“Tommy” Part 14


“Tommy” Part 14″Tommy”By GentilePart 14———“Cully, do you want me to tell it in great detail, or, should I just give you an overview?”We’d moved into the kitchen for a second cup of tea. This one I’d steeped while Girl used the bathroom.I was tempted to go for the overview. Something told me to tread slowly in these strange waters. “The former, in great detail.””Are you sure, honey?””No, no, I’m not sure, but, do it anyway.””We’d finished praying, but, were still on our knees, holding hands when I spoke to him plain: “I want to be with you, Tommy.'” I closed my eyes. “Cully. Cully?””Don’t stop, Girl, keep going, please.””I don’t want Culburn to be hurt, Girl.””Cully would not be hurt, Tommy. I promise.””How would that be possible?””I would tell him.””I don’t understand, Girl.””He’d want us to go to bed together, Tommy. I know he does. I know my husband, Tommy.””Girl, I have to get some air. I can’t sit here anymore.” I clambered up & out the patio door, Girl in pursuit. “Cully, wait!”I sank into my lawn chair. Set my head between my knees.”Cully, are you okay? I’ll get you a cold cloth. Hold on, boy!”She came back with an ice pack.”No, stay bent over, I’ll hold it in place, Cully.”The pack felt wonderful on the back of my neck. And so I let her hold it while I starred at the ground twixt my knees. It was better when I didn’t have to look her in the face as she told it.”Are you going to be able to stand this, Cully? This is no good, boy. I’m worried about you.””Cut to the chase, did you go to bed with him?””Yes.””Oh, dear. Okay, okay, go back and detail it out from when I bolted the kitchen table. I have to hear all of this. Hup! How much is there though, Girl, seriously?””Seriously? This ice pack will be well melted long before I’m done. Plus, I don’t mean to be uncaring, kaçak iddaa but, I do need to call the man before too much longer, Cully. I promised and I don’t want to worry him. So, what do you think?”I held the ice pack while she made the call.”Hup! Can I listen in on the extension?””Cully, now no, that would not be right, honey. Plus, I’m going to tell you everything that is said, you know that. I just haven’t had time to really be attentive to that issue, but, I’ll do better, I promise, sweetheart.””C’mon, he’ll never know. I’ll put my hand over the mouthpiece and just listen.””No. And don’t mention doing that again. Please?””Okay, okay.””Cully, I mean it now. I don’t want to have to worry about you skulking about when I’m on the phone with Tommy. I need to count on you here with Tommy. I-need-you.””You got me. I promise.” & I kept that promise. I never eavesdropped. She’d been gone 10 minutes when the patio door slid open.”He can’t wait for tomorrow to come.””He’s okay though?””Yes, bless his heart. Cully, you have to be extra nice tomorrow, okay? He needs our support. He is still at risk.”I did not want to think about that particular risk. I never liked mixing sex with v******e, (Miss) withstanding. “You can count on me, Girl. I’ll do good, now, tell it and slowly.””Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I know: He started to undress me, but, I told him: ‘Not here, Tommy. Please, darling.'””I God’s, Girl, you said that him?””Yes, I didn’t want to have our first time be on his couch, or, on the floor. I stood on tip-toes, put my arms around his neck and whispered into his ear: ‘Take me to bed, Tommy.’ In that voice I use when I really want something, you know that voice, right, boy?'””Vaguely.”Girl smiled, she was getting into it. And so was I, the fresh air and open space kaçak bahis rallying me.”I was in my jammies of course, the ones he bought me at Woolco, along with my new panties. I asked him to get me cotton panties, not nylon, or, rayon. You know how if I wear those my pussy gets all agitated. So, after I took a quick bath I dressed in a nice pair of blue cotton panties and the blue and white jammies. I’ll show you those later.””You took a bath in front of him, Girl?””Noooooo, don’t be silly. He was very nice, showed me to his bathroom, made sure I had everything I needed, then left me alone.””Did you lock the door?””Of course not.””Did he like peek, or, come in accidentally-on-purpose without knocking?””Cully! Now stop it. He did not peek, he was, no, Tommy is the perfect gentleman.””Fine, back to the living room part. Go.””Am I telling it good, Cully? I want to do good at this so you’re not dissatisfied.””Perfect, Girl.””You’re feeling better, aren’t you, boy?””Yes. I just hope I don’t crash.””If you do, just remember to come and talk to Girl. Have I ever let you down?””No, never. Not once.” And she hadn’t. & I was no picnic, especially in that early circa.”And I never will. Wasn’t I there when my entire Freshman class wanted to kill you because you took me away from them?””Yes.” Though my brother came in mighty handy as well in that crisis. He could beat me up, oh, absolutely, but, let anyone else try it & WW3 would commence.”Okay, then.””Though you did kiss that Randy Tillman after we’d started going steady, Girl.””Oh, it meant nothing. And nothing else happened, I swear to God.””I believe you, punkin. Now, where were we?””Oh, let me think. I got it! He held my hand and led me into his bedroom. It was very dark and he asked if it would be okay to turn on a lamp.””Yes, illegal bahis Tommy, please. And can we close the door?””We’re the only ones here, Girl, I promise.””I told him I knew that, but, I would just feel more comfortable having privacy.””I’ll even lock it.””Cully, he had the sweetest smile.” “Thank you, Tommy.””And it progressed from there. I smiled at him, you know that smile I get whenever we’re about to have sex. I wanted him to be comfortable. He came to me and kissed me.””On the lips?””Well, first he hugged me tightly to his chest. Cully, he was trembling. But, once I hugged and held him his tremors stilled and we just clung to one another for a spat of time.””Who kissed who?””Oh, he kissed me. I was going to go first, but, I didn’t want to be too forward, so, I waited for him and he made the first overture.””You closed your eyes?””No, I left them wide open, you dingle berry. Of course I closed my eyes. He closed his and he kissed me.””On the lips, Girl?””Of course, Cully, we were fixing to sleep together.””I God’s, Girl, this is hot. Weren’t you scared?””No. You’d think I would be. Uh, uh. It was pre-ordained. I saved Tommy’s life, no, we saved his life and he and I found each other as dawn broke. I know that sounds corny, but, it is the truth. He is a good man, a beautiful man. Tommy’s heart is pure, there was no danger once he did as I pleaded with him to do in that cruiser.””Did you guys actually do it, Girl? Actually have intercourse?””Yes.””He came in you?””Yes.””How many times?””Twice. At first there. Then we slept and upon waking we had relations again.””Did you, you know, suck him?””Not that first night, well, that first morning, but, well, I shouldn’t lump separate instances together. Is that okay?””So you have performed fellatio on this man?””Patience Cully, please?””This is driving me crazy, Girl.””Do you want me to stop?””You mean stop any further sexual relations, or, stop telling me about them?””Well, now that you mention it, both.”(to be continued)

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