White PussyBoy PT2 Blacken Gay


White PussyBoy PT2 Blacken GayAfter the second day with Jay when I agreed to the reduced rent, I waskind of in a state of shock over what I had let him do to me. I was evenmore shocked by the fact that I had been a willing participant. However, Idecided that would be the last of my encounters with him of a sexualnature. I dated women. I fucked women. I’m not gay. I couldn’t keep letting a guy useme like that. With my new resolve, I didn’t call Jay and even avoided thebuilding in which he lived as much as I could. Wednesday of the followingweek my phone rang. It was Jay. Just the sound of his voice had my wholebody reacting.”So, whiteboy, I haven’t heard from ya since I pounded your pussy thelast time. Where the hell have you been?”I…um..well, I’ve just been busy with work,” I replied. I felt mycock hardening and my hole twitching as I remembered the feeling of himinside me.”Yeah, well, boy, I’ve got some work for you to do. Be over here inthirty minutes.” The phone line went dead.I hung up the phone and went to get myself a beer. I couldn’t go tohis place again, I thought as I took a swig of beer. I knew what wouldhappen. I would be taking his cock down my throat and up my ass again if Iwent over there. I went back into the den and turned on the TV. I wouldjust watch some television and forget about Jay’s call.Less than a half hour later, I was knocking on Jay’s door. Heanswered it wearing just a pair of jockey shorts, his well defined muscularchest bare. I felt my cock, which had been at half mast on the drive tohis place straining in my shorts. He flashed me a grin, his bright whiteteeth shining. The sight of him, his muscles, dark skin and handsome facewas enough to dissolve the last remaining vestiges of my will. He steppedto the side, opening the door wider for me to enter. As I walked past him,I felt his hand on my ass, squeezing my left cheek.”Gonna be up in here real soon, whiteboy. Real soon.” I heard thedoor shut as I made my way into the living room. When I reached the couch,I turned to look at him. He had followed along behind me and stood only afew feet away. As I watched, he flexed the muscles in his arms and chest,showing off his body. “Like what you see, boy? Ready for some action?” Icould only nod my head. “Then strip, faggot,” he said as he sprawled onthe couch. He watched me as I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my shoes andsocks and dropped my shorts and underwear. I felt kind of strangestripping for this big black stud, but he had seen me naked before. Hell,he had done much more than just see. Somewhat embarrassed, I watched ashis eyes traveled over my body, inspecting me.”Still looking ready to be fucked, whiteboy. You got a nice body, inshape, well toned and real fuckable.” His hand went to his crotch andmassaged the growing bulge in his boxers. “This is the piece of black meatthat’s gonna do it to ya too, pussyboy. You like being a pussyboy for ablack stud like me?””Yes, Sir.” I replied.”Yes sir, what?” he demanded.He was going to make me say it. I knew there was no way around it.”Yes, Sir, I like being a black man’s pussyboy.”He gave me another big grin as he listened to the words. “Yeah, Iknow you do boy. So why haven’t you called for some more of my big dick?Don’t give me that ‘had to work’ bullshit.””I just couldn’t believe what we had done, Jay. I was embarrassed andconfused. I fuck women and always have. I figured that what we did wasjust some experimenting.” It sounded lame even to my own ears, but it wasthe truth.”Experimenting? Shit, whiteboy, you should have seen the way youlooked when you were ‘experimenting’. I have never bahis siteleri seen such a pussy slutlike you. When you had my dick in your mouth and in your tight littlepussy that was pure ecstasy on your face. No need to deny it. Your littlewhite boy-cock all hard and throbbing tells me what I need to know. Youmay have fucked pussies before, faggot, but now you’re nothing more than apussy that I fuck. That ain’t ever gonna change.” I looked down at thefloor. I didn’t want to admit, even in my mind, that what he was sayingwas true, but I had taken his fucks, both in my mouth and my ass. Icouldn’t deny what he was saying. Plus, my cock was giving me away justlike he said.”Why don’t you get on your knees right where you are, faggot? Youlook best on your knees.” He paused and grinned again. “Well, on yourknees with my dick in your mouth, that is.”I dropped to my knees on the wooden floor and looked at him again.His cock was rock hard and poking out of the fly of his boxers. He wasslowly stroking it as I watched. My eyes seemed glued to it.”I know you like what you see, cocksucker. Why don’t you get overhere and put those sweet lips to good use? I wanna see you crawl on thefloor to suck me off.”I did as he asked, crawling on my knees to the couch until my head wasover his crotch. He smelled spicy and musky, a smell that I now associatedwith sex. As my face hovered over his crotch, he reached up with one handand grabbed a fistful of my hair. With the other hand, he aimed his cockupward, pointing it at my mouth. Slowly, almost teasingly, he pushed myhead downward, milking the long shaft of his cock as he did it. I watcheda shiny drop of precum appear just before the head of his cock reached mylips. I obediently let his manhood slide into my mouth, closing my lipsaround it and running my tongue across the head. The salty taste of hisprecum coated the tip of my tongue and I listened to him sigh in pleasure.I only had a few seconds to savor the taste as Jay kept up thepressure on my head, forcing my lips further down the length of his cock.He moved his other hand to the top of my head, holding it firmly. My mouthwhich had been watering since the sight of his bare chest in the doorwaywas flooded now at the taste of his cock. I sank down, his cock goingdeeper and deeper into my mouth until the head lodged in my throat. Thepressure continued until my throat stretched around his large cockhead. Itslid inside and I fought the urge to gag. In seconds, my nose was pressedagainst the cotton of his boxers. Jay held me there for a second thenreleased my head. I looked up his body as he put his hands behind hishead, pulling up to the head of his dick as I did so. He was watching me.”You know what to do, cocksucker. Make my cock happy. Make it squirta big load of cum down your throat, you cocksucking faggot.” His languageand tone just made me even hornier and I forced my mouth back to the baseof his thick cock. I began to bob up and down his shaft, using my tongueon the head and my lips to milk the shaft. I was rewarded with moans ofpleasure from Jay. After a few minutes, his hips began to thrust upwardslightly each time I sank down his cock. Together we worked his cock inand out of my mouth and throat. I had one hand on his flat belly, feelingthe muscles tighten each time he lifted his hips. My other hand was on myown cock, stroking it at the same pace I was taking his cock in my mouth.”You should see yourself, whiteboy. On your knees again with yourlips stretched by my big black prick and beating yourself off while you doit. Oh yeah! That is such a hot sight! Use more suction, canlı bahis siteleri faggot.” Iincreased the suction of my mouth on his cock. “That’s right! Oh fuckyeah! Gonna shoot, whiteboy. Gonna shoot my load right into yourcocksucking mouth! Fuck yeah, take it, faggot! Take it all!” He moanedloudly “Ahhhh AH ahhhh AH ahhh AH ahhh AH,” punctuating each of his spurtswith a louder moan.Jay’s hot cum shot into my mouth, hitting the roof of my mouth,filling my cheeks. I let it settle on my tongue, enjoying the taste for afew seconds before I swallowed this black stud’s sperm. I glanced up athis face again as my troat worked to take his load into my belly and hiseyes were fixed on me, watching me swallow his cum. I milked the last ofhis load from his softening cock with my lips until he reached down andpulled my mouth off. Panting, I looked up at him again.”You are a natural born cocksucker, whiteboy, but you are definitelygetting better with practice. I’m still pretty hard, but you’re gonna getme even harder before I plug your boypussy again. I’ll plug you hard andfast like I would any whore before I fill you with my seed. Sound good toyou faggot?””Yessir,” I said.”Good, then get these shorts off me.” I pulled at the waistband as heraised his hips, stripping him naked. His glorious tight body wasstretched out on the couch for my eyes to drink in and admire. As Iwatched, Jay pulled his feet forward, then reached behind his knees andpulled them to his chest. I kept stroking my cock.”My balls, whiteboy. Suck on them. Now!”Not wasting any time, I leaned forward and sucked at his sac. I couldfeel his big balls under my lips and tongue. His sac was covered with somesparse hair. I tried to suck both of his balls in my mouth, but had tosettle for just one. He moaned appreciatively as I did it. I worked onthe skin with my tongue which made his body twitch. I was happy that Icould cause that reaction in him. I bathed his ball with my tongue for aminute before switching to the other one.”Yeah, suck my balls, whiteboy. You fucking cocksucker! You aregetting me hot! Get up on the couch so I can watch you do it better.”I obeyed and crawled onto my knees on the couch. I could now see hiscock better too. I looked at it and saw it growing again. It still wasn’tas hard as it had been when he shot his cum down my throat though. Iworked harder on his balls and looked up past his dick along his abs andchest to his face. He was watching me suck his balls.”Trying to get me to full mast, pussyboy?” I nodded still sucking onhis nuts. “Then time to go lower.” I wasn’t sure what he meant until heput his hand on the top of my head and started to push. His balls slid outof my mouth and I knew what he wanted. For a second I thought of refusing,stopping him, but then a desire to submit to him and get him hard enough tofuck me washed through me. I let my tongue slide down to his ass.I found his hole with the tip of my tongue and circled around it,trying to get used to the idea of what I was doing to Jay. I was actuallylicking the stud’s ass! Not only that, I was doing it so that his cockwould get hard and he would fuck me with it again. I took a broad swipewith my tongue across his hole and heard him moan deeply again. He wasenjoying this. I lapped at him again and again, getting his hole wet.”Stick your tongue in, bitch. It’s about the closest you’ll ever getto fucking me.”I aimed the tip of my tongue at his hole and drove it in. Jay wentwild, bucking underneath me, twisting around and twitching in pleasure. Imoved my tongue forward and back, the way he did with his cock in canlı bahis my hole.I saw that his cock was now hard as steel and watched as Jay’s big handsclenched against the couch, then released, then clenched again. He onlylasted another few seconds. Before I knew it, he was moving. He rolledout from under my mouth and grabbed the back of my neck. Pulling meforward, he moved beside the couch. As I fell onto my stomach, Jay movedon top of me, laying on top of me and covering me completely. I could feelhis cock rubbing along the crack of my ass as he slowly humped me.”Time for you to take another load, whiteboy. Hope you are ready foryour pussy to be fucked!” He suddenly aimed his cock in and rammed intome. Even though I had taken it twice before, I let out a shout of pain.”Oh God!” I yelled. He clamped a hand over my mouth and forced everyinch into me. I could feel his hot breath against the back of my neck.”Shut up and take it you fucking white faggot. You want all yourother tenants to know you’re up here getting fucked by me? Take my bigblack dick!”I was lost between pain at his penetration and pleasure from the fullfeeling of him inside me. His cock was thick and hot and throbbed in me.The precum that he had been leaking was all the lube he used and it hadhurt like hell, but I was beginning to adjust. I felt Jay pull his hipsback, his retreating cock leaving me feeling empty before he rammed backinto me. He began to hump me in earnest, obviously wanting to cum. For afew minutes we continued like that with me face down on the couch, thewight of his body holding me down. Then Jay grabbed my shoulders andpulled me up to take me doggie style. He spit on his cock a few timeswhile still pumping and it slid in and out more easily. I was moaning likethe whore he made me.”Yeah bitch. Take it like a dog. You fucking pussy. You live to getreamed out by my big black cock. Oh fuck yeah! Take my dick, slut. I mayhave taken your pussy, but you’ll give it up to me now anytime, won’t you,whiteboy?””Ahh, fuck, yes Jay. Anytime you want it.” I probably would havesaid anything. I felt his hand suddenly close around my cock and reactedlike I was struck by lightning. I could feel my hole clamping down ontohis invading dick as he squeezed my cock harder and harder. He didn’tstroke me, but just that contact with his hand was heaven. I was nowmoving backwards to meet each of his thrusts.”That’s right bitch. You are getting to be a better pussyboy as wellas a better cocksucker, whiteboy. Keep milking my cock like that and I’mgonna plant my seed in ya! Ahh fuck yeah. That’s it bitch. Take mymeat!” He pounded into me for another dozen strokes before he pulled outof me. Roughly twisting me around, forcing me to turn, he manhandled meonto my back. I looked up and our eyes met as he drove his cock into meagain. “I wanna watch your face while I fuck your brains out and when Icum in you whiteboy. Beat your meat while I fuck you!”I grabbed my cock, jacking off like crazy. His cock filling me had meout of my mind. My balls were tightening up and I was close to cumming.Jay lowered his face to just inches above mine. “Gonna cum!” he announced.I saw him tense and the cords in his neck stand out and he thrust indeeply. That penetration set me off and I shot my load, covering ourbellies and even hitting my chin with the first shot. Jay gave me two more small thrusts and let out a roar of pleasure, filling me with his cum. Hiseyes were locked onto mine as he filled me again with his sperm. It seemedto go on forever, his body shaking in pleasure but then he lowered himselfonto me, our chests stuck together with my cum. He settled his head nextto mine and relaxed, his cock buried deeply inside me. I waited, my legsstill wrapped around his broad back, content to lay under him, full of hiscock and cum until he wanted to move.

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