Watching Mom , Grandma Ch. 01


Hi! My name’s Monica Coulter; and the story I’m about to tell is one that you will more than likely never forget. At the time, I was eighteen years old and I lived with my mother in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. I was a straight “A” Honor Student and President of the Student Council. I was also a member of the National Honor Society and was on the Debate Team. Oh, did I mention that I was head of the varsity cheerleading squad too? Well, I was. And that’s all the more I’m going to say about my physical appearance. Suffice it to say that you didn’t obtain such a coveted, and dare I say sexual position without the “Right Stuff”. But I will add that I’m five feet nine inches tall, have long, wavy black hair down to my shoulder blades and glacier blue eyes; the eyes of my grandmother. And thanks both to living in the Valley of the Sun and making weekly visits to the tanning beds, my natural alabaster skin was a year round hue of golden mahogany.

Now, from what I just told you about myself, I was what most people would consider a very normal and ambitious young woman with a bright and promising future; heaven knows I came from a generational line of very prominent and successful women; i.e. my mother and my grandmother. But as you will soon discover, the word normal and the name Monica Coulter very seldom collide in the same sentence; nor does it with my mother or my grandmother either.

Allow me to introduce them:

My mother, Quinn Coulter, was only twenty years old when I was born; she was in her third year of college at Stanford University at the time. By the time I was eighteen, Mom was thirty-eight and a renowned, New York Times Bestselling author, having written fifteen spellbinding romance novels and was currently working on her sixteenth. Standing also at exactly five foot nine, my mother has a gorgeous maim of full and flowing dark auburn hair that drapes delicately to the tops of her alluring shoulders. Mom’s body is long, lean and statuesque with a full set of sensuous and tempting curves. Her face is soft, but stunning; with pouting, luscious lips, a sparkling white smile, perfect nose, marvelous chin and enchanting emerald green eyes. A pert, glamorously round and bountiful chest, fertile and savory hips, taut and magnificently spherical ass, flat tummy, slim waist, willowy arms, long and slender neck; and her skin is the purest of creamy white silk.

Along with her immaculate physique, my mother is also a brilliant scholar. Despite my arrival so early in her life, Mom completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Stanford University where she spent three years on the Dean’s List’s; then followed that with a Masters Degree in Literature from Yale University. She is also a Rhodes Scholar and spent time at Oxford University in England where she studied politics and philosophy. Aside from being one of America’s most beloved novelists, my mother also serves as a city councilwoman in Phoenix and has aspirations of perhaps running for higher office. Suffice it to say, Quinn Coulter is the most amazing woman I know; save possibly one:

Her mother!

My grandmother, Farah Coulter, was just twenty-one years old when she gave my mother life. Despite her blue collar beginnings in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan; which is where my mother was born, my grandmother is now a prominent socialite in New York City; not to mention the founder and CEO of one of America’s most popular women’s magazines and on the board of directors of countless civic, cultural and social organizations all along the East Coast. Being one of the most influential and wealthiest women in the country, my grandmother also heads up one of the largest charity organizations in North America, second only to Goodwill. When not traveling all about the globe on her countless business and social engagements in her private jet, my grandmother divides her home life and down time between her three story penthouse on Fifth Avenue and her colossal beach house in the Hamptons on Long Island. She also owns a ski lodge in Aspen, Colorado and a breathtaking Chateau in northern France. Then at the age of fifty-nine and having been a widow since she was forty, Grandma was more elegant, charismatic, graceful, alluring and radiant than ever. I won’t waste too much space to give you her physical description when all that really needs to be said is “Like Mother, Like Daughter”; or in this particular case, “Like Daughter, Like Mother.”

Just like my Mom’s, my grandmother’s face is heart stopping beautiful, with just a few more lines of wisdom; alluring wrinkles if you like. As for her body; well it’s a clone of my mother’s and one any other grandmother would kill to have as she nears the age of sixty. With the exception of being an inch taller than my mother and I at five-ten, Grandma possesses mystical glacier blue eyes, just like mine; and where her hair was once a glossy shade of auburn, it has since faded into a breathtaking shade of pearlescent silver with long frontal bangs and sahabet güvenilirmi curled at the base of her sleek, sexy neck that immaculately frames her stunning face. Apparently, my long and wavy black hair was a gift from my father; and the only one at that.


Very much like Mom and me, Grandma and Mom shared a very close nit bond; they were the best of friends. And despite their demanding careers, celebrity and financial success, you might be surprised to learn that both my wonderful matriarchs are extremely grounded women; very down to Earth, humble, brimming with compassion and deeply rooted in traditional family and Christian values. Regardless of anything, I always came first with Mom; and she with Grandma. They both have hearts of gold! It goes without saying that I am extremely blessed and fortunate, for I was raised by one of the most loving, nurturing and level-headed women on Earth; just as she had been before me. I never knew my father; he died just days before I was born and my mother almost never speaks of him. Nor does she speak of her own father, who died when she was eighteen. And it wasn’t until I began the transformation from girl to woman that I commenced to become curious as to why Mom, or Grandma too for that matter, had never married or remarried. There were of course countless suitors that came and went like the months of the year or even days of the week for both of them; but for as long as I can remember, never anything serious or committed for either one of them. Which was absolutely fine with me, because in case you haven’t already figured it out by now; the only thing my generational line does for me is fill me with forbidden love, incestuous lust and taboo lesbian fantasy.

Sometimes I find it nearly impossible to think when I’m anywhere near my grandmother. I become so intoxicated with insatiable lust that I can hardly breathe; she is that fucking sexy. But the situation is far more complicated where my mother is concerned; for the matter becomes one of the heart and soul along with the body. Yes, I am very much in love with my own mother. I love her more than life itself. She is my soul mate.

So what was a teenage girl to do when she was in love with her mother and in lust with her grandmother? Well, that brings us to where my story truly begins; on the Sunday before Thanksgiving when I was eighteen. Grandma had flown out to Phoenix earlier that very day and would be spending the week with us. So, now I would be trapped in the house for an entire week with the two women I desired more than anything on Earth, but could never ever have.

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving to me!


It was nearing midnight when I pulled into the driveway. All the lights in the house were off, which told me that Mom and Grandma were already asleep. Since I had told Mom that I would be spending the night at my friend Shawna’s house after we got off work, I figured I’d just slip into the house quietly and wait until morning to explain why I had come home instead. Shawna and I had gotten into a rather heated argument during clean up that evening and basically told each other to go to hell just before storming off our separate ways.

Letting myself in through the kitchen door, I stopped briefly at the fridge and soon discovered that I wasn’t the least bit hungry. Moving on, I passed through the dining room, into the foyer and climbed the massive staircase to the second floor landing. As I was turning to head toward my bedroom, I heard the faint sound of music coming from the direction of Mom’s room. Turning that direction, I then noticed that the door to the bedroom where Grandma was supposed to be staying was open with the lamp on the bedside table turned on; but Grandma was not in there. Growing very puzzled and even a bit concerned, I tiptoed down the long hallway to the double doors of my mother’s bedroom. The music was definitely coming from inside her room and it was enticingly sensual and intensely erotic; perfect sex music, I thought to myself. Just then, I heard the soft, tender, almost orgasmic moaning of a woman coming from inside Mom’s room; and it sounded like Grandma.

Instantly an enormous knot lodged in the pit of my stomach as my heart began to pound like a jackhammer. With my chest constricting and my pulse popping in my ears, I reached with a trembling hand for one of the door handles and pushed down ever so gently; it was unlocked, so I quietly pushed the door open and stepped carefully inside. Mom’s bedroom is a veritable penthouse suite complete with a fireplace, full wet bar, enormous bay windows, double bay doors leading out to a balcony, large sitting area with a love seat, sofa, high back leather chairs and a coffee table. Not bothering to close the door behind me, I crept silently down the short entrance corridor on the landing and then peered ever so carefully around the corner of the privacy wall. The cavernous bedroom suite was illuminated by a small fire burning in the sahabet yeni giriş fireplace, as well as several scented candles placed meticulously about, giving the room a mystical and intensely romantic luminous glow. Along with the fragrance of the scented candles, there was also the powerful aroma of burning incense hanging in the air, along with something else; the musky odor of feminine sexual arousal, and it was, at that moment, extremely potent. And then, as if in a dream, I discovered the source of that intoxicating and forbidden aroma; and I felt as if I’d just been hit by a speeding train.

Grandma was lying flat on her back on the floor naked but for a pair of thigh-high black nylons on her legs and three inch, black spiked heels on her feet. Her body was trembling with orgasmic rapture; her back was arching toward the ceiling as her head was rolling in complete and utter ecstasy from side to side on the soft carpeting. And there, lying on her belly between my grandmothers’ wide spread legs with her face buried deeply between my grandmothers’ thighs, was my mother; who was entirely naked from head to toe. Both of their magnificent bodies were mystically luminescent; their flesh glistening softly with perspiration in the soft glow of the candle and firelight. Grandma’s head continued to roll in euphoric bliss and I could see her eyes spinning wildly in their sockets as my mother pleasured her. I could hear the sinfully salacious sounds of sucking, slurping and squishing as my mother’s mouth ravenously devoured my grandmothers’ pussy. Grandma’s body bucked and twitched as her hands combed through the silk of my mother’s hair.

“Oh my baby…” Grandma moaned so tenderly. “Oh, you’re making Mommy feel so good.”

I then heard the most erotic growl from my mother’s mouth as she seemed to intensify her incestuous feast on my grandmother’s sexual core. Grandma’s body seized and bucked sharply, her legs tumbled and thrashed about and her back arched in a virtual horseshoe toward the ceiling as a cataclysmic orgasm ravaged her body. A howl of unbridled passion and orgasmic release catapulted from her mouth as she dug her fingernails deep into my mother’s scalp. Grandma then collapsed in a spent heap; sprawling her now rubbery arms and legs out on the floor like Leonardo de Vinci’s Vitruvian man as my mother licked her clean.

I was literally in the Twilight Zone; reality had almost ceased to exist. My knees buckled under my weight as my legs trembled uncontrollably. My heart pumped with the ferocity of a NASCAR engine piston; my lungs strained to the point of agony to find air. All that I am, and all that I may ever be was shouting at me to run away; but I couldn’t move. I was utterly mesmerized; the two most alluring and sexual women in the world to me, my mother and grandmother, were in the midst of unspeakable taboo and wondrous lesbian incest with each other right before my eyes. I wasn’t going anywhere!

Grandma was moaning sensually and gasping for air as my mother rose up just slightly on her knees, slowly and oh so very tenderly, kissing and licking her way up Grandma’s seething body. It was then I noticed that Mom was blindfolded; and she had a large submissive collar around her neck. My heart nearly exploded out of my chest as I then watched Mom take one of Grandma’s plump and protruding nipples into her mouth. Grandma hissed as she sucked in a slight gasp while Mom passionately suckled on her. Grandma combed her fingers through Mom’s hair as Mom made love to both her breasts and then guided her slowly up to her face where I watched my mother and grandmother’s mouths sear together in one of the deepest and most carnal kisses of unbridled passion I’d ever seen. Their bodies literally melted together as Grandma engulfed my mother in an intimate embrace; locking her arms around her shoulders and her legs around her waist.

They fell virtually silent to my hearing now; whispering softly to each other as Mom pelted Grandma’s face with soft and adoring kisses. Grandma sensually stroked Mom’s body atop her; grazing her palms and fingernails gently over her daughter’s gorgeous creamy flesh. By now my body was completely numb; I had no sense of my surroundings or what my outer extremities were up to. I knew I was nibbling on my left index finger, but I could not honestly locate my right hand.

Suddenly, Grandma sat up and gently guided Mom off on to the floor, positioning her on her knees with her back to me. Mom rested on her knees while that perfectly proportioned and symmetrical back of hers with the sexiest line of spine was absolutely straight up and down. Mom’s ass was breathtaking in that position; so magnificently round and taut. Mom’s head was lowered and her hands rested palms up on her thighs as Grandma gently stroked Mom’s hair like a dog.

“Such a good little girl.” Grandma said. “Would you like your reward now?”

“Yes, my Mistress.” Mom replied.

That’s when I noticed that the collar Mom wore sahabet giriş around her neck had a leather leash attached to it and Grandma held the other end in her right hand; and it was then that I became aware that my own right hand was down the front of my jeans and frantically stimulating my clit. This was the hottest and most intensely arousing spectacle I’d ever witnessed; not only were my mother and grandmother engaged in incestuous sexual passion, but my grandmother was now playing dominatrix to my submissive mother.

“Come with me, my pet.” Grandma said.

“Yes, my Mistress.” Mom replied as Grandma tugged on the leash slightly and proceeded to stroll seductively across the room to the chest of drawers against the far wall with Mom crawling on her hands and knees behind her.

They were in shadow for a moment and then they returned to the center of the room in front of Mom’s bed; Grandma pulling the leash with Mom crawling on all fours behind her. Grandma instructed Mom to return to her “neutral position”, and Mom resumed her original place on her knees with her back once again to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off Mom; the way the fluttering glow of the flames mystically illuminated her milky white skin and causing the shadows to dance over every perfect curve, nook, line and cranny of her statuesque body. I was so transfixed by my mother that I didn’t even notice what Grandma was doing until she turned to look down at her submissive and I discovered that she had adorned herself with a strap-on cock and was sensually stroking the massive bulbous with her hand. The cock itself was flesh color; anatomically perfect from my vantage point, laced with veins, a thick head and was glistening with lubrication in the firelight.

Grandma placed her hands on Mom’s shoulders and bent her daughter over so that Mom’s head rested on the soft carpet with her arms lying prostrate beside her. Mom’s knees were still planted on the floor, only now her ass was pointed straight at the ceiling, giving me a perfect view of the most coveted prize in the universe to me; my mother’s gorgeous pussy. Mom was intensely aroused; her fleshy folds were beet red, swollen and saturated with her nectar that glistened in the soft glow of the firelight. I nearly had to swallow my fist to keep from crying out in salacious bliss as an orgasm tore through my body.

Grandma then turned suddenly, facing in my direction; my heart skipped a beat and I practically swallowed my Adams Apple for fear of being discovered. But Grandma was far too preoccupied as she straddled her daughter’s body; standing directly over Mom’s protruding ass and then bending over at her waist, Grandma spanked the perfectly spherical globes of my mother’s gorgeous ass with both hands before spreading the firm, fleshy masses apart and plunging her face into her daughter’s crack; lathering her sphincter with her tongue. The air soon filled with the orgasmic moans and hissing gasps of my beautiful mother as my grandmother lathered her sphincter and devoured her pussy. Then Grandma stood up straight, swung her legs and body around so that she was facing away from me. Again straddling my mother’s ass, Grandma slowly lowered her body down, balancing herself with one hand on Mom’s ass while she guided her massive cock toward her daughter’s drooling vaginal opening with the other.

I dared not even blink! I didn’t want to miss an instant of this; the most exhilarating example of incestuous taboo my young eyes had ever witnessed. I leaned out as far as I dared and stared forth in utter astonishment and primal heat as my grandmother’s enormous bulbous slid slowly through the glistening, swollen folds of my mother’s immaculate womanhood and finally, disappeared completely into her body. Grandma placed her hands gently on the sides of Mom’s torso and began to fuck her daughter; slowly and rhythmically forward as she steadily increased the power of her pelvic thrusts into my mother. It wasn’t long before Mom was howling like a feral beast as my grandmother violated her faster and deeper with every skewer. Mom was soon up on all fours, her body rocking with the rhythm of Grandma’s powerful thrusts of incestuous and violent penetration inside her. Grandma herself began to howl and groan as she wildly violated her daughter; even going so far as to seize a handful of Mom’s hair and yank her head back, bowing my mother’s back downward. Their combined howls, grunts, groans and moans of incestuous bliss were bouncing off the walls and reverberating off the ceiling; my own fingers were pumping furiously inside me. And then, as if in a horrible nightmare:

My cell phone rang!

Still in the pocket of my jeans that were now practically around my calves, my signature ring sounded with the singing voice of Taylor Swift; piercing the air like a nuclear fallout siren. I stumbled back, swung around and nearly tumbled to the floor as I tugged at my jeans, reached for my phone and tried to run all in one single movement. The orgasmic howls of my mother and groans of my grandmother instantly fell silent. I tripped and tumbled forward, smashing into the bedroom door that I had left ajar and it cracked like a gunshot as my body weight caused it to slam shut. Then I heard another terrifying sound:

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