Pregnant Louise V.

Group Sex

Pregnant Louise V.Louise: Heavily pregnant former neighbour of mine.’Larry’: Me!Italics: my thoughts/memories.I was really turned on now! “…then what…happened”? I slowed my thrusts down; I didn’t want to cum too soon – this was amazing to hear! “…well, my little cunty was sore the next day…but I get so horny at times…that I can’t help myself, Daddy…” I slapped her arse and she cried out with glee – so I did it again! “…ooh, Daddy! So, that night I went to another part of town…I bumped into a stag party in the one bar…they bought me lots of drinks…got me quite tipsy…one of them was fingering me…or maybe it was several of them in the club…” I grunted as I continued to fuck her, I imagined my huge cock pistoning in and out of her cunt! “…then…what happened…you little bahis şirketleri slut…” she was puffing and panting…”…well, then we went outside…and the boys all got into taxis…there’s a wooded area on the outskirts of town…” a thought suddenly occurred to me? “How…many taxis did you…get into…” she thought as I pounded my cock into her, “…about 4, I think Daddy…I’m not too sure…” Fuck! What a little slag! “…and then we drove…I was sucking a couple of the guy’s cocks on the way…the other two were fingering me…anyway, we got there and…” I growled at the whore impaled on my cock, “…and then one of them pushed me down onto my knees and forced his cock into my mouth…before I knew it…one of the other men was forcing his prick into my twat…and I was loving bahis firmaları it…they took it in turns to fuck me…not up the bum…I wouldn’t let ’em…oh God…I was loving it…so much cock…so much spunk…” I felt my balls begin to tingle; I was definitely on the vinegar strokes now! She’d had about 20 loads up her in 24 hours! No wonder she wasn’t sure who the Dad was? The dirty little fucker! “…but none of them had a cock…as nice as yours, Daddy…I think I’m gonna cum again…ooh…”! In my mind’s eye, I saw my meaty cock stretching her hole…men lining up to fuck the drunken slut, wanking themselves as they waited their turn…”Is this fuckin monster going to go soft? It’s just that I haven’t cum yet, you know”? Ginger held the base of my huge cock, gently wanking it. Blondie kaçak bahis siteleri and Brunette were behind her and now they were kissing and fondling each other! Their tongues going in and out of each other’s mouths as they were moaning and frigging each other. I smiled and shook my head, “No, it won’t go down for a while yet; at least another 2 loads, anyway”? Blondie and Brunette stopped kissing and looked at me, shocked! “But Larry…there’s 3 of us…”! I laughed, “If you pair keep lezzing, then I can guarantee at least 3 more loads, then”? The girls smiled at me suddenly, Blondie groaned as Brunette slid a couple of fingers into her hole! “Ahem! What do you think about these, then”? Ginger had undone the buttons of her top and now her firm tits jutted out in front of her, her nipples hard buds. She looked behind her and cleared her throat and Blondie who had been tonging an ecstatic Brunette’s cunt, looked up and smiled and leaning forward, she pulled my cock forwards so that Ginger could straddle me…TO BE CONTINUED…

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