Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 21


Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 21Waking up the next morning I put the guest room bedding in the dryer, and threw all of my bedding and the towels in and started another load.When I got home from school I remade the guest bed, folded it back into the couch, and did my homework. After all the laundry was done I had dinner, then called Linda. After about an hour and a half on the phone she was tired so I wished her a good night.Still wide awake, I went to the store and used some of the money dad left me to replenish the slightly depleted kitchen. Dad came home on Tuesday, and was pleased at how clean the house was. No broken furniture, no panties hanging from the lights, most of his beer was still in the fridge.Later that night after dinner I worked on my campaign a bit, then went to bed. The next few days was largely the same. Finally it was Thursday, and once again I picked everybody up and we went to JD’s. Unlike last month, this time the adventure was more routine. They headed out of town, followed the path, and then instead of sneaking into the dungeon, JD had his character knock on the door!Everything pretty much broke down after that, as they fought each group essentially outside and in the front doorway. All my planning of them sneaking from room to room was destroyed! Essentially they killed 80% of the orcs in the entrance hall and outside of it!The funniest part was when Adnil announced she was throwing the magic dagger she got last time at an orc that was closing in on Kaos. She rolled, and hit.“The orc takes the dagger in the shoulder. He blinks, and looks surprised. He then smiles and stabs Kaos with his sword.”By the time they took that orc down, Kaos was u*********s and bleeding out fast. But Keith’s cleric got to her in time and saved her. Even Mandy who had been happily rolling for the orcs until that point seemed a little worried.Well, they got pretty well tore up since there was little break from fighting to heal and recover. But hey, they only had themselves to blame for that. Then they recovered the dagger from the orc and the Paladin and Cleric tested it again.Yea, is emitting a good aura, no question of that. No, it is not cursed in any way. Holly is now curious, so on the way back to town she learns her Identify spell and casts it on the dagger.I then passed her a note. Reverse Necromantic spell.JD at that point looks like he got hit in the head with a warhammer. “Wait, what the fuck? Reverse Necromantic, you mean, like it heals?”At that I just grinned, and handed over to Linda the 3×5 card I had prepared for this item.Dagger of healing +2, heals one 8 sided dice of damage +2 hit points. Usable 2 times per day.“Dude, who in the fuck makes a dagger that heals people? That makes no fucking sense!” JD exclaimed when she handed around the item card.“I did,” I said, and grinned. “And it does not have to make sense, it’s magic.”At that, everybody once again got it and was laughing hysterically. Simply the illogic of stabbing somebody with a dagger and it healing them was making everybody question the sanity of magic (as well as my own sanity).As we were putting everything away, I called JD over to the side, and told him about the interest the guy had in my adventure at the convention the month before. I asked him if he could look it over and suggest any changes or improvements. He agreed, and said that since he played with another casual group on Sunday he would have them run through it and give me the feedback.So I handed over all of my notes and maps and let him do his thing. I also handed him my copy of the Cities book, so he could use that as well.When we got in the car, Holly hit the back of my shoulder and said “You bastard! That dagger almost killed me!”“Well, don’t blame me, Linda is the one that threw it! And it did not harm you in the slightest, it was the orc that almost killed you.”Keith then said “An enchanted dagger that heals by stabbing. What next, a magic mace that does the same thing? Smack somebody upside the head with it and they feel better?”We all laughed at that, and even Mandy was feeling better as I took everybody home. Hugs and kisses were exchanged and after some nice kissing with Linda I headed on home.That weekend was largely the same as most others. On Friday I picked up the 3 musketeers + 1 and we went skating. I noticed that Kimmie and Julie were looking at me a bit strangely, but nothing of real importance was said. We all had fun, and Linda and I had some fun kissing and caressing on the floor in her bedroom before it was time to go home.As nice as it was making out in her bedroom where it was warm and we could be comfortable, it was a little hard to get intimate knowing her mom could peek in at any time.On Saturday the 4 of us went to a small arcade in a strip mall, had dinner at Burger King, then went straight to the runway. Keith looked questionably as we all got out of the car and Holly and I lowered the back seat. But only put up token resistance as Holly directed him into the back. I crawled into the passenger seat and Linda crawled into my lap. She was sitting astride of my lap, her skirt raised up and her panties rubbing against my jeans.I was nibbling on her ear when she suddenly ground herself tight against me and hissed in my ear. “Pete, they’re fucking!”I peeked over my shoulder, and saw that Keith was laying on his back. Holly was astride of him, and slowly moving up and down. She had all of her clothes off and was sitting upright, her breasts were covered by Keith’s hands. And as she raised and lowered herself, I could see Keith’s cock sliding in and out of her.Nibbling on her ear, I softly whispered “I know, we knew they were last weekend.”“But I can see them!” she whispered back, and I continued nibbling on her neck as she resumed her grinding against me. It seemed that she was now moving her hips in time with Holly. Whenever I heard the couple in the back growing more passionate, Linda sped up. When it felt and sounded like they were slowing down, Linda slowed down.Finally just as I heard the couple in the back moaning and groaning, then sighing in relief I was holding a quivering little girl in my lap who was also achieving her own release.And as they seemed to be cuddling and relaxing in the afterglow, I found another advantage to having a small girlfriend. As Linda had me slide the seat all the way back, lowered herself into the footwell as I laid the seat back and scooted up as far in the seat as I could. And she gave me a blowjob that soon had me cumming in her mouth.We all cuddled and caressed our lovers again, and soon the two in the back were talking less and we decided to let them be. We were soon kissing, and I felt Scout rocking again. I nibbled on Linda’s ear, and she whispered “Again!”I looked back, and this time Keith was between her legs, pumping away. I lowered my hand into Linda’s now very wet pussy and slid first 2 fingers into her, then 3. She moaned into my ear as I started to masturbate her, letting my thumb rub across her clit. Soon we could both hear güvenilir bahis the squishing noises as Keith was sliding in and out of Holly. I concentrated on Linda more, and while I think both Keith and Linda reached a second orgasm that night, I know I didn’t and it didn’t sound like Holly did.But everybody was all smiles as we opened all of the doors and walked 2 laps around the runway. Soon the seat was back in place and it was time to take everybody home. I got a very passionate kiss from Linda as I dropped her off at home, and a soft whisper into my ear with her telling me “I can hardly wait!”When I drove Holly and I home she touched my hand as I came to my street, so I went ahead and pulled into my own driveway. A look at my watch told me we still had 20 minutes left.“Pete, I don’t know quite what’s gotten into Keith and me, but I’m sorry.”“Why are you sorry Holly? It sounded like you both had a good time” I said, giving her a friendly smile and taking her hand in mine.“We did, oh god but we had a good time! But, ahhh, we did it with you guys right in front of us! God, it was like embarrassing, and exciting at the same time!“And I know that Linda was watching us! It seemed like every time I looked up, it was into her eyes. It was like she could not stop, and, ahhh…”She got quiet at that, then continued “Pete, I liked it! I don’t know why, but the idea of her watching me turned me on even more. Is, err, is that a bad thing? I mean, I guess I knew that we could have been seen, but when I realized she was watching it just turned me on even more!”“Holly, I watched you for a bit too. It’s OK. I already realized that Linda is a voyeur. And I think she is also an exhibitionist by how she likes to talk dirty, especially when others can hear her. And I know you have watched us on more than a few occasions.”She nodded, and I continued.“I think it’s normal to be a voyeur. And it’s not to unusual to be an exhibitionist. I know you have seen my cock, and I know you have seen me pleasure Linda. You liked watching also, right?”She nodded again, and we exchanged a smile.“So as long as the four of us continue to date like this, we’re gonna just have to get used to it. I’m gonna see you and Keith, and you’re gonna see Linda and me. We’re just 4 friends who like to go out, and spend some time making out.”Holly gave me a big hug at that, and kissed my cheek. “Yea, I got ya. Making out. Now let’s get out and walk me home before any more of Keith leaks out of me and I get embarrassed.”I got out of the car and went around to help Holly out. I had opened the door and reached my hand to help her out. She started to get out, then turned red. Then she let go of my hand, sat back down, and pulled some napkins out of the center console. Still bright red Holly pulled her skirt up a bit, and used the napkins to wipe her thigh. She then shoved them into her panties, smiled, and stood up.I walked her to her door where I got a big hug, and a soft goodnight as she went inside. Thankfully I got a glimpse in the living room before the door closed. The TV and all the lights were turned off.The next day was more relaxing. Linda and I drove around a bit, and visited several used book stores. We each picked up 3 or 4 of them at 2 of the stores and went to my house where we chatted with my dad about our haul. He remembered he’d made a promise and went into the garage. 5 minutes later he came back and handed Linda his copy of “Starship Troopers”. She gave him a big hug and sat down to start reading it.We spent most of the night cuddled together on the couch. Linda reading her gift from my dad, myself reading a book called “Magician: Apprentice”.At 10 I told dad we were going out for a bit. 15 minutes later we were once again at the Japanese Garden and hard at work pleasing each other. By 10:30 we were both naked in the back and had our hands busy as we held and kissed each other. Soon we each had quite satisfactory orgasms, Linda on my fingers and myself in her talented mouth which she had lowered just before I came. We then cuddled until it was time to take her home.I was doing my Math homework on Monday when the phone rang. Dad answered me and I came downstairs to answer it.“Dude, they loved it!” JD almost shouted into my ear. “I didn’t tell them it was from somebody else, and they were completely shocked at almost every step of the way! They busted up laughing and it was bedlam for almost 5 minutes when they met the dwarves! And then when Kaos let go with the Wand of Wonder, they lost it yet again! The only bummer is that they didn’t look too closely at your Dagger of Healing and sold it. Only after that did I tell them what it actually was, and they were both horrified that I would make up such a perverse magical item, and kicking themselves for letting it get away from them! We only got through half of the second adventure, but they’re handling it much better than we did, and are doing it the right way. I got a bunch of notes scribbled down, can we meet up and go over them?”I told him it was no problem, and I would pick him up after school the next day and we could talk about it.After school we went to his house and he had written down about 2 pages of ideas to clean it up a bit more. For one make the entry hall of the orc lair a bit longer, and put in 2 sets of thick doors to prevent idiots like him from ruining it. He then suggested that it would be best if I put in a boss battle at the end, like he had done with the Litch King. So we cut a few orcs from the final room and added an Orge Magi to lead them.Hey, this could even be a lead-in for a third chapter!He said he would finish with them next weekend, and give me the results of the new conclusion. I went on home.Wednesday was the last day of school for the year, as well as a half-day. I picked Linda up at VNJH and I noticed as I was waiting a lot of k**s (both girls and boys) were smiling at me as I waited. After a half-hour, I was almost worried I had missed Linda or she had left by another route when I saw her walking out with Mandy.At about 10 feet away Mandy looked up at me, screamed “Pete!”, and ran forward and launched herself into my arms! I was a little surprised but not unpleasantly so as I gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.“This is getting Linda back for all the times she has done that to me!” she whispered, then kissed me on the lips softly as a bemused Linda was standing in front of us with a mock scowl on her face.“So, should I like go on home so you two can get a room or what?” she asked.A slightly blushing Mandy let go of me, and I then gave my little lover a big hug and kiss and she gave Mandy a hug. She said they needed to do a little shopping, and asked if we could go to The Galleria.Once there, it was not all that different from the trip before Halloween. Telling me I was not welcome, she and Mandy took off, giving me instructions that I was to be waiting for them in the food court at 4:30. Not that it was a big deal, I had a little shopping of my own to do.I had already bought my dad güvenilir bahis siteleri a complete copy of the Man Called Horse movies on bootleg videotapes (he had told me once that was his favorite film series). And Linda’s gift was also at home.However, I had a few other things to get. For Keith, I was looking in a record store and saw a Ventures album. Now my dad had this same album, and it was kind of surf punk sounding, so I thought he would like it. For Holly I got a silver anchor chain necklace. For Mandy, I got a gift certificate for Spencer’s Gifts.And for Rosie, I got her a mug I had custom made at a booth in the center that said “Cause I’m the mom, that’s why!”When we all met up I drove them home just as their mom was pulling in. Mandy had gone into her room to start wrapping the things she had got, and Rosie asked what our plans were for the next day.Now we had already told her our plans for President’s Day weekend. And after talking to my dad and Holly’s parents, she agreed. Mandy said she wanted to go, and I told her maybe next year. I told her that I was thinking of driving down to Anaheim with Linda and get the information on the hotel I had stayed at before so I could make reservations before it was too late.“Good idea. Between the holiday crowd for Disneyland and that convention, if you wait too long you might not be able to get one.” She then took out her credit card and handed it to Linda.“They might give a problem, because you’re both under 18. Use this, and tell them it’s for me. Go ahead and charge both rooms for both nights, the rest of you can pay me back for your shares later on. If they have any problems tell them to call me, and I can fax them the information from work next week.”Linda gave her a huge hug and a kiss, and then we kissed goodbye as she went into her room to start wrapping the gifts she got.As I was putting on my jacket to leave Rosie grabbed my arm and nodded towards the front door. So holding my arm out as a gentleman should she took it and I walked her outside. Once outside, she pulled – guided me to the street and said “Around the block.” It was a long block, so I knew that would take at least 10 minutes.We walked about 20 yards when she sighed, and said “That’s going to be the weekend, isn’t it?”I got a bit nervous, and pleaded ignorance to what she was talking about.“Peter, I would like to think we know each other better than that by now. Now I’m not completely ignorant of my daughter’s, ah, behaviors. For well over a year she went through boyfriends faster than I went through pantyhose. And It seemed every other week she had a new one, went out to the movies or the arcade one night with one boyfriend, then the next night did something else with another boyfriend.“And yes, I noticed on more than one occasion that her clothes were a little bit, let’s say less than tidy. But this last summer she told me she met this great guy, dated him a single time, then moped for weeks when she didn’t saw him again. Then a few weeks after school started you enter the picture. I knew within a week you were the guy she met skating, and you two have been together since then. And she changed. She became more serious, she was spending almost every minute with you, and I actually liked what I saw.“And yes, I know she’s on the pill. I use the mother’s prerogative and I do occasionally peek into her purse. Right after she started to date you I found condoms in her purse. Then a week or so later they were gone and I found a package of birth control pills. Yet I never let her know, and the few times I questioned if it was a good idea dating somebody almost 2 years older, she insisted that you were not taking advantage of her.“‘Mom, I’m still a virgin’ was something she told me a couple of times. Yet, I know some things have happened. And believe it or not, I actually believe her that she is still a virgin. She has never really lied to me, and I believe that she’s still a virgin. But that’s going to change that weekend, right? No, look at me! That’s going to change, right?”I stopped, and we turned to face each other. “Mrs. Carol, I won’t say yes or no. If I did, that would violate a trust between your daughter and me. But trust me when I say I’ll never do anything against her will, or without her complete agreement. Have we been romantically intimate when we fooled around? Yes. But it was always with her complete understanding that if she told me to stop, I would have stopped without any hesitation or question. I love your daughter far too much to ever push her or try to do something she didn’t want to do.“If you are asking if we are going to finally, errr, consummate our relationship? That’s possible. But she’ll be entirely in control of that, not me. But if you forbid it, I will of course do exactly what we told you. Keith and I will share one room, and Linda and Holly the other. Or if you decide she can’t go, it’ll just be Keith and me and we’ll see the girls when we get home.”She looked into my eyes, sighed, and placed her hand back in my arm. “That’s kinda what I thought. Thank you for being honest with me. No, I can’t back out now. My relationship with Linda and Mandy is based on trust. I already said she could go, and if I backed out now I would become an oath breaker. And neither Linda or Mandy would know if they could trust me again.“I know she’s 15, and she’s growing up. It’s just hard to let go sometimes. But if this is going to happen, I guess I’m glad it’s with you. You seem mature for your age, and you really do love her.”She paused at this, then took a deep sigh. “Yes, you guys can have your weekend. I can’t believe I’m going to be paying so that my daughter can go off and have sex for the first time.”“Mrs. Carol, we honestly are going to a convention. If it happens, it happens. If not, then not. As I said already, her decision.”She chuckled at that and said “Please, Rosie. And remember, I was once a 15 year old girl myself. I know what it’s like. The desires flowing through you, wanting to be with a boy and scared to be with one. To be honest, I wasn’t a lot older than she is my first time. But let’s just say he was probably not as pleasant as you would be. He only wanted to get into my pants, and I believe you really do love Linda. So far better her first experience be with you than somebody else.”We were coming up on the front of the apartment building again, and I kissed her cheek. “Rosie, with all of my heart I hope with me it’s the first, the last, and the only experiences.”She actually reached out and caressed my cheek with her hand. “For both of your sake’s Pete, I would wish that as well.”And with that she walked into the complex.The next day I picked up Linda and we got on Interstate 405 (Ooops, the 405), then the 118, then the 5. About 2 hours later we were pulling off the freeway and saw the Matterhorn sticking up. We drove around the outside of Disneyland for about 15 minutes before I recognized the motel I was looking for. “Wagon’s Ho” the sign read, and we went on in.The desk iddaa siteleri clerk was Iranian or some kind of Middle Easterner. But he said he had adjacent rooms, and I told him we needed to reserve 2 of them for the 18th and 19th of February. Linda then piped up and said it was for her Aunt and cousins, and handed him her mom’s credit card. She then said if there was a question he could call her mom.Indeed he did that, and when he mentioned it was for family Rosie agreed. They talked a little bit and he said he would fax her the registration form. Apparently, everything was OK because when we left 15 minutes later he had franked the credit card, showed us the rooms (Linda asked if he had any others and settled for the 3rd set which was at the end of the building), and we were driving away with the receipt in our hand.Wow, this was really going to happen!We drove south on Harbor Boulevard, until we hit the Pacific Coast Highway. Now I learned a bit more of LA as we drove through several seaside communities, before deciding to stop for lunch in a little town called Seal Beach. We had lunch at a Jack In The Box, then walked through old downtown. We stopped at a book store and we each got a couple. Then we continued on, through Long Beach, then several other towns on our way home.“How do you know we won’t get lost on the way home?” I asked her.“Don’t worry, it’s hard to really get lost in LA. Up near Santa Monica we just get on the 10 and that will take us to the 405. That will take us home without a problem. Or at any point we can just drive East until we hit either Sepulveda Boulevard or the 405.”We pulled into The Valley at around 2 and I drove her home and we kissed a few minutes before I went home myself. We were going to go out and go skating the next night with Mandy, and I would be stopping by so we could exchange presents on Friday afternoon so we could have the rest of that day and the next with our families.When I got home, dad said “Oh good, you made it back in time! Come on over here.”He then dialed the phone, and soon was talking to somebody else. “Yea, Barbara? Yea, it’s Mr. Culver. No, we’re fine, can I have a moment with George?”Now I knew who he was calling. Barbara was the secretary where my mom had worked, and George Flushing was not only mom’s old boss, he was our family attorney.“Hi there George, yes it’s me. Look, I have a question.” He then went in to tell him about the interest that had been made in publishing a game module I was designing. They talked for about 30 minutes, occasionally asking me questions (mostly about originality and possible ancillary rights), then hung up.“OK Pete, how much of that did you get?”“Well, I got some of it, but I’m not sure how much.”“OK, he broke it down for me real simple. Before you sign, send, or agree to anything you are going to make a copy of everything you send to that guy, and we’re putting it in an envelope and sending it to Mr. Flushing by certified mail. He will then store it in the event things ever get ugly. He is going to write up a basic power of attorney and agent package so I can act as your agent in this matter.“Don’t go getting that look in your eye! When and if this all happens, you’re only going to be 17 and will not have the legal right to sign any kind of contract. I will agree to sign anything you want, but that is why we need those forms. So long as this guy plays fair and is on the up and up, we will have no problems at all.“The reason we are sending the copy is for copyright protection. Getting an official copyright can be expensive and take time. But this is a cheap and easy way to prove original ownership. He takes the letter, which is to remain sealed and marked with dates of sending and delivery by the post office. He just holds it.“That way if this guy reads what you send him and decides to just publish it on his own and cuts you out, we can take him to court. By handing that letter to the judge he can see it is sealed, open it himself, then compare your original with the one the guy publishes. If they are to much like your original, you have a case for copyright infringement and intellectual theft.“Since he has already seen a part of it, you need to go get as much as you can written down by Monday. Include dates you made it, dates others have seen it being played, and the date that guy saw you play it. We’ll get copies of all of your sheets and send that off on Monday. That way if he tried to just jump the gun we have something to use against him.”I hugged my dad and went upstairs to put all of my paperwork together. Then we had a nice ham dinner with potatoes.On Friday I had lunch with my dad, then got into Scout and drove to Linda’s.We had a nice hug and kiss, and she had this cute red sweater on that had a picture of Rudolph and said “Jingle Bells, and all that jazz.” It must have been an older one because it looked rather snug on her. My baby really was filling out.I handed her mom and sister their presents, and they both said they loved them. Rosie had a little knick-knack shelf and she put the mug on to it right away. Mandy gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek for the certificate. I then handed Linda the little box that held her gift.Now I had actually been shopping with Holly when I saw the necklace and pendant that had caught my eye. I asked to see it, it looked like a coin with writing on it, and a zig-zag cut out through the middle of it. It was actually 2 pendants once they were broken away from each other.“Ohhh, that’s a Mizpah!”“A what?”I was now reading the front.“The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other.” Holly explained Mizpah was Hebrew for “watchtower”, and it signifies a bond between two people. The quote was from Genesis, and could mean either a bond to be shared by parting, or a promise of an eternal bond. Nothing more needed to be said, I asked if he had one in gold and they did.It cost over half of my holiday savings, but it was well worth it.Linda opened the box, and gasped. She read it, then let her finger run lightly over the face of the medallion. Rosie and Mandy both crowded in to see it, and also gasped slightly. Linda pulled it out, and saw that there were 2 chains already attached. I reached out and grasped one half, and together we bent it a few times until it came apart in two halves. We then placed them around each others necks, and shared a long tender kiss.When she excused herself to use the bathroom, Rosie gave me a brief hug. “Pete, that is absolutely the most perfect gift I think you could have gotten her. Now you work hard to live up to that, got me?”When Linda returned I got my presents. A nice scientific calculator from Rosie. Mandy got me a booklet of 10 passes to Skate! And Linda handed me a fairly large box. I opened it up, and sure enough inside was another box. I opened that one, and found a silver frame with the two of us at the Halloween dance, and 2 dress shirts.I had a feeling however that she would be wearing those shirts more than I would be.Linda walked me out to my car, and after several minutes of kissing she took our pendants and placed them side by side so they would be whole again. “I love this Pete, and I love you!” We kissed again, and with a few more declarations of love I was soon driving home.

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