Daddy and Natalie I: The Hotel


Daddy and Natalie I: The HotelI couldn’t believe I was doing it. I had hooked up before, I’d met men online and did things with them. It wasn’t my first rodeo, but this? This was a real bull ride.I was in a hotel in Salem, the cheapest one I could find. I’d checked in, went to the room, and left the door unlocked while I got ready. I had shaved myself from top to bottom, my ass smooth and hairless, the little hairs on my nipples gone. He told me to wear pantyhose and panties; I had found a pair of pink leggings that matched the pink polka dots on my favorite pair of sissy panties. They felt so smooth against my hairless legs. I’d taken some adderall, so my sissy clitty was small, fitting snug in the panties. I was dressed, I was ready. He told me to blindfold myself, lay face down on the bed with my ass in the air, ready for his use. I texted him that I was ready, tied a bandana around my eyes, and laid on the bed just as he asked. I was gonna call him Daddy. The wait felt like forever. Daddy told me he was an OnlyFans model, and he filmed things like this for his viewers. I knew the camera would be rolling when he walked in. He promised the blindfold would hide my identity, but I didn’t really care. Anyone watching would be there for the same thing I was. I was there to get ripped apart. I knew I’d be blindfolded the whole time, which kind of frustrated me. Having seen pictures of Daddy he had sent me, I was excited to see him in person. He was 6’ 2”, blonde, and muscular, but still cute, with a sort of sweetness in his eyes. Most good tops had that. I waited. My ass was cold, I almost wanted to put a blanket on while I waited, but I knew I had to do exactly as he said or it wasn’t happening. I waited, patiently and submissively, to hear that door swing open. Finally it did. I heard the door swing shut and was quickly met with a slap to my ass, which made me jump forward. “Hey you little faggot,” he said. His voice sounded much deeper than mine, and I instantly knew my place in the room. I was the sissy bitch. I heard what sounded like a duffle bag hit the floor.He rubbed my asscheeks and licked one of them, the feeling making me quiver in anticipation. “You ready to put on a show for the camera?”“Yes Daddy,” I said in a high pitched voice. “Use me like the little slut I am.”I had never met this man in person, didn’t even get a look at him, but here I was, blindfolded on the bed in lingerie, the door locked behind him. I was his to use. “Good,” he said. He left one hand rubbing my ass cheek and the other he took and cupped my balls. “When I’m done with you, you’ll never be the same. Hope you viewers are ready too.” I knew we were live on the internet, who knows who was watching on the other side of his camera. Tens, maybe hundreds of people were about to watch me get fucked like a girl. I was nervous, but I was excited. So excited. I’d never felt so vernerable, bahis şirketleri so exposed. His had moved to my cock. “You know what this is?” he asked, grabbing my cock with two fingers, my shaft shrunken to the point that I knew I looked like a weak little faggot, his chatel, his property. “It’s my clitty, Daddy,” I said nervously. “My sissy clitty.”“Yes, good boy.” I heard what sounded like he’d popped his cheek with his finger, and as soon as I heard it, my panties were pulled aside and he plunged his pointer finger into my asshole. I was a good sissy, so instead of wincing forward in pain, I moaned and pushed back as he stuck it all the way up to his knuckle. “And do you know what this is?” he asked.“It’s my pussy,” I replied, and almost instantly felt the sting of another spank to my ass. “No, faggot,” he said. “It’s my pussy. I own this. It’s mine to use.” He started doing circles with his finger in my butt and then put another finger in. I was usually good to take a lot at once, but his fingers were thick as rolls of nickels, and I was a little nervous that I might have gotten myself into more than I could handle. It was too late though. He spread me open with one hand and started slowly fingering me, opening my pussy up for him to do his will. “Whose pussy is this?” he asked forcefully. “Yours, Daddy.” When I said that he popped a third finger in and shook his hand back and forth. I could feel him rubbing my prostate, each vibration making me feel precum dripping from my clit.“That’s right bitch. It’s mine, and it’s tight.” Then he pulled his hand out of me. I could feel a coating of spit on my ass, and I imagined it shining in the camera. I didn’t know where in the room he was, I was just laying there, my ass in the air, anxiously awaiting his next move. I heard the duffle bag unzip and some objects move around, some jingling. I wondered what was in there exactly, but I knew they were all just instruments of my submission. Suddenly a round cone pressed against my pucker, and with pressure, he pushed it into me as it got wider and wider until it finally popped inside me. It was a butt plug, and a big one, maybe three inches wide.“First,” he said, “you have to show me how bad you want it.” He grabbed my hair loosely and guided me to the edge of the bed. I crawled toward his guidance and my face rubbed against his crotch, and that was when I knew I was in serious trouble. He told me it was 8”, I expected him to be hung. I didn’t expect the girth.“Show me with your mouth,” he said as he undid his belt and zipper with one hand, my cheek rubbing against his boxers now. “How bad do you want to please me.”“I’ll do anything Daddy.” It was true. I was so turned on by his dominance that he could do anything he wanted. Suddenly I felt it slap my face, it was thick like a mag light. He tapped me twice on the check. “Show me with your mouth.” Instantly bahis firmaları I opened my lips and sucked the head into my mouth. He wasn’t even fully erect and I felt like the head was the size of a jawbreaker candy. He put his hand on the back of my head and started forcing it into my mouth little by little. Then suddenly, he forced it down my throat. I held there for a moment, his massive cock gagging me. I could feel him getting harder and harder with every pulse of the vein. I sucked him as good as I could, trying not to gag as he pulsed in and out of my throat. “Good little cocksucker,” he said. “Keep sucking like a good little faggot.” He slapped my ass and gave the plug a tug. I was so nervous, yet so excited. This is what I signed up for, and I was loving every moment, every drip of precum down my throat, every stretch at the turn in the back of my mouth. I kept sucking as he kept tugging at the butt plug in my pussy, pulling it just enough to pop out of my ass, then back in. Pop out. Plunge in. Slowly I could feel my pussy opening up more and more, and I was gonna need it. He had the longest cock I’d ever taken, but it wasn’t the length that got me. His cock was thicker than anything I had ever put inside me. Suddenly, he forced himself all the way down my throat. I felt a sudden fear that I’d gag on it, feeling his pubes tickling my upper lip. Then he pulled out.“Stay bitch.” I heard the duffle bag jumble again, and then his cock was back in my mouth. I felt another sudden slap to my ass, but this time with a dildo. It was probably as long as his cock, but only half the girth. I continued to suck his master rod as he pulled the butt plug out of my ass. Then he made me suck on the dildo to lube it up, and then I felt the head of it pop inside me. We continued like that for what felt like forever, me sucking his huge cock as he plunged the dildo deeper and deeper inside me. I was loving it. He was exposing my true sissy nature, showing the world what a submissive little bitch I was.Suddenly he pulled the dildo out and slapped my ass with it, his cock still in my mouth. “You ready faggot?” “Yes Da-“ “I don’t fuckin’ care,” he cut me off. “Turn around and present that pussy to your master.”I felt a shiver. I didn’t think I could take it all. “Could we do a little more-““TURN THE FUCK AROUND BITCH.” This was the moment. I knew what I had gotten myself into. He was going to wreck me and there was nothing I could do but take it. I turned around and perched my ass up in the air with nervousness. My right leg was twitching in fear. I felt the head press against my pussy, and I thought there was no way it would fit. I felt a drizzle of lube pour around the head and on to my ass. This is it, I thought. No turning back. Daddy pressed into me, firmly and slowly, and I pressed back, trying to just get the head in. When it finally popped in, I couldn’t help kaçak bahis siteleri but squeal. My clit dripped precum and my pussy ring burned, but I wanted it. The pain felt good, it felt right. Slowly, thank God, he pushed into me, inch by inch in a pulsing pattern, pulling back every few pushes, only making it easier for him to go even deeper when he pushed back. I whimpered as I felt the last shred of my masculinity disappear. “Good girl, you like that faggot?”“Y-y-yes Daddy,” I said in a genuinely feminine tone. I couldn’t speak like a man, I couldn’t. My voice turned into that of a little girl, high pitched and timid. “I like your cock in my pussy.”“Good girl. Here comes the rest.”“Wha-“Before I could react he grabbed my hips and shoved the last inch of his massive cock inside me. I felt like a rubber band around a two-liter bottle. It stung like hell, but he stopped in that position, his whole 8 inch cock balls deep in my tight little pussy. “Waaaah ha ha!” I cried. What a weak little thing I was in that moment. He held his cock right there for a moment, rubbing his hips against my ass. In that moment I knew he didn’t want to hurt me, at least not more than I would have enjoyed.“Game time bitch,” he said as he slowly started humping me. It burned like hell at first, and I screamed and cried and shook, my pussy stretched to its limit. When I resisted he grabbed me by the elbows and pulled me back toward him, arching my back and pushing him in deeper. The first few minutes were hell……but I’d do it again in an instant. After the pain subsided and my pussy opened up to his will, I felt an amazing sensation. I felt safe, soothed, and unbelievably horny. My clit gushed precum as he rammed his rod into me over and over. Screams of pain quickly became squeals of pleasure.“Look at that wet clitty,” Daddy said into my ear. “You like that?”“Yyyyessss Daddy oh my GOD fuck me deeper.”“You want Daddy to fuck you like this all the time?”“YES Daddy PLEASSSSE,” I squeaked, my voice as feminine as my vocal chords would allow. “Let me feel this forever!”I didn’t know where that plea came from, but it was true. His cock gaping my boy pussy was the greatest feeling in the world, and I could have lived in that moment forever. We fucked like that for at least another half hour until he flipped me over, grabbed my ankles, and pressed them over my head, my legs spread eagle. I could taste his breathe as he said demeaning, dominating things to me.“You’re my bitch now.” He would say between thrusts. “This is your purpose. Only a fuckin’ faggot would love a man’s cock inside him. Tell me you love it.”“I LOVE IT!!” I screamed, my brow covered in sweat, my pussy open and begging. “You love what?”“I love your cock inside me!!”“Good girl.”It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. He fucked me for at least an hour until I felt the gush of his seed filling me. He pulled out and his cum poured out of me. I had been bred.That’s how I became his submissive. I went out looking for it, whether I knew it or not. After that night we started meeting regularly for my discipline. No one knows, know one ever will.

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