Double Trouble


I got the idea for this story a few months while on an actual cruise with my wife. I was standing at one of the bars just like I describe. I met a couple and we shared a lengthy conversation. The next day the man and I met up again at the same bar. A pair of women had just hit on my friend. When I walked up, they hit on me. I thought it amusing. When they left and the friend’s wife arrived, we laughed about it all. A pervert like I am, I began to think about the possibilities. Over the next few days, I began to formulate the beginnings of this story. Then, when I went back to cruise on the same ship to start writing.

Of course, I will not name the cruise line nor the actual name of some of the bars as that would identify the ship to a savvy cruiser.


I stood, leaning on the counter of the Roundhouse bar. Despite it not even being noon yet, the bar was busy. The ten bar stools around the three quarter circle were filled with half drunk asses. I stood like the rest of the twenty or so patrons holding my place. I kept an eye out for my target. I glanced to my right. The concierge and guest services desks forty feet away were busy.

This morning the line generally consisted of ten to fifteen people waiting to voice their concerns. This was our first day at sea and each of the passengers who had one of a myriad of issues would be taken care of quickly and efficiently by a trained staff who had heard it all and were ready to make it better.

The cruise ship’s staff were mainly foreign to the majority of the passengers but English was the spoken language. The personnel who manned the guest services desk were experts. I knew how adept the cruise staff was to make sure every one of the passengers had as happy a cruise experience as possible. I watched as each person walked away knowing whatever question he’d had was now settled. Their concerns had been answered. Virtually every person was satisfied with the service.

I once imagined myself walking up to the counter and asking the (usually female) staff on hand if I could have someone, preferably her, come to my cabin and give me a blowjob. My fantasies had the woman not even blink as she told me she would see what could be done. Without a change of expression she’d explain she was not available but would pass my request along to her supervisor.

I snapped out of my reveries as my targets approached. I had planned to be already settled in place when we ran into each other again. We had first met in the terminal holding area awaiting the announcement to board the ship. A few hours later I managed to run into them again at one of the twenty bars the ship offered. The first time we engaged in a short conversation. The second time, I was invited to join them in the dining room. Three times in twenty four hours for me to find them would have been a little much. I wanted them to find me rather than appear I was seeking them.

I really did not need to have further direct contact. I could do my surveillance from anywhere. But I found myself unexpectedly intrigued by my targets. We’d talked about this particular bar being a good one with plenty of space and convenient to the elevators. It was also along the route between their cabin and the dining room where we ate during a short lull from drinking last night. Sure enough, they saw me and returned my wave.

“I thought we were starting early.” Tom Bradshaw offered in greeting. “We skipped breakfast and wanted a drink or two before lunch.”

I nodded. “I’m hungry myself, but they don’t start serving in the dining room for another half hour. I don’t really care for the buffet on the top deck. I was thinking after a couple Bahama Mamas, I’d be ready for lunch.” He agreed, saying great minds think alike.”How are you doing this morning? Let me see if I remember. You are Tom and this is Sharon and Karen.” I said, smiling at the two blondes accompanying him. They acknowledged my recollection with friendly smiles.

“I’m generally pretty bad about names, especially when I’ve had a few drinks.” I lied. “Not a good thing for a sales rep. For work I have to carry a cheat sheet to help me keep track of my contacts and their spouses.” Karen smiled when I added. “But honestly, I have had no problem remembering your names. They are easy to remember. You girls are hard to forget.”

Oh yes, neither of these two women would slip your memory once you met them. Both siblings were blessed with the type of bodies generally manufactured by repeated trips to the operating room. Generous, firm breasts, just the right amount of curves yet flat stomachs. Long trim, muscular legs fully exposed by the mid-thigh length shorts they wore now.

Their faces were not classically beautiful but were cute and had what could best be described as character. I happened to know neither had been medically enhanced beyond braces to straighten their teeth while teenagers. Since neither woman was a product of the knife, their good looks had to be a combination bahis siteleri of genetics and a passion to keep fit. Their personalities matched their beauty. They seemed intelligent, sweet and friendly. Often, in my line of work a pretty face belied a heart of granite.

I knew far more about the women’s histories than their medical status. Sharon was thirty eight and Karen a year younger. Both had shared the same last names all their lives. For the first twenty some odd because they were sisters. The last fifteen or so because they married twin brothers.

The fact they stayed married to the brothers for fifteen years told me the sisters were either 1. very patient and loving, 2. religious and did not believe in divorce, or 3. gold-digging bitches who wanted to make sure they stayed in the marriage long enough to get their full portion of the family money.

The fourth possibility, that they were dumb and naive was out of the realm of possibility. Both women had MBA’s and held management positions in the company they built with their husbands.

In my opinion, their husbands were asses. Both men were egotistical, self-entitled, and abrasive but they were paying my fee so I put up with them. I knew I had to be very careful with how I handled the case when Roger argued with my refusal to do everything he wanted.

Roger suggested giving me a bonus if I would bed his wife. He laughed as he called it a ‘bounty on her ass’. At first I thought he was kidding and laughed along when he said, “Look, I’m not totally sure my wife is fuckin’ around like my sister in law. But if you can seduce her, I’ll match your total fee as a bonus. I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself if you get her in bed. The woman fucks like a mink when she is in the mood. Great piece of ass.”

I’d already presented the brothers my initial bill. The preliminary estimate that would cover the expenses for my cruise and a week’s worth of my time came to twenty thousand dollars. This case was far more involved than a simple follow and photograph. The brothers were fully aware this would be the minimum they would pay. They paid the retainer without hesitation or comment when I refused the bonus.

Paying me at least another twenty thousand to seduce Karen, Roger’s wife, was both insulting and illegal. I carefully explained that while the idea was intriguing, I was bound by professional ethics. Plus I was bonded and not about to risk my license and carer for a romp in bed. I decided they would have derided my own personal ethics so I kept that to myself. My reaction to their ridicule would have not been conducive to our business relationship.

Roger laughed and said he’d never tell a soul I stepped over to the ‘dark side’. I knew better. He’d have told the story every time he got the chance. He’d regale the story to his golfing buddies every time he hit the course. Any time he was out socially, he’d tell the story of how he got proof his wife was cheating.

His brother Roy was pretty sure his wife, Sharon was already engaged in an affair, but did not have the indisputable proof he needed to invoke his prenuptial agreement. Roger had no idea if his own wife was cheating but was obviously as enthusiastic to get shed of his spouse as his brother. Neither would tell me why they now wanted to be single. But I knew adultery was the key to attain that goal.

Their hard core prenuptial agreement was the crux of the issue for both brothers. They had been thirty three when the twins met and married two sisters fresh out of college some fifteen years ago. Their father was more than willing to loan them the money to start up their company but insisted the brothers and their new wives sign a prenup.

The old man and his wife were worried the two beautiful sisters were after the million dollars he gave his sons as a start-up. He could conceive of no other reason the women would want to marry his boys. Both young women were well educated with advanced degrees in business. Both beauties seemed congenial and socially adjusted. They could have their choice of young men if they were in the market for marriage.

The twins, Roy and Roger, were thirty three, never married and had the reputation of being pussy hounds. Their oft-stated philosophy was ‘catch and release’, but now suddenly they wanted to get married and Daddy Deep-pockets was worried.

I knew this also because Edward Blanchard was a former client and had recommended my partner and me to his sons, Roy and Roger. After fifteen years of childless marriages, his suspicions of his daughter in laws’ intentions had not abated. Only now there was the corporation the two couples had built from his initial stake to consider. Since he had referred me to his sons I felt I could ask him his opinion of the situation.

He privately revealed that although he was ‘pretty sure’ the fact he still had no grandkids was more his sons’ fault than their wives, he still wanted to protect the family fortune. Edward’s wife, Cynthia canlı bahis siteleri was the consummate socialite. But outside of public eye, she dearly wanted to be a grandmother. She had a hard time believing her sons’ childless state was their idea. She just knew they wanted to please her. She thought of her boys as fun loving, charming men who any woman in her right mind would want as a husband and father of her children.

“Would you like to join us for lunch, John?” Karen asked me politely. I was happy to accompany the beauty. Talking with her the evening before revealed her to be a nice, intelligent, charming woman. Of course, intelligent, charming women could be consummate cheating whores as well. Being with them would make my job of shadowing the two women all the easier. To be honest, it was not necessary to get the job done but I enjoyed her company, mark or not.

Over lunch they invited me to join them at an exclusive beach resort the next day when we arrived at our first port of call. Karen grinned as she said she had bought a new bikini for the occasion, adding it was just ‘a little too risque’ for the pool deck. She did not want to offend the parents of small children. Sharon giggled and asked her about interesting tan lines. Karen leaned over and whispered, “I don’t have to worry about tan lines. I already took care of that. And I got freshly waxed.” Okay….

“You missed out, skipping the show last night.” Tom stated. “It was great. I hope the rest of the entertainment on board is as good.” I told him I had driven from Dallas overnight and was too tired to enjoy a show. Especially after the alcohol I’d consumed, I was ready for bed. Another lie, I made my home and practiced in Baton Rouge, the same city where they resided.

“Bed is where the BEST entertainment is.” Karen offered as she winked at me. Sharon giggled loudly and agreed. Tom smiled. I wondered if they were in a playful, teasing mood or had they made me?

I’m not a complete troll, but I am certainly not some handsome devil either. I stand about five nine, with a decent body but certainly not a muscular Adonis. My receding, medium brown hair is beginning to show signs of gray at the temples. The best you could say of my appearance was I was a ‘gray’ individual. I blended in and would never stand out in a crowd. I would not warrant a second glance. Perfect traits for a spy or a private investigator. At forty, I was a few years older than the three but still in the same age range.

I suspected I had been ‘made’ or at least they suspected me. I decided to roll with it and act flattered and intrigued, which I was. I laughed at their entendres.

The week went well. I wound up spending most of the time in their company, both on board ship and in the ports. We ate most meals together. I had fun, enjoyed their company and honestly liked these three. Part of me felt guilty. I regretted what I would have to do when we returned home but that was the job.

The very first day we spent together at the beach, Sharon and Tom made no effort to conceal they were having an affair. As a matter of fact, she said with pride, she was finally getting her private life in order and going to make up for lost time. She stated she was married to a ‘jerk’ who wanted to be rid of her almost as much as she wanted to be rid of him. When I asked why she stayed married this long, she had shrugged and said, “habit, complacency, I’m not sure.” I could tell she did not want to say. Karen also admitted to be in an ‘unsatisfactory’ marriage she wanted to end. Both women simply added that while on this cruise they intended to ‘let their hair down and have as much fun as possible.’ They deserved it.

We were just finishing our lunch on the last full day of the cruise. We would disembark in the morning. “John, let’s go to the lounge area off the Tidewater bar. It’ll be closed until evening. We need to have a talk.” Karen said quietly. We all stopped at the bar on the outside deck to pick up drinks on the way.

When we settled into our chairs, Karen took a deep breath and began. “First of all, I want to say, after getting to know you, I really like you, John.” She paused as if awaiting a response. I sat there without moving, trying not to either validate her declaration or disclose my own feelings. She had voiced the same notion a few times during the week. I was not sure how much was teasing but I could tell I would have had no problem collecting that extra twenty K if I’d wanted.

Karen took another deep breath and continued. “I’m actually surprised how much I do.” I sat motionless waiting for the shoe to drop. “I have to admit we have not been exactly honest with you, but you have not been completely honest with us either.” I let my face form a wan smile. “We know who you are and why you are here on this cruise. I should say you would not make a very good spy and despite being in the business for four years you are not a very good private investigator. You should go back canlı bahis to what you were doing before…writing software. I understand you were very good at that.”

“So, you know a lot about me, ” I offered. “How? When did I mess up?” I asked.

“Oh you didn’t actually mess up.” Sharon said. “We are just better. We knew somebody would be here to catch us in the act and you were around so we checked you out. Karen sent an email to our own PI. Of course we bought the full internet package on the cruise so we could stay in touch. We did not know for sure until Karen got the report back a few days later.” I asked why they they thought to have me checked out.

Karen smiled and said, “Because I kinda liked you. I needed to know more about you than you disclosed. I have everybody checked out. Full background check including credit history. I even had the guy who mows my lawn checked.” Tom laughed and said it was true. The women had done the same to him when he was first hired and again when he and Sharon began to get close.

“At first, I discounted you as the investigator our husbands hired when you did not take the bait.” At my raised eyebrows, she continued with a grin. I could tell she was enjoying herself. A glance at the other two, told me they were as well. “While we waiting to board, I deliberately dropped my sail and sign card when I got up to use the rest room to see if anyone was going to grab it up. I was watching to see who did.” The sail and sign card is used as room key and to have onboard purchases billed to the passenger’s account. “You picked it up and just handed it to Sharon. I’d have thought for sure you would have palmed it and I would either have to get a replacement or confront you. Your honesty put me off. Once you had done that and was still sitting nearby, I couldn’t very well try the same thing again to bait somebody else.”

Actually, she did not see me place the card against my front pants pocket where I had hidden a miniature RFID scanner. I had cloned her card before I handed it to Sharon. “Well, Sharon told me you had returned my card and we got started talking. I did not think a PI would do that to his ‘mark’. We even had drinks and ate dinner after we boarded. Like I said before, I enjoyed your company so I was happy to run into you the next morning. I wanted to spend more time with you. Right after lunch, I sent an email to my investigator to do the background check.”

“Actually we were looking for a middle-aged woman.” Tom offered. “We asked our room steward if anybody had tried to bribe him to get into our room before we arrived. For fifty dollars and the promise we would not report him he admitted a woman had, saying she knew the people who were to be in that cabin and wanted to leave a gift for us. He could not describe her beyond being older with lots of makeup and a hat.”

“There is another pair of investigators on board.” I admitted. “They have been following us around. Apparently, Roy or Roger did not fully trust me to get the job done. I’m guessing they are insurance.” All three looked surprised and asked who they were. “Well, the man has long gray hair, about fifty. I know you’ve seen him. You commented on the tattoos on his hands. And you talked to his wife. She has bright red hair, and is a little plump.”

‘The dog groomer?” Karen asked, in surprise. I nodded and said she had once been an actual groomer so often used that as her cover. They worked out of New Orleans. Their clientele was primarily cheating spouses.

“I’m surprised we are not all tripping over each other.” I said, grinning.

Tom grinned and said, “Well at least they did not get access to our room. I’m not sure how you did.” He nodded to Sharon who opened the small bag she carried. “We might as well return these. I assume they are yours and not that other couple’s. I know they have to be expensive. We don’t want you to lose the money.” Sharon handed me a pair of small cameras. They were about an inch wide and a quarter inch thick. I confirmed they were mine. ” We found them attached to the bottom of our televisions, aimed at the beds. I removed the battery and the sim card.” Tom said with a grin. “We aren’t worried about audio but we don’t want any embarrassing pictures or video showing up on the internet. Plus this will save you a little money trying to bribe the steward to let you in to retrieve them. Or were you going to wait until we left in the morning and run in and grab them while the steward had the door blocked open?” I just shrugged.

“I put the battery back in the one from my room.” Karen said, smiling. “I did a little performing for your personal viewing wearing my panties and a bra. But then you’ve already seen me wearing that tiny bikini. You seemed interested,” She smiled seductively. She knew I’d been interested.

I had enjoyed the show she put on vamping for the camera. It was certainly enticing. I did not bother to tell them the cameras they found were decoys. I had entered their room using the card reader which doubled as a transmitter and hidden better cameras and an audio bug the first night while they were at the show in the theater. I had already retrieved my devices and briefly examined the contents.

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