Anita and Randy Ch. 02 – Hot Tub Weekend


This story is intended as entertainment, with no intent to discredit anyone. A prior Exhibitionist and Voyeur story, “Anita and Randy Visit a Swingers’ Club” was based on an actual series of emails from Literotica reader, ‘Anita’. It concluded with an invitation to spend a weekend with a couple they met there.

Hot Tub Weekend

My imagination was running wild again.

Anita was naked in the hot tub with her legs open wide while Randy banged the living daylights out of her. Sprawled out and spread nude opposite her, Susan was getting her husband Russell’s best too- quick, deep thrusts from his big cock. The warm water was bubbling around the four of them, partly obscuring the actual coupling, but there was no doubt what was taking place that late afternoon.

Randy was pounding so hard into Anita that it forced her to lock her arms around the rim of the tub so she could push back against him. Her shapely tits bounced as they moved, the long nipples peaked with desire. This was amazing for her! Every bit as good as sex had been at the swinger club last month. From her vantage point, she could see that Russell was equally energetic as he ploughed into his pretty blonde wife.

It was exciting out in the couple’s back yard, partially surrounded by trees, but with some privacy gaps. Anita wondered if any neighbours could see them naked and having sex this summer afternoon? If they could, it would seem like something out of a porn video. Imagining that she might be performing for an unseen audience was very stimulating for her as Randy drove himself into her hungry pussy.

Randy was new to this outdoor sex scene, but it was something he had always wanted to do. His wife had told me that they were nudists and sun worshippers, but that she wouldn’t allow him any outdoor sexual displays. Today was different. Now he was buried to the hilt in his wife, all within a few feet of another hot couple doing the same thing. And yes, who knows who could be watching through the bushes?

Suddenly Russell and Susan stopped, and turned to watch the visitors. Anita was conscious of their private audience before the hosts called over to her.

“How about we swap now? Let’s pretend we’re all at the sex club again, OK?”

Anita grinned and bobbed her head in agreement. It was definitely fine by them!

My runaway imagination could see the whole thing playing out. But the thing is, it most probably had happened, and Anita, my firsthand informant, was supplying me with all of the vivid details.


I’m pretty certain that Anita and Randy are real people, though these are fictious names to protect their identity. A few months ago, she contacted me on my Literotica author’s page in response to a series of stories I had written called, “Sharon Finds Erotic Photography”. The lead character liked to pose naked and explore her previously untapped exhibitionism and bisexuality. One of the stories in particular triggered memories for Anita of a wild weekend she and her husband had spent at an out-of-town swingers’ club.

What followed was a series of very graphic emails Anita sent in which she described their visit. She surprised me with explicit recollections as they indulged their deepest fantasies together. Anita admitted that she and Randy were nude sun worshippers, but the sex club visit was stepping out in a whole new direction. She was eager to tell me about it without very much prompting at all.

With Randy’s approval, she had savoured a stranger’s cock at the suggestion of the man’s wife. Anita had also experienced girl-girl sex for the first time, while many people watched. Her emails caught the heat of the moment as she stopped just short of her first public orgasm while enjoying her new female playmate.

Then, when it was time to leave, the couple invited them to visit their nearby home some weekend to have fun in their pool and hot tub. When she said, “You won’t need any swim wear,” Anita and Randy knew all which that really meant.

After their story was published in Literotica’s Exhibitionism and Voyeurs file -“Anita and Randy Visit a Swingers Club”- we traded thoughts about it in the story Comments section.

“Anonymous- 3 months ago: Great memories. It’s difficult to describe a room full of naked couples in various forms of sexual activity, this is good. The couple on the round bed was exciting. Just holding his cock in my hand was awesome but then feeling it in my mouth- whew. Anita.”

To which I replied:

“1fastguy- 3 months ago: Thanks Anita. So will you be telling me about the weekend in the hot tub with the people you met at the club?”

She had titillated me with her swingers’ club adventure, but I wondered if Anita would care to take it farther? After all, more than four thousand readers now knew everything that she and Randy had done that club weekend- very intimate details to share with so many people.

After a while I hadn’t heard anything more, so I just let it go and went on to some bahis şirketleri other material. Anita and Randy probably felt that I knew enough about their private lifestyle already. But that all changed about three weeks ago. Anita contacted me again through my author’s page and I eagerly read her message.

“Hi again. I’ve been thinking about that hot tub weekend. Your latest story ‘Sharon Finds Erotic Photography Ch. 15’ describes a threesome so much like what I had there. It was one of the wildest things I’ve done. To have both of them together at the same time was amazing! It’s hard to forget. Anita.”

My mind went into overdrive right away! Was this Anita’s way of telling me that she was ready to recount details of their hot tub visit? Was I in for another motherlode of raw sexual experience that I could only imagine in my own routine life? But I knew by the brevity of her message that she was teasing me, just dangling the prospect of another juicy story in front of me. We both knew that I would have to ask for it.

Anita was the exhibitionist who seemed to relish showing off, and I was the voyeur eager to read about the show. Of course, I asked.

“Hello Anita So glad to hear from you again. Are you two having much fun lately? I hope you’ll tell me about your weekend because I’m ready to listen!”

It wasn’t long before her reply came, arriving in the middle of the night like before, suggesting to me that she lived far away from my home. Were Anita and Randy on the American West Coast? Maybe they were in Hawaii or even Australia? I figured it must be someplace warm, though I didn’t expect to ever find out.

“To 1fastguy I know you want to hear about the weekend. And you’ll likely want to write another story. That’s fine with us but you can only call us Anita and Randy again so nobody knows who we are. Agreed?”

I was quick to get back to her.

“Anita: You’re right on both counts. And I’ll protect your privacy.”

At this point I expected that she would send me some information about their adventure, but nothing came. Was Anita still considering whether or not to divulge her story? Had she decided that enough of their private life had already been laid bare on the Internet? Could she continue to trust that I’d assure their identity wasn’t revealed? In short, had Anita got cold feet?

All I could do was wait. Then after more than a week, the dam burst open.

“Hi, it’s me

Yes, something in the Sharon story, Chapter 15 got me thinking about this. We went to their place about a three-hour drive from here. Far enough away for us not to know anybody else. They were really friendly, just like we remembered. It was a nice place at one end of the street- seemed like a quiet neighbourhood.

We all got drinks, then Susan said to come out back with them. Her husband Russell stripped right away, then Randy, and they jumped into the pool. No swim things, just like they said. Susan told me nobody can see into the yard because of all the trees so we both went in naked too. All four drinks were lined up along the edge like a swim-up bar.

We threw a beachball around for a while and Randy couldn’t take his eyes off her nice body. Her husband looked good to me too. This was going to be a great weekend.

After some more drinks we were ready to really play. Randy pulled me in close and I put my legs around him. Next thing I knew he was inside me- right in front of them! So Russ did the same thing with Susan, both of us right beside each other.

Then we took our drinks over to the hot tub. It felt so good after the pool and the wine that I knew I wanted more sex right there. Randy took my boob and asked Russ if he liked my tits. Next thing I knew he was sucking my nipple while Randy lifted my boob up to him. Then the two of them did the same thing with Susan.

Pretty soon we paired off to let the other guy sample our tits. Russ was really good with his mouth and next thing I felt was his hand coming up to my puss. I jumped a little bit and Randy just looked over to smile. He knew what was happening and I think he did the same with Susan.

It felt great but I was still a bit shy outside like that in the daylight. I didn’t want to fuck him, but I didn’t stop him sucking and fingering either. I could feel myself getting hotter and breathing hard. Then I suddenly climaxed and my whole body was moving against the seat in the tub. Randy was working Susan but I was too busy to notice if she finished. I don’t think either of the guys came.

Bye for now. Anita”

It was every bit as hot as I hoped it might be, told in Anita’s straightforward style like her last emails. She uses a ‘this-is-what-happened’ approach, with only limited description. I read it over a few times to form a vivid picture of it in my mind. Then I wondered if there would be more? She’d said it was a weekend visit and her email just covered the first afternoon. I had to know what came next.

Anita had said that reading Sharon 15 led bahis firmaları her to think about her experiences during the visit. But I knew there was nothing about either a pool or a hot tub in that story. She had mentioned a threesome with two people going at her. I decided to use this as a way to press for some details.

“Hi Anita You tell a great story and I can almost picture it in living colour. So how did my Sharon story bring this back to you? I didn’t write about this. Or was there more? Thanks.”

I waited patiently to see if she would send me more information. Sure, I was already thinking about another expose for Literotica because this was a unique opportunity to present a swinging lifestyle which many think about but very few actually live. What went on following the afternoon in the tub?


While I was awaiting further communication from my source, I thought about the motivation Anita might have for sharing such intimate personal details. Clearly, there must have been some sort of payoff, or else she wouldn’t waste her time with me. Thousands of people had read about their visit to the swingers’ club, and knowing that fact wasn’t discouraging her from sharing even more.

I could picture Anita and Randy reading about their escapades, comfortable that they were anonymous. It must be exciting to see themselves in print. While this wasn’t as daring as getting naked in a video or cell camera images, it was definitely much safer. Anita trusted me to hide their identity so that she and her husband could fornicate and orgasm their way through my story without reserve. A few people far from home would see it live, while multitudes could read the story.

One morning I checked my email and there it was- another long missive from Anita. I dug in eagerly. Right away I could see that she was quoting a long passage from the Sharon story that had triggered her memories.

“Hi. I finally have some time to write. We’re moving so I’m busy.

This is what got me going about our trip to their place. As soon as I read it, I remembered that it was just like I did with Susan and Russell the first night there. I was like your Antonetta, naked underneath everybody.”

Then she quoted the passage from Sharon 15.

‘While Manuel knelt between Antonetta’s thighs, he wrapped one arm around Sharon, French-kissing her while he rubbed the woman’s protruding clitoris. He fucked Antonetta, then eventually withdrew and urged Sharon to suck his cock. She took him deep into her mouth and tasted Antonetta’s juices. Manuel groaned ecstatically as she gobbled him down, while pumping his penis.

This gave Sharon a wicked idea for her own satisfaction. She scrambled to the other end of the bed and straddled Antonetta’s face, lowering her wet pussy to the woman’s full red lips.

‘Fuck her again Manny while she eats my pussy. Let’s see if we all can cum.'”

Anita continued her email:

“That’s just how it was. After the hot tub we had a nice BBQ and more drinks. We watched some video that a friend of theirs had shot and they were in it. All kinds of sex with about six people, it was very hot and closeup. Randy said he’d love to watch something like that in person.

‘How about now?’ Russ said and next thing you know I was naked with the two of them up in their bedroom.

Randy sat in a chair watching while Susan and I did some girl-girl stuff to get her husband warmed up. I loved kissing her full lips and feeling her big boobs pushing against me. Her hand came down to my pussy and I spread wide so both men could see.

I was so turned on by what I knew was coming next. Her husband’s cock was totally stiff, and then Susan gently pushed me down on my back. I bent my knees and spread my legs so Russ could get that big thing into me.

From there it went pretty much like the Sharon story. It was as if you’d been there watching it. Randy came closer so he could see everything. Russell’s cock filled me right up- he was big- and I tilted my hips to take him as deep as he could go.

At first Susan was kissing him and rubbing my clit, but then she came up over my face. She tasted so good and soaked me with her cream. I’d never had anything like that before- delicious!

We all climaxed like crazy and then Randy came over me and jerked himself into my mouth. Cum in both ends now! It was really wild, probably the craziest sex I ever had. At least until then.

I hope you can use some of this if you’re writing another story.

Just call me Antonetta.”

I found it incredibly hot to read about something which I had only conjured up in my fevered imagination. Anita had trusted me with intimate details of her orgasmic threesome, sexual activity which she admitted was new to her. She had come a long way since the two of them visited the swingers’ club months earlier. Now she was having full-on sex with another couple while her husband watched, before finishing himself off. What wouldn’t my correspondent do for thrills?

Reading kaçak bahis siteleri this reminded me of the feelings I had when some friends found what we called a ‘skin book’ at about age twelve. I remember a strange stirring in my jeans. Since that initial awakening, I had progressed a long way in my sexual interests. But it was still exciting to have a female stranger share wicked personal stuff about her sex life with me.

As soon as I had regained my composure, I emailed back to get some more details about the bedroom event, just so I could better visualize the threesome.

“Hello Anita, AKA Antonetta. Thanks so much for the information about your evening with that couple. It’s interesting that it was a lot like my imaginary story about Sharon, Antonetta and Manuel. And glad to hear that everybody was left smiling too. Can you tell me anything more about Susan? Or yourself? I’m trying hard to picture what you looked like together. Thanks. 1fastguy.”

I knew very little about either one of them, and I didn’t expect that Anita would tell me much either. It was pushing into her private sphere. Sure enough, only a few details were returned about herself, though she was more generous concerning her friend. Anita only said that she had a good figure, dark hair and was “old enough to know better- over 35!” She told me that Susan was a stacked blonde, rather tall and a few years younger, mentioning that the woman had a big appetite for both sexes.

If you’ve read my Sharon series, you’ll know that I have a thing for lesbian sex. My lead character is in bed with several hot women, from models Liana and Antonetta to her photographers Joannie and Gwen. She thrives on it, especially because her husband doesn’t mind, particularly if he can be involved. For me, this is the stuff of fantasy! Visualizing Anita with sex-crazed Susan played right into my mildly warped brain.


Anita had already sent me some great story material and I believed that it could well have actually taken place. First there was the fun in the pool, followed by the female orgasms in the hot tub. Later, in the evening, she had a hot three-way with the hosts while her husband watched. It seemed that Anita was taking the lead again, just as she had done when they went to the swingers’ club. She was blossoming as a fantasy. Then another email came a few days later.

“To 1fast guy I have more to tell you because we were staying for the whole weekend. So guess what we did the next morning? Here’s a hint I found in one of your last Sharon stories, Chapter 14. There are a ton of memories for me in the sexy things you write. It was me with Russell, not Sharon’s husband Mark.”

Then she quoted the section she was talking about:

“‘Claudia worked to pull down Mark’s zipper and he helped her by holding the top of his trousers. Then she was into his boxers to free his now-raging cock. One hand wrapped around it tightly as she stroked the full length. He shifted position so she could reach his big balls with her other hand.

She broke away from his kiss, and to Mark’s complete surprise lowered her head to suck his cock.

‘Do you like this?’ she mumbled around the rigid tool in her mouth.

Mark responded by gently pushing her head down so that he was buried deep enough that he could feel the back of her throat.'”

Anita sure liked the hot stuff! She continued with her email.

“We were all sun tanning nude around their pool. It was hot so Russ asked me to come inside to help him fix some cool drinks. We got sidetracked when I went down in front of him and grabbed his long cock. It felt good in my hand so I stroked and sucked it. Russell is really hung!

He leaned back against the counter and began to slowly fuck my mouth. Russ reached behind my head and lightly pulled me his way. I could tell he was getting close. Suddenly he pumped so much cum into my mouth I had to swallow. When he was finally done it was still coming out the corners of my lips.

We were slow getting back outside with the drinks and Susan looked at him funny.

‘Great BJ!’ he grinned and the three of them laughed. I was pretty embarrassed, but I soon got over it, because Randy whispered to me that Susan had done him while we were inside! Fun way to start the day.


I wasn’t really surprised by what I had just read. Anita and Randy seemed to be taking their swinging lifestyle a little farther all the time. At the swingers’ club, she had been content just to suck a stranger’s dick, but now she had progressed to eye-popping blowjobs on another man. And hostess Susan had been every bit as aggressive with Randy at the same time.

Some barriers hadn’t quite fallen yet- there hadn’t been full-swap intercourse, but it only seemed a matter of time. I was eager to find out.

“Anita. You’re interesting! I liked your story. While I write from my imagination you really do these things. It makes a perfect combination for Literotica, right? Now I’m wondering how the rest of your time there went?”

She obviously had more to tell me because just a day or so later my inbox had another Feedback item ready for me. I knew it would be from Anita and I wasn’t disappointed.

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