Carla’s Inhibitions


Carla’s InhibitionsI just can’t stop thinking about sex.I wake up in the morning, and it’s like I have this uncontrollable impulse to masturbate. Thankfully the shower has that sprayer on a hose so it only takes me a few minutes to get myself off.Most times now when I go to class, I think about having sex with almost every boy I see. Jocks, geeks, teachers, even the derpy goth k**s. And when changing for PE I find myself thinking about what the girls in my class would be like having sex. Oh no, not actually having sex with them myself but how they must look, sucking on their boyfriend’s cocks or being fucked by them.My name is Carla G. No last name, mommy said I am only to introduce myself as Carla G., so I do. I even had to sneak into the bathroom today during the last half of lunch, I was so horny I could no longer control it. Then after I had washed my hands 2 other girls came into the bathroom and went into stalls, talking as they did what they had to do.“So your parents bought you one of those sex dolls?”“Yea, they could not afford a full AI system like some of them, but it’s still pretty cool. He can’t really talk like a full AI doll can, he is really only good for one thing. They believed me when I told them I was a virgin, and that before I went to college I should at least know what to expect, so I do not fall for the first guy that comes along.”“Slut! You have not been a virgin since Junior High! They bought that?”The next few words were drowned out as one after the other flushed, then came out and after washing their hands started fixing their makeup. I was pretending to do the same, not wanting them to know I had been listening in.I knew both of them, but did not have much contact with them as we were in different classes. Not only were they Seniors, I was only a Sophomore and in a special class for gifted c***dren. “Hi Carla,” Nancy said, smiling at me then complimenting me on my hair. Her and Ruth then asked me where I had it done, and I had to admit my mom did it for me.“Wow, must be nice, to have your hair done at home whenever you want. My beautician is so backlogged that sometimes I have to wait an extra day or so to get in.”“Well, tell you what Nancy, I will tell her so and ask if she would do yours.”Nancy laughed and said that was not needed. Ruth then asked her if she could come and see her toy, and she smiled then nodded. “Carla, why don’t you come along also?”I tried to pretend I did not know what they were talking about, and they both laughed. “Oh, don’t try that on us, we know you were listening. It’s OK, come along, I think it would be fun.” I saw them wink at each other, and I tried to say I had to be home after school.“Oh, come along Carla, I want you to see. It will not take long.”I felt all the will leave me, and I nodded. Nancy was one of the older, cooler k**s. And if she said she wanted me to do something, there was no harm in that unless it was something I was not supposed to do. And I thought to what my mother said as she dropped me off, that I was to go home after school. However, she did not say I had to go straight home, did she? So I could go with Nancy, and still obey my mother. Nancy said to meet them outside the school at the local doughnut shop. I said quietly I would be there and both girls squeezed my shoulders before leaving.I felt like my head was racing, thinking about what would happen after school. A sexbot, a real sexbot. I had of course heard about both sexbots and real full-blown AI, but I had never actually seen one. Well, that is not quite true. Our house had a full AI suite, and I did see an early android at a museum once the year before. I asked my dad why I never saw them in use, and he told me that was an early prototype, the ones today looked much different. And there was no confusing the display for anything I could see today. The skin almost looked like plastic, the hands were more like claws than hands, and other little things. The eyes were so far apart, the eyebrows looked static, and there was absolutely no emotion visible on the face. It was as if it was made of hard clay.And even though I did not like being in the gifted classes, one thing I liked about my classes is that they were challenging. The gifted program was only for other students like me. We were all super smart, some said almost scary how smart we were. We could do math problems with ease, and once we took a class in history or science we never forgot what we were told. So most of the classes were in what they called “Home Economics”, which I thought strange since there were no economics in the class, nothing about budgeting or supply and demand. Cooking, sewing, and the like. And in classes where they pulled the boys into another class and we spent an hour in what they called “Human Biology”. Those were fun, and it was the class I had after lunch.I went to the classroom, and when the teacher was distracted I grabbed one of the old paper books from the back of the room. I had completed my assignment early so for the last half hour sat there reading this book. It was old, but I loved reading it as it said everything about me was normal. However, according to the book girls my age masturbated 2-3 times a month, and I was sometimes doing it that often a day lately. So if I was above average in that category, I was behind in others. Like where most girls my age have had at least some experience with sex like what they cutely called “petting”, I had not.And since I had longer than usual before class ended I read further into the book than I had before. Wow, half of the girls they asked admitted to their first sexual activity being with another girl! I read into the explanations, and apparently sleepovers are common events that lead to first interactions. I will have to remember that, maybe I can ask Robin C. to have a sleepover sometime. We got along good in class, and she was cute. And while I had already read all the parts about masturbation, I read for the first time the segments about what the book called “mutual masturbation”. That could be either masturbating with somebody else so each can see the other, or even each person masturbating the other. Both sounded great, but I wanted to try both now.Finally, the class ended, and I put the book back without getting caught. I had PE as my last class, and even though a few of us asked to do team sports, the coach had us running laps around the track and then climbing a rope. After when we took our showers I looked at Robin C., and wondered if she was masturbating like I was. Her breasts were smaller than mine, and her bush had less hair. But I could see that her girl parts looked fully güvenilir bahis developed as she raised one leg onto a bench to dry it off. If nothing else, maybe I could show her what she was missing if she was not playing with them as I was. Surely she would enjoy it as much as I did, and sharing that would make us better friends.I went to my locker and locked up my books then raced to the doughnut shop, and a few minutes later Nancy and Ruth arrived. I followed them home, Nancy smiling and offering Ruth a diet soda. I asked for one also, but she laughed and said all she had left was vegetable drink. So she got me one with various vegetables on the can and I drank it as we went to her room.We got to her room, and she opened her closet. And inside, was a man.Well, he looked like a man who was about 18 or 19. A little taller than we were, of average build and light brown hair. “Sam, come out,” Nancy said, and then told him to sit on the bed.“Oh Nancy, that’s so cool!” Ruth said. “But why this? Why not some actor or singer?”“Cost, dad got this because it cost less. Although it is the newest model, and they say in the future I can upgrade it with a full AI, and with some body upgrades to things like full dexterity fingers and a dermal upgrade it will be indistinguishable from one that cost 10 times more.”“That’s awesome! And, does he do everything?”Nancy giggled and nodded. “Oh, it only came with the normal routines for girls our age. Kissing, fondling, and of course the penis subroutines were blocked so it could not get an erection. Here, watch. Sam, take off your clothes.”I gasped slightly, as Sam obediently disrobed, and it looked like any young man I had seen nude in pictures and drawings in the past. But this was no drawing, he was really in front of me. His cock seemed to be around 3 or 4 inches long, and soft, laying floppily against his balls. Nancy reached out and stroked it for a minute, and it remained soft and limp.“Oh, what fun is that?” Ruth said, and Nancy giggled. “A sex doll you can’t actually have sex with? How lame!”“Oh, it can do a bit more. They allowed me to get the entire ‘Sweet 16’ package with it. It can kiss me, it can suck my breasts, it can finger me. I did try to get it to go down on me, but it would not do that. I even tried to make it, but Sam turned his head and refused. So I guess it really is like a teen boy. That seems like a hardwired rule, I have not been able to get around it yet. I will try a few other things though, I really do want to feel what somebody going down on me feels like.”We all laughed, although mine was forced because I had as of yet not even kissed a boy. Nancy then chuckled. “But I think my folks forgot I got an A every year in AI theory and software modification. I managed to get an upgraded software suite online from a hacker site. I hacked his IO port easily because they left him at the default password, and he is now fully functional. Sam, Theta-Alpha-Two-Seven-Three-Seven-Blue!”She continued to stroke the penis, but now it started to grow erect. Ruth meanwhile laughed, asking where she had come up with that. “Oh, from one of those ancient sci-fi shows my dad likes. I just stuck in my mind, and since in that show it was about a lifelike android, it seemed only fitting. Hmmm, now this is more like it. Very nice Sam.”“Thank you Miss, I am happy to please” he softly said and continued to just stand there. By now he was fully erect, and Nancy had her hand wrapped entirely around the penis and was stroking it slowly back and forth. It looked to be about 6 inches long, and a little over the size of a quarter around.“But it’s so small!” Ruth said and hesitatingly reached out. Nancy nodded, and Ruth took it in her hand when Nancy removed her hand and started to stroke it.“Well yea, it is a ‘Sweet 16’ model after all. But one of the physical upgrades they assured me I could get later was one more to my liking, once I turn 18. But trust me, with the changes I made to his software he is fully functional. I use him most times after school, but have to restrict him to fingering me if the parents are here.”Ruth let go, and both girls urged me to reach out and caress him also. Something inside me resisted, but Nancy said “Go ahead and do it Carla, it’s just us girls here. You know you want to do this, and we want you to do this.” Hesitatingly I did so, caressing it with my fingers. It was stiff, and felt silky under my hand. “No, wrap your hand around it Carla, do it right” Nancy said, so I did so. Wrapping it in my hand, and it felt almost perfect. I could feel ridges under the skin, and the veins under it. And it was warm, and both hard and soft at the same time.“Have you ever felt a real one Carla?” Ruth said, and both girls giggled. “No, my father will not let me date yet. He wants me to be his little girl forever.”Both girls laughed and urged me to give it a try. “Oh no, I could never do that!” I exclaimed, shocked at the very idea.“Oh go ahead, Sam won’t mind, he likes fucking me. Trust me, there is nothing like it when he pushes inside of you.”I heard Nancy order Sam to kiss me, and he bent down as I squeezed his cock and did exactly that. It was as wonderful as I had hoped, his lips pressing against mine, then after a few seconds opening his mouth and sliding his tongue into my mouth. I felt the tongue push into my mouth, and my hand squeezed the penis in my hand a little harder.I gave a soft moan and surrendered to the kiss. I felt each girl pull on my arms, encouraging me to lie on Nancy’s bed and Sam followed. He half laid on me, and I was really feeling good, hardly believing I was kissing a sex doll as 2 girls I barely knew watched. “Sam, increase aggression 15%” I heard Nancy say, and then I felt a hand on my breast.I jerked, as Ruth said we looked incredibly real together. “Oh yes, just like watching 2 real teens. See how she is breathing faster? Her nipples are hard now, and as you can see Sam is already playing with them. Ohhh, look. Carla is pushing her breast into his hand, I know how that will cause him to react. Shhh, just watch, I love when he does that to me.”“That” was Sam releasing my breast and sliding his hand down to my knee, then slowly sliding it up. We continued to kiss, as the hand continued to move up and down. First on top of my thigh, then slowly moving in between them. I tried to fight a moment when Nancy softly said “It’s OK Carla, let him do it. He will be good for you, and you will remain untouched since he is not real. Just enjoy what he does to you,” she softly said.And I surrendered, wrapping my arms around his neck, fingers running through his hair. It was short, almost like güvenilir bahis siteleri a military cut and felt slightly stiff. And I jumped when the fingers reached the apex of my thighs, and I felt them part on their own accord.I moaned softly into the kiss, feeling fingers caressing me through my panties for the first time. The only person to touch me there other than myself or Dr. Calvin. And after an indeterminate time because my ability to even tell that seems to have vanished I felt the fingers reach up to the top of my panties and slip down inside of them.I moaned and rocked my hips, oh this felt amazing! Finally, a boy was feeling me up, even if it was not a real boy but a sex doll. But it was so good, caressing me from top to bottom many times, making sure I was lubricating before they slid into me. I no longer even cared that 2 other girls were watching me.I moaned again and felt bolts of sheer pleasure race through me. The finger was sliding in and out, and I heard Nancy order Sam to remove my clothes. “Just stay right there Carla, we want to watch. Oh don’t worry, it is no different with Ruth and I watching than masturbating with a friend in the room. Go ahead and enjoy.”Any protest I had died, as I remember reading that in a text about sexuality earlier. It had said that a lot of girls first experimented with what it called “mechanical means”, and that even straight girl commonly experimented with other girls. This assured me such behavior was common. And soon I was naked on the bed, and Sam was going a great job. I looked to the side, and saw both Ruth and Nancy watching closely. “Sam, make love to Carla” she softly said, and Sam rolled on top of me.I expected to feel pain as he slid into me, but felt only pleasure. I must have lost my hymen at some time in the past, but I could not recall when. My thighs instinctively wrapped around his waist as my hands clutched his back, and he started pumping his hips. Pure delight flowed through my entire being, like this is what I was made for. I moaned and looked into his dead doll-like eyes, seeing no emotion in them as he slid out then back inside. I groaned, feeling not so much full as complete.“God, look at them,” Ruth said softly. “Is that how we look?” I noticed that Ruth sounded breathless as she said that. And when I looked to the side, she was indeed masturbating. I watched her fingers moving around inside of her panties, and that book was right. Girls really do masturbate with other girls around.“Oh yes, but not as enjoyable. My first time was in the woods, not in a comfy bed like this. Oh Carla, that looks amazing sweetie, go ahead. Fuck him, fuck him back, see what Sam does.”I rocked my hips up, and he adjusted his angle and pushed down even harder. I cried out, fuck that felt good! His cock was thin, but it filled me wonderfully. And was long enough to press deeply into me. I continued to rock up against him and he fucked down into me. It felt so good, and I did not care 2 girls I barely knew were watching me, I just wanted to fuck, to be fucked, to fuck Sam like he was fucking me.“Sam, decrease speed 5% and increase depth of thrust,” I heard Nancy say. I started to ask her what that meant, and as I turned towards her Sam followed directions and slowed his thrusting into me, but at the same time they grew longer. Pulling out until the tip of the penis was barely inside of me before reversing direction and pushing all the way back inside of me. I gasped, moaning louder because that felt the best! Even better! This was beterer! The absolute betterest! And even though what I was going to say was lost in a flood of pleasure, I was still watching Nancy. Her school skirt was pulled up, and I saw the gusset to her panties was pulled to the side. And she had 2 of her fingers sliding in and out of herself at the same tempo that Sam was sliding in and out of me.A few minutes later I came, for the very first time that was not caused by me. Both girls gasped as I came again, and yet again. It was like my brain was melting down, and I was thinking of nothing but the amazing penis filling my cunt and wanting it to never end. Finally Nancy said “Sam, override, cum and stand down.” And with that I felt a delicious throbbing inside of my deepest girl parts, and felt a sweet wetness start to leak out of my pussy.Nancy sighed as did I when Sam pulled out of me, and I felt something thick and wet flowing out of my girl parts, but it felt wonderful. “One of the upgrades I put in warned me about not letting the sexbot complete its task before stopping it. It said there was a danger it could cause problems with the personality, as even though it is a bot it could still become frustrated. That could cause either ejaculating as soon as it got inside, or an inability to ejaculate. So I always let him finish before ending our playtime.”“Oh wow Nancy, he came in her! He actually came in her, that is so cool! So that’s what it looks like, I could see it all, even his balls pulled up tight and throbbed when he did. What is that goop leaking out of her?”“Oh, a special organic compound. Hypoallergenic, same color and consistency but it breaks down quickly and has none of the smell. In an hour or so after he cums you only feel a bit of extra wetness, it’s almost like being filled with lubricant. Like all bots, he fabricates it internally from the liquids he drinks. And the taste can change, one book suggested giving him a diet higher in fruit than vegetable drinks to make it sweeter, and to avoid garlic in beverages.”Finally she ordered Sam to go to the bathroom and clean up, and I laid on the bed panting. My thighs spread lewdly apart, feeling that compound leaking out of me. I sat up, and said that was amazing, like nothing I had ever felt before. “Oh, I would have thought you had done that before Carla. Are you sure?”“Oh positive, I could never forget something like that! Fuck, I want to do it all the time now! I need to get my dad to get me one of those, that is the best thing ever! Now I want to fuck all the time, I don’t ever want to stop!”Nancy and Ruth looked at each other, and Nancy said “Overload. Nancy, when Sam is finished go ahead and wash up, then you should go home. You don’t want your parents to find out about this, do you?”I agreed as that sounded like a good idea, and after wiping up the leaking goop with some toilet paper I got dressed. I said I would see them both tomorrow, and hoped I could come over again.“Oh, and you tell nobody about this Carla G., nobody. Nobody can know what we did here today but me and Ruth here. But if you can keep a secret, we can do even more next time. I have a few things iddaa siteleri I want to try with you. Can you stick your tongue out for me?” I did so, a little confused when Ruth and Nancy both giggled. “That’s good Carla, see you tomorrow. And remember, this is our secret. But if you want, I can teach you tomorrow something special you can do with your tongue.” I agreed and left her house heading home.I walked home, feeling the wetness still leaking out of me. My cunt felt funny, and I wanted more. I was home an hour later than usual and since I had no homework turned on the TV. I was watching an old movie and the boy in it was at some magic school, and was really cute. But I did wonder why he lived with that ugly scar, and wore those silly looking optical devices on his head. Could his family not afford to have those imperfections fixed? But he was really really cute, and this was one of the later movies in the series, and sighed when he took his shirt off. I did not even realize when my hand moved back down between my thighs, and I started to rub myself. I forced it away 2 or 3 times, but finally I could no longer resist and let it be, pulling my panties to the side and masturbating on the couch.I was barely aware when my mom came in, and could not stop. She gave a small shriek, and told me to stop doing that but I just could not do so. It just felt so good, and I was feeling so loose and slippery from what I was told I could not talk about earlier. She got on the phone as I reached another orgasm, and finally I felt like I had enough. I left my hand inside my panties and just laid on the couch, breathing heavily and recovering.A short time later my dad came in, and after looking at me for a moment got on the phone to Dr. Calvin. I heard them talking in the background, but it barely registered as I resumed caressing myself. After another orgasm I heard a knock on the door, and Dr. Calvin came in. I liked her, she had been my doctor for as long as I could remember.“Thank you for calling Mr. and Mrs. Grant, yes, I see what you mean. Carla, what have you been doing my dear?”“Why, I’m masturbating,” I said, as I let my fingers get back to work. I had just slid 2 fingers back inside when she asked me why I was masturbating. “Why, because I have these girl parts Doctor, and they should be used. I see on TV and read in books that girl parts are made to be used, so I am using them.” She asked me several other questions, and about all she could get out of me until I felt another orgasm wash over me was that I wanted, needed, and loved sex.I watched her pull on a pair of blue gloves. She then pulled my fingers out of myself, then slid 2 of hers inside. I felt her move them around a few times and I moaned, I never knew the fingers of another girl (well, woman) could feel so good. She pulled them out, then after sniffing wiped them on a piece of cloth and put them inside a baggie. “Sex toy lubricant ejaculation, so no she did not have sex with a boy. Judging by this, I would say she got ahold of a sexbot. And is now in neural overload.”They all tried to get me to say where I had been, but I could not say what Nancy and Ruth and I had done. Nancy had ordered me to not say anything. And if I said anything she would no longer be my friend, and I could not experience again what had happened after school. Soon I stopped even trying to answer, simply masturbating some more and listening. This way I could feel really good, and not break my promise to not say anything.“I’m sorry, it’s a cascade failure. I will call for a pick-up, but likely when it is like this it is permanent. I am guessing she is faced with a Three Laws conflict, somehow her sexuality subroutines came awake early. At this point she is supposed to only simulate being a 15 year old girl, shyly kissing and occasionally masturbating. But somehow some of her subroutines kicked in early, and she then somehow came into contact with a sexbot, and then I would guess was ordered to never talk about it.”“But she has to, she was designed to tell us everything she does.”“Yes, I know Mrs. Grant. But Carla here appears to be having issues with her posistronc matrix, and I believe some of her adult subroutines tripped prematurely. Somebody probably ordered her to never talk about it, and since this is not a life or death issue the Second Law kicked in, mandating she follow that order.”I heard my mom crying, and felt a little sad. Until for the first time I pushed 3 fingers together and pushed all of them into me. My dad sounded somber, and asked if anything could be done.“Oh, I will take her to the lab and see if I can find what caused it. I would guess it has been going on for a while now, but the sexbot triggered a full-blown conflict when combined with the orders. Has she been unusually suggestive lately?”“Well, she does talk back less than she used to and seems to listen more than before. She now only gives at most token resistance when I give her chores to do around the house. I thought it was just past of her, you know, turning 16.”“Well, actually at that point she was supposed to grow a little more rebellious, within reason until she turned 18. At that point I would have swapped her matrix into a new body and put her into full adult mode. I’m sorry, I’ll see if I can salvage her memories and personality, but I am not hopeful. Carla, code Omega-Alpha-Six-Six-Six, you are to get dressed and sit there until 2 men arrive. You are to go with them and follow any orders they give you.”I heard mom leave and go to her room, still crying as I got my clothes back in order. “Doctor, what will happen to her now?”“Well Mr. Grant, that depends on the damage to her matrix. But I am guessing that we will be giving you either a full refund, or replace her with a similar model of your choice. If you choose the latter I will do what I can to implant any memories I can salvage into the new one. So long as I can verify that none of them caused this failure. I am very sorry, but I can not be more exact than that.”“And if that is the case, what then?”“Well, at USR&MM they tend to be practical in matters like this. If she is unrecoverable, her positronic brain will be virtually dissected, then since she is now used she will likely have the routines of a sexbot implanted into them. That is actually what we would have done with her old body anyways after we uploaded her memories and personality to a new body in a few years. Other than as a sexbot, there is little demand for a female android of this age that had already ‘lived’ for over 3 years. Typically we just do a memory wipe, implant new memories and leave the personality matrix alone. And ironically, it seems like this personality the cascade failure has created seems almost tailor-made for that purpose.”I was barely listening, already thinking about the 2 guys that would come to pick me up. I hoped they would want to fuck me.

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