The Boys Club Pt. 05


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Monday morning, 7:00 am.

Ken answered the knock on the front door, letting his best friend Tom in. “Why so early? asked Tom.

“We’ve got a busy day ahead of us buddy!” replied Ken.

“I thought we were just going to hang out?” asked Tom.

Nope, but you’re going to love it.” said Ken, leading Tom into the Kitchen.

Tom walked into the Kitchen and froze, the wind knocked out of him at what he saw. Kneeling on the kitchen floor was Ken’s mom, Christine. She was wearing nothing but white 4-inch heels and white thigh-high nylons. She had her hands behind her head and her chest pushed out.

She was the most erotic thing Tom had ever seen. Christine smiled and said: “Hi Tommy. I take it you like what you see? Ken made me his fucktoy this weekend. He’s been fucking me non-stop in all three holes since Saturday afternoon!”

Tom staggered to a chair and sat, unable to take his eyes off Christine saying: “Ken, I’m so happy for you, but this is cruel. Letting me see my

dream girl like this when you know I can’t touch her! I have to do my mom first, and I’ve no idea how!”

Christine stood up and slowly walked to Tom, her hips and tits mesmerizing him with their motion. She stopped in front of Tom, put her hands on his shoulders, and let him stare at her tits for a moment before leaning down and kissing him passionately, letting her tits rub against his chest.

Tom was so aroused and so hard that the instant his friend’s naked mother slid her tongue into his mouth, his cock exploded, filling his shorts with cum. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Tom cried.

“Not at all sweety, it’s what I wanted.” purred Christine. “Your mother will be stopping by shortly. She thinks you boys are out chasing girls. She thinks we’re going to be alone. She and I are going to my master’s bedroom and “comfort” each other as we often do. Alice has a particular fantasy that we act out together. She fantasizes about being tied up and fucked by you.” said Christine.

“Me?” squeaked Tom.

“You,” replied Christine. “It’s what she wants, but I don’t think she’ll ever do it without a little help.”

“We play a game together. When she gets here, I tie her up, blindfold her, and get her revved up, before doing her with my trusty strap-on. The blindfold helps her make-believe it’s her son mounting her. Only this time we’re going to replace my fake dick with your real one. There’s one, maybe two, things you have to do first to be ready. Come with me” Christine smiled.

Christine turned and went to the office off the kitchen. The two boys followed, mesmerized by Christine’s incredible swaying ass. There was a large flat screen on the wall of the office with two chairs in front of it. There was a small table between them with a box of Kleenex, some hand towels, and lotion.

Christine explained: “Alice wants this, but will resist it. She is, however, like me, a submissive. We have to get you inside her, where you have to stay hard long enough to bring her to orgasm and fuck her into submission. Once she cums, submits, and has your load planted in her, I think you’ll be home free.”

“That means you can’t have a hair-trigger, you have to last long enough to make her orgasm, preferably more than once. The term we use is “Stamina,” said Christine. “So, while I’m getting Alice ready, Ken’s going to show you some home movies we made this weekend,” said Christine.

“You’re an 18-year-old virgin about to fuck his first woman. His dream woman. You need stamina that most teenage boys, slipping into their first pussy, just don’t have. Ken sure didn’t.” Christine said with a tender smile, looking at her son. “Don’t worry Ken, you rocked my world harder than it’s ever been rocked, anyway.”

“So, Tommy, you’re going watch videos of me getting my brains fucked out by my son, and maybe some others, and fire off one or two more loads before coming upstairs to cover your mom,” Christine said in a sultry voice. “You know your own body, don’t overdo it but make sure you can hold off your first orgasm inside your mom until you make her submit, understand?” asked Christine.

Christine explained: “The normal sequence of the fantasy is I tie her up, blindfold her, and play with her until she’s ready. Then, I strap on my tool, mount her, and pound her. This time I’ll text Ken instead of putting on the strap-on. You must be in the room in an instant, but don’t be early either.”

“When you come into the room, Tom, come straight to the bed and kneel between your mother’s thighs. She’ll think it’s me. Position yourself over her but try not to touch her.”

Christine said: “I’ll grab your cock and position it. I’ll ask her: “Are you ready for me to fuck you, mommy?” When she nods yes, asyabahis yeni giriş I’ll guide you into her. Go balls-deep in her immediately and collapse on her, then hold still. It won’t take long for her to realize there’s a man inside her.”

“When I pull the mask off, kiss her, tell her you love her, but she’s now your slave. Use your own words, but emphasize she’s your possession, slave, fucktoy, whatever. Those are her triggers. Start stroking her slowly, keep fucking her firmly and deeply, and no matter what she says, don’t pull out!” Christine explained.

“That’s why you have to last! You need to fuck through her resistance until she submits to you,” Christine concluded.

“Yes ma’am,” replied Tom.

“Both of you get naked now, so you’re ready the instant I text you,” ordered Christine.

Christine looked at her son and said: “As for you, buster, you will keep your hands off your dick. I’ve been draining you nonstop since Saturday, and you have things to do and mothers to fuck later today, so save yourself.” With that, Christine sauntered out of the office closing the door.

Christine went up to her master’s bedroom and arranged the bed, tying some ropes to the head and foot of the bed. When she was ready, she texted Alice: “Your son needs you slut. Get your ass over here so I can fuck my slave mommy! I’m in bed waiting. The door is unlocked. Get over here this instant, slut!”

Alice had been waiting for the text and knew what was expected. She was dressed in a simple yellow sundress and 4-inch pumps, as ordered by Christine, acting as her son’s stand-in. Under the dress, she was wearing sheer nylons and garters, and nothing else. Her pussy, as always, was shaved completely bald, except for a small blonde landing patch. She was already damp.

Within minutes she was coming through the Brown’s front door. She quickly locked it, pulled off and discarded her dress, and hurried up the stairs.

Upon seeing Christine, Alice said: “Are you ready for mommy, Thomas?” She gave her son’s stand-in a passionate kiss and immediately spread-eagled herself on her back on the bed.

Christine quickly tied her arms and legs and slipped on the blindfold. Christine then began some slow sensual foreplay with the beautiful blonde. Christine started whispering into Alice’s ear: “You’re so beautiful, mommy. I love your firm perky tits. I’m going to suckle them just like I used to.”

Christine began to kiss and nuzzle behind Alice’s ears and in the hollow of her throat while caressing her flat stomach and slim thighs. Eventually, Christine went to work on Alice’s breasts. Both women preferred men, only turning to each other out of desperation. That did not mean they did not appreciate how only a woman knows how to play with another woman’s body.

All through the foreplay, Christine kept up a steady stream of comments like: “Do you like my hands on you, my mommy slave? Beg for your son and master’s dick, slave. Where do you want your son’s cock slave, your cunt, or your ass? I own you, mommy!”

For her part, Alice fired right back: “Fuck me, Thomas, fuck your whore mother! Yes, Tommy, I’m your slave. I’ll do anything my son and master tells me.”

At first, Christine only caressed the outside of Alice’s thighs and her stomach, teasing Alice by avoiding her cunt. Slowly and surely, Christine started moving her caresses to the inside of Alice’s thighs, and up to her pussy. As Alice’s movements and sounds became more urgent, Christine would lightly run her hand over Alice’s cunt. Alice never failed to hump up and try for firmer hand to pussy contact.

After almost twenty minutes of teasing, Christine whispered into Alice’s ear: “Are you ready for my cock mommy?”

Alice moaned and cried: “Yes baby, stick your cock in my tummy! Fuck your mom Tommy, I need it so bad! I’m your slave! I’ll do anything or anyone you want. I’ll be your slave, just fuck your mommy, Thomas. Now, Thomas, now!”

As planned, Christine left the bed for a moment and texted: “Now.” to Ken. Within moments both boys came into the room, sporting rock-hard dicks.

As instructed Tom walked quickly to the bed, kneeling between his mom’s legs, and positioning himself with stiff arms over his mom’s body. Christine took Tom’s cock in her hand, positioned his cock at the entrance of his mother’s cunt, and lightly slapped Tom on the shoulder. With an involuntary grunt, Tom sank balls deep in his mom and collapsed onto her body.

Alice moaned at first, then went still for a moment. “Who, who are you?” Alice squeaked. “You’re not Christine, you’re a man.” she cried. She went still again, pressing her face into Tom’s hair and inhaling.

With a jerk, Alice wailed: “It’s you, Tommy, isn’t it. Oh my god, this is wrong, you’re my son. We can’t be doing this! With that Christine whipped the mask off Alice.

Alice then looked up into the eyes of her son. Tom told his mom: “I’m not pulling out mom. I’ve wanted this too long. You’ve wanted this for too long. asyabahis giriş It’s time you had a stable relationship with a man, and that’s me. You might as well enjoy it because it’s happening. I love you too much to stop. You feel too fucking good! I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.”

With that, Tom pulled his cock almost out of his mom’s cunt and began a gentle but relentless pumping into and out of his mom’s body.

Tom looked into his mom’s eyes and said: “I own you now, momma. You are mine. You will do anything I want to you, and love it. You will beg me to use you as my whore. Say it, mom! Say it! You’re my slave, my whore, my slut, my cumdump. Say it damn you!”

Alice was almost overwhelmed with shame because her son felt so good inside her. She loved the feel of her son’s body on hers and the fullness of his cock in her pussy. She also knew she was about to orgasm and wasn’t sure she had the will to tell her son to stop.

Alice turned her head to catch her breath and saw Christine kneeling on the bed. Ken was behind Christine with two of his fingers buried in his mother’s pussy. What shocked Alice the most was the bright red lip-prints ringing the base of Ken’s cock. Alice instantly knew what those obscene marks meant and lost all resolve and orgasmed massively on her son’s cock.

When Alice orgasmed, it took all of Tom’s strength not to be bucked off his mom’s body. As Alice’s orgasm subsided, Tom could feel the tension flow out of his mom’s body. Alice looked into Tom’s eyes and asked: “Am I your first?”

“Yes,” said Tom. “I’m, err, or was a virgin mom, you’re my first.”

Alice purred: “You’re doing very well. Most teenage boys would have exploded by now. Yes, Thomas, I’m yours, to do with as you wish. I will be your slave. Slow down for a minute though, I have a request, and I don’t want you exploding too soon.”

Tom slid fully into his mom, and stopped pumping, saying: “I’ll do anything for you mom, I love you.”

“Make love to me. Don’t fuck me, make love to me. I love getting hammered, but right now I want it slow and gentle from the man I’ve accepted as my lord and master,” whispered Alice.

Alice turned to Christine and ordered: “Untie me Christine, so I can make love to my son.” Christine untied Alice’s arms while Ken untied her ankles.

Alice immediately wrapped her arms and legs around her son, stroking her nylon clad legs up and down his thighs, crossing her ankles behind her lover’s back, and resting her 4-inch heels on the back of his thighs.

She whispered into his ear: “I love you, Tommy. I’m so happy you’ve made me yours.”

Tommy whispered back, “Are you sure you’re OK with being tricked?”

Alice purred back, “This is what I’ve wanted for a long time, and I wouldn’t have done it on my own, so yes, I love the way you tricked me.”

The whole time Tom kept up deep but gentle stroking into his mother’s body, softly moaning, “God you feel so good, mom. My dick is in heaven, my dick is in you! I’m going to put my dick in you anytime I want, you understand, mom. I won’t let you say no. I will not hurt you. I will not humiliate you. I will not take you for granted. But I will have you every way a man can have a woman.”

Tom’s thrusts into his mother’s body had slowly become stronger and faster. Alice breathed into Tom’s ear, “Yes Tommy. I’m your mother. I’m also your slave, your fucktoy, your plaything. I’ll do anything to keep you happy!” as her movements became more urgent, arching up to meet her master’s thrusts.

The lovers felt the bed move as Christine laid down on the bed next to Alice with her hip touching Alice’s. Tom and Alice watched as Ken covered his mom, gently sliding his cock into his mom’s body.

Christine told Ken, “Make love to me like Tom is making love to Alice. Long. Deep. Slowly. Tenderly. I need to feel you inside of me.”

Ken began a slow steady fucking of his mother, quickly matching Tom’s rhythm. This was Ken and Christine’s first fuck of the day, and both were thoroughly aroused, and quickly matched the other lover’s intensity.

Alice turned towards Christine and said, “Kiss me, Christine. Kiss me while our son’s fuck us.” Christine and Alice were quickly locked in a passionate lover’s kiss while the two boys looked on in awe.

Alice then moaned, “Now you Ken, kiss me.” After a long passionate kiss, Alice told Ken, “I’m so going to fuck your brains out, baby boy. I can’t wait for my master to give me to you.” Turning to Tom, Alice told him, “Kiss Christine, Tommy. Give her a preview of what it’s going feel like when her son orders her to be your whore.”

By the time Christine and Tom had finished kissing each other, the two couples’ urgency was more than they could take. The two boys slowly increased their pace and began to truly hammer the two moaning and willing slaves.

Alice exploded first, her second orgasm on her son’s cock. Her pussy clenching down so tightly on Tommy’s cock that he thought she was going snip it off with her asyabahis güvenilirmi cunt. The sight, sound, and smell of his mother’s orgasm were enough, and he exploded in her pussy, for the first time filling a woman’s cunt with his jism. For the first time, filling his mommy’s pussy with his jism.

Afterward, Tom collapsed on his mom, relishing the feel of his cock slowly deflating in her pussy, telling his mom, “So good. So good. Please tell me we’re going to do this every day, all day.”

The two lovers’ focus on each other was broken by the vigorous movement of the bed, and the combined moans, shrieks, and roars of the couple next to them. Like Alice, Christine came first, quickly followed by Ken.

The two boys rolled off their moms, lying on either side of them, with the moms in the middle, lying quietly as their breathing and heart rates subsided.

After a few minutes, Alice quietly asked, “What happens next?”

Tom leaned over his mom and said, “Well mom, there’s kind of agreement we boys made….”

Alice placed her finger on her son’s lips, silencing him, and said,” You mean the Boys Club Rules?”

Tom and Ken could only look at Alice in shock. Alice explained, “Christine gave a copy of the club rules to all the moms, during the party on Saturday. Angela and Mary assumed it was a teenage fantasy, and dismissed it, although I’m sure both of them got a little wet at the idea.”

“I knew it wasn’t a joke, but never expected it to come true. I’d no idea Christine was going to go whole-hog for the idea the day after she found your printout! I should have, knowing what a whore she is,” Alice said smiling at her best friend.

Christine laughed and said, “Takes a whore to know a whore you slut.”

Alice looked at her son and asked “What I meant was, what are you going to do to me next? Are you up for more? I assume somehow, or someone, took your edge off so you lasted longer than most boys would their first time?” looking pointedly at her best friend.

Christine laughed again, saying, “I didn’t touch him. Ken just showed him some home movies we made this weekend and let him “ease” himself a little.”

“Yes, mom, I’m up for more, Tom said pointing at his slowly hardening cock. I want your ass,” said Tom.

“Do you have any lube Mrs. B.” referring to Christine’s married name of Brown.

Christine reached into a drawer on the bedside table and tossed a small bottle to Tom. Tom handed the bottle to his mom and told her, “Get Christine’s ass ready for her son, then give her the bottle so she can get your ass ready for me. Then you use your mouth to get my dick ready for your ass, while Christine gets Ken’s dick ready for hers.”

The two moms obediently followed Tom’s instructions, thoroughly lubing each other up before coating their son’s dick with a thick layer of spit. Then, Tom, had Christine lie on her back and told Alice to get into the “69” position above her.

“Alice and Christine are going to attend to each other’s pussy while Ken and I attend to your assholes,” Tom explained as he positioned himself behind his mother, pushing his cockhead against his mother’s rosebud. Alice looked over her shoulder at her son and asked, “Are you going to be gentle, son?”

“Nope. One video I saw this morning was older. It was dad doing your ass. He wasn’t being gentle, and you didn’t seem to mind. I figure you are the type of slut that likes knowing she’s got a man in her ass,” replied Tom. With that, Tom pushed his cockhead slowly but firmly into his mother’s puckered anus.

There was strong but manageable resistance, and Tom’s cockhead quickly popped past his mom’s sphincter. With a steady push, Tom seated his cock fully inside his mom’s bowels. Tom held himself there and marveled at how much his life had changed in such a short period.

Tom looked down and what he saw staggered him. His dream girl, his mother, was kneeling naked in front of him. His cock buried to the balls in her ass. Her face buried in the cunt of his

dream girl, Christine. Christine’s face in his mother’s pussy, and his best friend, Ken was kneeling behind his mom, Christine, with his cock fully seated in her ass.

It was more than he could take. Even though this would be his fourth load of the day, he knew he wasn’t going to last. He had to hammer the hell out of his mom, so she’d orgasm before he lost it.

Thankfully that’s just what Alice wanted, showing her son her approval of his rough fucking by thrusting hard back against his pistoning dick. Christine and Ken were on the same page. The boys were hammering their moms so hard, Ken thought the bed would collapse.

The girls went off almost together, both flailing, jerking, moaning, and screaming. Whether from the tongues in their cunts or the cocks in their asses they neither knew nor cared.

First Tom, then Ken was next, slamming their cocks as deep into their women as they could, pouring a load of teenage cum into their bowels.

Ken laid down next to his satisfied mom, but Tom wasn’t done. He was a man on a mission, and he was going to get it done. With a growl, he grabbed his mom by the hair, drug her face to his dripping crotch, and presented his cock to his mother’s mouth. “Get busy bitch, you’ve one more load to collect,” ordered Tom.

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