All in good fun, right?


All in good fun, right?Over my adult years, I’ve been blessed with many things, and one of the most important ways that I’ve been blessed is with my meeting and marrying my wife.She’s amazing! Smart, beautiful, has a sense of humor, is fun to be around, loves to go out, dance and have fun. Plus, she has the most amazing natural 36DD tits that should be appreciated.I’ve always tried to be attentive to her sexual needs. But with my manhood being only 5 inches at its peak, I know that she isn’t getting what will satisfy her needs.She may not have realized that fact in the early years of our marriage, but I knew! And if I’m being honest enough with myself, I think that she must have felt concerned about it too after some time. Sometimes when we had sex, there were times that I would ask her about her past sex partners. My plan was to keep reminding her from time to time of what she wasn’t getting with me, and that she was probably missing a man with a big cock. She would tell how she really enjoyed a few guys that had really big cocks, which she got flushed when talking about and I could see made her smile when she thought of them. I’ve asked her one time if she’d ever been with a black guy, and she said that she thought that black men were attractive, but had never dated a black guy. To peak her interest, I told her that my college roommate was a really handsome black guy, and I saw from time to time, he had a very impressively sized cock, and I’d heard that most black guys do. It was over a period of time that I silently knew that my wife should have the experience that only black men would provide for her. So that is why I started to think about how to find situations where she would be exposed to handsome black men. When we would watch porn, I would pick something that usually had a well hung black guy, who was fulfilling the needs of a white woman. I would be sure to talk about his size and if she ever had anything that big, and sometimes she would just smile and sometimes she would tell me more about what she did with her past men of that size.If I knew that I was going to travel out of town, I knew that she would let her hair down much more, so I’ve even looked for black men in the area, in the hopes of having them come to the same bars, with the intent of them approaching her, making conversation and contact with her, especially when I’m not by her side every moment. My sweet wife was a little shorter than most, I guess. At just over 5 feet tall, she carries a little extra weight, but she can be very, very sexy and can be a bit of a showoff, at times! And once you get a chance to see that smile above those wonderful breasts, any man would want to get a closer look.She could be quite daring and loved to tease me, and a few lucky others with a show of her wonderful body. There was a night out drinking & dancing and I noticed in one busy dance club that we went to, that there was a group of 3 young college guys sitting at a nearby table, which she was facing from our table. Sitting next to her, I noticed that her skirt had been riding up as she sat at our table, and mentioned to her that if she wasn’t careful, that she would flash those guys.She laughed and said that they wouldn’t be interested in seeing her panties, and as they watched, she reached up her dress, and right there at the table, peeled down her panties and let them slide down her legs and picked them up and openly handed them to me. As she chugged her drink, I could see that she was flashing those young men her bare pussy until we got up to dance. We fucked like bunnies that night while she talked about how hot it made her flashing those guys, and how wet that had made her.There was another time that she had me drive her at night to a deserted street and let her out, so she could walk in front of the car, into my headlights, and drop her overcoat revealing that she was only wearing white see-through lingerie. My mission was now clear, but I knew that I had to move cautiously and slowly. I knew that I had to make sure that she knew how much I love her, how beautiful and sexy that she is and how our marriage was the most important thing to me.Knowing how my wife loved to get out, go dancing and that she enjoyed getting a good buzz on while being out, which for her, added to the joy and fun of being in a crowded room of people partying and dancing, I thought that going to lots of different places will help me exposure her to lots of different men, and hopefully black men.But I also needed to be careful, as in a Professional job, she couldn’t be busted by or exposed to being seen by potential or current clients, who might get the wrong impression if they would see her in a compromising position, even if it’s with me. So in my job, I began traveling around the country for conferences, and that gave me a chance to offer her to come along to cities that I know we wouldn’t know anyone, and that would give me the chance to encourage her to let her hair down, and have as much fun as she and I wanted.Those trips gave me some of those opportunities to scope out places that would be the right situation to take my wife out.Like I said, I knew that I had to tread lightly, and slowly, yet encourage her to let loose, get a little drunk and do some dancing. So the darker, louder and more crowded, the better. A trip came up to Florida, and she agreed to come along. When it was determined where our hotel was, I scoped out places that would fit what I needed to get her out, make sure she has a really positive experience, and make sure that she will want to do it again. While having a light dinner before she was going to shower and get dressed to go out, I suggested she wear something short and sexy, which she mentioned that she was thinking the same thing. And while she was showering, I was able to determine that the club was just a short Uber ride away.After her shower, she stepped out of the hotel bathroom in a nice little short black skirt, and a silvery tank top style blouse and light jacket over it. While in the Uber, she took my hand in hers, and guided my hand over between her legs to make sure that I was aware that she wasn’t wearing panties. And when we got to the club, there was a line to get in. After a short wait, we got in and went straight to the bar. As we stood there waiting to pay for our drinks, she took off her jacket, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra either, as her very hard, large nipples stood up against the silver material very nicely for anyone to see.I reminded myself that my goal was to make sure that she had a memorable time, and I wanted to make sure that I stuck close by her, but I wanted to let her know that lots of men were looking at her, and that she was getting all of them hard, and that I was so proud to be with her and how lucky I felt being her husband.From time to time, in between dancing, we would find a place to sit and I tried to keep her drinks flowing. And I would remind her that neither one of us had to drive, no need to worry about having a few extra drinks, and we did. I kept aware of how she was doing, and that she was having fun.During the time there, she had to walk back and forth through a very crowded bar, and at times, had to squeeze between both men & woman. bahis şirketleri As the night went on, we drank and danced, and she took more trips across that busy bar, and I could see that several men were basically watching for her to make the trip back once she passed by them, and she deliberately kept going to cross the bar to the bathroom in the exact same place in the crowd. It was then that I noticed that there were a pair of guys that I started to realize they had no intention to give her much room to squeeze through on her return trip, which meant that she would have to press her braless breasts against one of them to get past. And I could see a smile on her face as she was allowed to get through as she had to press her ass and tits between these 2 men.When she sat back down, I mentioned that I thought that it’s getting pretty crowded out there on the floor, and she said that she wondered if a noticed that when she was coming back to the table, that there were 2 guys that made sure to stop her to chat her up. She said that they just wanted to stare at her for a few moments. She said that she had no choice but to brush her hard nipples against one of them, while the other guy that was behind her put his hands on her hips and brushed her butt against his crotch when he leaned over her shoulder to whisper something in her ear.I asked her if I should go talk to them, and she said that it wasn’t a big deal and I asked her what he whispered in her ear, and he told her that she was teasing everyone, and that he asked if she was wearing panties. She said that she leaned back and told him that she wasn’t, which was when I remember his hands on her hips. She told me that was when with his hands tightly on her hips, that he pulled her hips back him and that she could feel his hard cock before she continued onto our table.So when my time to cross the floor came up, I also went that way, and I stopped there with those 2 guys for just a second to tell them that my wife liked having them stop and talk to her.Hearing another song that she loved to dance to, we got up on the floor and bounced around for awhile. On the 3rd song in a row, I told her that I was hot and tired, and that we should take a break. She told me that she really wanted to keep dancing, which made me very happy, since I know that there were several men that were just waiting for a chance to dance up to her when I wasn’t around, and that’s exactly what happened.I could see from the bar that she wasn’t being too badly mugged on the dance floor, but those 2 guys that she had walked by, and others, were taking turns trying to dance with her. She wasn’t really paying any real attention to any one guy, and then I noticed that the taller those 2 guys began dirty dancing with her, and he was pulling her close to him. Very close!I could tell that he was successfully getting those hard nipples pressed up against him and was grinding her hips against his too. They continued to dance, and she would look around to make eye contact with me from time to time, and I made sure that I was giving her a thumbs up or smile at her, to show her that I was watching to make sure that she was okay.The music calmed down after several songs, and I could see that the guy that she was dancing with was in her ear, talking to her about something. When he was done, he went to the bar and she came over to tell me that her dance partner wanted to buy her a drink. I told her that if that’s what she wanted to do, that I was totally cool if that would make her happy.She said that she would behave, and that she needed a fresh drink anyway, so I watched my wife as she walked over to continue to flirt with another man, so my plan was moving along nicely. I could see her from time to time, and she was laughing and having a really good time with him. As time went on, I could see that he was getting closer, and closer to her, and she wasn’t pushing him away either!After she had a couple of drinks with him, she came back and told me urgently that we needed to go. So we scurried out and waited for our Uber to take us back to the hotel. Once we got in, she leaned over and whispered in my ear that both of those guys were hard!I said ‘What?”, but she put a finger on my lips, and said that we would talk about it when we got back to the room.ARG!!!Once in the room, she quickly dashed into the bathroom, and came out in a bright red, very short camisole. I was sitting in a chair, and she poured a big glass of wine for us to share, and began to tell me more. She left me in the chair, and sat on the bed, and began to tell me that Jack, the main guy that she was dancing with, was very funny & handsome & he smiled when she told me that she could tell that he was very well endowed. I told her that I loved her very much, and said that I was surprised that she allowed a stranger intentionally pressing his big hard cock against her. She said that once she realized what she was feeling was his hard cock, she immediately thought about coming back to our table, but he bought her another drink, and that he was charming and kept telling her beautiful she was, and that her husband was a lucky guy. She told me that after chugging down that next strong drink, she admitted that she was really getting buzzed, and she let him continue to rub his big hard cock side to side against her thigh, she noticed that it was making her pussy tingle and her nipples got very hard. She also said that Jack’s friend Jeff had been standing on her right side, his hand on her back, and at times, she felt his hand move down and sneak in full grabs of a cheek over her skirt, which she was letting him do without her objection. His cock was hard against her other leg too!As we kept talking, she had me join her on the bed, and we slowly made love as she told me that being out of town, she felt more comfortable being a little naughty knowing that I was nearby, and that she was safe. I asked her if they touched her more than just grabbing her ass, and she said that they didn’t.She said that she was pretty buzzed and wasn’t sure she would have stopped them from doing what they wanted to do to her.That night after having really hot sex, as we laid there spent, I asked her if she was still thinking about those hard cocks when I was pumping her from behind, and she admitted with a giggle that it had crossed her mind.The next day, I was out early and left her sleeping, to meet clients, which is why we flew out to Florida in the first place. During the day, as I’m with several men, she got breakfast and mimosas, and that she was working on a good morning buzz going again. At about noon, I got a text photo from her, sitting in the same chair that I was in the night before, and she was in her favorite bathrobe right after getting out of a very hot bath. Her robe was loosely tied, so quite a bit of those beautiful breasts were visible, it was closed below that, and the bottom of the robe spread open, showing her legs spread open, and she had her fingers on her clit.The message was, “thinking about those big cocks rubbing against me last night at the bar is getting my pussy wet again, better hurry back!”Trying not to let all of the guys that I’m in a car with my naked wife, I wrote back, “Are you bahis firmaları ready to take a big cock?” Sounds like we should go back before we leave.”And immediately she responded, “please take me again?”I sent her a big smiley face emoji.Unfortunately, business kept me much later than I expected, and we didn’t have a chance to go out, as we were flying back to California early the next day, so we missed that opportunity to help her take the next step that I wanted for her.Once we got home, we talked about that night at the bar from time to time, but I didn’t want to push her too hard, as perhaps it was just that she was really buzzed or something, so I didn’t mention it very often.About a month later, a conference came up in Atlanta. I thought that if I can get her to come along on that trip, she might be willing to go out again, and this time around, I’m hoping to have her draw the attention of a few handsome black men, which is what I believe will open her eyes.When I showed her the conference, and if she came along, that perhaps we could find another club to go out to dance and maybe she would have her chance to be that naughty little wife that she enjoyed being on the Florida trip.“Would you like that?”, she asked me.“Of course! I know that so many men see how hot you are, so I just want you to feel free to have as much naughty fun that you want.”, I said.“I did have fun teasing those guys and I did get so wet feeling their big cocks against me. You didn’t mind seeing those men grinding against your wife?”.“If you’re okay with it, and you know that no matter what, I’ll still love you, then I guess it’s all in good fun.”, I said.“And if I wanted to take things further if I run into another large cock?”, she asked.“You know that I think you would enjoy a big cock like you used to get, so you can do whatever you want, if that’s what you want to do.”, I told her.So we started planning our trip to Atlanta. I saw from the bank statement that my wife spent some money on new outfits for the trip, so I started to seek out places to take her.About a week before we flew, I brought up the website of a dance club that was very popular, and seemed like what I was I looking for, and she thought it looked like fun. What she didn’t notice, or at least mention to me, was in the various pictures of their crowds, there were a large percentage of black men.“I see that there are many black men that like this club, so you’re okay with that?”, I asked. “I sure don’t have any problem with black men, honey! I’ve known some really handsome black men over the years, but never had the opportunity to do anything further.”, she said.Bingo! Good answer.So the first night in Atlanta, we just hung out at the hotel after a full day of flying. Having had a few drinks with dinner in the hotel, we both had a good buzz on, and after eating, we decided to go back to the room, but she wondered if the bar that we were going to the next night was really good, so we asked our young black waiter if he knew of it.She asked the waiter if he knew of the club, and he said to let him finish with another table and will come back to take a closer look at it. About 10 minutes later, the handsome young waiter came back. As he’s leaning over to look at the club’s website on my wife’s phone, I noticed that when I wasn’t looking, apparently she had unbuttoned her blouse not 1 button lower, but 2 buttons, exposing a large amount of cleavage due to the bra that they was wearing, obviously for his benefit.Once they were done chatting, and I could tell he was given a nice long look at those perfect breasts, he gave his endorsement and said that if he wasn’t working, that he’d love to buy her a drink there. I’d like that too, I said to myself!!“Why, are you working late tomorrow?’, my wife asked him.“Yeah, the restaurant doesn’t close until midnight, then we have to clean up and prep for the next day’s early staff.”, he said.“Well, maybe when we get back I will check to see if you’re around and maybe we can get a drink then.”, she told him with a very mischievous smile on her face. “Cool.”, he said.As the elevator door closed heading up to the room, I noticed how hard her nipples were pushing through her blouse. I asked her if she thought he was handsome, and she said that though he was young, that he was fit and very good looking.The next day, I worked at the conference, which wrapped up around 5. Once I got done with business, I knew that I needed to shower and get some food to be a good base for alcohol consumption, as I needed to remember that I had to work the following day too.I asked my wife what she wanted to eat, and she suggested that we keep it simple and go back down to the hotel restaurant, which was fine with me, as I think she was hoping to run into the same waiter that she was flirting with. So I grabbed a quick shower and put on some fresh clothes, and as we headed down to the restaurant, I noticed that my wife had forgotten to wear a bra, which she knows that I love! But I don’t think that she did it for me!As we walk up to the restaurant, we are about to get seated and she sees her new Waiter friend Frank, who she was flirting with yesterday. They make eye contact and he comes over, and she surprised me by giving him a short full kiss on the mouth, and gave him a very long hug, being sure to press her braless breasts against his chest.After that, I looked at her, and she gave me a big smile and said yes, that she thinks he’s pretty hot.“We will be sure to stop by the restaurant when we get back tonight”, I said.“Oh yes, we will.”, she said.So that is part of my plan, that for sure, no matter whatever else happens!We got rolling out, got to the club, which was rocking! I saw that she was wearing something that I’ve not seen before, which was a really short, pleated skirt that moved around easily and a matching low cut blouse, that shared a nice amount of her mouth watering cleavage.We danced for several songs and had several drinks, and were having a ton of fun. She was laughing and singing along with songs and having what seems like a really good time.During one of our what seemed like very brief breaks on dancing non-stop, a very tall bald black man approached me and asked me if he could dance with my wife. I said of course it’s up to her, that I wasn’t her boss. So he asked her, and off they went for quite some time. And what was different this time, was that she made no attempt to keep in contact with me.I went to the bar twice, and didn’t see her anywhere on the floor at all. After about an hour of no contact with her, out of nowhere she came through the crowd, hand in hand with that same tall black guy. She sat next to me, as he stood there. She told me that Stan wanted to go smoke a bowl out in his car, and she wanted to go with him. I asked her if she wanted me to come along, and she quickly said that she’s fine to go alone and will be back later.About another hour passed before she showed back up, and with a big smile on her face.That’s when she asked me what time it was, and it was almost 11:30pm. She said that she wanted to head back to the hotel and see if she could catch her waiter friend.Once the Uber arrived, we got and she began to tell me about where she had been. She told me kaçak bahis siteleri that after she had a smoke with him, he started to feel her up her tits, and that be finger fucked her in his car until she came. She said that she felt that she owed him something, and told me that she hoped that I didn’t mind, because she gave him a blowjob, and that’s when she said that she found the big cock that she was missing.“You gave a stranger a blowjob in his car?”, I asked.“Yes, and it made me so hot, I let him fuck me too.”, she told me.“Did he cum inside you?”, I asked.“No, he came in my mouth after I rode his huge cock in his backseat.”, she said with a big smile.“So you haven’t had enough black cock yet tonight? Tell me that you want more black cock tonight!” I said.”I really want more black cock, honey! You were right, I do love it. I really want to get back to the hotel to try to catch Frank,!”.“I so want to invite him back to our room for a drink and to play with him too. Is that okay with you?”, she asked me.“You wouldn’t mind if I suck and fuck two different black men in the same night, would you honey?”, she asked.“You can suck and fuck two black men at the same time if that’s what you want to do.”, I told her.“That could be fun, but tonight I want to have Frank’s cock between my tits, and feel his black cock inside me.”, she explained.As she is telling me all of this, we both realize at the same time that she was saying all of this out loud in the back of the Uber, and the black driver was able to hear our entire conversation, and had a huge smile on his face.I looked at the driver, and told him that my pretty wife just experienced black cock for the first time tonight, and I think she wants more. He made eye contact with her, she looked down at her crotch, spreading her legs, showing him her wet pussy. The driver smiled, looking at my wife showing her recently used pussy and said, “After listening to her, there’s a very hard black cock up here in the front seat”, he said.I looked at her, she smiled, and the next thing I know, he had pulled over, she got in the front seat with him, and within a minute, we were driving again and I sat there in the back seat and watched my wife. She leaned over and kissed his cheek, and neck. “Get that black dick out and get on it”, the driver said. Between the seats I could see my wife begin to work on getting his cock out. Once she had it in one hand, she gave me a smile.“Honey, it’s so big!”, she gushed, and she spit on it and started to suck cock for the driver. He blew his load long before we got to the hotel, and she swallowed every drop of his cum.He pulled up to the hotel, I got out of the back, she got out of the front after giving him a long kiss and thanking him for his cum so loudly, I’m pretty sure that other people standing around heard that she just sucked cock.I couldn’t believe how my night was going. My wife had let a total stranger finger her, and she had sucked off 2 different black men, and she was planning on having a third before the night is over.We headed directly to the restaurant to see where Frank was. I couldn’t tell you the last time that I’d seen her that excited to see someone. As we got there, she asked one of the other staff members that was walking by if they could tell Frank that a friend of his was out front looking for him. As she waited anxiously, I could see how hard her nipples were, and I could only guess how wet her pussy was, as she anticipated seeing Frank.Out from the kitchen door came Frank. I saw my sweet loving white wife doing a happy dance as he walked towards her.“Hi baby!”, she said to Frank and gave him a long full kiss.“Hi Frank”, I said.“Sup?”, he said to me.“Baby, are you getting off soon? I want you to come to my room, I want you inside me.”, my wife said to this black man.“I’m done in half an hour. So head to your room, get yourself cleaned up with a hot shower, and you better have something sexy on when I get there.” , Frank told her.“I will baby, whatever you want”, my wife told him. He gave her a hard slap on her ass as she turned around, and I heard a grunt come from her that I’d never heard before.“She’s been talking about wanting to give herself to you all night, so you should know that she’ll do whatever you tell her to do. Anything!”, I told Frank.So off she went, practically running to the elevator! As soon as we hit the room, she bolted to the shower and told me that she wanted me to pick out what I wanted her to wear for Frank.What I picked out was simple and super sexy. I knew that she brought along her favorite super soft bathrobe. And I wanted her to wear something that would be a reminder later down the line of what she was wearing it when she gave herself to a black man.My wife appeared out of the bathroom naked and still dripping wet, and asked me what I picked out. I stood up, brought her favorite robe over, wrapped it around her shoulders from behind, and told her that when I spoke to Frank, he told me that he would be bringing one of his co-workers up to the room, so she’s going to get 2 big black cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass tonight.I could tell from behind her that she was smiling and she shivered a little bit, knowing that she was going to get a really good fucking from those 2 men.When the knock on the door came, I made her answer the door, and made sure that her robe was completely open, showing that she’s going to be a slut for Frank and his friend.“Hi baby, I’m so glad you’re here!”, my wife told Frank, and gave him a long wet kiss.What we both were about to get surprised by what was behind Frank, was his friend Joe, and another Line Cook from the kitchen, both young, handsome black men.These 3 black men would take over the Suite, had my wife serving drinks first, then had her sit on the couch between 2 of them. They wasted no time and they were grabbing and fingering her, and soon had their clothes off and were taking turns fucking her mouth.After about 20 minutes, they all had a hand on her and lead her into the bedroom to position her in so many different positions to fuck all of her holes, that I lost track of how many times they took turns cumming in her.They all slept together in the bedroom in the bed, and I ended up on the couch in the living room.When I woke up, 2 of the guys were still sleeping, and my wife was sucking off Frank again. I didn’t want to disrupt that, so I slipped out and went to breakfast downstairs.Sitting in the restaurant, I ordered breakfast, was sipping on my coffee, and a young black man that I had never met before walked up to my table and told me that he was a friend of Frank, and Frank called him and told him to get my room key, so he could come up and fuck my wife too.I smiled at him, took my room key out of my pocket, and gave him the number.After 30 minutes, he came back and told me that my wife’s asshole was really tight, and full of his cum.“I’m sure that she loved your cock.”, I said to him.So I ordered coffee and some breakfast stuff and had it sent up to the room, knowing that she would open the door and have the server sees a white woman and 3 black men in her room, and they will know that she’s been fucking them.When I got back to the room, I told her that we have to catch an afternoon flight back to California. My plan to unleash my wife’s realization that she needs hard, large cocks was successful and I made sure that she knew that she could have more on our next trip.She’s anxiously waiting to see where our next trip takes us.

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