Double Duty Ch. 03


The next morning I got up feeling strangely free. I didn’t have to worry or wonder about Teresa that day and it was surprisingly liberating. I did head out there eventually though but only Bonnie was at home.

“She’s gone over to her friend Debbie’s. I heard her say something about having her spend the night here.”

I figured right away what she had in mind and my evil creative side came to the fore. I went back to my truck and got something out of the glovebox.

Bonnie was interested. “What is that thing?”

“It’s an old micro recorder. I can hide it in Teresa’s room and hear basically anything she talks about. It’s voice activated too.”

“You’re bugging her room? I love it!*

That got Bonnie thinking though. “So with that recorder you can hear everything?”

“I should be able to. The microphone is really good on it. I’m not sure exactly how much it’ll pick up, but voices should be easy for it.”

She stood there thinking for a bit while I wondered where she was going with it. Finally she looked at me and asked, “Why don’t you do video?”

I laughed at her question initially. Standing I looked down at her and told her, “Wait right there. I’ve got something for you.”

I walked out and got the second toy from my vehicle. Walking back in I showed it to Bonnie.

“I’ll show you this, but you can’t tell anyone about it.”

Bonnie smiled. “Deal.”

I started the only video on it. It was taken out in the countryside and began with Teresa looking at me with a raised eyebrow. “What are you doing with that?”

She’d worn my favorite t-shirt that day. It was old and worn and clung to her tits perfectly. The fabric was so thin you could see the color of her already hard nipples right through it.

Then my voice came on. “I’m just getting some footage for those late nights when I get back to college and I’m all alone.”

“In other words you’re making a video to jerk off to.”

“Pretty much. Does that bother you?”

“Not really. Although the fact that you might let someone else see it does.”

“That’s not gonna happen dear. This is for private use only. There’s nothing on it yet though that would turn on anyone else though.”

She smiled and looked around, obviously checking for other people. Then she looked at the camera and lowered her hands to the hem of her shirt. You could see the look of excitement in her face as she slowly pulled her shirt up revealing her braless DD tits to my camera. “Now there is.”

“There certainly is. Go ahead, take that shirt off.”

Teresa pulled it up and off, tossing it aside and shaking out her hair. Then she smiled back at me. “How’s that?”

“Fucking fantastic. Play with them for me.”

Bonnie and I watched intently as she did, caressing those huge mounds before she concentrated on her nipples. Her eyes closed as her fingers pinched and pulled her nipples harder than I thought would be comfortable. Finally she opened her eyes again and smiled my way.

“Now what Eric? As if I didn’t know.”

I laughed behind the camera. “You know me too well dear. Go ahead, you know what I want.”

She did. She lifted one of those huge tits to her lips and my camera caught her tongue as it slid out to lick one of her own nipples. It made small circles around the hard bud, then she sucked it into her mouth for a moment. When she let it escape her lips, my camera caught it. Her hard nipple was shiny in the sunlight from her own saliva.

“I still don’t understand why guys love seeing that.”

“It’s simple. Every time you do that all I can think of is you doing that to another woman. To begin with of course.”

“Like that’ll every happen.” Bonnie laughed at that. “This is an old video isn’t it?”

“Obviously.” She looked back at the screen and watched her sister walk toward me on video. The camera followed her as she stopped in front of me and knelt. Her fingers hooked themselves in my shorts, pulling them down and revealing my cock. Teresa smiled up at the camera then. “Make sure you get this on video. I’m not going to do it again.”

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. As my camera caught it all she slid my cock over her tongue deep into her mouth. Then her lips wrapped around me and she went to work sucking my cock.

Bonnie watched in fascination as her sister gave me her very best that day. She even deep throated me a couple of times. The sight of her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft was incredible. Finally she picked up speed, going for a mouthful of my cum.

“Gonna cum dear.” She nodded, sucking hard and fast. Finally I exploded in her mouth, giving her every drop I had that morning.

Teresa did something a bit different that day. Usually she’d just gulp it down swallowing it all. That day though she caught it in her mouth. She had a treat for me.

She opened her mouth and my cum ran down across her chin, slowly dripping down into her DD tits. There was very little left when she’d finished. She swallowed what was left, then rubbed my cum into the güvenilir bahis soft skin of her tits as my camera caught the entire scene.

Bonnie was amazed. “Damn that was hot!” She paused and then looked at me. “Make a video with me. Please?”

“I don’t know Bonnie.”

“I can promise you this. You’ll get full nudity and lots more than she gave you on camera.”

That was all I needed to hear. “Let’s find you something to wear them that’ll look good on camera.”

She smiled and stood up. “I’ve got this. Wait right here.”

She disappeared into her room and came back out a few minutes later. She was wearing an old football jersey from our local high school. You know the type, the ones with all the little holes in them? It had been cut off so she was showing major underboob along with her tits being plainly visible. The cut off shorts she was wearing with it would have started a riot if she wore them out. As she turned to show off for me I could see the cheeks of her ass hanging out.

“Ok. Let’s go.”

I headed to my truck and she got into her car to follow me. It didn’t take us long to get to the spot where I’d shot the video of her sister. It was only a few miles away.

We climbed out and walked back a bit just in case anyone decided to come out that way. No one ever had when I was there, but you never know.

Bonnie finally turned to face me and I brought my camera up to catch everything. “So Bonnie, I’ve got a question for you. You’re bi, right?”

“I’m very bi. You could call me an equal opportunity fuck I guess.”

We both laughed and I asked her, “So how’s that work? How do you decide on who you feel like doing that day?”

“Here’s how it works. For me at least. I was at the beach the other day watching all the guys in their speedos. I was about to hit on one when this girl walked by and caught my attention. She was a black girl with the skimpiest suit I’d ever seen. So my attention went from cock to pussy you might say.”

“So how’d that work out? How was she?”

“Delicious. Almost as good as my sister Teresa.”

“That’s another thing I wanted to ask about. How’s the whole incest thing work for you?”

“To be perfectly honest I love it. Every time we have a threesome I get the best of both worlds. Her pussy and your cock.”

“Speaking of my cock, your wearing too many clothes right now.”

The shirt was the first to go of course. With all the skin she was showing up to that point there wasn’t much covered up. Still the thought of my girlfriend’s sister stripping down for me got me going.

The shorts followed and my camera followed them down her legs and off. When I came back up to her face she winked at me.

“I absolutely love being naked outside.” She looked over me shoulder then said, “Follow me.”

My camera followed that amazing ass a short distance then she turned and smiled at me.

“Why don’t you put your camera over there?” She gestured at tree stump right next to her. “Then you can show me what you wanted to do with my sister that day.”

That sounded perfect to me and when she got down on her hands and knees there was no way I was turning her down. I hurriedly set the camera down and knelt behind her. My hands quickly undid my jeans and moments later I was balls deep in that incredible pussy once again.

Fifteen minutes later the same camera caught my cock sliding out of her pussy dripping with my cum and hers combined. It also caught her face as she spun around to suck me clean.

As we got dressed Bonnie had a question that surprised me. “What’s going to happen with you and Teresa?”

“I really don’t know. We had a deal you know. When she wanted to go bi, we did it together. With you as the only exception.”

“Really? And what did she say about that?”

“She said you were free game. I assume she meant she could play with you any time she wanted. But she had to include me too you know.”

“I’m glad she did.” Bonnie walked over to her car and asked one more question.

“Have you ever wondered if you’re dating the wrong sister Eric?”

She was serious; I could see that in her face. I smiled and tried to play it off lightly.

“Pretty much every time your clothes come off.”

That made her laugh, but I knew I’d hear that question again. And yes, I had thought about it the night before. Watching Teresa play with strangers had made me wonder a lot of things.

Bonnie was just as crazy, but I sensed something in her that told me she would have honored any agreement we had. I wasn’t sure how something with her would play out though, so I put it on the back burner.

I checked the time and saw Shelia would be home. I wondered how that was going to turn out, so I climbed in the truck and headed over there.

There were two cars there when I got there. That brought a smile to my face. Sheila must have gotten that Lisa girl for the evening. I felt my cock swell just thinking about the possibilities there. My day was going well until I knocked on the door.

“Hey Eric. Come güvenilir bahis siteleri on in.” I could see Lisa sitting in her living room and I smiled broadly. “So you managed to get Lisa to join us? Nice!”

I looked at Shelia’s face and knew right then something was wrong. “You need to talk to Lisa Eric. Like right now.”

That was never good and I knew it. She led me into the living room and introduced me to Lisa. Then Shelia told me, “I’m going to go take a shower.”

I sat down on the couch with Lisa taking in her incredible body. “So what’s up? I assume Shelia asked you about tonight?”

She nodded. “She did right about lunch time today. I had to turn her down though. I’d already told someone else I’d get together with them tonight.”

My heart sank. Since she’d taken the time to come see me before that I figured it was someone I knew. She confirmed that a few moments later.

Lisa was dead serious when she told me, “You’ve got a problem Eric, and I wanted to take the time to let you know. From what I hear you’re a great guy, but you’ve got a real issue right now.”

I sat and waited, almost knowing what she was going to say. Sure enough she opened her mouth and the truth came out.

“I’m meeting up with Teresa tonight. She came in today and asked me if I wanted to get together with her and two other girls for some fun and games.”

“Perfect. Just fucking perfect.” I shook my head, feeling my anger build. Then it hit me. I looked up and asked, “Two other girls?”

“That’s what she said. Debbie and Bonnie were her exact words.”

I wasn’t happy and it showed. She gave me a minute and then went on.

“You’ve got a real problem with her Eric. For you turning her on to women was just fun and games. But for her it’s something else completely.” Lisa looked at me and asked, “Do you know how she was dressed today when she came in to talk to me?”

I shook my head. “She came in wearing skin tight jeans and a grey V neck t-shirt. She had no bra on, so when she walked through the factory I thought she was going to cause an accident somewhere. Not only were her tits shaking, but you could see her hard nipples a mile away. Everyone was looking.”

“And you took her up on it?”

“Damn right I did. You’re not stupid. You know what happened when she bent over the table I was sitting at.”

I did. She had a perfect view down her shirt and that probably included those hard nipples. Lisa wasn’t done though.

“Once I said yes she headed back out Eric. I saw her get several phone numbers on the way.” Lisa looked sorry as she told me, “She’s not just looking for women Eric.”

I sat there, my mind in turmoil. I had no idea where to go from there with any of this. One clear thought came to mind though. I looked up at Lisa and said, “Thanks for telling me anyway. I do appreciate it I guess. It’s not what I wanted to hear of course, but knowing the truth is better than getting blindsided by it.”

“I know. I hate being the bearer of bad news though.” She thought for a moment. “Can I ask you something Eric?”

“Go right ahead.”

“Do you love her?” I had to think about that, and a sad smile came to her face. “You don’t, I can tell. You wouldn’t have to think about it if you did.”

I didn’t agree, but couldn’t disagree either. “It’s not that easy Lisa.”

“Yes it is.” She stood up in front of me and slipped

out of her clothes while I watched. She revealed that amazing body to my eager eyes right then and there. Then in a throaty voice she said, “Stand up.”

I did, and she moved forward putting her arms around my neck. One hand slowly ran down my body until she found my hard cock. She looked deep into my eyes and said, “See what I mean? You’re all ready to fuck me right here and now. You wouldn’t turn me down.”

I had to admit it. “You’re right, I wouldn’t.”

“If you really truly loved her Eric, you would have in a heartbeat.”

She moved away from me, giving me a good look at her body as she did. I opened my mouth to protest, then realized she was right. I would have fucked her right then and there. I was imagining her bent over the arm of the couch as we spoke, and I told her that.

She was in the mood to tease then. She leaned that tall body across the arm of the couch and smiled. “Like this?”

“Oh yeah.” My hands were working on my jeans when she stood back up smiling. “Not today Eric. I’m not saying another time won’t work out, but not today.”

She reached for her clothes and I watched as she pulled them back on slowly. “You have to figure out what you want Eric. From what I can see it’s not going to be Teresa though. Both of you are walking different paths right now. You’re doing it separately instead of together though.”

When she finished dressing she came back to me and kissed my cheek gently. “I’ll see you later Eric. That’s a promise.”

She walked out of the house leaving me alone with my thoughts. Deep down I knew she was right. My future didn’t include Teresa. To be honest I wasn’t sure iddaa siteleri at that point if it ever had. All of the fun that we’d had together up to that point had been just that, nothing more. All kinds of emotions were running through me then, and I was surprised to find that one of them was relief.

Shelia walked back in then dressed in that damn robe she’d had on the other night. “Is everything ok? I heard a little of what she said.”

“I really don’t know yet. But I’ll be ok I guess.”

She nodded in sympathy. “I get that. I know how you feel.” She gave it a few moments before she asked, “Do you want to cancel tonight?”

“No, not unless you do.” She smiled and shook her head. “So what’s the plan for this evening Eric?”

I hadn’t made one, but a plan popped into my head right away. “I thought we’d go to the highway 14 drive in tonight. Are you up for that?”

“Isn’t that the one that shows porn?”

I nodded. “It is. They’ve got one of my favorite series there tonight. They’re showing one of the “Where the boys aren’t” series.”

“That should be really interesting then.”

I nodded slowly. “We’re going to park in the back row and I’m going to play with every inch of your body any way I want. Is that acceptable?”

Her submissive side kicked in immediately. She nodded. “That’s perfect Eric.”

“Good. Let’s pick out your outfit then.”

When we left that evening she was wearing a wife beater t-shirt and the tightest shorts she had. That was it; she’d left the underwear at home that night. She looked great as we climbed into my truck and buckled on. I couldn’t resist reaching over and tracing the soft curve of one of those breasts that was revealed by her shirt. She shivered as my finger made it’s way across it.

“If you keep doing that we’re not going to make it to the drive in.”

“Don’t tempt me.” I pulled my hand back though and started the truck. Inspiration struck before I put it in gear though.

I turned to Shelia with an evil smile on my face. “Let’s have a bit more fun on the way.” Reaching over I had her pull her seatbelt away from her chest. Then I tugged the fabric of her shirt toward the middle, exposing her tits to the night air.

“There you go. Let’s see what happens when you ride like that.”

We drove through town with her basically topless. Her head was on a swivel that night looking for someone that may be looking our way. She’d see someone and then start to hunch over a bit. I’d reach over then and tweak those hard little nipples, making her gasp and sit back up.

It wasn’t until we got to the drive in that she was seen though. I pulled in and saw her reach for her shirt. “Eric, the person in the ticket booth will see me!”

“I know. That’s the plan.”

She sat back and let them look as we paid. The guy there was drooling as he handed me my change. A few minutes later we were in the back row.

“Well that was interesting.”

“The question is though, did you enjoy it?”

She thought and finally nodded. “I did. It was exciting to know they could see me and not have me.”

I smiled at her response. Then a question popped into mind.

“Shelia, what is it you want from a relationship?”

“That’s a tough one Eric. I’m really enjoying exploring this side of me right now though.”

“I mean a real relationship. One that will last longer than you and I will.”

“Honestly Eric?” I nodded. “Don’t laugh please. What I want in life is someone that wants nothing more than to see me first thing in the morning. I want him to want my face to be the first and last thing in his every day.” She looked at me, and I wasn’t laughing. “That isn’t you is it?”

I was honest at least. “No it’s not. I love spending time with you and teaching you new things is wonderful too. But I know I’m not Mr. right. I’m more of Mr. right now for you.”

She nodded. She agreed with my assessment. The coming attractions started right then, and I loved them. There was no waiting, just lots of action and cum shots galore. Looking at Shelia I said, “Get out of those clothes and get your ass over here.”

She started pulling her clothes off then, but I stopped her as inspiration struck again. Reaching into my glove box I pulled out my trusty little video recorder. Her eyebrows arched as she asked, “What’s that?”

“A video recorder. Why not record some porn while we’re watching it?”

Shelia tossed her clothes on the floor and smiled. “Give me the camera.”

She turned it on me as I skipped

slipped my jeans off, revealing my cock. She handed it back to be then and I sat it on the dash so it caught everything.

It caught my hand wrapped in her hair as her hot mouth plunged down the length of my cock. As I fucked her mouth my free hand slid over her tight ass and found her wet pussy. I had two fingers buried deep in her when I filled her mouth with cum.

The next little scenario didn’t look as good on video, but in real life it was fucking hot. I noticed the guy in the car to our left was watching the fun we were having. So I angled my body down the seat a bit and told Shelia, “Climb on. Let’s see your ride.”

As she was posting up and down on my length she noticed him too. “Eric, the guy in the next car is watching and jerking off.”

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