A Week with Cathy Ch. 04


“There aren’t as bad as the suits we didn’t buy,” I said, “But I still can’t believe I’m wearing this.” Getting ready for the pool party now, the hole in the top showing off my cleavage seemed a lot larger than it had in the store. I felt as if I were exposed all the way to my nips. And Cathy’s narrow top seemed to be staying on by prayer alone.

“Don’t worry about it. Penny says some of the girls are going to get a little wild tonight.”

“Wild? What sort of party are we going to here?”

“Oh no, nothing crazy: they’re going to wear suits maybe a little naughty, tease the boys a bit, but it isn’t going to be a naked orgy or anything.”

“That’s good, anyway,” I said with a slightly embarrassed grin. Cathy knew I was a virgin, and of course I wouldn’t take off my bikini top the night before since my brother Scotty was there.

“You know, Gail,” Cathy said, as if reading my mind, “I’ve seen you give him beaver shots at least twice this week.”

“Eww, don’t call it that. He saw my panties twice, just like he’s seen them a thousand times before.”

“Yeah, but both times you had your legs spread apart. Just before in the movie theatre, I thought you were inviting him to dive right in.

Pretty judgmental, I thought, for a cousin who’s a step away from becoming a fuck buddy.

Still, the thought of Scotty “diving right in” gave me an unexpected tingle.

Our swimsuits got us some attention when we got to the pool – but once Vicki’s parents left, some of the girls went into the house and changed into suits that reminded me of the ones Cathy and I had left behind at the mall. The ones I couldn’t have worn, well, without shaving first.

After a while, I noticed that some of the girls were “accidentally” brushing their tits against guys’ chests or backs as they passed them. One girl, who’d changed into a very brief top, had a breast fall out. She recovered quickly, and the guy probably never realized he’d had a naked breast rubbing against his bare back.

So working my way past some guy I didn’t know on the pool steps, I casually let my breasts slide cross his chest – then realized I’d better be a bit careful about that going forward, because the cleavage-baring hole in my top had shifted perilously close to my right nipple. I wasn’t looking for that much attention after all.

The first time some guy’s hand briefly closed on my breast, I pulled away in surprise. I hadn’t had all that many hands on my breasts in the past, after all (and none, I must admit, not separated from my body by both shirt and bra). But the second time – and the third and the fourth and the fifth – I rather liked it.

Actually, I was liking it a lot.

(After the party, Cathy told me that a couple of the times when guys had grabbed her, her narrow bikini top had moved off one or both of her breasts entirely, giving the guy and anybody else in the area a free show)

At one point, climbing out of the pool, I felt a hand an my ass. “Sorry,” I heard, though the offender probably wasn’t sorry at all and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to remove his hand. I turned. “Barry?”

“Gail, hi.” It was Vicki’s younger brother. I hadn’t seen him in a few years, because he’d been off at camp the last time we were visiting here. He was still a bit on the skinny side, but on the whole he’d grown up nicely.

When I climbed back into the pool and he got to look me over from the front, it was clear he approved of the 18-year-old me as well.

He led me to a less crowded end of the pool, and our catching lordbahis güvenilirmi up was interrupted by his surprising me with a kiss.

Which turned into more kissing, with some tongue-wrestling, and his hand working its way between our bodies to my left breast, which he grabbed without any pretense that it was an accident.

I only wished he could get his hand under my bikini top.

One couple had disappeared into the house a while back, and at this point it wouldn’t have taken much convincing for Barry to get me into the house, and up to his room, as well.

He took his hand off my breast, and brought both of his hands to my ass, pulling me closer to him. I did the same to him, and now we were grinding against one another, his hard dick poking me in a way that was driving me crazy. I understood why Vicki seemed on the verge of letting Scotty fuck her in the pool the night before.

I’d felt my boyfriend Eddie’s dick when I sat on his lap before, but not like this: Barry’s dick was actually sliding across my vulva, only two thin layers of nylon keeping it from sliding into me.

Suddenly Barry froze and said “Oh shit.” I thought he’d cum, but he didn’t seem very happy about it. He let go of my ass and pulled away. He was looking toward the house. “Umm…” he began.

He seemed to be watching a girl who was walking out of the house onto the patio. I didn’t need to be told: his girlfriend.

I was angry for about a second – he’d been dry-humping me, even though he had a girlfriend, even though she might show up at any time – but then again I had a boyfriend at home, one I’d never allowed to do what Barry was doing, so I certainly had no right to complain!

I think, and I’m not proud of this, that over the next hour or so I “accidentally” rubbed my tits against every guy at the party other than Scotty, and most of the guys just as accidentally ended up with their hands on my breasts. I think all the other girls, aside from Barry’s girlfriend, could say the same.

I noticed one of the girls reached into the water and grabbed Scotty’s dick, and then another girl grabbed another guy’s dick, so… I grabbed a couple myself. They were both easily as hard as Barry’s had been.

It’s hard to believe none of the guys came right there in the pool, with everybody around them. Maybe some did, who knows, it was pretty dark by then.

During a chicken fight, Barry’s girlfriend yanked off Penny’s top, and Penny remained topless for the rest of the night. Two other girls followed suit, but not all the girls; if they had, I’m not sure what I would have done, because it wouldn’t have looked proper for me to be topless with Scotty there.

I did, though, go into the house and adjust my suit: I took of my top, then re-tied it a lot looser. It wasn’t going to fall off or anything, but if anybody got close enough, and looked straight down my top, they’d be able to see everything. And the next guy who copped a feel would find it very easy to grab some bare breast.

Actually, when I went into the house to change, I deliberately went up to Barry’s room to do it. If he just happened to walk in and saw me with my top off, I’d have taken my bottoms off as well and left the rest up to him.

Mmm. I imagined him leaning me over the bed and taking me from behind, ramming his hard dick into my virgin pussy as I screamed in ecstasy.

I gave a fleeting thought to stripping naked and playing with myself right there on Barry’s bed – but even as horny and slutty lordbahis yeni giriş as I felt right now, I’d be mortified if somebody caught me doing that.

Just around the time I got back outside Sara and Kara arrived, with Tony. I never did quite get what their relationship was, but Sara and Kara were clearly sisters, probably twins. And before you jump to conclusion based on their names, they were both tall and thin, with the firm arms and legs of athletes.

And with very tiny breasts, as everybody found out moments after Sara and Kara noticed the topless girls in the pool and removed their own tops without hesitation.

I made my way over to Tony, suddenly determined to be the first girl at the party to grab his dick through his trunks. “I’m Gail,” I said, closing my hand around it the best I could and giving it a light squeeze. “Nice to meet you.”

“Um…” he said… “you too, nice to meet you I mean.. uh…”

I knew he had a full view of my breasts, and could see both of my hard, brown nipples. I might as well be topless and if my stupid brother would just disappear somewhere, go off and fuck Vicki or something, this top would be lying on the patio floor in a heartbeat.

(Say, I suddenly thought, I never grabbed my bra last night; is it still sitting there?)

Tony clearly had no objections to what I was doing, so I took it a step further and thrust my right hand inside his trunks and grabbed his dick. He gave a quick gasp, and I almost did as well: I’d had glimpses of Scotty’s dick, mostly those times I’d walked on him when he was jerking off, but I had no idea they felt this hard.

With my left hand, I took Tony’s right hand and slid it under my bikini top until it was resting on my bare right breast. My breast was almost completely exposed at this point, I could feel the cool water against my nipple, and I hoped Scotty wasn’t close enough to see.

Or maybe I just didn’t give a fuck anymore.

I thought Tony would hyperventilate as I stroked him, and in less than a minute he groaned loudly and came all over my hand.

I couldn’t believe nobody had noticed. I also couldn’t believe I’d just given my first hand job, to a guy I didn’t even know – I didn’t even know whether this had been his first hand-job – and had let him be the first person to touch my naked breast.

I climbed out of the pool, grabbed my t-shirt, and rushed back to Cathy’s house without even putting it on. I didn’t trust what I might do next if I’d stayed.

I realized afterward what a disaster it would have been if my parents had seen what I was wearing, the bikini top that was barely covering me anymore, but fortunately the grown-ups were still in Uncle Rick’s movie room.

I ran into the shower, staying inside just long enough to wash the chlorine off my body and out of my hair, them climbed into bed wet and naked, pulled the blanket over myself, and fell asleep.


I woke up a few minutes after midnight, no less horny than when I’d been jerking off Tony and he was playing with my breast. I looked over at the other bed, making sure Cathy was asleep, then picked the long t-shirt up from the floor, put it on, and walked downstairs to the guest room where my brother was sleeping…

I opened the door as quietly as I could, even though I knew I’d be waking Scotty up less than a minute later. I think I wanted to give myself a chance to chicken out, even though I knew I had to do this.

Honestly, if I knew how to get into the Conway house, I’d have lordbahis giriş crossed the back yards and sneaked into Barry’s bedroom instead.

Also, honestly, I hadn’t been thinking through the morality of any of this: Scotty would be awake before we did anything, of course, but afterward he’d probably assume he’d fucked Cathy or Vicki.

In the semi-darkness, I could see that Scotty was asleep, and that he was lying on his back. Perfect, I thought, as I walked over to his bed.

I pulled back the sheet, and he woke up. His dick had already been awake, I saw. He was sleeping naked. That surprised me, since his sister had been waking him up the past few morning – but he might have just passed out naked after an arousing pool party, the way I had. And I certainly wasn’t complaining.

I closed my hand around his hard dick as he said “Yesss…”

This was it, then: he was hard, I was certainly wet, nothing else to do first. I climbed onto the bed, hiked up my t-shirt, straddled Scotty, took his dick in my hand again and positioned it right… next to…

I pushed my body down hard, and felt him penetrate me. He entered me and… just seemed to go deeper and deeper, as if his dick were expanding to fill every bit of space. At least that’s the way it felt to me, and I couldn’t imagine anything feeling better.

Every girl imagines what her first time will be like, but I can’t imagine a better first experience, having been more horny than I’d ever been in my life, needing his dick in me so desperately, and it just kept feeling better and better.

I began cumming, the first of a wave of small orgasms, as soon as he’d filled me, and my fist was pressed against my mouth almost the whole time, to keep from screaming out.

Though at one point I needed both hands to pull off my shirt and toss it across the room. I knew that would make it more difficult to get re-dressed afterward and get out of the room without Scotty knowing it was me, but I didn’t care, I needed to be naked.

Scotty was shaking his head from side to side, moaning softly, also trying not to wake up the entire household.

At one point, I was sure I heard somebody walking past the guest room door, stopping, then moving on. Or maybe it was my imagination. Anybody outside of the door could probably hear the bed creak as I bounced up on down on Scotty, but at the moment I was beyond caring.

I could feel myself working up to an orgasm I’d never forget, and from Scotty’s jerky movements, I could tell he was close himself. Finally he groaned, “I’m… cumming… is it safe to cum in you?”

“Yes, do it,” I said, also groaning.

He seemed to freeze. “Gail??”

Oh shit. “No, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I said desperately. I’d just given him my virginity, this was perfect, if he pushed me off of him now, or we lost the mood, I’d die.

I thought about every bit or pornography I’d every read, all the brother-sister stories. “Cum inside of your sister,” I said softly, “Fuck your naughty twin sister, fill her with your hot cum.”

And I kept going like that, and he reached up and grabbed the sides of my breasts as I thrust down hard on him one final time, and I felt him shoot off inside of me.

It was warm and thick and sticky, and I felt it drip out of me onto his body as I finally climbed off of him.

I dropped down on the bed next to him, still naked of course. I knew I should probably get out of bed, find my t-shirt and leave, to put off the awkward discussion we were probably going to have, but I wanted to stay.

Instead of staying anything, Scotty rested a hand on one of my breasts, then both hands were on both of my breasts, exploring them, playing with them, caressing them, and before fifteen minutes had passed, he’d crawled between my legs and had entered me again…

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