Aunt Aprils Revenge


When I was dating my husband, my younger sister would always flirt and tease him whenever he was at the house. She was young and it was obvious she had a crush on him.

The teasing intensified over time, and I began to have suspicions about the two of them. I never said anything, as I did not want to appear jealous. Besides, I loved my baby sister, and I didn’t want anything to come between us.

Several years later, during a heated argument, my husband confessed that he had sex with my sister. He insisted it was only once. I didn’t believe him, as there were many times when things didn’t add up and I had just looked the other way. I let it go as no good would come from calling everyone out. Besides, I was no angel myself. However, I never forgot.

I later discovered that he was having an ongoing relationship with my sister that had spanned decades. My sister had married for money, and her husband was a jerk, so apparently she found comfort with my husband. Again, I kept my findings to myself and pretended all was well, even though I was deeply hurt.

I had cheated on my husband many times, so I suppose this was karma coming back to bite me in the ass.

Over the years, I maintained my close relationship with my sister, despite what I knew.

My nephew, James, is my sister’s oldest son. I have always been very close to James. As a child, he often stayed with my husband and me when his parents went on vacation.

One day, my sister called me and asked if James could spend a week at our place. James had enrolled in a pre-college course, and it was being offered at an off-site location not far from our place. James’ education was very important to my sister.

Since James did not have access to a car, the commute would be very long, so it made sense to stay at our place for the week.

I’ve always had a soft spot for James. He is always welcome in our home.

I had not seen James in over a year. He had just turned eighteen and, since I last saw him, had grown into a tall, good-looking young man. Like myself at his age, he was on the shy and quiet side.

On the day James arrived, I was wearing a short denim skirt and a light summer top. Nothing too sexy, just normal summer wear for me.

Throughout the day, I couldn’t help but notice how James was always watching me. I caught him trying to peak down my top and checking me out in general. He seemed to be fixated on my tanned legs. I dismissed it as I recalled all the boys I had known at his age were constantly thinking about sex. Actually, they all had sex on the brain at that age.

That evening, James and I settled down on the couch to watch some Netflix. At dinner, I had consumed more than my regular allotment of wine, and I was feeling a bit flirtatious. My husband retreated into his office to do some work. We were watching a show called Shameless. During the episode, there was a considerable amount of nudity and sex.

I asked James about any girlfriends, and he timidly said he didn’t have one. I playfully made a comment about the main character in the show having great tits. I was teasing him and wanted to see his reaction.

James turned beet red with embarrassment. I guess he wasn’t expecting his Aunt April to make a sexual comment. He just moaned.

I noticed that James was fidgeting. After a couple of discreet glances, I could see he was struggling with a hard-on. He was wearing shorts, so he was having trouble hiding it.

That’s when I changed positions on the couch and flung my long, tanned legs onto his lap. They landed right on his hard-on. I wasn’t aiming for it, but that’s just where they landed.

“James, can you please rub my feet?” I said.

James completely froze. “Go on, don’t be shy… Auntie April loves having her feet massaged. “

James complied and slowly began to rub them. I could feel his cock growing under the heels of my feet. James was slowly trying to move my feet off of his swollen groin, but I was having no part of it. The more he tried, the more pressure I applied to his now well-outlined cock.

I knew I was behaving badly. I shouldn’t have been tormenting the poor boy, but I just couldn’t help myself. I was enjoying his company and was having fun.

James was getting terribly uncomfortable now. I could see him looking at my legs more than the TV. His breathing was starting to speed up. As I sat there with my legs up, my skirt began riding up, exposing pretty much all of my legs. I bent one of my legs up so he could get a nice full view of the entire length of my legs. In doing so, I even parted my legs slightly, bahis şirketleri just enough so he could see my panties. Oh, were they getting moist?

James was extremely uncomfortable now. His cock was tenting his shorts, and he had no way of hiding it. I began to playfully wiggle my feet, rubbing his crotch in the process. I think he was doing everything in his power to not ejaculate. Naughty thoughts were going through my head. Did he really like my legs that much? Hmm, should I restrain and behave myself?

I lowered my leg back down onto his lap and knocked his swollen tent. “Oh my, what is that? You like this show, don’t you? ” I said.

Just then, the show ended, and James quickly got up and almost ran up to his room. I knew exactly what he was running up to do.

I turned off the TV and headed up to my bedroom. As soon as I got into bed, I heard a woman’s voice and the bed headboard bouncing off the wall.

Oh wow, James was masturbating to pornography on his laptop!

What James didn’t know was that my bed and the guest bedroom bed shared the same thin wall. Yes, our beds were back to back, and the thin wall separating the beds provided no privacy at all.

As I lay in bed, I could hear every moan and grunt James made. I found it so arousing and, after tormenting him all evening, I couldn’t help but touch myself also. It wasn’t long before I heard James grunt and moan as he ejaculated. After a brief pause, I heard him jerking off again.

How hot was this? It felt like I was on the bed next to him as we both masturbated… side by side. I had an extraordinary orgasm as I lay there in silence listening. I was cautious to not make a sound, as I didn’t want him to hear me… well, not just yet.

It was about an hour before my husband came up to bed. During that time, I heard James jack off three times, to my two. We were both totally aroused.

As soon as my husband came to bed, I ordered him to give me oral. I knew James had overheard me as his room went silent. I was so horny that I loudly orgasmed as my husband complied.

I then mounted my husband and went absolutely wild on his cock. I rode him like I hadn’t in years. Not only was the headboard banging against the wall, but the bed was bouncing as I thrust myself onto his cock. My husband had no clue what had gotten into me. He was oblivious to the thin walls. We both orgasmed at the same time and were both rather loud.

James heard an earful for sure. My husband passed out, and as I lay in bed, I heard the guest room headboard lightly rattling against the wall again. Oh wow, is he jerking off again?

I could hardly sleep that night. I was aroused and my mind was racing. I was thinking of ways to tease James and the possibilities that were to follow. The week was just getting started.

The next morning, my husband got up bright and early and headed off to work. I’m certain he had a smile on his face after the ride I gave him.

I usually sleep in, but since James was staying with us, I jumped out of bed. I threw on my shortest bathrobe, one that barely covered my ass. I had longer bathrobes, but I had planned on flashing and teasing him at breakfast. I was naked underneath.

As I walked by the quest room, I heard sounds that froze me in my tracks. He was jerking off again to porn on his laptop. I stood outside the door and listened for a bit. How hot was this? I couldn’t resist opening the door.

“Good morning James… Are you ready for breakfast?” I pretended for the moment not to notice him sitting up in bed naked and jerking off to porn. I reached up to open the blinds, knowing full well I was exposing my long legs and bare ass to him.

He hastily scrambled to reach for the covers that he had kicked off the bed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I interrupt something?”

I could see he was completely flustered.

In a matter-of-fact tone, I said, “Oh don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal for boys your age to masturbate.” The audio from his laptop was pouring out all kinds of sexual sounds.

I then sat on the bed next to him and said, “What’s that you are watching?” I could see it was one of those stepmother does son videos. He immediately slammed the laptop shut. He was at a loss for words.

I don’t know what came over me, but that’s when I heard myself say,

“Here, let Auntie April help you… you can imagine I’m your stepmother,”

I didn’t wait for a reply as I snaked my hand under the sheets and grabbed his stiff cock. He gasped as he tensed up. With my other hand, I unclenched his hand from the sheets and pulled them bahis firmaları back to expose his magnificent hard cock. He just froze and was in shock.

He continued to gasp for air as I leisurely began stroking him. “Does that feel nice? Is this how the stepmother does it? ” He just nodded his head.

“Would you like Auntie April to continue?” Another nod quickly followed.

It brought back memories of all the young men I used to give handjobs to when I was his age. I gradually began stroking and exploring his young, hard cock. His cock’s skin was so smooth and young-feeling. He did have a nice-sized cock also. I could feel the blood gushing through his young veins as I squeezed him tight.

I slid my knee up to his balls as my slim tanned leg rubbed up against his thigh. It was only fitting since he seemed to like my legs so much the previous evening. It only took a few strokes before his breathing changed and I knew it was time. I stroked him hard and fast as he began to moan. He tried to nudge my hand away, as I think he was frightened of ejaculating in front of me or on me.

“It’s OK… cum for me,” I reassured him as I quickly cupped the head of his cock with my other hand to stop him from ejaculating all over the sheets. He let out a muffled deep groan as I pumped him hard and fast.

He erupted, shooting a forceful stream of warm semen into my hand and across his chest. I was impressed at the amount of semen that he ejaculated considering how many times he had masturbated since he arrived.

I continued to hold his cock in my hand as it gradually withered down in size.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked as I looked at the small puddle of semen in my hand. He grunted his approval. My robe had loosened up during the hand job, and I could see he was staring at my breasts as they peaked out. I could tell he was embarrassed.

I brought my hand up to my mouth and slowly slurped up his semen. He stared at me in astonishment. Next, I leaned into his chest. “Let’s get you cleaned up…” and I began to lick the semen off his chest. In doing so, my rope was now gaping open and my nipples were brushing up against his chest.

I finished licking him clean and sat back to regain my composure before heading down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I saw that he was looking at my now completely exposed boobs. Without saying a word, I grabbed his hand and placed it on one of my breasts.

“Don’t be shy, feel them… I love having my nipples stimulated.”

What was wrong with me? I was really getting into it.

He began groping my tits and tugging on my nipples. Then I noticed his cock twitch as it was coming back to life! I had forgotten how virile young men could be.

“James, has a girl ever given you a blowjob?”

“No,” he said, shaking his head.

“I would be happy to give you one… would you like that?”

“Uh hum…” he responded.

I sat up, removed my robe, and positioned myself between his legs on the bed. As I gazed at his perfectly stiff cock, I thought to myself how wrong this was. Here I was, his aunt, sitting on his bed naked, about to give him a blow job. What was I doing? This was only done by people on the Gerry Springer Show, not by me. But I was horny, and my physical desires overruled my brain. Besides, his mother had no qualms about having sex with my husband for all those years. It then occurred to me… I had a light bulb moment! Awe, this was sweet revenge.

He was rigid and ready. I slowly took him in my mouth and began sucking him. He tasted so good. I almost took his whole member in my mouth, but he was too big. I wanted to make his first blow job special, so I was taking my time. I licked and slurped the length of his young cock. I squeezed, licked, and sucked on his balls. I was giving him the full treatment. To my surprise, he was able to last much longer than I thought he would.

I lifted my head up and asked him, “Are you a virgin?” He sheepishly nodded.

Oh wow, it had been decades since I stole anyone’s virginity. It had always been a fetish of mine when I was younger. I contemplated holding off and making it special for him, but I wasn’t sure if I would have another opportunity. Besides, he was right here for the taking.

I jumped up and positioned myself over him. I was in control. I was dripping wet, and I was craving his cock inside of me. The mental thought of taking his virginity made me quiver and have mini orgasms before he was even inside of me.

As I knelt over him, I took his hand and placed it on my vagina. James slowly touched my bald pussy. I could kaçak bahis siteleri tell he was afraid to finger his aunt, so I grabbed his hand and sucked on a digit. I then guided his lubricated finger to my clit. I slowly guided his finger into parting my folds and stimulating my swollen clit. I moaned in encouragement as he caught on quickly.

“Finger me…” I moaned as I watched him slide a finger into my soaking wet cheek.

“Thats it… Deeper… nice and slow…Curl your index finger upward. Oh yes… just like that. ” I was on the edge of an orgasm as I began riding his finger. This was unbearably hot… I couldn’t hold back any longer. I flung my head back and pushed forcefully against his finger as he reciprocated and grabbed a tit with his free hand.

“Oh, yes, fuck yes… Give it to me hard. Grab my nipples… “as an orgasm washed over me.

James kept fingering me as I orgasmed. I ultimately had to stop him as the sensation was just too much. I clutched his hand and licked all my juices off of his fingers.

I was still kneeling over top of him, so I reached back and grabbed his throbbing cock.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” I asked as I regained a bit of composure.

“Yes” was all he said.

I slowly lowered myself onto him as my moist vaginal lips quickly devoured him. I rode him slowly at first, so he could feel how wonderful it felt.

“James, do you like how it feels to be inside of me?”

“Oh yes,” he said, as I rode him a bit faster. He didn’t ejaculate quickly and was doing great. Unlike me, I was having one long, continuous orgasm as I rode him. He was pulling on my tits as I could feel a powerful orgasm being to wash over me.

I yelled. “Grab my ass and fuck me hard.”

James did as he was told, grabbing my ass with his two big hands and thrashing me onto his firm cock. I was bouncing on him in rhythm, getting as deep as I could. After several hard and fast thrusts, we both came together in a spectacular orgasm.

Oh fuck… “Auntie April needed that,” I gasped as I rolled off of my new stud.

“You did great. Did you enjoy it?” I asked as I gasped to catch my breath. James politely responded with a “Yes, thank you.”

I got up and put my robe back on. You better hurry up; you don’t want to be late on your first day of classes.

That afternoon, James arrived back from class early. He hung around as I was doing my chores, and we made small talk. He was watching my every move. I knew what he was after. He wanted to have sex again but had no idea how to approach it. It was so cute how he was following me around the house like a lost puppy.

Finally, I turned around and cornered him up against a wall and asked him if he had thought about what happened that morning.

He became instantly hard as he just said, “yes.”

“Well… what did you think?” I asked as I leaned into him grabbing his groin.

He gasped as I tightened my grip…”It was awesome, amazing.”

“What part did you like best? ” I asked as I began to unbutton his pants.

James could barely speak “… all of it.”

“I bet you would like another release, wouldn’t you?” I purred as I released his hard cock from his pants and began stroking him.

“Oh yes, please,”

And so it began. Before that week, I never had any intentions or thoughts of having sex with my nephew, yet that was exactly what happened.

That week, I couldn’t get enough of James. I was so aroused that this young man found me attractive. I wanted to teach him everything about sex and being with a woman. I lay awake at night thinking of all the things I could do with him the next day. He was my sex toy for the week.

That week, we had sex several times each day. Every morning, after my husband left for work, I was in James’ bed. James would race home after class and immediately hunt me down. And no matter where he found me, or what I was wearing, or how sweaty or dirty I was, James wanted me then and there. I never refused him. It was so exciting for both of us. I had not enjoyed that much sex since I was in my twenties.

By the end of the week, I was sad to see James leave, but I was also looking forward to recovering from all the sex. I was sore and tired and was looking forward to letting my body recover.

The sex was fantastic, and what better way to exact revenge on my sister for years of cheating on my husband?

About two weeks later, my sister called me. She told me James had enjoyed his class and learned so much that he enrolled in another class at the end of the month. Could James stay with us for another week?

“Absolutely, James is always welcome in my home.”

Yes, education is important, but revenge is sweeter.

Stay tuned for the next story about what happened that second week.

Do you have a favourite aunt?

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