In my new car p2

Licking Pussy

In my new car p2Every time i look at my car i know soon, i will be legs up in the back looking at daddy fuck me full of cum, ots been only a week and he really do it whenever he liked tothe last time i was at school and he txted me to get in my cari had to stop my course and lied about having to do something only to see him wait for me in m own car, my owner my daddy, again coming to abuse his sissy boy holelegs up in the mcdonald parking daddy is loving my new panty he bought just for me cutting a hole with cisor i watch this older black guy enjoy his time”here the cute little pussy”he licked it , knowing i cant resist loving itmoaning , daddy liking to tell me he will fuck my cunt fill of cum after he wet it goodbang bang bang bang daddy bbc down my sissy pussy its ….now so natural i always start to feel the kaçak iddaa pleasure faster and faster after each fucking, stretch up to be his cunt ”you feel good baby boy?”i nod yes looking at him, holding my legs up for him , offering my ass to daddy”i have a surprise sexy boy cum and ill show you”he fucked me hard and deep , trying to make me cumi was so close i could feel itand he went deep , short pumping on my spot making me squirt and call me a bitch”good bitch good bitch”i look empty and small, trying to stop him only to get restrained and he locked up my little cock in a pink cage”here we goooo, oh you are a cute cite slut now ””no please not this i cant wear this i ….its not ok…””shhhh it is perfect , you cum like a girl no need for this anymore””look , this is a cock, this is what a cock kaçak bahis is, open up, shut up and open sissy”mouth cleaning my daddy locked in chastity and back in frilly pantyi was becoming a black owned sissy for real , he left me in cage locked up and i knew there was no more ….way out of thisi was his sissy now and i felt it in my panty , locked and small all the time, i spent the next hour confused and feeling ….emptyi started only feeling my ass , no more tingling , just locked and good to have pleasure by being fuckedit was hard not to pretend i wanted cock once he got home and txt mebut as soon as i got out of the shower and in panty i wanted himi needed himlegs up in my jeep , i waited for daddy and waitedwhen my cargo door open he was with a friend”ho hello fagget;”the cargo closed 2 daddies bbc out illegal bahis helping rhemselves near me i smile and sucked them my little panty gropped , my cage tingling sending me electric shock , making my ass feel even more in heat”he us cute ””yes i like him”he slide in me so easy i moan watching daddy friend try my hole”oh wow he is nice””very nice pussy””you like me in your pussy ?”i nod moaning on daddy bbc nmy mouth”good sissy, oh yes i love that tight pussy”i was fucked like a little slut by daddy and his horny friend , they made me love it , i love getting fuck , i didnt care and actually like being locked all the pleasure , thru my hole, was way betteri watch him say im too tight and he cum happy , unloading in me , i look at him daddy holding my head watching a stranger cum in me deep before i was daddy turn and i was feeling hot , full of cum it was nice and wet in my hole”yo uwant more cum?”i nod smilling”yess yes cummm”he exploded in my eager open hole legs up offering it i was a true slut

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