Revenge of a Cockteaser


Revenge of a CockteaserAfter a long engagement, I broke up with my fiancée Ginny, a month before our wedding, and I knew she was deeply hurt, but I had no idea she would serve me such a severe revenge when all I wanted was to get my rocks off. We had been broken up for several months, and I have been trying to get back together with her almost from the beginning. We broke up because Ginny refused to get my rocks off until marriage and hinted that she would still give me blue balls on wedding night. This should have given me a clue, but I though she was less sexually inhibited.Although Ginny was able to get many dates, I was not able to date anyone, despite trying. Of course, Ginny was informed of my lack of sex from my younger stepbrother, Reed. While, Reed informed me that Ginny was giving head to a group of guys at his frat parties on a regular basis. I wanted in on the action because I paid my dues and was tired of being the only guy among my friends that was still sexually inexperience and had to jack off to deal with my frustrations.Before going over the Ginny’s I stopped at the foyer mirror to check my tie and collar pin on my silky shirt, I felt my cock stirring in my nylon bikinis under my slacks as I thought of Ginny giving head to my stepbrother‘s frat buddies. Doing figure guns to myself in the mirror I left to go over to Ginny’s apartment. As I drove over to Ginny’s, I lost my erection, only to have it back when she answered the door in a nearly transparent bra and panties.I immediately inviting myself into her apartment. As we are walking into the living room, Ginny casually mentions that she was about to get kaçak iddaa in the shower, and that I have seen her naked for over three years together. Ginny offered me a sit on one of her chairs, while she sat on the couch giving me a great view of her nearly transparent, bra and panties. I knew she saw the bulge in my slacks, but I could not stop staring at her big tits, aching to play with them again. I about came in my slacks when she immodestly spread her legs. I could not help but watch as I stared at her pussy, the object that females have been tormenting males since the beginning of time. I was becoming very frustrated, and she had not let me touch her yet.Ginny offered to make coffee and I did not want to say no to anything she wanted. She soon came back with the coffee on a tray and bent forward giving me a great view of her big tits. I was so anxious and frustrated that I shook while trying to get my coffee. She then resumed her not- quite-ladylike position on the couch. The free and easy sex I was anticipating was not materializing, and I should have left, but any thought of leaving would ruin my plans of us getting back together. I was confident that I could still score with her, but her cockteasing was making me vulnerable to her needs.I soon began my familiar theme of reconciliation. I was hoping she was not hearing the anxiety in my voice, from her body was turning me on. After serious contemplation Ginny then laughed and said, that she was not interested in getting back together and that she had started dating my stepbrother Reed, she was extremely pleased with the relationship. I could not help but ask if kaçak bahis whether she was sleeping with Reed. She promptly informed me that it was none of my business but admitted that Reed’s cock was several inches longer than me, and that they sleep together a couple of times a week for the last six months. Then Ginny kindly asked me if I was seeing anyone. I told her not since we broke up and that she was the only girl for me.I was so horny as blue balls set in, Touched the knot of my tie and collar pin, as I asked if she would consider going to bed with me for old times-sake? Or maybe she could just use her hand, anything just to get my rocks off. I continued to start at her big tits, as she considered my request. Finally, Ginny said no and that she was sexually satisfied with her love life and allowing me into her bed would only make it more difficult for me to move on.I felt emasculated when Ginny said she sympathetic to my sexual frustrations and that maybe a hobby would help keep my mind off sex, know she meant jerking off. I felt my face redden, and my cock felt like bursting though my slacks, it was so hard. I knew that Ginny could see that I had a throbbing erection in my slacks. I heard the edge of whining in my voice when I asked if she would be willing take off her bra and panties so I could see her naked. She countered that I would only worsen my sexually frustrations. I persisted and she soon agreed. She first undid her bra and let it fall to the floor giving me a great view of her big tits. She laughed softly as she let her tits sway and bounce before my gaze. I was in agony because I could not touch, suck illegal bahis or fondle her big tits. My erection was so hard, that I that it was beginning to cause me real misery if I did not cum soon. I hoarsely reminded Ginny of her promise to tale off her panties. Again, she reminded me that it would only frustrate me further. But I insisted, Ginny stood up and removed her panties. Her pussy was at eye level. She then sat back on the couch and spread her legs. I was treated to a sight I had not seen in over a half a year. Ginny spoke very coolly and logical, in contrast to me, I spoke anxious and hoarsely as I rationalized, begged and pleaded that we should get back together. Ginny just laughed and asked me to hand her, her bra and panties. I told I got blue balls, please… when she did not move, I got up and picked up her bra and panties and handed them to her. I watched as she put her big tits back in her bra, she then put on her panties and spent a little time adjusting them to let me know what I was missing. out on.She then suggested that I leave because she wanted to hop in the shower for her date with Reed. I took one last look of her big tits, something I was destined to only jerk off thinking about them. At this point, I had a major case of blue balls and had problems going home. I then spent the night jerking off to try and relieve my sexual frustration.Ginny got revenge on me in a way that I never thought possible for a Macho man like myself. She had cockteased me and recorded my whining, then she had Reed distributed to several of my friends, including the men that worked at the office. I soon had the reputation of the Blue Balled Boss.Yet at the same time, I was so turn on by what she did, that I jacked off for a long time listening to the recording. i knew i had deserved the cockteasing, Ginny got her just rewards.

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