The Hotel Key Pt. 01


This story starts out (mostly) true … but the real story is still happening and evolving, so as I write more of what I hope will be a series, some of it will document what happens, and some will probably be some creative license. I’ll let you all guess which is which … and maybe tell me what should happen next!

For most of my life, I’ve been the standard white hetero guy: married (second marriage, divorced and re-married about 12 years ago), father of two now grown kids, and generally a masculine guy. We live on some land in the Cascade mountains not far from the city, so I do lots of classic manly stuff: sports, but also cutting down trees, splitting wood, etc. I love my wife, and we have a great sex life, no complaints!

But … in my time surfing porn, I started to realize that I got more excited about being the person taking a cock … not being the guy with the cock. So far, that’s just been an oral thing: I’ve grown to crave sucking cocks. I don’t care about the guy with the cock: I’m not at all attracted to “men”, just their cocks. For several years, this was purely fantasy – reading, watching, jacking off – all imagining having a cock in my mouth. I started talking to guys on a couple sites – and after almost making it happen, I finally did for the first time on a work trip to Atlanta about 3 years ago, and since then, have probably sucked 7 or 8 cocks, some at home, some on business trips. Some other stories for another time about some of those experiences – but this is going to talk about a path I’ve started down that’s a little riskier.

When I’m on business travel, I’m usually at nicer hotels. Which is great … nice rooms, decent food, secure, etc. But … if I’m trying to invite a guy over, that security is kind of awkward. They either have escort izmir to check in at the desk – or I have to come down to the lobby and bring them up to my room, as you often have to have a room key to get in exterior doors or use the elevator. Given that I don’t even want to talk the guys I serve, and definitely don’t want to run into anybody I might know while i’m walking a guy I’m about to suck to my room, that’s a whole bunch of awkward. So – I started to think of options, and realized that whenever I check, they ask, 1 key or 2: I of course only need 1, but usually ask for 2, just in case. But that second key could be the answer: If I can get that key to a guy I want to meet, they can walk right in, and get through doors, elevators, and when they get to my room – open up, and find me ready, on my knees (or on my back if that’s what they want).

It took a little planning, but I finally tried it at a hotel I was in on a work trip in San Diego. It was the perfect setup: my room wasn’t far from an exterior door on the ground floor. Just outside that door was a parking lot – with a ledge separating the door from the lot. At night, the door was lit well, but a couple of posts left some shadows on the ledge … perfect for putting the key outside, but in a place nobody would see unless I told them it was there. I hid a key in one of the shadows, then placed my ad online: I do want to stay safe, so in the ad I explained what I was doing, and showed a picture of where the key was – but my men-with-cocks would have to ask me what hotel and room #. I hit “send” on the ad, and waited.

As I was waiting, I pondered what I was doing … in some ways, I was still in control, but there is also a key out there that would give guys I don’t know easy access to my room … and me. escort izmir Sure, they don’t know my room number, but I realized that the risk of having an anonymous guy come in and use me was exciting. A lot of the stories I’ve read on that have really got me going have included an aspect of anonymous men … and often losing control of the situation. Did I really want this? No, of course not, I’m a happily married guy, want to stay safe, have a reputation to protect, so of course not, I need to stay in control and stay safe.

Except … my best masturbation sessions weren’t about being safe and in control. They were about being taken, used, giving up control. At work, I’m the boss, and at home, I’m the man of the house. But in my fantasies … I’m a slut to be taken and used, preferably by anonymous guys I’ll never meet again. Putting that key out in public put a toe over that risky, submissive line – maybe not enough to really be all that risky, but a real step nonetheless. The idea that somebody I don’t know could come in the door, walk in, and do to me what they wanted, and I couldn’t do anything to stop them … a tantalizing and stimulating thought. Did I want it? Yes. Did I really, really want it? I’m not sure …

A few responses started trickling in. Some just not interesting, a couple bailed out when they realized I wasn’t a 19 year old twink or trans. I finally got one, though that sounded better – middle-aged guy, average sized cock, and was ready to come over. I explained what he needed to do – and he headed my way. He was guessing he’d be about 15 minutes – so I cleaned up myself and the room and got ready.

15 minutes passed … then 30, then 45. Great – another flake, sometimes that’s just what happens when you meet guys online. I got myself ready to go to bed, turned off the lights, laid down – and somebody knocked on my door. Hmmm … if it’s my guy, he shouldn’t be knocking, he should just be opening the door. Up out of bed I pop … to the door, check through the little lens in the door. It is him, so I open the door, and welcome him in. I asked him, “Why didn’t you just use the key?”

“I just came in the front and asked the front desk where your room was, and the guy told me”. So much for my cool plan, and so much for hotel security and privacy!

But – he was there, and I was desperate for a cock in my mouth. He was older than me – probably around 60, kind of disheveled. He walked over to the bed, dropped his shoes and pants, and laid down on his back. I’ll admit I was hoping for more of a take-charge kind of guy – but at that point I just wanted to feel him in my mouth, so I walked over, crawled on the bed in front of him, and undid his belt and pants, unzipped … and pulled his flaccid cock out.

I licked the head, up and down the shaft, then sucked the head between my lips, licking it gently with my tongue. He started to swell a little, but nowhere close to hard … then let me know that “I don’t get hard anymore, hope that’s ok”. Well, I guess so: at this point might as well finish, but this certainly wasn’t the masculine dominant guy with the big cock I was hoping for! I decided to make the best of it, and kept going. He still wasn’t getting hard, but I could hear him breathing faster – and then I felt and tasted his salty warm cum leak into my mouth. I sucked him a little more, but I could tell he wanted to be done, so I backed away. He got up, got dressed, said “thank you” and walked out.

He got what it was needed, and I at least got some cum to swallow out of it, but definitely not what I was hoping for, and I don’t think he “got” the scene I was so proud of. What I knew, though, was that I wasn’t done trying to make this work.

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