.

I brought my arms around her and traced the side of her neck with my fingertips, sliding my other hand up her back, under her tank-top.

“You want to watch a documentary on Australian cattle-farming,” I whispered huskily.

Lizzie giggled and squeezed me tighter.

“Close,” she replied, “by which I mean, way off, and you’re a doofus. But I lo-…like you anyway.”

My heart hammered in my chest and I forced myself not to wonder about what she almost (might have) just said to me. Lizzie tensed up a bit in my arms, giving me further confirmation that she nearly made a dramatic slip. I moved quickly to break the sudden tension.

“I like you too. I even like your outfit today,” I told her earnestly, pulling her away from me slightly and looking down at her clothes.

“But I think I would like it a lot better…” I paused to look back up into her eyes, then nodded my head downward “…piled on the floor.”

Lizzie blushed and wrinkled her nose at me in faux-disgust.

“Or maybe, folded neatly on the chair?” I revised. Lizzie smiled approvingly and pulled me tightly again. But this time our lips met in a kiss. We stood there for a couple minutes, moving our lips together chastely, until we opened our mouths and explored each other’s tongues as our breathing quickened.

I pulled away from her gently to kick off my shoes and pull my shirt over my head. Lizzie matched my actions, her mouth slightly open and a flush beginning to creep down her neck. We both tossed our shirts in the general direction of my chair, but I didn’t see where they landed. I gazed at Lizzie’s soft, firm, apple-sized breasts, almost paralyzed by the glorious sight of them. She giggled and pulled me to her, and the sensation of them pressing against my chest was sweeter still. Our hands roaming over each other’s backs, caressing skin and squeezing flesh as I licked Lizzie’s neck and she sighed into my ear. Locked in our embrace, we shuffled clumsily toward my bed.

When the backs of her knees reached the side of the bed, Lizzie sat down and laid back on the bed. I knelt before her and hooked my fingers into the waistband of her shorts and panties. Holding eye contact with Lizzie, I slowly began pulling the sides down. She was smiling at me, with a hint of tension in her eyes. I could almost hear the unspoken question in Lizzie’s mind… ‘we’re not going to *fuck*, right?’

I gave her my warmest, most reassuring smile as I gently continued to pull down her shorts and panties, giving a slight, almost imperceptible shake of my head. Lizzie’s eyes relaxed and she lifted her hips a bit to speed the removal of the last of her clothes. I flung them in the general direction of my chair and put my hands on her knees. I slowly ran my hands up her thighs, over her hips, across her belly, coming finally to rest around her divine breasts, squeezing and running my fingertips over her hard nipples. Lizzie gasped at the sensation, letting her head fall back on the bed.

Ready to experiment, I slid my hands down her breasts to the sides of her chest, just underneath her armpits. Bracing myself, I quickly pressed my fingertips firmly into her ribs and wiggled them.

Lizzie shrieked and arched her back and swung her arms down to her sides, trapping my hands against her as I stopped wiggling.

“What…” she gasped at me, wide-eyed but smiling.

I smiled warmly back at her and started tickling again.

Lizzie howled and thrashed and tried to squirm out of my grip, her bare feet pounding at the floor to the sides of me.

“S-ST-STOP!” she half-gasped, half-laughed. I did.

Lizzie lay back, panting, staring at me both reproachfully and excitedly. I held my hands up in surrender, smiling broadly at her. I put my hands back on her breasts and kissed her belly. Lizzie sighed and lay her head back on the bed, flushed and trembling.

Then I slid my hands slowly back down her body to her knees again. I gave her right thigh a tender kiss, and began to gently pull her knees apart. Lizzie lifted her head up off the bed to look at me again, with some concern behind her eyes. I half-smiled, and gave her pussy a darting glance, and licked my lips. I think Lizzie knew what I was going to say, but I started anyway

“You said your-“

“I remember what I said,” Lizzie interrupted, with both amusement and reservation in her voice.

“You don’t… have to…” she stammered.

I gave her left thigh a wet kiss and looked back at her.

“Oh, please,” I said simply.

I could see the deliberation behind her eyes for a long moment, until they blinked and softened and Lizzie nodded her head and smiled sweetly at me. I drew her knees wide and Lizzie lay her head back on the bed.

Most of the porn clips I’d seen had showed the cunnilingus ‘giver’ begin by planting soft kisses up and down the inner thighs of the ‘receiver,’ then working up to licking the thighs, then planting tiny kisses on the pussy lips, maybe blowing softly… none of that seemed natural, now that I was in the moment.

I dove right in.

Lizzie gasped as I planted my mouth on her pussy like I was moving in for an energetic french kiss. My lips ground wetly against her pussy lips and my tongue plunged into a silky heat with a taste that made my insides vibrate. I moved my mouth upward to locate the firm bead of her clit with my tongue and licked at it as Lizzie arched her back and moaned. I began a rhythm of probing into her pussy for a couple seconds, then moving upward to lick at her clit for a couple more, all the while curling my lips back and forth to stimulate the outside of her pussy. The taste of her was electric, infusing my mouth and the back of my throat with primal tingling. I felt as her juices spread across my cheeks and chin as I ground my mouth against her.

I heard Lizzie’s panting and mewling growing louder, and looked up to see her back arching further, her chest thrusting and heaving higher and higher, her shoulders beginning to draw back. After another minute she cried out as her thighs swung together against the sides of my head. Her cries now muffled by the warm, smooth flesh of her legs clamping tightly against me, I watched her body quiver and sweat break out on her chest and belly. I kept my tongue moving firmly but gently on Lizzie’s clit as her body locked up, every muscle flexing and vibrating as her orgasm washed over her. After a few long seconds, she collapsed onto the bed, panting and moaning.

I withdrew slowly, rising to softly kiss her navel and smear the remnants of her juices on my face onto and around her belly. Lizzie was in a haze, eyes closed and panting softly, the flush on her face, neck, and chest only beginning to fade. I delicately crawled up the bed to lay beside her, and gently pulled her over to snuggle against me in the position we’d spent so many hours in over the past weeks. Lizzie’s hips were still twitching and she whimpered softly when her pussy moved against my thigh.

After a minute or so, Lizzie’s breathing returned closer to normal. She looked up and smiled at me dreamily and reached for my cock. I gently pulled her hand away and rolled her back away from me and onto her back. Slowly I moved myself above her and lowered myself until my chest was against hers and the length of my cock pressed against her belly. I sighed at the sensation, then began rocking my hips to slide my cock up and down her belly, lubricated by a mix of precum, sweat, and her own pussy juices.

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