Getting ready for mac-wanking


Getting ready for mac-wankingGot my perv gear in the van to change into after work – wank-trousers, hole in pocket, baggy, absorbent material for instant wet patch. ‘Dirty’ mac – it has got some spunk stains but actually it’s quite clean, holes in pockets, long enough to cover spunk running down trousers, zipped up. Flat cap, goggle glasses. Always got dirty books in van in boxes, plus case which goes into every shop I go into to buy more dirty books. Finally, roll of toilet paper to clench between buttocks for maximum wank pleasure. All set!I’ve worn my perv gear for years, mainly for dirty-book buying, and originally Worship Sessions with Miss Melanie. These are now finished, I don’t see Her any more, and it’s to be a few years before I’m able to have Worship Sessions again. Wandering round the bookshops in my mac, I occasionally saw nice girls and was able to mac-wank and pants-spunk watching them. It wasn’t until by chance I was driving through a town centre on a Thursday or Friday night that I saw girls going clubbing.It never occurred to me that if I wanted to see skimpy-dressed, sexy-dressed girls – which as a compulsive masturbator and girl-worshipper of course I do very much – that seeing them going clubbing was easily the best way to do it, and from that moment I became a regular sight on street corners, a pervert in his dirty mac, in many towns and cities on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.Town and city centres were less busy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, particularly during the winter, but sometimes I was so desperate to see sexy fully-dressed girls and get my pervert wet-pants pleasure that I’d go and wait for hours in the cold on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and sometimes was rewarded for my dedication. That was always a bit dodgy though because after waiting for hours in the cold I’d be limp and suddenly a girl or girls would come into view and I’d have maybe a couple of minutes before She was out of sight, so needed to jerk at 100 mph to get to spunk point before She’d gone, and obviously that was a bit more obvious. Of course some girls noticed anyway, even if I was being very discreet, and they’d take the piss, call out, do the wanker sign and so on. Prior to going on the streets I’d visit the local dirty bookshop and buy whatever I could. I’d then got a couple of hours between the shops closing and the streets filling up so I’d find somewhere to look at my mags. Unfortunately sometimes that mean that I never got to the streets because a girl in one of the mags would make me cum spontaneously in my pants, even though I wasn’t intending to, but She was just too much and I couldn’t hold it, so then I’d go home (I don’t have very good powers of recovery).So, all perverd up, get into my favourite spot – in those days no cctv or phone cameras, but later as cctv started to be introduced, I had to choose my spots carefully where I couldn’t be seen. Bus stations, shopping arcades next to the clubs were perfect spots. I could stand in bus stops so I wasn’t so obvious but I liked to be out in the open, so some girls would see me and think “urgh, perv in his dirty mac, wanker”. Some girls would play up to me, winding me up which I loved. There were also regular girls who saw me a lot and knew what I was up to – several of them knew I spunked my pants watching them. One girl drove me so crazy, I went further than I normally do. That was the early days of computers and I’d started to kaçak iddaa make my own ‘mag covers’, the perviest wank-mags you’ve ever seen. So I’d done one that I wanted this girl to see.It was called ‘Cleavage Spunk Queens’, and had captions like ‘for pervs who only see cleavage in their dirty mags’, and ‘for pervs who spunk their pants just seeing cleavage’ – because She often showed lovely cleavage, though even in a tight jumper She’d make me spunk my pants. I knew the road She walked down towards town with Her friend or friends, and I brought the mag I’d made in my van and parked along that road, waiting, my heart thumping with fear and excitement. Would I actually have the nerve to show it to Her?!Then She appeared in my rear-view mirror at the end of the road, wearing a low-cut top, and Her friend wore a miniskirt. I was already erect and I was definitely going to make sure She saw the mag, unless I bottled it at the last minute. I held the ‘Cleavage Spunk Queens’ mag close to my face and ogled it in full view of my window. Already I was leaking in my pants as I saw the girls get closer, and suddenly they noticed the mag. They slowed down and stopped outside my window, and Miss Big Tits said, reading the mag cover – “cleavage spunk queens?! What a fucking pervert!”Miss Miniskirt said “for pervs who spunk their pants just seeing cleavage – is that what you’re doing now you wanker?!”I couldn’t answer because I was moan, moan, moaning and bouncing up and down in my seat pumping cum into my trousers and pants under my mac. The girls walked off, shaking their heads, and I could hear them saying “dirty old git, he’s the one who’s always hanging around on the corner tossing himself under his mac.”“Yeah, fucking dirty pervert!” the other girl said. What joy for this wanker, Miss Big Tits cleavage saw my dirty mag – lovely!Other times I’d hide a mag inside a newspaper but girls could often see it there, with me ogling it in my dirty mac. I’d also put my hands in my mac pocket but of course as there were holes in them my hands would show beneath my mac and sometimes people would notice and put 2 and 2 together (“wanker!”)I’d always wear my underpants under my wank-trousers, so once I was in position and the first girl or girls came along, I’d put my hands through the holes in my pockets and roll my pants down and then wank gleefully as they walked by. My pants would stay down then until a girl made me spunk into the front of my wank-trousers, putting another nice big brown spunk-stain there next to the others. I wore light grey joggers as my wank-trousers so stains would be very obvious – very important when I was buying dirty mags in shops where ladies served so they could see what sort of a pervert I was – but also joggers were baggy and light, making wanking easy, and very absorbent so wet patches would appear instantly when a girl was making me spunk my pants – lovely when Miss Melanie made me and saw me wetting my trousers. At one time I used trousers legs held up by string ‘suspenders’ so cock and balls were nude, and I really enjoyed going round the bookshops, obviously with my mac done up, but lovely to put hand through hole in mac pocket and straight onto erect penis for gentle rubbing with people around. I even went up to Soho once like that, and a couple of times went on mac-wanking walks wearing it. Specially nice was going to a Worship Session with Miss Melanie wearing the trouser legs, kaçak bahis opening my mac once She’d given me my new pics and spunking over them in front of Her. She liked that too. When I wasn’t in town centres, I’d sometimes walk round the red light districts, were the girls were so skimpy-dressed I’d press up against a lamppost or something and spunk my pants just watching them. I wasn’t so bothered about being noticed cause they were red light girls and if they saw me going into ecstasy and demanded payment I was happy to oblige. One girl wore a skirt so short I just waddled, already erect, up to a lamp post with my mac open and pressed knobby up against it as I gawped at Her, moaning over and over and shuddering against the lamppost as She made me pump my pants full of cum. How they laughed! I LOVED it! She deserved every penny of the 10 quid, lovely sexy girl. Red light areas were great for being ‘caught’ with my mags in the van too, but that’s another story. I only tend to wear my mac and perv gear these days for Worship Sessions, I love doing that of course, but at one time I was nearly always in my mac. The only time I wasn’t was in my work overalls, for a few hours each working day. I’d wear my mac in my wank-room, and nothing else. I’d pretend I was in a dirty bookshop – all my 10,000 mags were stacked on shelves and such so it looked just like a bookshop – pulling a mag down and mac-wanking. When I had views over the street I’d stand peeping through my curtains wearing only my mac, so I could enjoy mac-wanking watching girls walk by. In one place I was doing that most days and some of the local girls guessed what I was up to, as I poked my head through the curtains and it nodded up and down as they made me spurt cum down my wall. I hoped they’d call me something like ‘wankalot’, like the girls in a place I worked did. When I was at the place where there was an adjacent bit of wasteland with a fence separating it from the street, I’d go down there with my mac, a couple of boxes of dirty mags and my case full of them, and a sheet of plastic to stand on so I could strip entirely naked, then put on my mac and peer through the holes in the fence waiting for girls to come along. A fully-dressed lovely girl on one side of the fence and a nude pervert in his dirty mac, wanking on Her. Lovely. Sometimes when I see a really lovely girl, in a mag or video, or walking down the street while I’m on the other side of the fence, I get so excited I spank my bum loudly, and often they hear that and look around. By that time though I’m moaning and whimpering as She makes me shoot spunk into the front of my mac. In the early days of mac-wanking, before I discovered girls going clubbing, I’d find places where girls would walk home from work, or to the bus station or whatever. I’d stand in a phone booth to mac-wank watching them walk by, or if I was brave, stand on the corner rubbing gently until ecstasy. On a couple of occasions girls from work walked by, and it was too late to jump into the phone booth, but I was so desperate to spunk watching them, having dreamed about them every evening after work and rubbing myself into perv ecstasy, and so couldn’t stop ogling and rubbing, shuddering and pant-spunking, whimpering and moaning, as they walked in front of me. I’d love to hear the conversations at work the next morning, and felt burning embarrassment when I took the post round and they were all standing illegal bahis there watching me, talking under their breath to each other. I didn’t last long in that job – too many lovely girls around, and this was the miniskirt era, and I had no control, so work always suffered as I spent my time constantly loitering near the offices and going in and out of the toilet. Some busy-body did for me finally I think. Lovely to think of all those girls knowing I was a wanker though. The pinnacle though was all the Worship sessions I was allowed to have – all with me wearing my perv outfit. Miss Melanie letting me see Her stocking-tops while reading my pervy worship sheets till She saw the wet patch of cum spreading across my heavily-stained wank-trousers. A few other girls saw me in my dirty mac, open, looking at the contents of my pervert’s case and letting me see cleavage and being a bit surprised when I just gawped and my knob pumped into my trousers and pants, hands-free, soaking the front of them. Twice I did that with bosomy Miss Donna. There was a big gap then until the Internet era when email allowed me to worship girls remotely – girls who modelled nude or glamour on their own websites – and I was able to ask if I could see them pose, and surprisingly perhaps three lovely, lovely girls did – including Miss Danica. I loved the humiliation, naughtiness and dirtiness of being there in my full perv gear, mac staying done up and flat cap on my head even on the warmest days, in the presence of a glamour Goddess in a lovely outfit.Usually the outfit would be one She knew had made me spunk my pants looking at the photos of Her posing in it. Obviously She knew what was likely to happen when I saw Her pose in it for real – that’s why She was wearing it – though at the time I simply could not convince myself that that could be true, it was just far, far too good to be true. But yes, those girls knew they made me spunk my pants, under my mac, during the Session – they all told me they did. I was very discreet – after all, I had years and years of practice spunking my pants a few feet from the girl who was making me and She wouldn’t know – but one Goddess I’m sure knew when it was happening to me. Probably my voice croaking as I try to answer the question She’s just asked me but I’m spunking my pants at that very moment, or She turns and sees my pained expression as She has me right on the verge of perv ecstasy, or sees my head nodding as I pump into my underpants. Why otherwise, as I’m filling my pants with cum, does She say “spunk spunk spunk, Graham spunking in his pants!” and laugh?! Then She asks me “did you bring a change of pants?!” Or Miss Danica say to me in an email after I confess She made me pants-spunk last time “maybe next time you leave your mac open, I’ll pose and well, maybe dreams do cum true”. I’d said I dreamed of doing it openly in front of Her, and She was saying that’s ok!! Unbelievable. Except it never happened – She retired from modelling a few months after. And my All-Time No.1, talking to me about the next Worship Session as I was standing there in my dirty mac and perv gear at the end of the current one, my pants still soggy with cum from where She made me pump them full an hour or so earlier (actually only about 15 minutes into the session, before I’d even seen Her pose – She just wound me up with Her ‘little show’ and the lovely sexy dirty things She was saying, till I couldn’t hold it any more). I love being a mac-wanker and mac-wanking – as my All-Time No. 1 said at that same Worship Session – “the mac-man Graham!” (reading the titles at the start of one of my worship videos for Her).

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