British Bengali slag


British Bengali slagMy name is rima I’m bengali from London age 27 and I’m gonna share my story of me being a slut. It all started when I was going through the channels at night was was at my khalas houseI and saw a phone girl squeezing her boobs moving her hips in such a sexy way, I straight awayKnew that this was sexy and felt like doing it myself, I went to my room to practice some poses in the mirror and warn many different outfits like knee high boots and different colour bras, after 45 I get a knock on the door.I quickly get into my tracksuit and take off my make up to go answer the door, it was my neighbourIt was Jon a 50 year oldman who helps on everyone’s washing machine, he told me he’s nephew kicked his ball into our garden, so I told him that he welcome to get it but I was so stupid that I forgot to shut my room door and he saw all my bras all over güvenilir bahis my bed, he stops outside my rooms and tells me that he was watching through my window from his house and than told me his favourite outfit was me in my hot pinks pointy heels,at the moment I was shocked and scared but at the same time felt abit turned on, he gave me twenty pounds and told me to want him off, I told him.that I have a boyfriend which he replied *your boyfriend cheating on you all the time in the shisha bars I have to fix up* I was shocked that he knew where my boyfriend at the time worked at this point I dint know why I chose to believe him but knowing my boyfriend and his friends I can tell they’ve had fun with white girls in Shoreditch.I told him that I can’t cause my family is coming soon, he then said that he will get a hotel room for us, I agreed and gave him my güvenilir bahis siteleri number and told him to call me when he’s at the hotel, within 30 minutes he calls my phone telling to come to the travellodge which is 5 mind away from our house, so I took my back put him the hot pink heels and to wear red lipstick, I went to the hotel and was thinking to myself is this really happening, I went upstairs to the room he got for us knocked on the door, come in he said, I walk in to see my neighbour ready looking at me like I’m some sort of fucking meat for him, he walked up to me stared grabbing my bum and kissing my neck, I told him to stop and lay down on the bed while I get ready for him, I went to the toilet put on my red lipstick for him brought out the hot pink heels he wanted and realised I forgot the sexy lingerie, I looked at my self in the iddaa siteleri mirror and realised how sexy I look and how horny it made me feel.I walk out of the toilet gave him a little pose and right hand on the wall left hand on the hips right foot pointing siding ways left foot pointing at him, he started stroking his dick and I started squeeze g my boobs and rubbing my pussyHe then walks up to my stands really close started rubbing hi’s body against me and had a sensual slow breath and said aaaahhh, he than sat down on the bed and started licking my nipple, I close my eyes and looked up and looked allowing my pussy juice to run down out of my vagina, the moment I said ah he grabbed me on put me on my back, it was like as if he knew that my pussy opened up from his nipple licking skills, he than wenthe on top of me and started rubbing his body on my and slowly rubbed his dick on my clit, it was wild I couldn’t resist how much I wanted him dick, I then grabbed him and shoved it in held his as’s cheeks and told him to fuck me fast and hard, We had sex for 20 minutes and it was the best sex of my life.

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