The Day After


The Day AfterFriday night and I couldn’t fall asleep…Why? I kept thinking about earlier in the day when I experienced a woman’s lips and mouth bring me to climax for the first time! My Auntie “T” and I had been fooling around for a few months and this was the first time I was on the receiving end of the encounter. I kept thinking to myself that she had made a big sacrifice in my mind by “going down “ on me. In the previous weeks since the first encounter in her barn, I had fingered, licked and dicked her fine pussy…a dream actually coming true after many years beginning with a juvenile crush on her, my Mother’s twin. I finally fell asleep knowing the next afternoon I would make a point to go see her after I did my homework and chores. Riding my bike a mile or so to her farm I kept thinking about her and the tender open palm stroking of my dick while her lips caressed my knob…a new feeling for sure. I also thought about news articles of a woman in trouble for “oral copulation’ of a minor…her and I missed that problem by a couple weeks…I wonder if she planned it that way. I pedaled up her long driveway, parked my bike in the wash house and walked briskly to her back door. She met me with an open door and a kiss and ushered me into the kitchen and my normal perch on the step stool. “I’ve been thinking about you all night and day…my nipples tingled at the thought of you, then when you came up my drive, my pussy twitched!” she said, “My co-worker told me when a woman gives a guy a blow job he comes right back because he missed sticking it between her legs.” “She might be right,” I said sheepishly. “Is that why you came to see me this afternoon then?’ Auntie commented.“I guess you have me figured out….” I replied.Our usual cup of coffee was enjoyed with her standing touching my side. I noticed she still had on nylons from her trip to town earlier, slippers on her feet and a short cover-up instead of a dress . My right arm reached around her waist right were the flare of her hips began its long line to the top of her thighs, my hand also discerning a garter belt and panties, no slip. My mind raced at the thought of getting to undo her garters and peel her nylons off those shapely legs and soft thighs…we talked about mostly nothing, my face close to hers smelling her alluring scent and that of her silver hair. We giggled some as we finished our coffee…she took both our cups and placed them on the counter…we sensed kaçak iddaa small talk was about over. She re-positioned herself in front of me between my open legs with her back toward me. She took my arms and wrapped around her just under her bust and made sure my fingers were located on two of the buttons of her cover-up. I enjoyed our closeness for a bit and slowly unbuttoned the two buttons and gently pulled the garment open a ways, revealing things just as I had imagined…a well-worn off-white bra harnessing her beautiful 34-b breasts, the garter belt above her pantie line and the sheer white panties containing her feminine magic. Auntie took it upon herself to unbutton the rest of the cover-up and let it slip off her shoulders to fall around our feet. I rubbed her shoulders, no longer slightly hunched forward as a few months ago, now straight and confident….fine with me, it made her look bustier. As I kept on massaging her, I thought back to yesterday when she was gently massaging my erection with her small, open hands…just her palms, not gripping my dick while her mouth played with my knob…her action so tender and loving. I shook off yesterday to concentrate on today…while rubbing her shoulders I just might as well remove her bra…the straps came off her shoulders and my fingers unhooked the back. Auntie quickly removed the garment and let her breasts swing free. “That’s what you like, isn’t it?’ she asked. “My little tits out for you to play with huh.” “I guess so,” I answered…immediately filling my hands with their soft, squeezable presence. My, my how soft and warm they were, their nipples just starting to stiffen as I fondled their forgiving flesh. “Did you ever think you would see and touch them?” she asked.“ Of course, but back then just to see them would have been a treat let alone touch them at my young age,” I replied.“Now you can see and play with them almost any time, right,” she observed.“I won’t pass up an opportunity now,” I stated.“Well, I’m so glad you enjoy my body…I was so concerned you wouldn’t find me attractive with no clothes on,” she commented.“Don’t k** yourself, how could I resist you naked after wondering for so many years what was under your dresses,” I replied.My hands ventured down her torso to her waist and I felt her garter belt, then the top of her panties, then over her hips to touch the holy grail of my past imagination…stocking tops and the soft flesh of the thighs above them…my kaçak bahis right hand found a garter snap and I undid it one-handed, much to her surprise…then another until I had loosened all 4!“Oh my”, she said, you have caught on quite well.” “Practice, practice…you let me, you know.”She then suggested we go back to her bedroom. I followed watching her nice butt cheeks doing their dance. Auntie sat down on the cedar chest at the foot of her bed and asked me to remove her nylons. I found great pleasure in running my hands over her soft legs peeling of the hose one after another, pausing to massage her nice calves also. I told her I had noticed at a young age that her legs were so well formed that there was no gap between them from her ankles to her knees and only recently noticed the same on up to where they met, Auntie thanked me for noticing and stood up so I could unfasten her garter belt and remove her panties. Ah, that term “garter belt” causes visions of pleasure to this day for me. My clothes came of now also as the two of us admired each others attributes Although we had shared ourselves with each other several times now over the past few months, I was still stunned at my good fortune to be experiencing the body of a middle-aged and very soft woman…my Auntie! The bed was open, and she invited me to lie down next to her as had happened on other occasions, but this time felt different because of the experience of the afternoon before. I held her face gently in my hands and began to kiss her on the forehead, cheeks and finally her mouth…again her silver hair almost glowed in the semi-darkend room making her appear as a pleasant apparition.“I really love that you like to kiss me too, it’s been so long since I have been appreciated like that,” she said.“Truth be known, I’ve probably wanted to kiss you for many years,’ I intimated.“Don’t stop,” she admonished.I continued my pleasurable exploration of my older lover, tweaking her nipples until they stiffened again and turned a brighter shade of pink, rubbed her motherly belly, fingered her navel, that made her giggle, and of course did wholesale rubbing of her wonderfully soft and forgiving thighs I noticed how when she stood upright, her legs had ripples and dimples of cellulite, but when she lay down those vanished…funny how gravity works even with a woman. She fondled some with my swollen dick and my balls too. Her legs spread almost as if on que to let me illegal bahis rustle her triangular patch of black pubic hair, experience the growing presence of her mound and let my finger to venture into her tight, inviting pussy.At almost the same moment we both said, “How would you like me too make love to you this afternoon?” We laughed at our statement and I offered, “I would like to just lie between your legs and fuck you, missionary, I think they called it, but after yesterday’s fun, you make the decision as to your preference. Her eyes grew big she requested,” I want sit on it this time, how about that!” She moved to the side to let me get in the center of the bed and she quickly threw her leg over me and with her one hand guided my tool towards her moistened slit. It was with great pleasure that I could view nearly her whole body as she moved up and down over me, her modest breasts swinging to and fro in front of my admiring eyes, her every square inch seemed to vibrate with anticipation as I of course took advantage of feeling both thighs with my hands and forearms…I drew my legs up some too as to feel the shaking of her ass cheeks. I even shoved myself toward her twat to help things out…in a bit she squealed with delight and cried out, “OMG, I love this in both English and Swedish!” I knew when our native tongue was heard, she was in her zone and I had done a good job. I began to feel my groin began to tremble signaling orgasm was near. “Are you about to cum?I am,”she exclaimed almost shouting, let it go I’m so ready! I could feel spurt after spurt of my cum shooting into her vagina, she laid on my chest panting as if spent, but mustering enough energy to say, “OMG, where have you been all my life! My gosh you make me feel so good now! Please don’t let anyone know what we are doing together!”“Don’t worry, this is just between us,” I assured her. As we relaxed and cuddled side by side, I told her,” you recall when I was young you would take me home with you to watch TV in the afternoons as we hadn’t got one yet. You were still in the old house then…on a few times I watched you sit on that very cedar chest and put on your stockings as the bedroom door wouldn’t closed, it opened just enough so I could see your legs and watch you attach the garters…I was hooked then at an early age.“Really, she asked, “that darn door wouldn’t stay closed unless I slammed it, and I didn’t want do that. Also, how do you know I didn’t leave it open a little on purpose/”“If you did it on purpose, it sure ended up working in my favor, I wanted to see and touch those legs some day in the worst way…I’d say it worked out well for both of us….

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