Would she be a gurl ????


Would she be a gurl ????I was spending my third night out of town, supporting a very bad stressing business trip. Worst of all, I was horny as hell, since I had not fucked my sensual Ana in those days.On the other hand, I was pretty sure that my sexy babe would be now in her Black Master’s bed, being fucked in a very wild way.That bastard nigger would also fuck her in that nice tight ass…After having some light meal for dinner, I went back to my hotel. I was really tired and just wanted a relaxing warm shower and some fresh bed sheets. I had another heavy day tomorrow…Once I entered the main lobby at the hotel, I decided to enjoy a last drink at the bar. It would be fine and it would help to relax a bit.I picked up my glass of Irish whisky and looked around the bar.Very close to me was sitting an elegant woman, wearing a very tight red dress. She was a brunette, with long hair in cascade. She was looking down to the floor and I enjoyed watching her long nice toned legs. She had a pair of sexy stilettos, which made her legs look even longer and sexier.I sat down closer to her and introduced myself.She looked in my eyes and smiled, saying her name was Trish…The girl was fucking sexy; but I suddenly noticed something bahis siteleri strange in her voice; so I assumed she was a she male. I could not believe it, since she was so beautiful and sexy…I did not dare to ask her if she had the same thing I had between my legs; but I found her that she was very hot and I was feeling hornier by the second…I invited her a few drinks as we chatted, as she flirted with me.She finally asked if I was staying at the hotel.As soon I nodded my head, she hurried to ask me if we could go upstairs to my room and have some fun and relax.I grabbed her soft hand and led her to the elevator. Trish turned her back to me and she let me felt her round buttocks with my eager hand. I was curious, thinking that a guy could not have such an amazing butt as that girl.Would she be a real gurl?… I would find out soon.Once inside the room, she turned to me and we kissed deeply, as I kept grabbing her butt cheeks between my naughty hands.Trish broke the deep kissing and she said that she needed to use the bathroom. Before leaving the bedroom, she begged me to wait for her inside the bed, naked…As she closed the bathroom door, I hurried to undress myself.I slipped inside those fresh bed sheets, canlı bahis siteleri waiting for her as I stroked my hardening dick. I put down some lights…Trish suddenly came out from the bathroom. She had stripped off her sexy red dress and was wearing just a tiny thong. Her little flat tits were nice and she had her dark nipples fully erected.She came closer, asking if I would dare to put her thong down.I just smiled and reached out my hands, starting to pull that tiny thong down her thighs. She had her legs closed tightly, smiling as I pulled down that tiny silky piece.I finally put that thong around her ankles, but Trish did not move her feet. I looked up and she smiled at me with an evil grin.She asked if I had noticed something different about her.I looked down again, enjoying the view of her shaven pubis.I then smiled; but seconds later I got serious again, when this delicate girlie opened her thighs very slowly. A very tiny but hard cock came into view; confirming that naughty Trish was not a lady.She burst in laughter, saying that mostly men always reacted like me, when they discovered her little secret hanging there.This beauty sexy gurl was doomed to be a crossdressing cocksucker, because canlı bahis her tiny cock was really very tiny…But now it was fully erect and I loved the feminine way she acted.What I loved most was when she lay back on the bed with her legs around my waist, begging me to invade her very tiny asshole with my thick cock. I pushed forward and felt in Heaven, when my dick slipped very easily into her anal ring, making Trish gasp in surprise, since she was not waiting for a cock so thick…I began fucking her. She moaned and squirmed; with her tiny cock twitched in rhythm to my thrusts. I was surprised and amused as her little thing started pulsing cum all over her belly, just for the pleasure of been fucked in the ass…While her little cock was shooting off, her ass started to spasm around me as I sodomized her, squeezing my cock in a wild way.It triggered my own powerful orgasm and I quickly pushed all the way inside of her bowels. I then shot my hot cum deeply inside of her now fully stretched butthole. I kissed the gurl passionately, forgetting what she had in her crotch.Trish begged me to pull out, since she wanted to feel my still hard cock from behind. When she got on all fours, I grabbed my hard dick and smiled, as I moved closer to her. I thought about Ana being sodomized by her Black Master in that moment; but the vision of that gurl’s round tight ass made me forget everything…And I got closer to that tight butthole, my cock in hand…

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