How I Joined the Cocksuckers’ Fraternity


How I Joined the Cocksuckers’ FraternityI’ll never forget the first time I sucked cock. I was a freshman in college andrushing a fraternity. He was a senior and was so masterful! I so wanted to be amember, I would’ve done anything.He came to my dorm room one night after a fraternity meeting and told me thathe really wanted me to be a member, and that he could help me. I asked himwhat I had to do and he said it was simple. He told me it was tradition for eachmember to adopt a pledge and “initiate” him into servitude to his senior brothers.He asked me if I had ever serviced a man before and I told him “no”. He thentold me that I would have to put his cock in my mouth and suck it until he wassatisfied. My heart began racing as I realized that I was finally going güvenilir bahis to get tosuck cock for the first time! I had dreamed about it since I was in grade schoolbut had never done it.He told me to relax and get down on my knees. He then ordered me to unzip hispants and remove his cock. I eagerly obeyed and slowly slid his dick out of hisunderwear. I was in shock at the sight of an 8-inch, extremely hard cock, just 3inches from my face. It smelled wonderful! He was circumcised and had a huge,purple mushroom head. I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have such awonderful cock for my first time.Almost instinctively, I wrapped my lips around the head and began eagerlysucking his cock. His balls were huge and tightly drawn up around the base. Iheld güvenilir bahis siteleri them gently and slowly stroked them as my mouth worked the length of hiscock. He moaned softly and told me I would do just fine in the fraternity.Pre-cum oozed from the head and it was the sweetest thing I’d ever tasted. Imust have sucked his cock for 45 minutes when he finally began to shoot hisload. He ordered me to hold his balls tightly and not to spill a drop. I happilyobliged, keeping my lips closed firmly around his huge mushroom head.The first shot was massive and I almost gagged from the sheer force as it hit theback of my throat. I maintained my composure, however, and managed easilyand eagerly to swallow every drop.He lay down on my couch and after cleaning iddaa siteleri his beautiful cock with my tongue, Ioffered him a beer. He said he would love one. I got him one and we watchedTV for a little while. I was not concentrating on the television, however. All Icould seem to think about was getting that wonderful 8-inch cock back in mymouth.I began to tell him how much I wanted to member of the fraternity and asked himif he was ready for me to prove my willingness to serve again. At this point Ireally didn’t give damn about the fraternity. I had become a slave to his cock.The only thing that mattered was sucking cock.I sucked his cock all night and into the next day. Thankfully, my roommate hadhooked up with a girl and never came home that night. This worked out well forme, as he was gone most of the time to see her. This allowed me to suck mymasters cock almost every day for a year. Needless to say, I became a memberof the fraternity and still service my mentors’ cock on a regular basis.

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