Sailing Holiday


Sailing HolidayThis happened a few years ago and is completely trueWe were on a sailing holiday and had chartered a 36 foot yacht in Croatia. I don’t like wearing clothes and sailing in a warm climate is great for naturist.Our normal plan is to sail to a lunchtime swim spot and move on to a more sheltered anchorage for the night, planning our lunch departure to arrive in daylight. Normally there is time for another swim then get showered, Gin and Tonic evening meal out or on board depending on where we are. This is then repeated with the highlights being the historic towns and walks.On one occasion we were looking for a lunch swim spot. On the chart I had spotted a nice bay that would be protected from the wind, very important. We arrived late morning and it was exactly what we like. Completely deserted. No houses in sight, no other yachts. No moorings either and that normally indicates the area is away from housing. The beach was stony and behind that were steep cliffs with grub growing where it could get a hold. Between the cliff güvenilir bahis and the beach were some trees and more trees were visible on the cliff top. We were clearly in the middle of some lovely countryside.We tided the boat and settled in and had a quick swim. My wife grabbed her book and I looked for things to do, planned the overnight stop and how long we should allow to get there. Then I went for another swim.A few laps round the boat I decided to swim for the beach, normally I stay near the boat so that I can get out of sight, I don’t want to offend anyone. But the bay was deserted so I didn’t worry. I got into shallow water while checking for sea urchins and walked ashore to explore further. I thought I would make my way around the bay so that could swim back to the boat from the other end. About halfway there I found a track Id not seen running up a deep gully. Curiosity kicked in and I started to follow it. Away from the beach it was suddenly silent the only thing I could hear were the cicadas and they only shut up güvenilir bahis siteleri when the sun goes down. I followed the turns as the track quickly gained height and started to think I should have brought some shorts to wear but I was too far from the boat to go and get them. I hesitated and started to go back but stopped and listened but still not a sound. With a bit more confidence I continued picking my way up the track, on it went. I had bare feet and was walking on stony path so I was being cautious l. The track was now very narrow, I had to be careful so as not to get scratched. I turned sideways and moved through the gap. The path opened up, so I continued to the next patch of dense foliage and again the path narrowed I had to tuck everything in and slide thought the gap.I stepped out into the center of a village. In front of me were a row of shops and to my right further away was a church. A car was approaching, I saw an old lady dressed in black making her way down the street towards me but fortunately her iddaa siteleri head was down. Someone was pushing a c***d in a buggy with shopping hanging off it in bags. What really alarmed me were the group of girls with their mother. They were heading directly for me and only about 100 meters to my leftAll this I took in like a camera taking a photograph as I hastily backed up into my gap in the foliage. I started back the way I’d come. I could now hear voices behind me and realized the young ladies were going swimming. They had on flip flops and I was bare feet. I was going as quick as I dared on the stones. The voices got louder, I was just managing to stay one or two turns ahead of them, but It seemed to be taking for ever, then the beach came into view and I almost ran into the water. I got some fast breast strokes in before I dared look behind. The girls were on the beach one seemed to be looking my way but might have been looking at the anchored yacht the others deciding where to dump their bags.Id got away with it, just. I swam back to the boatGood swim my wife inquired looking at me over her Raybans. She passed up the food and we started on our lunch, the boat swung on her mooring Look, she said, people on the beach nowOh yes, so there are. I wonder where they came from.

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