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Caught My Wife Again LesbianYou were licking pussy again, and I caught you completely unaware. The neighbor girl I had watched you sweat over for weeks was straddling your face. She was naked from the waist down and you had pushed her shirt up over her tits, doubtless to suck her nipples. You had her asscheeks in your hands and licked her from her asshole all the way to the tip of her clit in long firm strokes. You worked her for twenty minutes while I watched. You licked her pussy, sucked it, you worked her clit and she rode your face like a cowgirl. You made her come three times.Nether one of you saw me walk into the room. I had a beer in my hand and the stereo was on pretty loud so I figured you were in the tub soaking. I remembered walking in on you masturbating, the little show you did for me after, and smiled as I came around the corner, only to find this little slut was sitting on your face.I wonder how you had gotten her in the house finally. Did you tell her you were having problems with the VCR again? Did she come over to help and it just so happened that the video of your face (as I fucked you in the ass) was in the VCR? Remember that video. Just your face as you got tooled. Watching you pant and scream, and come. You were actually drooling at one point I think. Was it the video I made of you sucking the poolboy’s cock? The one where he comes all across your face and tits. I would have liked to see her face as you begged the poolboy to shoot in your mouth.Did you giggle and apologize and offer her a drink. Did you just happen to leave your vibrator out on the counter next to the remote control for her to see. Did you slip an arm around her and whisper in her ear how sexy she looked. Did your hand wander under her shirt and feel the firmness of her tits, stroke her nipple. I wonder if she blushed and tried to pull away. Did she try and leave, or did she kiss you back hard and grab for your snatch?I wonder how long it took you to get her in the bedroom. Hell maybe you just took her hand and walked her in. Maybe she had heard about you. güvenilir bahis Maybe she completely wanted it. She had a tight almost boyish ass, no tan lines at all. Her tits were firm and small, just like you like them. Her nipples were huge and hard. They stuck out a half-inch or more from the areole.She was begging to be penetrated. You flipped her over on her back and started finger fucking her. I watched you, hard now. My cock pushing against my slacks. One finger, then two. Stroking her clit with your thumb, watching her face. Three fingers up her cunt, slamming your fist in her. Your panties were soaked through and I could see your pussy clenching as you sucked her clit and your fist popped inside her. She screamed like a banshee, her cries muffled in your big tits. She grabbed your arm with both her hands and fucked your fist. Her face was flushed and sweating as she came for what seemed like twenty minutes. She sucked your nipples and you came too.You were both laying there, exhausted. You had collapsed on her and she was holding on to you like a liferaft. I was ready now and I slammed the door and locked it.Both of you looked terrified. She was so scared she didn’t even try to cover herself. I could see the look of a****l satisfaction on your face and I wanted to slap it off of you. No one said anything. Both of you stared at my cock, obviously hard. Both of you probably wondered how long I had been watching.I pulled the heavy upholstered chair in front of the door and started to undress. I took off my tie, then my shirt. My belt slid easily trough the loops and onto the floor. Then I unzipped my fly and you both stared at my hard cock. I kicked my pants away and took off my socks. Then sat down naked in the chair and just watched. At some point the girl thought to pull her shirt down and you shook your head no. You whispered something in her ear. I could see she was agitated. She shook her head one time, and you whispered again. Then she seemed to relax, she let you finished stripping her until she was completely naked.I pointed to güvenilir bahis siteleri the closet and she looked puzzled, but you went and stripped off your panties. You brought me the heavy collar and the paddle and knelt in front of me while i buckled it. I pulled your face close to me and whispered in your ear that you were a bad little slut and that you would definitely be punished. I could see the fear in your eyes. I could also see the raw naked need there. I had interrupted before she could service you, though probably nowhere near as skillfully as you had serviced her.I slammed your head down on my cock and filled your slutty mouth with it as I watched her squirm. You were trying to breathe through your ears, I could tell.I beckoned her with my hand to kneel next to you and she did. I pulled your needy mouth off my cock and let her lick it as well. You watched her with ‘your’ cock in her mouth and observed her technique as she spun her tongue over my engorged head. Your fingers started to stroke my balls as she sucked me. She was good and your fingers soon circled the girth of my cock and jacked me as she sucked.I didn’t want to come too fast, so I slowed her and then the two of you fought to suck my cock. Licking and sucking the entire length of it between your greedy mouths. I pulled her face to mine and told her to fuck me. She looked shocked, though how she could after all of this I don’t know. You showed her what I wanted. Her feet on the arms of the chair squatting over my cock, and your hand guided my cock in her pussy. As she lowered she grimaced and I knew her pussy was sore from the fisting you had given her earlier. She was holding onto the back of the chair as I fucked her. You watched. You watched her ride me with a deep hurting need inside you.She begged me to stop because her pussy was too sore. I stopped and by then you had the cuffs in your hand. After you cuffed her I ordered you to get her on the bed. She was crying now, she didn’t understand, but you did. You knew what happens when a slut complained that iddaa siteleri her pussy was too sore for my cock. You dragged her across the floor and attached the cuffs to the headboard. Tears streamed down her face as you cuffed her ankles to the corners of the bed. She kicked you once and she almost got loose, but you knew what would happen to you if she got away.I strapped the dildo and harness onto you. Then I watched you lube the shaft of the big cock and place it in the cleft of her ass. She screamed as you started fucking her, and I thought she was in pain. Then I realized she was coming. Her slutty ass was coming all over you, while you fucked her with the dildo.I let you slide under her and fuck her pussy with the strap-on as I eased my cock in her tight little ass. She exploded, both of her holes filled so deep and full. She came and came and came. I could hear her screaming as she sucked your nipple and took all that we could give her.You were so turned on I could have fucked you with a telephone poll. The juice ran from your pussy under the harness and all over you. The strap on had been rubbing your clit the whole time we were fucking her.You could see the slick come on my cock as I fucked her pussy from behind while you watched. I could hear you beg me to fuck you as I tooled this girl. I asked if her pussy was still sore and she just couldn’t speak any more. You could tell by the way I was stroking that I was so very close to blowing a huge thick wad of come all over this little slut.You beg me to come in your face, or your ass, or your pussy. You cry and plead, promising you won’t bring any more sluts in the bedroom. I tell you to get down beside her and put your face right next to hers. Then I unload all over the both of you. Streams of hot thick cum across your faces. Both of you want to finish me in your mouths, and I let you trade and suck my come from each others mouths. Then I tell you to lick her face clean, and when you are done get that whore out of my house.When you uncuff her and let her go she is crying. You pull the chair out of the way and hurry her to the door. You kiss her at the door I know you do. The same way I know this won’t be the last time I catch you eating pussy.When you come back I have the straps, and you know you aren’t done. Not by a long shot.

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