Boat Girls


Sally was feeling a bit miffed. She’d finished her A levels with 5 A*s — all in maths and sciences. Her mum had wanted her to follow her father into medicine. He’d made a great success of it and was a wealthy man. Dad though had wanted her to follow her mother into finance. Her earnings were several million a year. Growing up Sally had wanted for nothing.

Being raised as an independent young woman she had her own ideas and graduated Cambridge with a double first in Genetics and Mathematics. She stayed on for a PhD in epigenetics.

And here she was at twenty-five with good job offers from four leading-edge research groups.

But she was feeling let-down. The past three years she had watched her supervisors struggling with endless funding crises and the never-ending pressure to publish, publish, publish. They were having no fun at all. She felt she’d taken a wrong turn at some point.

Sally put all four offers on hold and did what she always did when she was miffed — she decided to spend some of daddy’s money.

Monday 10:00

Three weeks later she was strolling along the Jetée Albert-Édouard in Cannes, wearing very little, when she saw two stunning young women step off a huge luxury yacht. A uniformed flunky offloaded a pile of suitcases and organised porterage. Then an older man stepped ashore and bid them both a long and surprisingly intimate farewell.

She watched as they strolled away smiling with their luggage following in their wake.

When she glanced back to the boat the older man was watching her. She held his gaze as her lazy stroll took her closer. He gestured behind him at the boat. “Would you like to have a look ’round her?”

Sally paused. He looked harmless and she was a good six inched taller than him. Couldn’t do any harm. She smiled back “Yes please…”. She took his hand as he helped her aboard.

“This way please.”

The boat was luxurious. A ‘cutter rigged sloop’ apparently. Whatever it was it was opulent. Down at the bottom there were small but very well appointed rooms for the crew of six, storage rooms, a doctor’s office and a kitchen. Above there was a huge master bedroom with a sitting room and bathroom, a good-sized cabin at the back and a smaller twin cabin at the front. At the top there was a big lounge and bar.

Sally was overwhelmed by the sheer class of the thing.

They were standing just inside the twin cabin when her guide — Vincent — said. “This cabin is vacant at the moment…”


“Yes — did you see those two young ladies that disembarked here? It was theirs. They’d been with us since we left New Zealand.”

“They must be very rich!”

“Not when they joined us — they were our Boat Girls.”

Not understanding the allusion Sally let it pass. He led her up to the lounge. “Sit down my dear and I’ll mix you a drink.”

Sitting in a soft white-leather easy-chair sipping some exotic cocktail she looked around the elegant decor “So all this is yours?”

“Oh no my dear — I’m just the captain.”

“Ah! That was your cabin at the back.”

“Indeed. So what brings you to Cannes my dear.”

“I came here to think.” Feeling quite relaxed and at ease she explained her dilemma.

“So what do you plan to do?”

“I’m thinking of taking a gap year and doing a bit of travelling. See if I can get my head together. I’m sure I can get my father to pay my allowance for another year.”

“You could travel with us…”

“Oh no! I couldn’t possibly afford that!”

He went to mix more cocktails.

“You are very tall my dear.”

“My mother is Swedish — she’s very tall.”

“And your father?”

“He’s African.”

“From where?”

“South Sudan” she laughed “Believe it or not he’s a Jieng prince.”

“Ah yes — hence your beauty.”

She sat and blushed for a bit.

“Do you speak any languages except English Sally?”

“I’m close to fluent in french and I have a little Russian — why do you ask?”

“We have an opening for two crew”

“Oh — I don’t know much about sailing really.”

“I have a vacancy for two boat girls…”

She raided an eyebrow “Boat Girls?”

“You have the legs for it my dear — the question is, how easily do they open?”

“Vincent! What are you suggesting!”

“Before you dismiss the idea out of hand please listen to what’s involved.”

She sat back and crossed her arms “Go on.”

“This is a charter boat — currently chartered for the next twenty-seven months. Our course is plotted two years ahead. The charter rate by the way is $164,000 a week.”

Sally gasped.

“Yes my dear these aren’t cheap-skates.” He paused. “You would travel with us for as long as you wanted and could leave at any port. While you’re with us your full expenses would be paid by the charter company plus a small allowance. The allowance is currently $5000 per month. Whenever you decide to leave us you will also be paid a bonus of $20,000 for each month that you’ve spent with us.”

“That’s $300,000 a year! You must have some very perverted güvenilir bahis clients! What am I expected to do for that sort of money?!”

“No my dear. Not perverted at all. Just very, very wealthy.”

“Mostly you’d need to be just your normal sunny self. I’m quite good at this — I’ve interviewed a lot of women for this job — and believe me, you are the perfect candidate. The speed of your mental arithmetic, your use of language, your assertiveness, your ease in these surroundings. They all tell me what I saw in a glance — you are perfect for the rôle.”

“So what was all that about how easily my legs open.”

“You would be expected to be open to overtures from guests of the boat. You won’t ever be assaulted and you won’t have to do anything that is — er — outwith your normal proclivities… Just be yourself.”

“And you’re not at all embarrassed to ask this of me?”

“My dear — although you will without any doubt be the most beautiful person on the boat at all times, you will not be the only one whose services are called upon in the — ah — horizontal arts. Even my service are, on occasion, requested.


“Am I so unattractive?”

“No — in fact your quite dishy for someone older than my father! But somehow I don’t really see you as a friend of Dorothy.”

“Sally — that was almost offensive! I’m not often courted by our male guests but it does happen sometimes and I certainly have no objections… But what makes you suppose that all our guests are male?”

Sally had a bit of a splutter and set her drink down on the mahogany table.

“Oh please excuse me!”

Captain Vincent handed her a large silk handkerchief and she wiped her eyes and coughed as discreetly as she could. “I’m very sorry Vincent. I meant no disrespect.” She looked about her wondering what to do with the now snotty hanky.

“Keep it my dear.” He smiled tenderly. “I know this has been a bit disturbing for you so I’ll leave you alone. We will be moored here for two weeks. You can stay in the for’ard cabin as my guest — absolutely no obligation! You can come and go as you wish — I’ve programmed your face and irises into the boat’s security system so all doors will open for you.”

He stood and bowed. “I do hope you decide to join our crew — you really are perfect for the job — but if you decide not then the pleasure of your company for a few days will be enough for me. Should you decide to stay there will be some paperwork to sort out so if you could give a few hours notice before we depart I would be grateful.”

He pointed to the wall behind the bar. “That chart has our planned itinerary for the next two years.”

“We will be having a small get together for the crew this evening and we would be honoured if you could join us.” He gestured expansively. “In the mean time, make yourself at home!”

He bowed, left the lounge and trotted down the stairs towards his cabin.

Monday 12:00

Sally had some hard thinking to do. The captain’s remark about how easily she opened her legs had shocked and thrilled her. She was in fact a very sexual being. In the ten years since she’d eagerly and energetically lost her virginity in the dark bedroom at one of her brother’s parties she’d had many partners. They were mostly male but she’d had a three month fling with an olive-skinned temptress that she’d met one afternoon in Boots. She’d had a year-long live-in relationship with identical twin brothers and she’d been to one memorable, no-holes-barred, weekend-long orgy.

She had to admit that, in the right circumstances, her legs were very easy to open.

She abandoned the rest of her drink and headed up on deck. She wandered towards the front of the boat, away from the quay. As she passed the huge mast she could see a small, attractive, black woman lying naked on the deck in the sun.

“Oh well!” She thought. “I might as well get to know the crew.” She took the three steps down to the small deck.

“Good morning…”

The woman shaded her eyes and turned her head to look at Sally. “Well hello to you!”. She stretched and rolled easily into a cross-legged half-lotus position.

“May I join you?”

“You may — I’m Omoyemwen. Welcome aboard!”

Up close Sally saw that the woman was older than she’d first thought. She hesitated a moment then thought: “What the hell! I’m here for the sun… I might as well!”

Sally unhurriedly shed her skimpy clothes and sat naked on the warm wood. The slight anxiety that Vincent’s direct approach had aroused melted away in the Mediterranean sun. She sighed happily and stretched out on her back.

“Will you be our new boat girl?”

“I haven’t decided — Vincent’s given me two weeks to think about it.”

“Yes — he’s very sweet.” She paused “I can see you have some African genes. And you’ve spent some time in the sun already. But I think you could do with a little sun-block.”

“Hmmm — yes I really should. I don’t know where I’ve left my bag.” She sat up and looked around. She’d effectively abandoned her bag with güvenilir bahis siteleri her passport, ‘phone, credit cards and all her local currency.

“Don’t worry honey, Vincent will keep you safe. But no one here would steal anything from you anyway… except, perhaps, your heart.”

Sally relaxed a bit. “I really should find my sun-block.”

“It’s ok honey. You can use mine. Lay down and I’ll put some on for you.”

Sally laid back down on the deck. “I’m Sally by the way.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Sally.”

Omoyemwen had been warming a little sun-block in her palm and as she spoke she smoothed it across Sally’s belly and up and across her right breast. Sally sighed with pleasure as Omoyemwen’s soft hand slid slowly across her nipple.

The second palmful went over Sally’s left breast, down her side, over her hip to the top of her left thigh.

The third started on the right side of her waist, down her thigh, back up and finished with Omoyemwen’s hand resting lightly on Sally’s cunt.

“Well!” Thought Sally. “Here we go!” She opened her legs a little more.

As Omoyemwen massaged the cream into Sally’s mound she sighed and softly kissed her on the mouth.

Sally returned the kiss while Omoyemwen continued to gently rub her mound. As their lips parted Sally said “I think that bit’s done — shouldn’t you be doing the rest of me?”

“Oh I’ll be the judge of that love — I’m the ship’s surgeon. And I think I should get you below decks before we both get burned… or arrested!”

Omoyemwen stood and tied a scarf around her waist. It didn’t hide much but then, this was Cannes. Sally followed suit putting on her thin tennis skirt and nothing else. She followed the older woman through a hatch behind the mast and down a ladder. They ended up outside the door of the ‘Boat Girls’ cabin.

Sally sighed and followed her inside — she was quite fond of black pussy.

Monday 12:30

Inside the spacious cabin Sally found her bag on the dressing table between the two beds. She closed the door behind her and Omoyemwen put her arms around Sally’s hips and rested her head between her breasts. She sighed happily.

“Your skin smells wonderful!” She gently rubbed her cheek on Sally’s hardening nipple. “Will you make love to me please?”

Sally took hold of Omoyemwen’s head with both hands and kissed her on the mouth. Although she’d enjoyed her occasional encounters with women she didn’t really think of herself as bisexual, let alone lesbian. But there was something very sensuous about lesbian sex and she found herself juicing up at the prospect.

They kissed for several minutes before breaking apart and gazing into each other’s eyes. The movement towards the bed was an unspoken mutual agreement.

They lay side by side, their breasts touching. Sally stroked Omoyemwen’s cheek as they kissed.

Omoyemwen stroked her hand along Sally’s arm from elbow to shoulder. Then down her back, over her slim waist to rest on her right buttock. She gently rubbed Sally’s arse for a while then slid the tips of her fingers down between Sally’s cheeks to cup her buttock.

She pulled on Sally’s leg until she lifted it to lay across her waist. She stroked her hand back and fore along Sally’s leg and each time she reached her bum her fingertips brushed against the lips of her cunt.

The third time she felt a hint of moisture. Sally was ready to fuck.

Omoyemwen bent her head and kissed Sally’s right nipple. As she started to suckle gently on Sally’s breast she inched her body lower. She kept her hand on Sally’s leg, her fingers resting on her cunt lips.

Omoyemwen slowly wormed her way down the bed until she had to crane her neck to keep her lips latched on to Sally’s nipple. All the while she was gently stroking her finger along Sally’s slit.

She pulled her hand out of Sally’s pussy and pushed on her hip. Sally rolled onto her back and Omoyemwen rolled on top of her. Sally opened her legs and Omoyemwen knelt between them as she kissed her way down Sally’s flat stomach. Sally pulled her feet up the bed, her knees open, and pushed her shoulders up to rest against the headboard.

As Omoyemwen reached her goal Sally pulled her knees up to her breasts. She was now fully open. Omoyemwen opened her mouth and sucked.

Sally gasped. It was a while since she’d had cunnilingus from a woman. Omoyemwen was very talented and very soon Sally could feel the juice almost running out of her. She cupped and squeezed her breasts as Omoyemwen drank all she could get.

Omoyemwen’s tongue was deep inside her as Sally felt her orgasm approaching. “Oh — I’m going to cum soon.” She reached down and took hold of one of Omoyemwen’s hands. “Oh, Ohhh — make me cum!”

As she started to shake, Omoyemwen eased off slightly and drew her orgasm out. As her orgasm stretched in time, Omoyemwen built up the speed and force of her licking and sucking. Bringing Sally to a crashing climax that left her weak and breathless.

As Omoyemwen stood up, Sally let her feet slip iddaa siteleri down the bed. She curled up and fell asleep.

Omoyemwen wiped her face and smiled down at the tall beauty. Vincent would be very pleased. She picked up her scarf and headed towards his cabin.

Monday 14:30

Omoyemwen walked into Vincent’s cabin with the scarf in her hand. “Hi Yem. How d’it go?”

“You do know how to pick ’em Vin but you’re going to have your work cut out finding her a partner.”

“Just leave that to me. I’ve already got a good idea of what’s needed but I’ll have to fuck her myself before I can be sure.” He closed the door. “You go and clean up while I get us a bit of lunch.”

Omoyemwen dropped her scarf on the floor. “You’re sure she’s going to stay?”

“Oh yes — not much doubt after what you did to her I think.”

“You were watching?”

“Only until you went below but that was hot enough!”

“You’re a bad man Vincent!” She smiled and headed for the shower.

Sally awoke refreshed and happy. She showered and dressed, picked up her bag and left the boat in the afternoon sunshine. It was a slow fifteen minute stroll to the pension where she’d been staying. She packed her bag and checked out.

She hadn’t really made a conscious decision and was a bit surprised at herself as she picked up her suitcase and struggled with it down the narrow stairs.

There was a taxi waiting at the curb. The driver stepped forward. “Miss Maynard?” He opened the rear door and took her heavy case.

A few minutes later he was waved through the barrier at the marina and drove out along the quay. A very tall, well muscled boy was waiting at the companionway to take her bag and welcome her aboard.

She turned to pay the taxi but it was already moving away.

Monday 17:30

Vincent was waiting for her in the saloon as Andrew took her bag to the Boat Girls cabin. He held out his hands as she strolled towards him.

“Vincent! Aren’t you being a bit presumptuous?”

“Not at all my dear. If you decide not to stay Andrew will take your bags to the Miramar. We have a suite there where you can stay as our guest until you return home. Meanwhile you might as well be comfortable here.”

His warm smile wasn’t fooling anyone. She knew how difficult it would be to leave. In just under eight hours she had somehow become reconciled to spending some months at least as a high class prostitute in a floating brothel.

“Now my dear you haven’t eaten since breakfast. There will be canapés tonight but let’s get some decent food into you now. Do you like fish?”

“I should unpack something for tonight.”

“Oh there’s no need for that — Andrew will sort things out. Come — sit. Don’s doing us some fish”

‘Some fish’ turned out to be Cajun blackened tuna with an artichoke salad and a light chili dressing. Served with sparkling water, papaya juice and iced tea.

Vincent explained — “When we’re at sea Omoyemwen and I take turns staying completely sober while the other entertains the guests. The rest of the crew never take alcohol at sea. In port the crew can let their hair down a bit but we still rarely take alcohol before sunset. You are crew too but the alcohol rules are much more relaxed for you.”

“I still haven’t decided Vincent.”

He smiled. “I know my dear. I know — but you can’t blame me for hoping.”

Back in her cabin Sally discovered that both her suitcase and her shoulder bag had been unpacked. Everything had been ironed and put away. Her toiletries etc. had all been arranged exactly as she would have done herself.

Everything that is except the dress that she’d been thinking of wearing that night. The dress was laid out on the bed with appropriate shoes and jewellery also set out.

There was also a note in a neat hand: “If you would like your hair done ask Stuart.”

“Hmmm” she thought “someday Andrew will be a wonderful wife!”

She showered and dressed in the clothes and jewellery that Andrew had picked out. He hadn’t selected any underwear so she didn’t wear any.

She looked at herself in the long mirror. Andrew was right, her hair could do with some attention but she hadn’t yet met Stuart so it would have to do.

“Well — here we go.”

She put on her best smile and headed for the saloon.

Monday 21:00

There were seven in the saloon. Vincent and Omoyemwen she knew and Andrew she’d met briefly when she fetched her stuff from the pension.

She gravitated towards Omoyemwen. “Hello love! Let me get you a drink.” They went over to the bar where a stocky, powerful looking man was mixing cocktails. “Sally meet Don!”

He took her offered hand and kissed it gently then kept hold of it while he poured a glass of wine. “Try this — I think it will suit you.”

She took a sip “mmm — that’s delicious! Thank you.”

“Don is our chef and barman. He’s also a grinder when we’re under sail.”

“A — grinder?”

Don answered “Big dumb bastard — high pain threshold.”

“Don’t worry Sally, if you want to learn about sailing I’ll get Vincent to bore you to sleep one night. Now come and meet the others.”

The others were:

Clive. A beautiful tall slim Brazilian of indeterminate race. He was the Purser and the Helmsman when under sail.

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