We Are All Together Ch. 13


Chapter: 13: Another Honeymoon, a rare experience.

Priya found herself under Joy. She took time to find that they were on the wedding bed. The bed was decorated with chains of night-jasmine. Rose petals were there on the bed. And she was still wearing the wedding sari, tugged up to her waist. Her blouse was half opened; the wedding garland was still around her neck. Her brother, now her married husband, Joy was still in his dhoti, his upper body was naked, and he was still in the wedding garland.

She found his cock still in her pussy, now turned limp, must have been tired for the inhuman task it had to take the last night. She can now hardly remember how many times she came on her wedding night. She lost count after her sixth orgasm. And she can clearly remember, each of her orgasms was more powerful than the last one.

As she shook under, Joy came down from her body and lay beside. She heard a little sound as his limp cock goes out of her pussy. She looked at herself. Oh! What a pity! Pity to the pussy she has ever saved for her Mr. Right. It has turned red. The lips are swallowed. She touched them, and felt the pain. Yet she felt proud to become complete.

Her brother completes her. She puts an affectionate kiss on his forehead and came down between his parting legs. And her mouth found the most precious wealth she has ever seen.


They boarded the train to Shimla. The hotel was booked as a honeymoon couple. They changed the travelling dress. And after the food, Priya looked at him with lust. He followed the signal. She bent over the chair, standing on the floor, and he took her up skirt, lowering her knickers. A sound fuck made them ready and then headed to Talat Pani, the hot water spring of the river Satluj. It was a rare spring and the honeymoon couples visit it together.

Priya had something special in her mind to make her honeymoon special. She arranged for the bath and in a bag, she had an extra set of clothes and two towels. It was cold and the day was bright.

They reached the spring at noon. It was disgracefully crowded. Tourists were pouring forth from almost all over the world. Priya saw some foreigners also bathing in the spring in the traditional white sari. She had something special in her mind and she guided her brother upstream through the road. It was the part of the mountain valley that was not possessed by any tourists. The dense forest, the tall towering trees, the huge rocks and the spring course, made the place almost hidden. Priya led him down to the stream.

“Where are you going?” Joy could not make it out.

“Ohhhhh… Don’t worry. Just come down. We’ll take a bath here. Every honeymoon couple bathes in the river. It will be fun to bath here.”

“Here? What if someone arrives?”

“Nobody is to find a fucking couple here, Joy… it is a hide out here. It’s quite hidden from the view.”

Joy found a rare grin in her face. He followed. Priya dropped her sack, and squatting on the ground, she was wearing a white sari, and a sleeveless blouse. Joy saw her dropping her sari from her shoulder, unbuttoning her blouse, and covering her blouse-less breasts under sari, she stood up, and before his eyes, she put off her petticoat, while still wearing her sari, not showing till her knees, tugging up her sari. Joy could not but afford her skills. She grinned and went down the stream giving him a good show of her bumping buts.

He saw her dipping in the stream, sitting on the rock. He felt a welcome call in her eyes and dropping his jeans, he joined her. The water was not deep. The current was not too fast and he joined her. The bride welcomed her hubby with a welcome kiss. He took her two melons covered in wet sari and she moaned as he began to suck her tits.

She took his head in her hands and helped him to suck her. He was at work at the hard nipples and her moaning grew. They stood up and the rock was there bed as he placed her, tugged her sari up to her waist. She spread her legs as his mouth found her pussy and the erect clit which he began to worship.

He was licking her pussy from the bottom of her slit to the top. This opened her lips. As the lips are separated, he placed his mouth around her clit. He found her pussy- mouth wide open. And to her surprise, Priya found she was flowing like a stream there.

Joy had become an expert in the giving a woman her best experience in pussy-licking. He started to apply suction to her clit. Priya found it too hard to lie still. His suction started too slowly and now it has become swirling. He has a magical tongue which he was swirling tongue around her clit.

“Ahhhhh…” She screamed and bucked her hips violently. Joy pinned her down on the hard rock and determinedly continued with his erotic game of teasing her clitoris with his tongue. Out of pure ecstasy, she raised herself partially from her position, grabbed Joy’s hair with both her hands and pushed his face deeper into her pussy.

“Lick it, every drop of juice in my cunt. Lick your slut wife… lick me relaxbet güvenilirmi clean…” Joy was only too glad to oblige her and continued with his tongue play even more vigorously.

Minutes later, hers body began to quiver vigorously. Her face contorted and her thigh muscles tightened around her husband’s face.

“Aaaahhh…aaahhh…aaahhh,” she screamed like a woman possessed. Joy continued to lick her pussy dry as if he was drinking the nectar of life. It seemed unending. Priya’s eyelids drooped and her face showed unadulterated bliss derived from the just concluded sexual encounter.

She felt a tension growing deep under her belly and she moaned loud, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm… ahhhh… Ohhhhh my god, Joy, I’m coming…” and she came pretty fast.

Priya soon overcame the after-orgasm haze and sat squatting taking Joy’s ready cock and began to eat it all. He was eying around if they are being seen or not. The hedges were thick around; the rocks were tall enough to make the place a hide-out. She was taking almost all the shaft in one go and sucking eyes closed.

“Ummhhhhhh… suck it; suck it dry, darling…”

The words encouraged her. She began to suck it and he was pushing it to make her gag. She has grown a good cocksucker lately. Her lips around his shaft and tongue over his manhood, he felt it good.

She was taking as far as possible into her mouth and taking it out, and soon eating again, the movement was fast, and the lips around his cock made a sensation of mouth-fucking and he began to push and pull.

First she was surprised. Then she tightens her lips around his shaft and he holds her face in his two hands. She relaxed her mouth to give him as much space as she could. He began to move in her throat and she began to caress his sacks. The big fat pole made her wet under there.

Suddenly he pulled out. She left a groan of dissatisfaction and soon she found herself straight before him. He lowered his lips before her and she eagerly accepted her husband, her hands around his neck.

Joy lifted her, his pole still erect, and on the rock, put her to lean, her ass in the air. She spread her legs as far as she could, and felt his hands tugging her sari up to her ass, his hot pole coming near her dripping pussy. She let a deep moan leave her throat as his hot erection entered her. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… my god, Joy… you fill me.”

She felt her pussy filled with his throbbing cock and felt her inner muscles began to throb also.

And there he was, started his cock driving in and out of her wet channel in rhythm, taking his pole out to the tip and thrusting it to the base, shaking her whole body. As he was pounding vigorously, she began to respond as a deep tension was building down in her belly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me like that, Joy fuck your slut, fuck your sister, and make me your dirty fucking whore… Ahhhh… Ummmmmmmmmmm… Ahhh… ssssssssssssssssss…”

Joy pushed his hardness all the way in and holds it there for her to get use to having something so large in that tight pussy. And he moaned as he goes all in to her, “Ohhhh fuck sister… your pussy is so fucking tight, soooo fuckkkkkkking gooooodddddd.”

She said whispering in a husky voice, “Ohhh brother, it should be, your dick is the only cock I have ever had. Oohhhhh sooo fucking goooodddd, I never knew how good it could feel to take a large, fat cock like my husband’s. It’s so fucking good to fuck…”

Joy pulled out and settled in a slow rhythm, as his wife was groaning and moaning standing there in the wstream, tugging up her sari upto her waist, “Oh harder Joy, fuck me harder, deeper.”And she pulled one leg up on the rock, pushing her ass up and, making more access for Joy to fuck her from behind.

Joy started slamming into her now, her cunt open and fucking wet, “Joy fuck me, fuck your sister, you sisterfucker, son of a bitch.”

Joy was breathing heavy, looking down at his unbelievable sexy wife before her, leaning over a rock, and taking his poll deep into her pussy in the broad daylight, here, far from their home, and he started to shout, “Oh you fucking slut, this cunt is MINE, it belongs to me. Tell me Priya, I want to hear you tell me that you are my needy slut, you are my fucking dirty whore…”

Moaning as he slam into his sister’s pussy, “Oh yesssssssssssssssssss Joy I am yours, I belong to you, fuck me anytime, anyplace, and in any way you want, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ffuckkkk… give me that cock harder Joy. Make me your slut. I want to be a dirty slut like you made my elder sister…”

Joy was slamming deeper and harder and now his balls were slapping on her ass, making a continuous ‘thap…thap’ sound with the guiding of his cock in her pussy. Joy reached down under her and jamming his thumb in her asshole, twisting around, she lost control and started humping into him with fury now.

Priya felt her orgasm building deep inside her belly, and as he had inserted his thumb in her tight sphincter, she could hold no relaxbet yeni giriş more. She felt her legs shaking, and her cunt muscles cleanched around his throbbing dick.s she let out a loud moan, as she came heavily. “Ohhh Joy your needy slut is cummmmmmmm… ingggggggggg, ohhh arghhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssssss, so fucking goooooood.”

He felt his cock is stuck deep into her pussy and she clenched his throbbing dick so tight, that he felt his cum at the tip of his dick. He shut his eyes, gasping for air and hugging her tightly, he began to groan, “Ohhhhhh fuck PRIYA I am cummmmming so hardddddd, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk you are such a slut for me, Mmmmmmmmmmmm… mmmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk.” He began to shoot his load, pumping jet after jet in her open cunt.

“Give me your cum my Husband, my brother, give me all that precious seed in my womb, breed your sister, breed your nasty slut, I want to be the mother of your son, breed me breed meeeeeeeee, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessss your cum is so fucking hot inside me Joy.”

As they came together, their sense of being where they are fucking came back, and they quickly surveyed around. He pulled back his phallus, still throbbing, all smeared with his own cum mixed with her juice and she lowered her sari and crawled back into the stream. He followed her in the middle of the water; they sat together, water till their waist and she kissed him.

He welcomed her with a long wet kiss and said, “Did Joy qualified to satisfy her second wife?”

“Oh! My god! Priya is so satisfied that she can hardly wait for another round.”

He holds one of her boobs and began to squeeze it carefully, his fingers twisting the erect nipples. She began to moan loud and came to sit on his lap straddling him, her opening vulva just on his erect pole.

Slipping her tongue in his mouth and simultaneously impaling her pussy on his shaft she pushes herself on his manhood. He holds her and finds her lips eager to be kissed. His lips met hers, his tongue finding her tongue and as she pushes down on his pole, she moans into his mouth.

“Oh My God, Joy,” she says, breaking the kiss. “You feel so fucking good every time you enter me,” she whispers, clenching her pussy around his cock and just holding him inside her.

“And I feel your pussy very intense, you know, very tight…” her brother answers her. Her hot, velvety pussy conforms to his cock, sending waves of pleasure pulsating through his whole body.

“Are you joking, Joy? Do you find me more fuckable than Didi?”

“Didi? Oh, Priya, she is unique, but her pussy is so much used that it is hardly as tight as yours. And, you know, I find a tight channel more interesting. It is tough, it is a play, it is a game, baby.”

This compliment makes her pleased. In her minds of mind, she feels jealous for the fortune of Keya, she loves her, but, it’s something a woman nourishes in her mind, unconsciously.

As she rests her knees deep in the water, she feels the pebbles there and she lowers her ass on his cock, taking it all in her juicy cunt. She feels so full that she moans again. She feels pebbles down there under her ass, as she sits on his cock. The water resists her downward movement, she feels, how her ass bumps as she lowers down on water. There, as she takes his cock in, she feels water between them, making her sensation more erotic.

She rests on her knees straddling him, resting her hands on her husband’s shoulder and starts bouncing fast. Priya, the 22 years old, final year medical student, and the second elder sister to Joy, feels her pussy leaking furiously. A tension is building deep under her belly, she knows, she wouldn’t last long. And she began to moan, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Joy, fuck your slut’s tight pussy. Make me a whore, ohhhhhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmm… fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Ahhh… ummmmm… aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… issssssssssssssssssss… Ssssssssssssssssssssssss…”

Joy feels her sister leaking as her pussy. He can feel how hot and slippery her pussy is as she bounces up and down on him, gushing her juices down over his balls. He takes her round tits in his hands and massages her taut nipples, rolling them between his thumb and index finger.

Having cum in her pussy lately, he easily resists the urge to start pumping his cock into her, letting her control the pace. She savors the feeling of his husky cock, filling her, stretching her as she clenches and unclenches her pussy muscles. She is rocking back and forth, sliding his cock in and out between her moist pussy lips furiously. She wants this to last, but her aching pussy is taking over and picking up the pace.

“Oh God, Joy, fuck your wife… fuck your slut… fuck…” Priya moans as she rides his hard cock. “It feels so good, as you fuck meeeeee… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmm… my pussy is on fire!”

“Oh fuck! I’m cummmming… ihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… iiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. ohhhhhh yeah… o yeah… o yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Priya relaxbet giriş moans, “I’m cumming, Joy! Keep playing with my tits. Keep playing with your slut, press it hard… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Oh my god, push your cock deeper, deeper, ahhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh…ohhhhh yeah… ohhh yeah… I’m cumming!” She starts moving faster, almost bouncing off the end of his cock in the water before slamming her pussy back down around it.

The splash of the water that resists his entrance in her, delays her sensation, making her more eager for the touch in her pussy. Joy tries to buck up against her, matching her rhythm and getting close to his second climax of the night.

And, thus moaning, Priya collapsed on her brother’s chest. And he is still to come. She heaves as she rests her head on his shoulder. He clings to her tightly. And when she recovers her breath, she rubs her nose on his, saying, “Sorry, that I came so fast. You know, I could not control myself, as I heard you say I’m more enjoyable than Didi… You know, it’s odd to envy her, I know, it’s bad to envy her, but, I don’t know, why I felt so excited…”

“It’s OK. You have the right to satisfy somehow, and you can feel what you think. I don’t mind. Just don’t feel jealous for her. She is great that she let us fuck, arranged our marriage, our honeymoon and that’s so great to enjoy. Is not it? “

“Yeah! She is great. And had she not approved, we could never enjoy such heavenly pleasures.”

“Now, what do you do with your husband’s throbbing pole? It’s ready to love his wife.”

“And your wife is ready to be loved. It’s my duty to satisfy him, my husband. Tell me how do you want to be treated?”

“Does my wife promises to give anything her husband wants?”

“Just order me; just ORDER your SLUT, JOY, JUST order me HUSBAND.”

“Your husband wants to enter your ass.”

“As my lord wishes.”

She came down from his lap and in the water, sits on all fours like a bitch, her sari tugged up to her waist there from her back. He sits on his knees in the water, behind her and rubs her round, firm ass, giving a low slap there. She moans lightly.

“Do you like your ass be spanked, bitch, by your husband?”

“Oh! I like it so much…Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… so good …”

He pulls her thighs apart as far as possible and lowers his face, going between her cracks. Then, to her surprise, he planted a deep kiss on her black, wrinkled opening. She shivered in pleasure. And to her expectation, he parted her ass chicks and taking his saliva on his finger tip, he inserted one finger in her sphincter. She felt shiver on her spines, and sitting on her knees, she felt her legs tremble as she was getting hotter, ready for yet another orgasm after the last.

She felt his finger pressing into her ass, rubbing her juices around the rim to ease his entrance. He slipped inside.

The sister, on her knees in water, and her brother behind, under the sky in broad daylight, with the risk of getting spotted here, in the stream, threw her head back, God how his finger in her ass turned her on. Her clit throbbed with anticipation; she needed him inside her so badly.

Joy added one finger inside and then another and then the fourth to make her comfortable, and his slow finger-fucking made his wife hornier. She was hissing like hell, and was about to explode. Just then he stopped. She groaned in frustration. She was in need of filling her sphincter. She was ready to cum.

He was holding her hips as she looked back at him questioningly. She felt his hands caress her back and buttocks, squeezing her cheeks. His hands parted her and she felt his fingers withdraw from her ass, to be replaced with the head of his cock. Whispering, she said – “Ohhhhh man, I like this! Go there, in my back channel.”

“Are you sure? It may hurt.”

“I don’t care anymore. Go, boy, just go in. and if you wish, use some cream. “

Where on this earth can he find some cream?

Just then he remembered, they had brought some butter in the morning. That was in the bag she had brought. From the bag, he took out some butter, and taking it in his fingers, he inserted it in her outing. His finger dipping into the depth of her channel, turn by turn in the leakage to accommodate the entry, and she was impressed how caring the man she has got to pop her cherry as well as her virgin ass.

She was lost for a moment, and now the fingers had replaced and he has pressed his manhood in her wrinkled opening. He told her to relax, to relax her ass muscles and to feel at home with his shaft. And as she nodded, he pushed slowly. She felt the head slip inside, the pain making her whimper, but it wasn’t that bad, and his fingers had been already stretching her all along.

Priya looked back at him, her HUSBAND, her brother hunched over her, slowly sliding another inch inside her tight passage, it burned, she whined. Joy stroked her back, encouraging her to loosen up her muscles. The butter in the channel did help a lot, she felt.

He halted for a minute, and when she nodded again, he slid in inch by slow inch, she moaned all the while, the burning pain turning her on yet hurting her. Finally when he was fully inside her, she could feel him throbbing, as her tight little ass gripped his cock with everything it had, trying to expel the invader.

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