Aunt Spices Things Up


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My name is Dan. This is about how I got into a very unconventional living arrangement. I had lived all my life in a small town in rural Arizona, but I got an internship in southern California, and couldn’t wait to move. Conveniently, my aunt Carol lived near where I’d be working and was willing to let me stay with her in the beginning. I visited her once in a while when I was younger, I knew she was a little like me in that she was happy to move out of our small town, and she had also a bit of a hippie streak.

When I finally arrived at Carol’s place I realized I forgot how nice it was – there’s a pool and everything. I was now 22 years old, I think I was 12 or 13 last time I visited her. She’s got brown hair down to her shoulders, with a few gray hairs showing with blue eyes. She’s maybe 5’5″ or so, and she’s a little on the thick side, with a large bubble butt and large-ish breasts. She didn’t look bad for a woman in her 50’s. I fantasized about her once in a while when I was a teenager, and even now I was eager to see her in a bikini or something to get a better glimpse of some cleavage.

After having stayed with her for a week, she introduced me to this man named Chris. She told me he was her friend. In all my life I’ve never known Carol to actually have a relationship with anyone – it was always just short term flings, or maybe fuck buddies or something – I have no idea. Chris is a tall black guy, maybe 6’2″, and in decent shape. He was dressed in business attire while Carol looked like she was dressed for the beach. They went out to eat together, and I just stayed in my room playing computer games.

A couple hours later I heard some noises – sounded like they were back.

Maybe half an hour later, I went to the kitchen to finally get something to eat myself, and then went to walk back to my bedroom. I passed by the master bedroom which had the door wide open and heard some strange noise, and saw Chris, who laying down on the bed completely nude, with Carol next to him bobbing her head up and down on his penis – a fairly large penis at that. It felt like this moment lasted forever, but I hurried right into my room.

My face was red, and my penis was immediately hard. I quietly listened for a moment, and heard nothing, and so then I turned on the television. I started masturbating right away. I tried thinking of Carol’s freckled cleavage, but I couldn’t stop thinking of the image of her taking that penis into her mouth like that.

The next morning I entered the living room. “Why hello,” Carol greeted me with a warm smile.

“Hi,” I answered.

She entered the room, and said, “so you haven’t told me, did you have a girlfriend back in Arizona?”

“No,” I answered.

“Why not? Have you… ever been with a girl?”

I felt nervous and a bit embarrassed, and just honestly answered, “no…”

“What about a guy? Ever desire to be with a man?” I honestly never had before, until the other day. She planted a smile on her face, and after a brief pause, and asked, “did you… see us, by any chance?”.

I opened my mouth but hesitated, and then she added, “it’s okay if you did.”

“Yeah, I did, sorry,” I quietly answered.

“No, I am the one that is sorry, I’m not used to being that private. But I’m maybe… kind of glad.”

I just shrugged, but then she asked with raised eyebrows, “did you like… seeing that?”

“Uh, yeah,” I muttered, being honest.

“What did you see exactly?” she immediately asked, squinting her eyes at me now.

“Uh,” I uttered, finding this conversation too awkward.

“Did you see his,” she then put her hands in front of her, as if to show how long his penis is, “it’s big, isn’t?”

“It is,” I said, feeling my penis artemisbet yeni giriş get hard. I glanced down to see if it was visible through my shorts, and saw her follow my eyes down.

She smirked, and pat the spot beside her on the couch.

I sat down beside her, and she immediately put her hand over my crotch area.

“You probably don’t know this, but I only sleep with black men, and your mom was the same way before she settled down,” she explained.

“Chris and I have a sort of.. open relationship. But he’s the master, and he thinks it’d be hot if the both of us served him. He said white dudes give the best head,” she laughed, and then added, “if you’re not comfortable with that – it’s fine,” she explained.

“No it’s fine. I’m just nervous” I asked, focused on her hand, and unsure of what to say.

“Yeah, do you want that? Do you want to serve him?” she simply asked.

“Okay,” I submissively answered, with all my focus in my penis. She started stroking it faster, but only after a brief moment cum started erupting. She laughed a little, and stopped stroking it while I was still cumming, which left me a bit frustrated.

“There is one thing he asks that you do. There will be two pills left for you in the morning. They’re estrogen pills and will make you feel more sensitive in the right spots, you know,” she explained in a very nonchalant way, but I was in a different zone.

“Clean yourself up now!” she ordered, suddenly, just as I was reaching for my penis.

“Sorry,” feeling a bit embarrassed.

The next morning the pills were there just like she said. I took them and didn’t think anything of it. In fact, I took them everyday for a week or so.


Then one morning Carol saw me take the two pills, and asked, “good. I see you’ve been taking the pills, sweetie. Want a little surprise?”

I was almost wondering if the topic was going to come up again – the pills, her unconventional relationship with Chris, and bringing me into it. “Okay,” I simply answered.

She held up her cell phone, and it showed a picture of both her hands, one on top of the other, wrapped around Chris’s penis. “He’s leaving for a few weeks for work, but he sent this to share with you.”

“Wow, alright,” I said, nervous. I don’t know if I could do this.

Carol interjected, “you okay? You still up for it?”

“Yes! I’m just nervous,” I answered immediately, but actually unsure. I sat down at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal.

“Perfectly understandable, sweetie. But don’t be,” she re-assured me as she sat down beside me.

“Want me to get you off like last time?” she said in a sweet, sultry voice.

“Okay,” I said quietly.

She reached for my shorts, and I leaned back. I was totally soft. She put the phone in front of me, and said, “here’s something for you to look at while you get off.”

She had my penis in her hand now. “Do you think you could suck that?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I could try,” I answered. My penis hardened, and she started stroking.

“Good,” she calmly said while stroking faster. I made a grunting sound, and she stopped stroking, and loosened her grip. I forgot she had done this last time – stopping right when I started cumming. It was frustrating but I felt that I couldn’t complain.

She had a smirk on her face like she enjoyed doing that.

“By the way, I got another request from Chris – that going forward you wear panties.”

“Yeah?” I asked, confused.

“Yes, I think you’ll find them more comfortable anyway. If you’d like I can just buy some for you this afternoon,” she said.

“Uh, alright,” I said.

Sure enough, I found a pack of panties later that day and knew they were for me. I brought them to my room and opened it up. I took a quick artemisbet giriş shower, and when I got out of the shower I put on a pair. I felt a bit of guilt at first, as I slid them up my legs. Like what am I getting myself into? But once I had them on for a moment they felt so much better than the boxers I had been wearing. I was actually a little turned on too, and just felt like rubbing my body for a moment and feeling sexy in them.


Another week or so went by. I was ready to go into the pool and swim, but Carol stopped me. “Not uh, you can swim in panties. Don’t worry it’s private, no one will see you.”

“Oh, sorry, I’ll go change,” I muttered. I returned to the living room, on my way to the pool, with panties on, and a towel wrapped around my waist.

“Are you swimming too?” She was wearing a sexy summer dress, and a low cut blouse, and it looked like she had a bikini on underneath.

“Sure, I was thinking about it. Let me see how you look first,” she ordered, with her eyeballs moving up and down my body.

I reluctantly took the towel off and threw it on the couch.

“Nice, you’re looking great,” she complemented me. She put her hands on my chest, which I didn’t want to acknowledge, but were notice-ably developing into a small set of breasts, with larger areola. She squeezed them, and said, “see if you like this.”

She put her mouth on my right nipple, and started swirling her tongue around it. I felt intensely turned on. She gently pinched it a little with her mouth, and more motion with her tongue, and all I could do was let out some gentle moans.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“Definitely,” I said, as she tried to feel for my penis through my panties. I was very turned on, but my penis was soft.

She stopped, and lifted her blouse and bikini, exposing her large set of breasts. “Imagine having a pair like these?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Wow, they look nice.”

“Oh, you’ve never seen a women’s tits in person, have you?” she asked, concerned. “Well, only black men are allowed to touch them – whoever Chris lets,” she said, and then felt my soft penis through the panties again. So many times I had fantasized about seeing her breasts and now that I was, I couldn’t even get hard. After a moment, she took her blouse all the way off, but put her bikini top back over her breasts, and headed towards the pool, and I followed her.


I woke up one morning, and found a note from Carol saying, “picking up Chris at the airport. He’ll be happy to see you.”

I drank my morning coffee and took the two pills as usual, and took a shower. As soon as I got out, they were just getting home.

“Look at you,” Chris said. My face felt red, and I was too nervous to say anything. “Why don’t you get a drink of something while I take a shower.”

“Sure,” I said, obeying, and going to the fridge.

Carol suggested, “grab something with alcohol, it will make it easier.”

I grabbed a beer, and headed back to the living room.

“How was the traffic?” I asked.

Carol smiled, and answered, “it wasn’t bad,” and she headed into the bedroom.

“Follow me,” she ordered.

I brought the beer to the bedroom.

“Let’s get you into something sexy, something he’d like,” she suggested.

I was putty, just letting her control everything. “Pull off your pants,” she demanded.

I obeyed, revealing my panties, which made her smile. “Here, stick your legs out,” she demanded this time. I sat on the bed, and one by one, she put some sexy stockings on my legs.

“They cover up your leg hairs a little. You look good!” she said.

Chris got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. I remained sitting on the bed. He said, “you did good, woman!”

“Let me see you,” he ordered.

I artemisbet güvenilirmi stood up, and looked downwards.

“He has his mom’s booty,” Carol said.

“Yeah? Let me see it,” Chris demanded.

I turned around, very slowly, feeling the eyes on me. I felt my heart beating hard.

“Ooh,” Chris said as he took a few steps closer. He pushed my back down a little.

I looked away from them, towards a wall, feeling so vulnerable with them behind me. I felt one of his hands cover my butt and rub it in a circular motion. Then smack! I let out a moan and felt my penis harden slightly. Another smack! And I bent over more.

“Do you think you’re ready?” Chris asked.

“Yes,” I said quietly.

“Look at me,” he ordered. I turned around and sat on the bed again.

“I know you saw a little preview already,” he trailed off. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me a little towards him, then pushed down so that I was now kneeling.

“Have you ever seen a penis so big?” Carol asked with genuine curiosity.

“I’ve never seen one in real life… other than my own,” I answered.

“Well sorry, but you’ve never seen a real penis then,” she said, holding in a little laughter. She stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I slowly pulled the towel away, and it quickly fell to the floor. His penis immediately came into view in front of me – it really was fairly large, even if it was still soft – maybe 3/4 of my forearm if I had to guess.

“It really is big,” I said, looking up at him.

There was a pause. “I can leave if you two prefer,” Carol interjected.

Chris said, “no, it’s fine. Go ahead and watch his christening.”

“Don’t you want it?”


“Say, ‘yes sir,'” he quietly demanded.

“Yes, sir,” I obeyed.

Chris was looking right at me, and held his penis like it was a gift to me. I grabbed it, and moved my hand up and down the shaft a few times. I knew there was nothing to admire about mine, and I was just about to burst with an explosion of cum at any moment. I then took both hands and wrapped it around his dick. I stroked it some, up and down.

Carol sat down on the bed behind me. She whispered, “take your time. Worship it.”

“OK,” I whispered. I leaned forward. I opened my mouth and dragged my tongue up and down the shaft. It felt all right, no bad taste or anything, and I kept going at it. I put as much as I could in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down now too, trying to imitate what I’ve seen done in porn. I pulled my head back so I could catch my breath some. I turned my head just slightly to see in the corner of my eye that Carol was rubbing her crotch area. At that moment, Chris immediately pulled my head so that my mouth had access to his balls, while his penis, now fully erect, was resting mostly on my forehead. I licked them eagerly as I started to hear him moan some. I stroked his dick with my hand while I sucked them. Then I went back to bobbing my head on his dick.

Carol leaned forward, behind me, and put her hands on my head, helping me keep rhythm, but also making me take his penis deeper in my throat than I would’ve otherwise.

Chris took a step back, and his penis left my mouth. I took this moment to catch my breath. He held his penis up and smacked it across my face a few times. I looked upwards with my tongue out to lick it as he did this, and realized Carol was now topless.

“Don’t look at me, just look forward,” she said.

His penis entered my mouth again, and he started thrusting it in and out, while my head was pressed up against Carol’s thighs.

Chris made some grunt sounds.

“Just let your throat stay open, sweetie,” Carol whispered.

Carol leaned forward some more so that I was gagging, with watery eyes and everything. I felt pulsating, and streams of cums entering my mouth. I swallowed it as soon as I could but coughed a little in the process.

“Took it like a champ for the first time,” Chris said, grinning.

I felt embarrassed, but very proud. I was already anticipating what may be next.

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