Young Virgin at the Nudist Resort


Young Virgin at the Nudist ResortI grew up in a nudist resort where everybody was always naked. I was a young little girl and was fascinated at seeing boys and daddies with their cocks swinging back and forth and the open feeling about being naked and having sex. I had already seen lots of people in the woods at the camp, doing naughty things when they thought no one was looking and watching men and women having sex up there just off the trails. My girlfriend and I use to hide in the woods, hoping to see people doing things like that and we even saw men with other men and women do things with each other too.It always made me horny and even though I hadn’t even started high school yet, I think I was ready to do some fun things like that. For now though, I just watched naked people, played with my clit and even found a few things that felt good when I rubbed myself with them and stuck things in my butt and sometimes in my pussy.One day, I went to a couples house that were friends with my parents. I knew they were fucking each other from polaroid pictures I found one day in mom’s closet of my parents fucking them and some other people and mom doing things I never thought she would do. After that, I would peek in the windows of what ever trailer or cabin they were all in together and I saw some things I guess I shouldn’t have but they made me want to fuck too.That night when I went to their cabin, my mom and daddy were out of town for a wedding or something and I was suppose to spend the night over here, so I guess, they were baby sitting me while my parents were away for the weekend.I went over and they let me in and as usual, they, and me, were all naked since that’s the way it is here. It was summertime anyway and hot as hell in Georgia! I ate dinner with them out on the deck in the front of the cabin and we all watched other naked people walk by, wave and talk to Mike and his wife, the couple I was staying with. I just sat there looking at all those naked dicks swinging around and felt myself getting horny again.At the resort, everyone has to walk around with a towel since you don’t want your bare ass or pussy rubbing up against something nasty, but in my case, it made for a good reason to hide what I was doing a lot of the time. As I watched everyone, I would place the towel over my tummy to hide me while I would rub my little clit. It felt good and it was my secret way of having sex, even if with myself. The idea that no one knew I was doing it made it even better and more than a few times, I had had little orgasms right there in front of people and they never knew..LOL!That night, they place had a dance at the clubhouse and I was allowed to go to it until 9 PM when they ran all the younger ones off and only the adults could stay. I left and met up with a few of the other boys and girls who parents were still at the dance and we all decided to go to a bon fire they had in the main field. Once there, and yes, we were all naked too, I noticed a boy named Ben who seemed to have a nice penis that hung down a lot. I knew not to touch it but I was almost dying to do it. He was right next to me on this wooden bench and I did what I knew was wrong, but I pretended to drop my towel and I was now face to face with his dick. I knew better but I just reached up and touched it and he looked at me and we both knew what we wanted.We followed each other to the edge of the woods and I knelt down and put it in my mouth. It was my very first time and feeling the texture of his penis and my tongue all together made me so wet I couldn’t bahis şirketleri believe it. I rolled it around some in my mouth, exploring every inch of it with my tongue and he reached down and rubbed my nipples. We were both so turned on and I wanted to do nasty thing with him at that point, but then, we heard his mom call him and it was all over. We ran back to the bon fire and acted as though nothing had happened at all. His mom, a girl named Vicky, was a known slut here anyway and I really hoped she would just drop dead..LOL.. Of course she didn’t and she took Ben away and I was now with the other young people that were too young to do anything where alcohol was being served.I left the fire about a half hour later and went back up to the couple I was staying with and just sat there in their front room, watching TV and playing with my now wet clit under my towel. They showed up about an hour later, drunk as shit and they had another couple with them. They were all of course naked and laughing and I could tell they were in the mood to do some fun things too. Mike told them who I was and the other man mentioned that I had a cute face and even said my little tits were nice. Mike told him I was a little young to say that and they laughed about it but I felt myself wanting to be one of them, an adult and having fun too. They all walked back out on the deck in front of the house and sat down, drinking, smoking cigarettes and talking about mostly sex and stuff. I was about to die myself, wanting to have sex so bad but too afraid to do it I suppose.I sat down in the corner out there with them and just watched those dicks swinging around and the girls legs apart and I put my towel over my lap and rubbed my clit while they all talked. Mike was especially big between the legs and I knew my mom loved fucking him too from what I had heard and seen in the pictures I had found of them fucking. I decided to maybe see if I could do something with him or anybody for that matter, so I made my little move to see what would happen. After about a half hour or so, and after they had several more drinks, I could tell they were all about to go fuck, if what I had seen before with my own parents and them. Everybody always gets a little touchy feely and I saw Mikes wife grab that other mans dick and play with it some. The four of them went to the back of the house where the guest rooms were and I knew that just maybe, I could at least watch them fuck if nothing else. Mike’s wife, Jan went in the room first with that couple and I noticed that Mike stood at the door and just watched some while holding a drink. His dick was semi hard and just kinda hanging down and when I slipped over near the hallway, he looked back at me and motioned for me to go away. I was disappointed and turned some to go back outside, but just before I did, I looked at his eyes and he put his finger to his lips in a SHHHH sort of way and I knew then that I was maybe going to see something naughty.He motioned for me to come next to him and we peeked around the corner and there was his wife with that lady sitting on her face and that man was fucking Mikes wife from behind! It was hot as hell and almost made me wet my pants if I had any on! I was actually jealous I think, knowing how good this all must have felt for them and I just reached down and rubbed my clit as hard as I could and I didn’t care if Mike could see me either. I wanted to get off and I knew he could kick me out at any minute but he didn’t. Instead, he reached down between my legs and rubbed my little bahis firmaları clit for me and did that SHHH thing again. I loved what he was doing and thought I would faint. I was soooo wet down there and his finger was as sweet as anything that had ever touched me, including that boy Ben, earlier in the night.His wife and that couple were oblivious to anything around them and I watched them do some fun things. His wife and the other girl even looked at me and knew I was there and getting felt up by Mike but they said nothing! He felt so good fingering my little clit and pussy and then, he took my hand and guided it to his now big hard cock. I reached around it and couldn’t believe he was letting me hold his big dick. It felt hard and soft at the same time and I felt like I could hardly reach around it all. He took my hand and moved it up and down, I suppose to show me what I should do with it. I stroked it like he wanted and felt my knee’s getting weak I was so horny now. I was a virgin and the only other cock I had ever touched or sucked was Ben, the boy from earlier that night.We stood there watching his wife fuck that couple for a few more minutes and they did some filthy things too. I enjoyed it most when they both sucked that man and then put their tongues in his butt and other stuff. While they all fucked and did things, Mike took me by the hand and led me to their bedroom and had me lay on the bed. I was naked of course, scared, excited and yes, horny, all at the same time. He got in between my legs and asked if I was ok. I nodded a yes and he pushed me back on the bed and put his mouth over my entire pussy. It scared me some but when I felt his warm tongue lick me down there and then go in me a little , I felt warm all over and I knew that this was something I loved. He licked it all over and sucked on my clit which was the best part too. I shuddered a few times and then felt myself get really wet. He raised his head up and I could see the wet shine on his mouth and face. He whispered to me if I was ok and that he would stop if I wanted him too. I just laid back, didn’t say a word and let him keep doing it. I thought a couple of times I would pee myself it felt so good but I didn’t and when I opened my eyes, his wife and that other couple were standing right in the door way watching us.The other couple walked away, I guess back to the living room, but his wife Jan came over to the bed and while he ate my pussy, she held my hand whispered for me to just relax. I felt her squeeze my left tit and nipple and then rub them both ever so softly. Mike was still running his wet tongue all over my pussy and then, he pulled both my legs up and I felt him lick my asshole and stick his tongue inside it. I thought I would just die right there from shame but it felt so good, I can’t describe it. His wife held my hand still and then I felt her kiss my nipple very softly. She whispered that her husband was very good at this and that I should just relax and let it happen. With that, he raised up and I saw his huge cock sticking straight out and he pushed my legs apart a little more. Jan held my hand and told me to do what he asked and all would be good. I felt him push the tip against my pussy and I knew then that he was going to fuck me.I had alway waited for this moment and now, it was going to finally happen and I was so scared I was shaking, but with Jan holding my hand and making me feel comfortable, I knew all would be good. His cock went in me just a little at first and than more and more until I felt a slight kaçak bahis siteleri snap, a little sharp pain and then, it went inside me a lot more. He was very slow at first, slipping it deeper and deeper and as I tensed up, Jan held me tighter and tighter. Finally, he was moving it in and out of me faster and faster and I was in heaven, knowing I finally had my first cock inside me. Mike then raised up a lot and I could tell he was coming and I felt this rush of warm enter me and then, a sudden rush come over me that I had never felt before unless I had made myself cum by masturbating. I realized that we had both cum at the same time and when he pulled his cock from my pussy, it had a tiny amount of blood on it and a lot of what was his cum I suppose. Jan then opened my legs and looked in my hole and said that now, I was a woman and could fuck all I like from now on. She went over to Mike and put his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean and then kissed me on the mouth and then on my pussy.He got up and I just laid there panting some and I had that warm feeling deep inside my pussy. It was amazing, the thought that I had just been fucked for the very first time and not only that, but that it was a man who was my own daddy’s friend and his wife and another couple had watched it all happen. Jan left the room and on her way out asked is I was ok and I said yes. I got up and noticed a little bit of cum and blood was leaking from me. I wiped it clean in the bathroom and then went into the main room where everyone was hanging out. The girls came up to me, hugged me and told me that I was now a woman and that I should have a drink with them. I was handed one and I felt like an adult now, hanging out naked and having a drink, which actually tasted terrible!The man with them tried to get me to fuck him too later that night but Mike and Jan told him no, that I needed to rest after my first time. I actually wanted to but I was a little sore down there so I didn’t. That couple left and I slept in the bed with Jan and Mike and it was so cool, being up against their naked warm bodies, knowing that his cum was now inside me. The next day, Mike told me to never tell anybody what we had done and that if I liked, I could come over anytime after school and if he was home, we could play a little if I liked. I agreed and we all went down to the pool and hung out for the rest of the day until my parents returned from their trip.School started back the next day and I could hardly wait to go to their house after the bus dropped me off. Mike worked four days on and three days off with his job and on his days off, we did all sorts of things with each other. He would rub my clit while we watched TV and fuck me a lot too and I really enjoyed sucking his dick. He even liked to suck my toes when I put my feet in his lap and it turned me on a lot too. His wife one day started rubbing my pussy and I had my first lesbian experience with her and they even took some pictures of me naked with me sucking Mikes dick. He even was the first man to put his penis in my butt. That’s another story but I loved it and now do it all the time.As the months went on, I did more and more things with them, even went on a trip to Florida and boy that was fun. Now, I fuck whenever he asks and I even have gotten a girlfriend of mine to play with us all. I know they still fuck my parents and Mike told me that one day, he would ask my daddy if I could join the 4 of them in a swingers group, but that day never came since we moved away.I’m married now with k**s, but I still fuck every chance I get and I met my husband at a swingers party. We both fuck as a hobby and attend all sorts of swinger and nudist events! One day, I hope to take my own daughter to them and see her take her first cock, just like I did!

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