Lake Blackwater



My stories are written in a first person account from the author’s perspective. As I pen further accounts I have a single expectation for the readers here; that they’ve read my prior works. I ask this so that I do not need to repeat the same graphic descriptions of Sara and myself, over and over. If you need a more detailed mental image, please read “The First Time” or “Birthday Getaway” to help close those gaps.


For a number of years my wife (Sara) and I (Jeff), would organize a weekend getaway with friends to celebrate our anniversary. It is in July, so we try to take advantage of the warm weather. The first year we organized the couples trip, we stayed at a resort with water features; the later few years we rented a house on a popular lake in the area. This story is about our last trip to Blackwater, and one of our earliest encounters.

Each year we organized the trip it was a mixture of newer and older friends. The year in question we had a new couple joining us (Ashton and Alyssa) that we had only known for about 6 months. We had hung out a number of times; we met them through a martial arts class that our kids attended. They were close to use in age, late 30’s at the time, highschool sweethearts, and an attractive couple.

The house we rented sat right on the lake, overlooking one of the main channels. It was a big Cape Cod style log home, with a large loft that spanned half of the size of the house. It had 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a full kitchen and a large deck that overlooked the lake. Sara and I, as the organizers always took the master loft as it was more private and had a private bath.

The house rental came with a large pontoon boat to give us easy access to the lake. Most of the trips consisted of slow speed lake cruises, day drinking, playing beanbags, sitting around a campfire and grilling out.

Blackwater is a huge river fed lake, thousands of acres of water. It has a number of channels and houses on it and has huge rock cliffs along parts of the lake. Some houses have elevators down to the water, or long winding staircases that sometimes span 50 or more feet. It’s really unique in this way, and it makes the lake feel more secluded when houses are out of view.

On the day of our anniversary, we hit the lake early and started out on a full day booze cruise.

We tied up with some other boaters in one of the channels and socialized a bit, there were hundreds of boats out as the day was beautiful. After a few hours, and a number of drinks later we started to push off toward our rental.

It was about 3PM when we trolled into the big bay near the house we rented. The 8 of us decided to anchor up for a while and do some swimming. We cranked up the music, threw out some life vests and hung out for a few more hours.

Ashton and I manned the boat between swims, and delivered drinks to our friends in the water. After a while, Sara and Alyssa get the idea to lose their bottoms while floating in the lake. Sara is always a bit of an exhibitionist so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

Both Sara and Alyssa float for a while with a raft, bottoms off and stuffed in the holes of the raft next to their drinks; their untanned butts in full view. I look at Ashton and ask if I could snap a few pictures, he doesn’t seem to mind at all. Ashton and Alyssa are always a bit flirty and seem more voyeuristic and exhibitionist minded; similar to Sara and I. The other ladies don’t participate in the pants dropping, too modest, too insecure or too afraid.

After a short while, the girls get to talking about pulling their suits all the way off. Sara doesn’t hesitate, her top comes right off and onto the raft. She spins around in the water letting Ashton and I take in the sights. She swims on her back, her pussy and breasts in full view for us. I snapped a few more pictures. Alyssa follows Sara’s lead and takes her top off. I get a few quick glimpses but she mostly stays shielded by the raft.

Sara on the other hand is liberated. She is a natural exhibitionist, comfortable in her own skin.

She decides swimming isn’t enough, and climbs up out of the water and onto the pontoon in full view. Her long hair hangs wet over her shoulders, her deep tan lines look amazing, drawing attention to her breasts and bikini line. Her first trip up, she quickly jumps back into water, she’s still nervous. But she continues on, climbing out and diving back in. She gets braver everytime she climbs the ladder, she’s exposed longer and longer each time.

Alyssa is in the water cheering her on and encouraging her. Ashton is on the boat with me taking in the view. After a few returns to the deck, Sara boldly asks: “What do you think Ashton?”

“Looking good!” Ashton responds simply with a smile on his face.

This goes on for what feels like hours, I take some videos and pictures of Sara in all her glory. With the sunlight beaming on her nude body she looks like a goddess, her long hair flowing over her shoulders and on to her breasts. The kaçak iddaa brightness of her untanned skin drawing attention to her neatly trimmed pussy. I’m so turned on by her when she is free like this.

As the sun starts to get low, it begins to cool off. Sara comes in from the water for one last peep show as she dresses. We pack up to head back to the house, we are all quite blurry at the moment.

A handful of us set off to get dinner started, while the others cleaned up or changed. I was standing in the kitchen, which sat directly below the master loft, and I heard Sara say “Hey Honey.” over the music playing.

I look up, on the railing of the balcony stands Sara completely nude again. My cock flexes in my trunks, she’s so fucking hot. I glance around the kitchen, seemingly no one else even notices. She dances around a minute up there, and I squeeze my cock through my shorts standing in front of the stove.

Sara dresses and heads down into the kitchen, we are all doing some sort of respective job for dinner preparation.

She comes over to me and asks “What are you working on?”

“Cooking the vegetables.” I told her.

She rubs my cock through my shorts. Fuck she’s horny and driving me nuts. I have my back to everyone, I see her survey the room then she pops my dick out of my shorts and bends down and takes it in her mouth. I’m stunned at this and can’t believe she’s doing it.

“Fuck baby, lots of people around.” I mutter.

She pops back up, sweeps the room with her eyes again and leans over to take me back into her mouth. “Fuck yeah honey.” I whisper. She does this same maneuver a few more times, some friends come in from the deck so she breaks away from me.

I’m already excited for what tonight will bring. She’s so worked up. I’m looking forward to fucking her later.

We all enjoy our dinner, have a few more drinks and play some cards. It’s around 10PM and we’re all pretty beat from today’s sun. We all head to our respective bedrooms as we have another day of boating tomorrow.

Sara and I head upstairs, we are pretty tired now, but still in a frisky mood. I hop in the shower and rinse off before bed, Sara does the same and hops in the bed next to me. We’re tired, so we think maybe we should just have a quicky and head to bed.

We start making out, I run my hands under the sheets and find her pussy. I tease her lightly, running my fingers up and down her slit. She’s getting wet already, I run my fingers over her clit, and start nibbling on her neck a little.

“Yessss.” She whispers.

Her hand finds my cock under the covers and starts stroking me vigorously. I start recounting the afternoon, the sunlight on her naked body, how sexy she was, how the other guys with us couldn’t get enough.

“Ashton was really enjoying the show.”, “I think he was chubbing up in his shorts.” I tease her.

I can tell Sara is attracted to Ashton in some way. He’s got a calm, friendly demeanor and really dry sense of humor. He’s one of those guys that’s funny, but you’re not sure if he’s trying to be funny. He’s got a roundish face, bright blues and an easy going smile.

Her pussy is dripping now.

“Let me ride you.” She whispers to me.

I pull the covers off and Sara climbs on. It’s dark in the room except for the hint of light from the bathroom and the moonlight is coming through the windows behind the bed. Her hair is down and her head back, I can see her tan lines in this light. She is mesmerizing to me. She rides up and down on my cock, slowly picking up speed. I’m teasing her clit a bit with my fingers as she rises and falls. She begins to moan a bit in her characteristic way. “Mmmmmm, errrrr” and releasing big breaths; she’s getting louder by the second. She’s getting close to cumming.

As Sara is about to cum, I hear the creaking of the staircase coming to the loft. Sara hears it too and pauses, staring at me with confusion. She pulls down close to me and I pull the covers up over her.

Up the stairs comes Alyssa followed by Ashton, “Hey guys.” Alyssa whispers.

“Um, what’s up?” Sara asks.

Alyssa and Ashton walk right up to the edge of the bed now.

“Sounds like you’re having fun up here..” Alyssa says. “Can we watch?” I can make out Ashton standing in the shadows with a big cheesy grin on his face.

Ashton adds “We saw what was happening in the kitchen earlier, we thought maybe you didn’t mind spectators.”

“Sounds fun to me.” I eagerly chime in.

Sara says. “Maybe even help a little?” Sara sits back up and lets the covers fall behind her. My cock is still in her at this point and it just goes right back to full blast. I flex it so hard in her pussy in response to this question.

Sara says “Hmmm, Jeff approves.”

“Sure, I think we can help.” Alyssa whispers as she glances at Ashton. I see his big grin reflecting in the moonlight.

Ashton and Alyssa have been together over 20 years, since freshman year of high school. We haven’t known them long, but I’m pretty sure kaçak bahis they’ve only ever been with one another. Sara and I have been together 14 years now, and had only a few light girl on girl experiences in the past. We’ve had a few discussions before about swinging, but it’s not like we’ve made any plans to pursue the lifestyle. So I have no idea how far this encounter may go.

Sara motions for Alyssa “Come here.”, as she unmounts me and sits on the side of the bed.

Alyssa leans over and starts kissing Sara as she sits there stark naked, I’m happy there is a full moon tonight. Sara reaches up and starts rubbing Alyssa’s breasts over her tank top as they make out. Ashton is standing next to Alyssa, watching intently, wearing only his boxer shorts with an noticeable erection.

“Take off shirt you babe.” Ashton encourages Alyssa.

She obliges, she’s got small, but firm breasts with little pink nippples. She’s fair skinned and naturally a slim figure, so they fit her well. I can see her dolphin charm hanging from her navel piercing in the moonlight.

“C’mon, shorts too, join the party.” Ashton says tugging on her shorts, he pulls them down her hips and they drop to the floor around her feet.

Alyssa stands straight up and pushes Sara on to her back. I see her slim hips and her protruding pussy lips, she’s got a narrow landing strip that touches her clit. She’s a runner so she has trim muscular thighs and a nice contour of an ass. She straddles over Sara’s right leg as she shimmies all the way onto the bed. She starts to rub on Sara’s hip, and starts teasing her pussy at the same time. I see Sara’s head tilt back as she lets out a soft “mmmm”.

I’m sitting near the pillows, just stroking my hard cock. It’s easy to get lost into spectator mode as my brain shifts gears.

Ashton has since pulled his boxers off, his dick at full attention. He’s got an average lengthed cock, but it’s thick, and the head of it is like the size of a large plum. He’s stroking it and watching intently.

Sara is softly cooing as Alyssa is rubbing her clit. I hop up onto my knees and put my cock near her chest. She reaches for it and starts to stroke me, I slide closer to her head and she takes it in her mouth, she just pops the head in at first, swirling my cock with tongue.

“MMM that’s it.” I say as she sucks it in deeply.

I motion to Ashton to get on the bed, and he catches my drift. He kneels on the bed and leans in to give Alyssa a kiss. Then he draws closer to Sara, I take her left hand off of her own breasts and place it on Ashton’s cock.

Sara looks at me confusedly, she’s unsure what I’m expecting her to do.

“Stroke him honey.” I whisper to her. I see her eyes relax a bit as she honors the request.

Maybe she thought I was gonna say “NOW SUCK HIS COCK.” with a deep voice in Team America fashion.

I pull out of Sara’s mouth and open up some space next to her. I touch Alyssa, who’s been grinding on Sara’s hip this whole time, lightly on the shoulder to encourage her to lay next to Sara. She does, now she’s directly under my cock, I see her wantonly stare up at it. It jumps a little with excitement.

Alyssa turns into Sara and starts sucking her nipples as she plays with her pussy. Sara is so close to cumming now. Alyssa is speedingly rubbing her clit in circular motions as Sara’s breath is increasing.

“MMM”, “UMM”, “MMM” Sara moans as she’s close to climax. She’s finally released with a high pitched squeal.

“Wow!” Ashton exclaims.

Sara lets go of Ashton and rolls towards Alyssa, they start to make out again. I wonder to myself if Alyssa can taste my cock on her lips. Sara runs her hand down to Alyssa’s mound. Alyssa is so worked up she makes some sort of squeak. It’s a sound I can’t describe, but only that I know it was joyful.

I watch as Sara aggressively moves two fingers in and out of Alyssa in semi-moon motion. Two fingers in and her thumb firmly pressed against Alyssa’s clit. Alyssa responds immediately, I can hear the wetness of her pussy. “Oh God Sara!” she says in more than a whisper.

“Shush.” I whisper with a smile, I’m not sure the rest of the friends could handle what is happening up here.

Sara keeps at it, I can hear the wetness building more in Alyssa’s pussy. “Ewwww, ewwww, mmmmmm” Alyssa moans in a high-pitched, almost pornstar sounding voice. She reaches down and starts rubbing her own clit vigorously and Sara continues to finger her quickly.

“Fuuuuuccckkkk!” She screams in that high pitch, really LOUD scream. No way the rest of the house didn’t hear that.

“Holy shit!” I whisper.

Ashton, who’s been quietly rubbing his own cock says “Wow babe, really?, I’m feeling a bit inadequate over here.” in his overly dry manner.

The rest of us laugh a little at this, whether he expected us to or not.

The girls let go of one another and lay back on their backs, I see Sara’s hand finds Ashton’s cock again. She starts rubbing her pussy with her other hand.

Alyssa follows illegal bahis the lead and grabs on to my cock. Her hands are surprisingly cold, but it feels so good.

“Can I touch her?” I ask in a whisper, the question is for both Ashton and Sara. We have never gone this far in our past experiments so I’m not sure where the line is.

“Mmm hmm.” Sara says softly.

Ashton nods in approval, my request has given him the greenlight as well.

I lean over Alyssa and press my cock closer to her chest, I start rubbing her clit between my fingers. Her pussy is drenched, I run a few fingers in her like Sara did and she squeaks again. I pulled them out and put them in my mouth. I really wanted to taste her; she is mildly sweet and reminds me of pineapple. She’s grips tightly onto my dick,I pump my hips while fucking her hand and fingering her pussy. She’s breathing faster now, she spreads her legs out wide and I continue to finger fuck her. She’s moan’s and shivers, I can feel more wetness. This time she comes with a big “mmmmmm” and sighs.

Alyssa looks up to me and says “Will you cum on me?” with a smile.

I flex my cock hard at this, I can force myself to the edge. “Absolutely.” I say.

I look over at Sara and Ashton, Ashton is still working on getting Sara to cum. She’s firmly squeezing his cock and stroking it over her chest. Watching her like this with someone else is such a turn on.

I’m secretly imagining her sucking Ashton’s plum cock, with Alyssa’s head buried in her pussy and my thick cock buried in Alyssa. The vision of this has me right on the edge.

“Fuck yeah Alyssa, I’m gonna cum.” I muttler.

“Mmmm, give it to me.” Alyssa whispers back in a throaty voice.

I let out a soft grunt, and let it blow. I’m so turned on the first shot shoots over Alyssa and onto Sara.

“Whoa!” Sara says in surprise.

Alyssa keeps stroking me as I drain the rest of my balls all over her stomach and chest. “Holy Fuck!” I grin widely. She rubs my cum all over her tits, and pulls her hand up to her mouth to lick some of it. I guess she wanted to taste me as well. I smile at this and flex my cock one last time in her hand.

Ashton and Sara’s attention are now on Alyssa and myself, I see Sara pick up the pace at which she is stroking Ashton.

“That was fucking hot.” Sara whispers.”

Alyssa rolls back towards Sara, and puts her mouth on her right breast. She reaches forward with her hand an grabs her husbands balls as he’s fucking Sara’s hand. Asthon is pumping away in her hand and still rubbing Sara’s pussy.

“Just finger me.” Sara says to Ashton. He obeys and starts moving 2 fingers in and out of Sara’s spread pussy. Sara moves her other hand down and starts rubbing her own clit aggressively. I can hear in her breaths she’s building up another orgasm.

“Faster.” she tells Ashton. He obliges, Sara has almost entirely stopped stroking him. Alyssa uses her hand to continue on.

“MMMM, OH, OH, OH!” Sara is close. She slams her legs shut on Ashtons hand and straightens them out with her toes pointed straight out. She rubs her clit fast “OOOOOOOHHHH…. MMMM HMMMM.” she squeals as she releases.

“Fuck that was sexy!” Ashton says.

Alyssa, stroking his cock says “You should cum honey.”

Sara, now massaging Ashton’s balls says “Yeah, you should cum.”

“Ok, I can do that.” Ashton says in his dry matter of fact response tone. We again all chuckle a little.

Ashton pumps Alyssa’s hand a few more times. “Here it comes.” he whispers.

In a big exhale he says “Fuck yeah Sara!” and starts to spew.

I have never seen so much cum in my life, not even in the movies. His first shot was probably as much as my entire load was, which at that time, I thought was a good sized load. You know a couple of teaspoons, just shy of a tablespoon, for me, a lot of cum. Well Ashton must have dropped about a 1/4 of cup onto Sara, with some hitting Alyssa in the face as she leaned over Sara’s tits.

“Jesus!” I cry out. “That was a huge load!”

Alyssa smiles, and just starts rubbing it all over Sara’s tits, stomach and mound.

Sara looks like she’s in shock, I assume she’s never seen so much cum in her life.

“Is that normal for you?” Sara says with a smile.

Ashton nods, and Alyssa chimes in, “Only when he’s super excited.” Alyssa cleans some of the cum off of Sara’s chest. “Yummy.” she says with a grin.

“Happy Anniversary guys.” Alyssa says, Ashton echos it with “Yeah, Happy Anniversary!”

“Thanks!” Sara and I both say.

Ashton and Alyssa head back downstairs, we hear the shower turn. We do the same and hop in the shower to rinse off.

The next morning I’m up early as usual, and I get a pot of coffee while Sara sleeps. Ashton is already up sitting in the living room. “Morning.” We both acknowledge each other with a grin.

Not long after the coffee is done, Alyssa comes out of her room and I hear Sara stirring up in the loft. The girls come down and the four of us go sit on the deck, sipping coffee. I’m wondering where this friendship is going to go, and I’m hopeful we’ll stay friends for a long while. There is no awkwardness to the morning now that we are all sober; which is a great sign.

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