Swiping worn pantyhose and dirty panties


Swiping worn pantyhose and dirty pantiesThis story is how I began swiping dirty panties and worn pantyhose from women’s laundry hamper in the seventh gradethis started probably eight months after I started wearing pantyhose in the 7th grade. The last few months I had been very sly. I would sneak into my friends moms panty drawers and rummage through their panties and pantyhose. I would usually only take 1 pair of each. But sometimes I took more. I had a few friends who’s mothers would wear pantyhose. Between buying my own pantyhose and swiping them I had a very nice collection. But I always needed more nylons and lingerie to indulge in. one night a few friends had a sleepover. My friend had a hot mom that looked and dressed like Peggy Bundy. And she always wore pantyhose under her leggings. She was very sexy. He also had an 18 year old sister that was a hot cheerleader. Well we went to sleep a few hours later I woke up with a raging hard on. I tried to go to sleep but it hurt it was so hard. I decided to open up my pjs and let my erection not be under any constraints. An hour passed and my erection is still as hard. I decided to go to the bathroom to play with myself and get rid of this erection. I played with my pecker for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t orgasm. I wanted to wear women’s underwear. I looked in the hamper and only seen my friends clothes. I played with myself some more but without visual stimulation my erection would stay in it’s throbbing state. After about 20 minutes I took another look in the hamper digging deep hoping to find 1 article of women’s clothes. Then that’s when I noticed the distinctive look of tricot nylon wrapped inside a pair of pants. My excitement grew. I slowly pulled out a pair of white nylon bikini panties. They were small so I knew it was his older sisters panties. My erection couldn’t wait I slipped them on but they were tight. I started playing with myself but the panties were too tight. I decided I would take them off and fondle them while I played with bahis şirketleri my pecker. I adored how silky they felt the way the nylon reflects the light. But I still wouldn’t orgasm. I continued inspecting the panties and that’s when I got to the crotch. I looked at it and saw some faint stains on the cotton gusset. I thought to myself her pussy has been against this fabric all day. I wondered to myself what her pussy must smell like. I had been watching porn for a few years and always wanted to know what pussy felt like and tasted like. I put the the upper half of the gusset to my nostrils and inhaled. My boner immediately got harder then it’s ever been. I could feel it stiffen almost to the point of orgasm. The aroma was the best thing I’ve ever experienced. The scent of pussy and sweat made my mind foggy. I continued down the gusset slowly inhaling the different strengths of scents. My erection hurts at this point. I finally get to the ending of the gusset where I noticed a white stain. I was intrigued so I put the white stain to my nose and slowly inhaled. The aroma of her pussy hole and her sex juice made my erection start to drip precum. I then went a little farther down and I found where her panties had been riding up against her sweet butthole. Her sweaty butthole left the most amazing scent. I couldn’t help my self. I started stroking while sniffing her butthole scented panties my erection still somehow continues to get harder. I slightly moved the panties so I had her butthole under 1 nostril and her pussy hole stained gusset under the other nostril. My pecker instantly got tingly from the pleasurable aromas . I came within 5 seconds. The orgasm was intense and long. Still breathing her scent when I was done my erection was still there but I said you had enough fun tonight time for bed. I put the panties in my pocket and laid down and went to sleep. Next morning I woke up and felt the panties in my pocket. I told my friend I didn’t feel well and was going home. I got home and bahis firmaları told my mom I didn’t feel and was going to lay down. I went to my room. Closed the door and got in bed. I had the panties balled up next to me. I got a few pairs of pantyhose out. My boner was hard like last night. I slipped a pair of silken mist stw pantyhose on. I started teasing my erection through the silky sheer nylon. My pantyhose already getting wet from anticipation of the treasure held within the gusset of these panties. I then put the gusset to my nose. Slowly moving the gusset against my nostrils. The wonderful scent of her pussy drives me to an intense orgasm in my pantyhose. I continued this for the rest of the day. At least twelve times. Each time just as short. Once I reach the part where her pussy hole was I immediately orgasm. Now I’m in love with the smell of pussy.A week goes by and and the scent of pussy is losing strength. It’s taking longer to orgasm. Well I went to a friends house who lived down the street. He was a few years younger than me but we like to play video games. Whenever we would play he always had to use the bathroom. He had some condition and it took him a long time to go. I always saw this as an opportunity to sneak into his moms panty and pantyhose drawer. This time was different. I went straight to her hamper. On top I saw a pair of panties and pantyhose rolled together. I quickly put them in my pocket. I then went to her dresser and took a pair pantyhose. After a while I told my friend I had to go. I went home told my mom I didn’t feel well. I got in bed and waited some time. My pecker is already erect in anticipation. I pull out the worn delicate items and unravel them. I look at the panties. I’m so excited then I look at the gusset. Oh my there were plenty of white stains. I was amazed from first seeing a small white dot on the first pair to a gusset covered in white heaven. I couldn’t wait I had to sniff them. The mixture of her perfume and her pussy was intoxicating. kaçak bahis siteleri I wondered if her pantyhose would carry her love scent also. I sniffed them and oh did the ever. I was so excited to have two undergarments soaked with the sweet smell of pussy. I came many times that wearing her pantyhose and sniffing her dirty underwear. I stayed home sick the next day. Dressing up in pantyhose and lingerie. Walking around the house every so often sniffing the gusset of panties and pantyhose. The whole day was spent playing and orgasming to the smell of pussy. I had been in her hamper a few more times. My friend as usual went to the bathroom. I snuck into her hamper and dig around as I was getting more selective. That’s when I noticed a pair of taupe pantyhose but no panties. I pulled them out and that’s when I noticed there was no cotton gusset just a seam. And the seam and the rest of the crotch was stained white from her soaking wet pussy. She wore these pantyhose without panties wich was unusual for her. I sniffed the stained nylon crotch. Nylon soaked with wonderful smell of her pussy. I moved the seam and found where it sat against her pussy hole. It smelled so good. My erection was throbbing. I was taking too long and went to her dresser and took a pair of pantyhose. Shortly after I told my friend I had to go. Got home and laid down. I then admired the pantyhose I just acquired I slipped on the pair from her dresser. They were very silky. I couldn’t wait any longer I’m an addict for the scent of worn underwear. I quickly orgasmed as soon as I got to part where her pussy hole. Of course the next day I stayed home sick. After a few orgasms I decided while playing with myself that I would taste the pantyhose stained crotch. I wanted to know what her stains tasted like. I my the tip of my tongues to her stained nylon. It tasted sweet my slow typing ur tips turned into a furious entire crotch in my mouth sucking the stains left behind from her pussy. I quickly came but I made sure to get all the stains and swear cleaned off her pantyhose. While I was taking her worn items I was also doing this to a few other friends moms. There are plenty of more stories of sneaking into hampers and dressers. I love the smell of pussy ??

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