A Day with Daddy Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

The email read: “Daddy’s little girl has been a naughty little slut, masturbating like that on video. You must be punished for acting like such a little whore. To help you learn your lesson, I have posted your video to Xtube. Come tomorrow at 2 pm so that Daddy can teach you some discipline. I will let the doorman know you are coming. If you behave appropriately, I will consider removing the video.”

I clicked the link and couldn’t believe the sight before my eyes. What if someone I know sees this? Panic shot through me. There I was, on my hands and knees, panties pulled down, skirt up over my lower back, vibrator working my willing anus, my hands furiously tugging away at my swollen, pink hard-on. And then I looked straight back into the camera.

It was 11 am when I closed the window, momentarily relieving my shame. I couldn’t imagine what Daddy had in store for me, but I was determined to get that video removed before too many people saw it.

My heart was still racing as the warm water showered over my pale white skin. I stood frozen for a minute, my mind racing but nothing really registering. I looked down and noticed my fire red stubble beginning to appear just around the base of my little cock. I sat spread eagle on the floor of the shower and slowly began to shave my formerly private areas.

Remembering the dress I was to wear later that day, I also shaved my legs, chest, and arms. I picked myself up off the floor and soaped up. The feeling of the suds washing over my now entirely bare body relaxed and soothed me. After I finished washing my shoulder length hair, I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

I dried myself and applied a cocoa butter lotion everywhere, focusing on my tight but supple ass. I always admired my ass, as it stands out against my otherwise small, boyish frame. The lotion made my hairless skin shine in the soft light. My nipples hardened as I wondered what would happen in the hours ahead.

Back in the bedroom I examined the dress Daddy gave me. I had never worn a dress in public, let alone in the middle of the day in Manhattan! But I wasn’t about to back out with that video still posted on the internet.

The dress really was beautiful. It was black, knee length, with a low cut in the back coming to a vee just over the small. It was modest in the front with medium straps over the shoulder, not revealing too much in the chest. The hem line was decorated with a black lace frill. I’m not sure what material it was, but it was tight and almost sheer.

I pulled a red lace thong over my package and slipped the dress over my head. It was stunning. It slung to my features, and actually made me look more feminine. My hair brushed the tops of the straps. Then I looked down and realized I had no shoes!

I knew that my roommates were out at work. I ran to the closet to see if Laura had anything that might fit me. Her feet were small, but so were mine. In a box in the back of the closet I found a simple pair of black stilettos. When I put them on it felt like the most awkward thing I had ever done. I almost broke my ankle as I stumbled down the hallway back to my room. Why would anyone put themselves through this?

When I got back in front of the mirror I knew why. I turned around and looked at my legs and ass. I was so hot I wish I could have fucked myself! I swore right then and there I would master this high heel business. Since it wasn’t yet 12:30 I began walking back and forth, trying to learn some balance. My downstairs neighbors must have loved me clomping around for about an hour straight. At least now I would not die if I had to walk in a straight line.

At 1:30 I called for a cab and timidly stepped out into the hallway of my apartment building. To my relief, no one was there. When the elevator door opened, same thing. But as the car descended, I grew more nervous knowing that soon thousands of savvy New Yorkers would see me in my getup and know my dirty secret. I pushed my sunglasses down over my face just as the elevator door opened. There were two people waiting to get on, but none that I recognized and I assume that meant they didn’t recognize me. My heart thumped as I pushed between them out to the lobby, through the glass doors and out to the street.

Luckily my cab was waiting and I quickly got in, learning my first lesson in dress etiquette. I now know how Brittney Spears’ vagina ended up all over the internet. As I sat and swung my legs into the back of the cab, the entire sidewalk got a view of my red lace panties. I’m sure the skeptical took isveçbahis yeni giriş pains to see what I was packing. I blushed and called out the address to the driver as he sped into traffic.

15 blocks later traffic was in a dead stop. It was now 1:45 and I was still 10 minutes away. I implored the driver to find another route. He apparently did not speak English or didn’t care to follow my request, because we crawled along at a snail’s pace. I could have walked faster in my new favorite shoes. I started to sweat, knowing that more and more people were watching the video of me violating myself by the minute. If I was late would Daddy still take it down?

Finally the traffic broke and the cab swiftly moved uptown. When we pulled up to Daddy’s building I was too hurried to look at the clock. I threw some bills at the driver and sprinted awkwardly from the cab, almost eating it as I got to the massive doors.

When I entered the building the doorman eyed me suspiciously. He asked me if I was here to see Mr. Preston on the 20th floor. I hadn’t known Daddy’s name, but I could only assume that it was him since the floor was right. I said yes and he directed me to the elevator.

When I arrived outside Daddy’s door I took a breath and adjusted myself. I removed my sunglasses and placed them on the top of my head. My ankles were getting sore, but there wasn’t anything I could do. When I knocked Daddy quickly answered. He studied me for a few moments and turned and walked to his chair in the living room.

“You’re late,” he said calmly as he sat.

I followed him slowly, trying not to stumble in front of Daddy. I wasn’t sure what to say or do.

“Have a seat on the couch there,” Daddy said. I did as he asked, again forgetting the skills of sitting whilst in a skirt. He quickly scolded me.

“It’s not very ladylike to show your underwear when you take a seat! Cross your legs immediately, young lady!” Daddy instructed.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ll try not to do that again,” I replied.

“For such a beautiful girl in such a beautiful dress, you act like such an ugly little slut sometimes. Take those sunglasses off your head; you look like a bimbo.” Daddy said.

I did as he asked and lowered my head. He looked me up and down and rose from his chair. From the back of the room he grabbed his laptop and came to sit next to me on the couch. He opened the computer and commanded me to look at the screen. He had the video page open but this time it was slightly different.

The title had changed to “Manhattan whore free for use.” Under it were 30 or so comments requesting access to my holes. The sound of my moans began to embarrass me.

“Since you look like such a whore I thought maybe you might actually want to be a whore. Ten of these men said they would be here in mere minutes if I give them the address,” Daddy said.

I shuttered at the thought and looked away, although it secretly made me kind of hot. I adjusted my legs and played with the hem of my dress, trying not to draw Daddy’s ire. He put his hand on my knee and swatted my fingers away. His touch made me excited. Having never worn a dress with another man, I wasn’t sure what would be coming, but I knew how hot it made me. He ran his fingers under the lip of the skirt, grazing my smooth legs.

He placed a hand on my neck and traced my spine down to the bottom of the vee. His finger slipped down the back of my dress, playing in and out of my crack.

“Stand up,” Daddy said.

As I stood, Daddy moved his hands over my ass. With one hand he lifted the back of my skirt as the other ran over the edges of my panties. He pulled my ass close to his face and lightly bit the inside of my cheek. His fingers pulled my thong aside and his mouth quickly made it to my hole. My knees almost buckled as his tongue flicked my rosebud.

My hands grabbed the end of the dress and braced it against my chest, enjoying the feeling of the fabric tight against my body. As I did this, he grabbed the front of my thong and sprang my swelling cock free. My little balls swung onto his chin as he continued to fuck my ass with his mouth.

“Pull that dress off and remove your little girl panties, but leave the heels on,” he demanded.

I did as he said as he pushed me a few steps forward. He rose from the couch and I could hear him unbuckling his pants as he approached me from behind. He grabbed my ass with two hands, driving a finger into my entryway.

“You like that, don’t you, you little slut,”

“Yes, Daddy.” isveçbahis giriş I wasn’t lying.

My penis was growing harder with Daddy’s finger in my ass and his hot breath on my neck. I could feel his massive prick rub against my leg.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded.

I turned and knelt before him, smiling as I waited to receive his masculinity. His fat, veiny cock hit me in the cheek before I could take it into my mouth. His salty precum stuck to my bottom lip as he grabbed the back of my head and rammed the length of his rod into my mouth. I briefly gagged, forgetting to relax my throat. He showed some mercy and pulled it out, letting me do the work on my own.

I slurped and licked the head of his prick, enjoying the texture of its mushroom head and wondering how many others have tried to please him like this. I was also glad to be off my feet, and would have sucked his cock for hours just to avoid walking in those heels again. I grabbed the base of his shaft and began to gently tug it toward me as I massaged the tip with my tongue. My other hand worked his balls, softly cupping them with the motion of my strokes.

As he began to get hotter, his moans intensified. I started to bob my head up and down his meat. My little dick swung back and forth with my momentum. I wanted to make Daddy explode because I knew it wouldn’t be long until I got to cum. He began to thrust his hips into my face, again grabbing the back of my head, pulling my hair to and fro. I anticipated the explosion. He unleashed several streams of hot semen into my eagerly waiting mouth. He watched me closely as I swallowed every drop, opening my mouth to show Daddy that I did not waste any of his delicious seed.

He pushed me down on the ground and said, “you are such a good little cocksucker.”

He left me there on the floor and went into the bedroom. I sat up and waited for his instruction when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Answer it; it’s for you anyway,” Daddy called from the bedroom.

I nervously put my panties and dress on and walked quickly to the door.

As I looked through the peephole I saw another younger guy standing in front of me. I opened the door.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“uhh… I’m Laura.” I stuttered.

“Come in, he’s in the bedroom” I said, embarrassed that this kid was seeing me in a dress. He quite clearly knew I was not a female now.

We entered the living room and sat next to each other on the couch.

“You must be the boy he told me about. I’m Justin,” he said.

Justin looked to be in his mid 20’s, with short brown hair. He was a little taller than me but still had a slight figure. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I’m not really into younger guys, but he was pretty cute.

“He told you about me?” I asked.

“Yeah, John wanted me to come over and meet you. I’ve known him for a while. He told me he would teach me how to fuck you,” he said with an evil smile cracking across his face. I grew concerned and stood, as if I might leave, but then I remembered the video.

“Justin, come in here and bring that little slut with you.” Daddy called.

Justin smacked my ass and led me into the bedroom. When we got in there it was incredibly bright. Daddy had set up stage lighting and placed three cameras in different spots.

“Since you wanted to be such a star, we’ll do you up proper. Justin here used to be in your shoes,” Daddy said, laughing at me standing feebly in the heels.

“But now that you are my new little slut, and he’s getting a bit older, it’s time to teach him how to use a dirty little whore. Now get on your hands and knees on the bed.”

I did as he instructed. Daddy moved behind one of the cameras and focused it on my round ass.

“Justin, you and I are going to get completely nude.” Daddy said.

With that, Justin and Daddy each took all of their clothes off and folded them neatly on the dresser while I knelt with by rear perched in the air for the camera’s enjoyment.

Daddy handed Justin a bottle of lube and instinctively Justin began applying it to my puckered hole. As Justin stood behind me, working his fingers into my boy pussy, Daddy sat under him with his back to the bed, sucking Justin until he became hard.

Justin’s hard body quivered a little as Daddy worked over his long thin cock. Justin was also smooth but had more definition in his legs and abs than me. His cock was much larger and longer than mine.

Justin’s touch became more aggressive as his blowjob intensified. isveçbahis güvenilirmi I could hear several moans escape his mouth as my rosy hole became more and more relaxed. With a free hand Daddy took a hold of my hanging balls and rubbed them over his face and the top of Justin’s penis.

I could feel how hard Justin was through my tender sac.

Daddy then stood and grabbed one of the cameras off its tripod.

“Put your head down, you little slut!” Daddy commanded.

I did as he asked as Daddy moved in front of me, focusing the camera on Justin’s dripping member.

“Justin, its time for you to take this little whore and make her yours.”

Justin grabbed me by my hips and pulled my ass closer to the edge of the bed. He quickly rubbed the head of his cock on my pulsing hole and popped it inside. I moaned when I felt the mushroom enter me.

Daddy held my head in place between his thighs and placed on hand on the back of my head, pushing it firmly down into the soft bed so that my ass would be fully exposed for easier access.

Justin then pushed into me. It shouldn’t have surprised me how easily he slid into me considering how he had just loosened me for the better part of 15 minutes, but I couldn’t believe what I felt when his whole 8 inches pressed up against my spot. My legs quivered when I felt his balls knock against mine.

Justin held my hips up to ensure I didn’t fall over. Daddy encouraged him to continue to fuck me deeply.

As his pace quickened, Justin grabbed my swelling member and squeezed it hard. I felt like it would burst out of the skin.

“Don’t let that little whore cum. You must fuck him until he cums on his own. That’s how you know you’ve fucked a bitch right.” Daddy instructed.

Justin let go of my cock and refocused his efforts.

Daddy grabbed me by the back of my hair and lifted my head inches away from his swollen cock. It took me a few seconds to be able to see everything. Justin’s cock was ramming my bottom so hard that my head could not stay steady, 8 inches of cock rapidly entering and exiting my hole.

Finally Daddy positioned his cock in front of my mouth which I willingly opened. Soon the rhythm of Justin’s fucking was forcing my mouth around Daddy’s thick member. I had never been with two guys at once, but the satisfaction of pleasing these two made me even hornier than ever before.

As the saliva from my mouth dripped all around my chin and beaded off Daddy’s dick I could hear Justin’s breathing become labored, each thrust becoming more intense. I tried to look back at him but Daddy’s dick was so connected to me that I could not bend my neck.

In one furious thrust I felt Justin unload his seed deep against my spot. My cock jumped and my ass puckered. My hips bucked with his shaking just as Daddy’s balls tightened and he shot a huge load into the back of my throat. Daddy held his dick to the back of my throat and I choked a little as his cum began shooting out my nose. My dick suddenly exploded, all of the cum sticking to my stomach and leg.

Daddy pushed my hard to the side off his dick and I fell over, releasing Justin from my oozing ass.

“Get down off the bed and clean Justin’s cock!” Daddy demanded.

I did as he said, being sure not to let any cum drip onto the bed. Daddy zoomed in as I licked my juices off Justin’s long, deflating prick. I gently sucked every last drop from his pretty cock.

Daddy slapped Justin’s ass and asked him if he liked Daddy’s new girl, while putting the camera down.

Justin just nodded and laid down on the bed exhausted as I still knelt on the floor.

Daddy moved over to the laptop on the dresser and opened a window. He called me over.

“Smile for your adoring fans.”

On the screen was a chatroom filled with guys who had left pages of encouraging comments. They had all just watched me get double-teamed, live over the web.

I smiled faintly as Daddy signed off the site.

Daddy then grabbed me, rubbing my slight body against his strong manly frame. He rubbed my sensitive areas and told me that I was a good little slut.

“As I promised, I will take down your video from Xtube. But I can’t promise what will happen with the little slut show you just put on.”

I really didn’t care anymore. I jumped on the bed and playfully climbed on Justin. He seemed to enjoy the touch, me acting like such a little girl climbing all over him. Daddy joined us and we cuddled there naked for what felt like hours.

We had all just cum together in a moment of sheer bliss. All of our loins ached.

As I drifted off to sleep peacefully between Daddy and Justin, I was secretly happy to be the showpiece for all those men who either wanted to be me or wanted to be inside of me. I could only be lucky enough to be able to see it again.

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