Daddy’s Sex Ed – Day 04


That night I dreamed of Eve and of Eva and of Kate. In the dream, each of them kept morphing into the other. One minute Eve and I were watching the video together, and then the next, Eve was on the TV talking to me while little Russian Eva sucked my cock. The female narrator’s voice sounded like Kate, urging me to fuck her daughter. And then Kate and Eve — or was it Eva? — were together in our bed on either side of me, calling me Daddy and sucking me off together as a tag team.

I gradually woke up, and for awhile I drifted in that twilight zone where I was half aware of being in bed, and halfway still dreaming. I had a hard on to end all hard ons. It was several moments before I realized that I wasn’t just dreaming about having a blow job — I was really getting sucked off. I pulled back the covers, and sure enough, there was my beautiful wife Kate bobbing her head up and down on my hard dick.

“Mmmm,” said Kate. When she moaned, I could feel her throat vibrating on my cock, making the sensation even better.

“Suck my cock, honey,” I whispered.

She looked up at me, seeing that I was awake. She continued to suck me for another minute, looking me in the eyes the whole time.

I was loving it. What could be better than waking up to a beautiful woman looking you lovingly in the eye while she sucks your cock?

Then she took my cock out of her mouth and began rubbing my rod against her cheek, spreading my precum all over her lovely face. Her lovely cocksucking face. “I’ve been dreaming about what we did last night,” she said. Then she gave a mock pout, pursing her lips like a petulant little girl who was trying to get her way. “But we didn’t finish, Daddy.”

“We didn’t?”

Still holding my shaft, she planted a little kiss on the tip, then licked it.

“What did we leave out?”

“You didn’t fuck Evie.”

“Oh my! We’ll have to fix that, won’t we, Eva?”

Within seconds, we were back to playing The Evie Game. Kate was already so revved up that we skipped any pretense at foreplay. She rose up on the bed, took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy, then started riding me.

I know that I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how hot Evie is, how just looking at her blonde curvy figure makes any man horny. But Kate is an object of beauty in her own right.

Mother and daughter are very different from one another. While Eva is a little shorter than average, her mother Kate is long limbed and slim. She has the sort of thin features and tall stature that would have made her a successful model, if she’d chosen to go that route. Even so, Kate had prominent, C-cup tits that were a lot more than most models had, and so her body was a perfect combination of elegant long legs and slim torso matched with lovely large tits. Her curly brown hair cascading down to her shoulders had a weightless sway to it that looked especially sexy when she was bouncing up and down on my cock, cowgirl style.

So now here I was, lying on my back on a perfect summer morning, watching my runway model wife ride me like an oversexed cowgirl. Her tits were bouncing up and down in rhythm to her fantastic hips. Her curly hair was flying in all directions. My hands were roaming all over her body, sometimes gripping her by her hips and urging her up and down, other times rising up to cup her fantastic tits from below, feeling them bounce up and down in my hands.

It was easy to get lost in the loveliness of her fantastic body, but now she was urging me to do the opposite. With every word, she was begging me to pretend she was her blonde, innocent daughter. “Come on Daddy, fuck me!” she urged. “Fuck your 18 year old stepdaughter! Evie needs it! Evie needs her grown up Daddy to teach her to fuck! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck Evie!”

I think in that moment I started to go crazy with lust. For a second, just a second, just a single, lust-filled second, I saw both of them above me, riding me in my marital bed. Brunette, elegant Kate and her horny blonde daughter, Eva. Both were in bed with me, both were fucking me, both were begging me for more cock.

“Yes, Evie!” I screamed, loud enough to be heard everywhere in the house. “Fuck your Daddy! Fuck me, Evie!”

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Kate screamed. The illicit taboo fantasy of me fucking her daughter overwhelmed Kate. She was oblivious to whether her daughter was listening.

“I need you, Eva!” I called out, not only to Kate but also to her daughter on the other side of the thin sheetrock wall. “I need you to fuck me! Fuck me every day!”

“Every day, Daddy!” cried Kate. “Fuck Evie every day!!”

From the other side of the wall, I could hear muffled female moaning.

Kate’s body went into overdrive. She began bouncing so hard that the bed was shaking and slamming against the wall. Her gyrations became frantic, erratic. “Fuuuuck!” she moaned as she began to shake all over in orgasm. Within a few seconds, she peaked and, with a final overwhelming shudder, collapsed forward onto my chest. In that same instant, I felt a shattering orgasm and spurted a full load into her pussy.

Over güvenilir bahis breakfast I couldn’t resist asking Kate how she found the instructional videos that we were using.

“It was an app,” she said simply, as if that explained everything. “I fed in the answers to a bunch of questions, and the algorithm recommended a specific video course to fit the client.”

“You answered a bunch of questions?”

“Yeah,” she said blandly. She talked as if she didn’t see it as a particularly interesting or important subject. “Obvious ones like age, education level, sexual experience. Plus a couple of questions about what adult would be supervising the videos with her — that is, you. Your age, your gender, your relationship, that sort of thing. It was a great app. Really user friendly.”

“Uh huh,” I said. I was taken aback by how ordinary she made it sound. “You included information about what Evie looks like?”

“Sure. I uploaded a picture of her.”

Eve and I exchanged looks. It sounded like Kate had unknowingly fed all the information to whatever company made these insane videos. That at least explained part of the bizarre experience of having a lookalike for Evie in the videos. And also the fact that the man with her was old enough to be her stepfather.

But that was only part of it. They had made a video using a girl who looked like a sister or twin to Evie, and who even used a variant on her name. What were the odds of finding a video with a doppelganger actress who ALSO used nearly the same name? It was a million to one. Were these things made to order? Or maybe there was a vast warehouse somewhere, like the warehouse in the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, full of zillions of videos of brunettes, blondes and redheads with names like Mary and Samantha, and the “algorithm”, whatever the fuck that is, chooses the right video with the right female model and the right name.

Okay, granted that last image was a little overblown. Who would store videos in a warehouse in this day and age? Anyway, my point was that the whole operation boggled the mind. Part of me wanted to track down whoever was producing these videos and ask them how the hell they did it. But another part of me figured that, whoever those people were, it would probably be better never to meet them. There was something erotically demonic about this whole business, and the last thing I wanted to find out would be that Mephistopheles himself had induced my beautiful, previously innocent stepdaughter into a debaucherous relationship with me. One thing was certain: if some guy in an expensive three piece suit showed up at my door and asked me to sign a contract using my own blood for a video subscription business, I was going to slam the door in his face and draw the curtains.

After breakfast was over, we cleaned up the kitchen. I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher while Kate and Eve stood side by side at the sink, one of them washing the pots while the other rinsed and dried them.

Looking at the two of them from behind was a sort of exquisite agony. Kate was dressed in a black pencil skirt that was appropriate for work, coming down to about her knees. It hugged her ass nicely. Evie was wearing her habitual faded black rock concert T-shirt, the one she wore as pajamas and also for casual wear around the house. It only came down low enough to barely cover her ass, leaving her delectable teenage legs bare.

I had a perfect view of both my women’s asses standing before me.

Both women were vigorously scrubbing or wiping the pots in their hands, with the result that their asses were shaking rhythmically. I was mesmerized.

I couldn’t stop myself. I walked up and stood right behind them, then put my hands on both of their asses. I caressed them gently. “It’s so good to see both my girls cooperating so well together,” I said, rubbing their ass cheeks.

Eve/Eva looked over her shoulder at me. “We love you, Daddy,” she said.

Kate also looked over her shoulder, noticing not only my hand on her ass, but also the hand I had on her daughter’s ass. It was borderline behavior, just barely within the line of what was okay. Or maybe it was barely OUTSIDE the line of what was proper behavior. Kate gave me a sidelong look that showed half disapproval, but also half leering excitement. “Are you here to help us clean up, or are you just gawking?” she asked, seeing my line of sight down Eva’s chest.

“I’m supervising,” I said jokingly. I continued to rub their asses.

Eva reached forward slightly with her upper torso and took hold of a scrub brush on the far side of the sink. The movement made her ass jut out more for my hands to grope her.

Kate eyed her, then did the same. Both girls were leaning over the sink, giving me more access to their asses.

“I love my family so much,” I said. I slipped my hand under the short hem of Eva’s T-shirt and started caressing her bare ass under the shirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. My fingertips sought out her pussy. It felt like heaven.

Eva finished scrubbing one of the güvenilir bahis siteleri pots and put it into the adjoining sink for her mother to rinse, then rested her hand atop her mother’s hand on the edge of the divider between the two sinks. “I love you,” she said. “Mom, Daddy. I love you both so much.”

With her hand still atop her mother’s, Eve bent forward and kissed her mother full on the lips. There was no tongue, but her lips lingered on her mother’s for several seconds.

All the while I continued to play with both their asses. Cupping them, squeezing them, seeking out their pussies.

My cock was as hard as a rock.

We were all frozen into a perfect threesome. Me standing over them, dominating them, stroking and groping their two perfect asses — Kate through her tight skirt and Eva directly on her bare ass — all while they bent over to give me access. And the two of them, holding hands and kissing each other lightly.

I wanted it to go on forever. No, scratch that. I wanted to bend them both over that damn sink and start plowing them, one after another and then back and forth. I wanted to fuck my wife in front of her daughter, and I wanted to fuck my stepdaughter in front of my wife. My cock was aching to take them both doggie style while they bent over the sink kissing each other and holding hands.

But no. I would have to be insane to try something like that. After what couldn’t have been more than two or three seconds, I backed off. Pretending that nothing whatsoever had just taken place, I casually strolled over to the counter and poured myself another cup of coffee.

My heart was pounding so hard the coffee cup was trembling in my hand.

A few minutes later, Kate and I were both in the garage, preparing to get in our cars to go to work. It was unfortunate that we worked on opposite sides of town. We were never able to drive to work together and save on gas.

Kate turned to me as she was loading her briefcase in the car. “You must be out of your fucking mind. What you did in there, touching both our asses at once….”

“It was…” I began.

“It was so inappropriate!” Then her face turned to a leer. “And it was so fucking hot!” She laughed. “I should be reaming out your ass right this moment. Instead, I feel like I’m a bitch in heat. You got me so horny in there I almost asked you to fuck me doggie style while I stood at the sink!”

I laughed. “Funny you should say that. It’s exactly what I was thinking. Have I ever told you what a fantastic ass you’ve got?”

She gave a guilty smirk. “Evie’s ass is pretty gorgeous, too. Did you get a good feel, Daddy?”

“I was just giving my loving stepdaughter a friendly pat,” I said, smiling.

“Uh huh. Sure you were. And how about when she kissed me? I practically creamed in my panties!”

“It looked like a typical daughterly peck on the lips to me,” I lied.

I checked the clock on the wall. “You know,” I said, “traffic’s pretty light right now. If you wanted a quickie, neither of us would be that late for work.”

“Liar,” she said. “Traffic is a bitch this time of day. But if we have a quick fuck we can just tell our bosses there was an accident on the freeway or something.” She glanced briefly at the doorway to make sure Evie wasn’t anywhere around. Then she unzipped her skit and let it slide to the ground. “Fuck me right now,” she said.

I did. Within seconds, I had my dick out of my pants. I pushed Kate backwards against the hood of her car with her legs dangling over the front bumper. Then I started pounding the shit out of her.

“Daddy!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck us both! Fuck Evie!”

The moment she said it, I knew that she must be out of her mind with lust, because there was no way on earth that Evie wouldn’t hear us. Still, I kept plunging my cock into her over and over. The deeper and harder I thrust, the louder she screamed. And that was exactly what I wanted.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Teach me, Daddy! Teach Evie to fuck her Daddy!”

Kate was already so hot that within seconds of my entering her, she started shivering all over. She wrapped her legs around my ass, urging me deeper. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck Evie!”

At that moment, the door opened and Evie herself walked into the garage. “Mom, were you calling me?” she asked innocently.

She walked a couple of steps toward the car and stopped dead in her tracks. “Gosh…!” she said. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. She raised one arm to her breast as if she were an antebellum damsel getting the vapors.

If I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn she was totally sincere.

Kate was lying back on the hood of the car. Now she looked over at Evie in shock and mortification. “Oh, fuck! Evie!” she said. It came out almost like a wail.

“Wow,” said Evie. “I mean… Gosh, Mom. I could have sworn I heard you call my name.”

I had been frozen in the act of thrusting my rod into Kate, but now I relaxed a little bit. I caught Evie’s eye and smiled. She smiled back. I began slowly thrusting in and out of Kate, just a little bit at iddaa siteleri a time.

“Oh Evie, I’m so sorry!” said Kate. “Your Daddy and I…”

“It’s okay, Mom. Really. You know, I think it’s kind of cool that you guys — I mean, you’ve been married seven years, haven’t you? Isn’t there something they call the Seven Year Itch, where guys like Daddy are supposed to start looking for hot young blondes with huge tits? Yet here you are. I think it’s so cool that you two are being romantic in the middle of a work day.”

In fact, of course, if there WAS a Seven Year Itch, Evie was it. SHE was the “hot young blonde with huge tits” that I was itching for. While she spoke, I started thrusting a little harder. A little deeper. The whole time I was looking directly at Eve, my eyes raking her up and down, taking in every inch of my hot young blonde with huge tits.

“I’m sorry you caught us like this, Eve,” said Kate.

I thrust harder, deeper.

“It’s so inappropriate.”

I grabbed Kate by her thighs so she wouldn’t slide around on the hood of the car. I pushed my cock in deeper, deeper, deeper.

“It’s okay, Mom. I don’t mind.”

“It’s so wrong!” Kate started gasping, in and out, in synch with my cock.

“You’re such a positive role model, Mom. Watching you and Daddy love each other is good for my sex education! It’s good for me to watch grownups who love and respect each other.”

“So fucking wrong!… Uh! Uh!”

I started pounding her. Evie smiled.

“So fucking, fucking wrong!” Her eyes rolled back in her sockets. “Fucking fucking wrong! Fucking fucking!”

“Yeah, Mom. Keep going. I’m learning a lot!” Though she struggled to keep her voice calm, Eva’s eyes were wide open, taking in the scene of me fucking her mother. She was breathing hard. As her chest expanded with each gasping breath, her huge boobs strained against her T-shirt. Without thinking about it, Eva’s hand, which she’d placed against her breast in a gesture of mock surprise, began caressing and groping her big tits through the fabric. Her other hand crept inside the lower hem of her T-shirt. She began fingering herself. “Show me, Mom! Show me what I need to learn!” She was aching to be fucked just like her mother.

“Fucking fucking Evie fucking fucking!” Kate moaned over and over as she gave in to the sensations. Her legs were still wrapped around my ass, and now I could feel her tighten her grip, pulling my cock into her. Her arms began flailing spasmodically, and her hands scrambled against the car hood as if she were grasping for a handhold that wasn’t there. Her fingernails scratched erratically against the paint job of her car making that irritating scritching noise that made everyone’s blood run cold. But she was unaware of the sound her fingernails were making because she was spasming all over and she was cumming so fucking hard. “Fucking wrong! Fucking Evie!” she moaned.

She began shaking all over in a massive orgasm that took her out of this world entirely. She no longer cared that Eve was watching, or maybe she wasn’t even aware that Eve was there and was barely aware that she was on the hood of a car getting fucked ten ways from Friday. Or maybe despite her orgasmic delirium she was still aware that Evie was watching her cum, and that awareness itself was pushing her on to greater intensity of feeling. Being fucked in front of her daughter while calling her daughter’s name was so fucking taboo and it was driving her to such a fucking intense orgasm!

Kate was so unaware of her surroundings that she lifted her head up and then accidentally banged it backwards against the hood of her car. To protect her, I pulled her up into my arms and grasped her to me, my arms wrapped around her back. The whole time I continued to thrust over and over into her wet pussy.

She sobbed and embraced me while I continued to bang her as hard as I could. “Fuck Evie!” she sobbed.

“Evie’s right here,” said Evie quietly. She had closed the small gap between us, only a few feet really, and now she stood beside the car, whispering in my wife’s ear. “Go ahead, Mom,” she said. “Fuck Daddy. Fuck him as much as you want. I love watching you.”

Then she looked at me and said, “Give her what she needs, Daddy! Give her what she needs! Fuck my mother!”

Then she embraced us both. She turned to me and kissed me full on the lips, a deep kiss in which her tongue explored beyond my mouth and into my very soul.

I began bucking my hips uncontrollably. My back was arching over and over as I rammed my cock as deep as I could into my wife. My whole body was shaking. My blonde stepdaughter put her hands on both sides of my face to hold my face steady while she urgently thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. I felt her massive jugs press against my chest as she kissed me.

I was cumming. At that moment, I didn’t know any longer whether I was cumming into my wife or into my stepdaughter or whether it even mattered. All I knew was that my cock was doing what it needed to do and that I was pumping my cum into the two most beautiful creatures I had ever known or had lusted after. I needed to cum in them both over and over forever. An electric shock coursed through my body and I rammed my dick deeper than I ever had before. I thought I was dying and that this was the best death on earth.

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