Letter to my wife’s ex boyfriend


Letter to my wife’s ex boyfriendHi Tony, I’m Jenny’s husband. She told me that you used to go out with her at school. Did you get your fingers into her cunt when you were on your own. I bet you liked to slide your hand up her leg, under her skirt and into her knickers. Then let your fingers rub her cunt lips until she started to get wet, so you could slip one then two fingers inside her. I bet she liked to stroke your hard cock and then kiss the end of it before letting it all go into her mouth so she could suck you off.Do you lay in bed wanking now thinking about those days and wish you could do it again. Well you can. Ask her to meet you for a coffee, then go to the Costa in town. Sit at the table under the painting of the red car, I’ll be sitting in the corner out of sight. Make sure she sits on your left hand side. As you’re chatting to her let your hand brush against her leg a couple of times, then let it rest there. Very slowly bahis siteleri move your hand till it’s on top of her thigh and rub gently in circles. Keep telling her how great her legs are and how sexy she still is. Tell her she’s getting your cock hard without touching it. Move your hand upwards till it’s on top of her cunt and then rub a little harder. Tell her to feel how hard you are and she will reach across and give it a squeeze. Now tell her that you should go for a walk. Across the road there’s a park, and behind the toilets is a gate that leads to some bushes. Take her there and I’ll be watching. Lean her up against the big tree and gently kiss her. If you feel her kissing back push your tongue into her mouth and get your hand inside her blouse. Her nipples will be hard by now and you can play with them but keep your tongue working inside her mouth. Now reach down and lift her skirt, nobody can see what you’re doing, except canlı bahis siteleri me, and I’ll be enjoying the view. Hold her skirt up to her waist and pull her knickers down to her ankles. Then we will both be able to see the cunt that you’ll soon be fucking. Get your fingers working on her cunt Tony, she will get so wet and start moaning. Unzip your trousers and take your hard cock out. Tell her to stroke it and she will. Now you should start talking dirty to her. Tell her she’s a dirty slut stroking your cock in public and tell her to ask you to fuck her soaking wet cunt. She will do anything now, just keep kissing her and rubbing her clit. Tell her to bend over and suck it, if you position her right you’ll be able to slip your middle finger all the way up her other hole. This will send her wild. Then pull her towards you, lift her left leg and place your cock at the entrance to her cunt. Get your tongue working in canlı bahis her mouth and inch by inch push your cock into her. By now I will have my cock in my hand and I will be wanking at the sight of you fucking my wife. After a few minutes you can start to go a little quicker and she will be moaning and telling you to fuck her harder. Soon you can go as quickly as you want, and you’ll feel her cunt juice pouring out of her hole. In a little while she’ll be saying things like ” you’d better fuck my cunt harder you bastard, get your cock working inside me and make me cum. . . yes fuck me and shoot your hot cream up my fuck hole.” Now you can really pound into her hot wet cunt until you cum, filling her cunt with your hot sweet baby making juice. She will be having her orgasm about the same time and will be moaning and swearing, so get your mouth onto hers and keep her quiet. If you look towards the bushes on your right you’ll see me cumming as well.Afterwards you can keep her knickers as a souvenir, get her to ring me and I’ll pick her up. Enjoy yourself fucking my wife, because I’ll enjoy myself watching you fuck her.Best Wishes. . . . . Jenny’s husband Graham

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