Solstice Ch. 21


Solstice – Chapter 21

Alex sat outside thinking. When he had arrived in Xanadu, he was nineteen. In Xanadu time, six years had passed, and he was now twenty-five. His oldest child had turned eighteen that day. Calculating in earth time, he laughed at the thought of being thirty-seven.

His other seven sons would be turning eighteen in the next few months, and a year after that he would be passing the Papas job to them. His oldest two daughters would be eighteen in a month. ‘Alex, you ARE one of the old ones,’ he thought.

In three years, Alex, Ariana, and Terra would leave Xanadu to begin reclaiming the planet. He still wasn’t sure what his role would be other than to somehow keep them safe. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know yet.

Realizing he had eaten everything on the tray, he went back inside and climbed in bed with his mother. He was soon asleep.


Alex was usually an early riser, but when he woke the sun was already up and his mother gone. He recalled his personas that had been with his wives and went to the kitchen for coffee.

The house was packed with everyone waiting for Titanus to begin the traditional breakfast. Cletus was in the small kitchen cooking. Alex got his coffee then began greeting everyone. His daughter, Terra, was sitting on the couch. She looked troubled. He sat beside her and stared, a tactic he had learned when she was about ten. It always worked. She ignored him as best she could, then after a few minutes began grinning.

“Leave me alone. I’m mad,” she said, trying not to smile.

“Then why are you grinning?”


“Because what?”

“Because when you stare at me like that it makes me happy.”

“I see. You’re mad and happy at the same time. What are you mad about?”

“I’m turning eighteen in a month, but we aren’t having a party for three months. Pontus and Artemus have the same birthday as mine. They’re mad too.”

“Who said you have to wait three months?”

“Our moms.”

“Is there some rule I’m not aware of?”

“I don’t know of any.”

“I’ll talk to them and get back with you.”

“Dad, you’re the greatest. I knew you could fix it.”

“Whoa! I never said I’d fix it. I said I’d talk to them.”

She jumped off the couch excitedly. “Same thing. I’m going to go tell Artemus and Pontus.”

Ariana sat down next to him. “What’s she so excited about?”

“Uh, I promised her an iPhone for her birthday.”

“Right. Truth please?” she asked.

“Why is her birthday going to be celebrated two months late?”

“Oh, that again. I thought we’d do it at the fall festival. We’ve got Pontus becoming Epapas. Terra and Artemus with both virginity and promises. It makes more sense to do it all at once. I haven’t checked with Ally, but there may be others on the virginity list.”

“Babe, I think the combination of taking their virginity and that herb concoction from the promises ceremony is too much. I’ve never liked that. Having an Epapas in a group cuts my work dramatically too. Getting the Epapas’ started is a priority, as far as I’m concerned.”


“I try to make the virginity rite as enjoyable and loving as possible. That herb would turn an already irritated vagina into mincemeat.”

“So, what do you propose?”

“Do them separately. The virginity on their birthdays and promises at the fall festival. It’s not like we’re overwhelmed with engagements on weekends. We’ve got about a hundred virgins in the next year. Doesn’t ten every month sound better than twenty-five at a time at our four festivals?”

“Let me get the Mamas’, mothers, and mom together and we’ll discuss it.”

“I’ll abide by whatever you ladies decide to do.”

“I know. By the way, Cletus stashed a plate for you in the kitchen. You’ll have to sneak it outside to eat. Mom said Titanus probably won’t be up for a while.”

“Thanks, I’m starved.”


It was about two hours later before Titanus bounced into the kitchen. He was glowing and excited to continue his celebrating. After eating, he was out the door and on his way to the big building to get started.

Alex, Cletus, and Robert, Cletus’ roomie, worked together and had the kitchen in order quickly.

Ariana and a large group of women had a meeting outside that lasted about twenty minutes. The women agreed that bringing the Epapas’ onboard quickly was a priority. They also agreed the virginity rites and promises should be done at different times. Alex was given the task of informing Terra and Artemus about it all. Since Pontus still wasn’t fully aware of what his birthday celebration entailed, an edited version would be given to him.

Alex transported himself to where Terra and Artemus were sitting by the lake.

“Ladies,” he said, walking up to them.”

“Hi dad,” they both chimed.

He sat on the grass next to them. “Here’s the deal. You already know everything that’s happening at the festivals, right?”

“We do,” Artemus replied.

“On your birthday, we’ll have a celebration. We’ll do the virginity tipobet365 yeni giriş rite then. At the fall festival, we’ll do your Emamas and Promises.”

Both girls grinned. “How about Epapas for Pontus?” Terra asked.

“We do that on the birthday too, but that’s all he’ll know until I tell him the rest just beforehand.”

“Dad, thanks. I knew you could fix it.”

“The birthday thing probably won’t be as well attended as the festival will,” Alex told them.

“Dad, is there a rule about us not being with our future Epapas before the promises?” Terra asked.

“I have no idea. Ask your moms about that.”

They looked at each other and grinned. “Or Grandma?” they both asked.

“She would know. Will you be seeing Pontus?”

“Yeah, he should be here pretty soon. We’re going canoeing,” Artemus replied.

“Fill him in on the birthday thing, please.”

“We will,” Terra replied.

Both girls kissed their father goodbye and he returned to the festival.

“Mission accomplished,” he told Ariana and Adara, who were standing in a group of clothed women.

“Thanks. Why is Nomena pissed at you?” Adara asked.

“Beats me. I was with you two last night.”

“Nomena?” Ariana called. Nomena turned and slowly walked to them. “Why are you upset with Alex.”

“Alex and two of his henchmen tried to kill me last night. My pussy and ass are still raw,” she said, trying to look angry.

Alex was grinning. “You loved it, Nomena.”

“The first six or seven, yes. Twelve orgasms in as many minutes is torture.”

“Whoa, don’t blame me for the last two. I didn’t cause those.”

“Your cum did!” she barked.

Adara and Ariana were still laughing when she walked away.

“We’re going to Adara’s place. Wanna join us?” Ariana asked.

“Should I bring a friend or four?” he asked.

“No!” they both replied.

“This is a three-person party.”

Alex took their hands and the three vanished.


Another Alex walked up to his mother. “Have you seen our son?”

“He’s on the bed by the showers with Nomena’s girls.” Alex turned to look. “You may need to go rescue him soon.”

“How do you propose I do that?” he asked.

She swallowed the rest of her drink and handed him the cup. “Put your dick in the cup.”

Alex did as she said and started cumming almost immediately without even being touched. “What was the fun in that?” he asked his mother.

“You can get someone to service that thing anytime. Come with me.”

They walked to where Titanus was. One twin was riding him cowgirl while the other rode his face. Both were riding him like Brahman bulls. Aphrodite took the cup and began putting finger fulls in the girl’s mouths. After their third orgasms, they weakly climbed off the table. Alex helped his son sit up.

“Go get something to eat and rest for a little while,” his father told him.

“Dad, they’re dangerous.”

“We know,” his mother laughed. “Been there, done that.”

“Both of you?” he asked.

“Separately, but yes, both of us,” his father replied.

“Dad, who gives the best BJ around here?”

“Your mother, but Helena is pretty amazing too.”

“Go eat. I’ll send her to you,” Aphrodite said, smiling. She turned to Alex. “You answered that very well.”

“I answered it honestly, my love.”

She chuckled. “Any other personal recommendations you’d like to share?”

“For you?” he asked. Aphrodite nodded. “Marlii from the Aussie group.”

“The schoolteacher?”

“If she eats pussy the way she does everything else, you’ll love her.”

“See you around. I’m going to find Helena then visit Marlii,” Aphrodite said.

“Have fun.”

“I always do,” she replied, walking away.”

Alex looked around for a moment and saw Demi and Ally sitting clothed at one of the tables. He walked over and joined them.

“Why do you have clothes on?” Ally asked.

“I just got here a few minutes ago. Gimme a break. I could ask you two the same question.”

“Everyone we have sex with lives in the same house we do,” Demi replied.

“We’ll probably head home soon,” Ally added.

“Want company?” he asked.

“Can you bring a friend?” Ally asked.

“I can,” he replied.

A beautiful redhead walked up next to Alex. “Hi Shira,” Demi said.

“Demi, Ally. How are you? Hi Alex.”

“We’re good,” Ally replied.

“Alex, I need some cum,” Shira told him.

“Just cum?” Alex asked.

“Just cum. Maori’s being a hog with the guys. We want to take her out of commission for a little while.”

“That could do it,” Demi chuckled.

“I’d be happy to collect it myself,” Shira said, kneeling in front of him.

“Help yourself,” he said, pulling up his robe.

She dove right in doing her best deep throat. Demi and Ally grinned, watched for a few minutes, then stood.

“We’ll be at the house,” Demi told him.

“I’ll see you there,” Alex replied.

As they walked away, two Alex’ met them at the exit and left with them.

Alex watched Shira tipobet365 giriş collecting her treasure and as he got close, he held out Demi’s empty cup. She filled her mouth and dribbled it into the cup just before she came. Shira took the cup and stood.

“Thanks, will you be over tonight?”

“I will.”

She kissed him and left.


Shira walked back to where she and the other women from her group were standing. Alex had followed her, keeping a bit of distance between them.

Miora was on one of the beds. She had a cock in all three holes and was jacking off two others. Five of the women from the Israel group were nearby looking frustrated. Shira offered the cup to them. Each put a finger in the cum then stepped up to the bed.

“You five take a break for a minute,” Shira told the men.

As soon as they stepped back, Miora opened her mouth to register a complaint. Shira’s cum covered finger went in Miora’s mouth as she did. Her orgasm began seconds later. As soon as it began to wane, another woman fed her more. For the next ten minutes Miora was cumming continuously. They quit feeding her the cum when she passed out.

“That ought to do it,” Shira told the women, as Miora collapsed on the bed.

Each of the men took the hand of one of the women and walked away to find an empty bed, leaving Shira standing there alone with the exhausted Miora. Shira shrugged in frustration and took a finger full of cum for herself. As she began to cum, Alex took her hand. Both vanished.


Aphrodite found Marlii just as she was returning from a shower.

“Got a minute?” Aphrodite asked.

Marlii smiled. “For you, Aphrodite? Of course.”

Aphrodite stepped to her and put her hands on the woman’s beautiful dark chocolate cheeks and gave her a passionate kiss. Marlii responded in kind.

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting that,” Marlii said, with her eyes wide.

“Any interest in going somewhere a little quieter?” Aphrodite asked. “I tend to draw a crowd.”

“I’d love to,” Marlii replied.

Aphrodite kissed her again. When Marlii opened her eyes, she looked around. They were standing next to a cabana on a deserted beach with tropical vegetation behind them.

“Langford Island?” Marlii asked in amazement.

“Umm hmm.”

“I lost my virginity here,” Marlii said, reminiscing.

Aphrodite took her hand and they walked into the cabana. She let her gown fall to the sand then led Marlii onto the round bed.

Laying together, they began kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands.

The two women parted, and Aphrodite pushed Marlii onto her back. Marlii moved her head to the pillows as Aphrodite crawled between her legs. Still on her hands and knees above Marlii, she began kissing her again on the lips, at first, then the face, ears, and neck. Marlii’s hands were gliding across Aphrodite’s upper back. Aphrodite moved down to her chest and continued her kissing and nibbling. Marlii’s fingers began brushing through Aphrodite’s black hair. Aphrodite used her tongue to make circles just outside her partner’s nipples, going from one to the other and teasing. When her tongue finally did slid across Marlii’s nipple, she made a soft moan. Aphrodite was patient and continued the tease for several minutes before sucking a nipple into her mouth. Marlii moaned and her hands pulled Aphrodite’s head more firmly onto her breast. Her hips raised looking for something to rub her pussy on but found only space. She continued her rocking. Aphrodite moved back and forth from breast to breast.

In a few minutes, Aphrodite moved lower on Marlii’s body and began covering her abdomen with kisses and teasing licks. Still, Aphrodite was in no hurry, and it took another several minutes to reach the lower abdomen. Marlii’s hips were constantly in motion as her partner worked her way to the very top of her mons.

Aphrodite bent Marlii’s knees and began just inside her knee licking and kissing upward. Marlii’s hands began massaging her own breasts and her pelvis reflexively rocked. Aphrodite’s hands never stopped moving over her lover’s body. As her mouth reached the top of the thigh, she gave a long lick just outside Marlii’s labia. Marlii sighed loudly and Aphrodite moved to the other lower thigh.

“You’re making me crazy,” Marlii whimpered.

Aphrodite only responded with more kisses and licks. To Marlii, it seemed like she was moving even more slowly up the other thigh making the anticipation even greater. When the long lick came this time Marlii moaned loudly. Aphrodite repeated the licks several times alternating sides but never touching the labia itself. When Aphrodite licked the next time Marlii pulled her licker’s head into her. Aphrodite began at the bottom and licked both labia the full length and teasingly over her swollen clit.

“Yes, there. Please? I need it so much,” Marlii pleaded.

Aphrodite pushed Marlii’s thighs up then teased her brown sphincter with her tongue and began darting in and out. As she tickled her lover’s perineum, tipobet365 güvenilirmi Marlii squirmed. She dragged her tongue over the dripping vagina, then off to the side along the edge of the clit, and repeated the lengthy licks, alternating sides. She intentionally avoided direct stimulation to the clit. Marlii was in constant motion, and as Aphrodite’s tongue moved near her clit, she tried to make contact with the tongue that was so close to it. Aphrodite kept her tongue just out of reach, and smiled up at her knowingly, then quickly sucked Marlii’s clit into her mouth, tonguing it full length. It took only a few seconds before Marlii exploded. Her back arched and her body began to tremble. Marlii’s hands pulled Aphrodite’s head hard onto her.

“Oh fuuuuuuuckk!” she screamed.

Aphrodite continued sucking and licking throughout the orgasm. As she slowed, Aphrodite moved her mouth off the sensitive clit and laid her head on her lover’s abdomen as she recovered. Marlii laid there perfectly still for a couple of minutes before she began running her fingers through Aphrodite’s hair.

“Come up here and kiss me,” she told Aphrodite. She raised up and moved up beside Marlii, who kissed her wet face. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Ready to go again?” Aphrodite asked.

Marlii smiled. “In a little while. It’s your turn.”

Marlii began differently than Aphrodite had. She went right for the breasts then went to Aphrodite’s feet and spent a long-time kissing, licking, and sucking them. Aphrodite loved it. Marlii showed no signs of being in a hurry, as she turned Aphrodite on her hands and knees, then spent a long time tonguing her ass, while massaging her pussy. When Marlii finally decided to tongue Aphrodite’s pussy, she slid under her from the bottom and used two fingers to stroke her g-spot as she licked.

Aphrodite’s voice spoke to Alex, in his head. “Join us.”

The entire island seemed to shake as Aphrodite came from Marlii’s expert attention. Alex materialized between Marlii’s legs. He raised them and slipped his cock into her. Marlii groaned loudly as he did, sending vibrations through Aphrodite’s spasming pussy. When she recovered, Aphrodite turned and straddled her face, facing her son. She bent forward and started tonguing Marlii’s clit. Alex pulled out, letting his mother taste the woman’s juices on his cock, then slipped back inside. The women were eating each other as Alex fucked Marlii hard. When he came, his first two streams went deep into Marlii. The remainder he directed into his mother’s hungry mouth. Both women came a few seconds later. Alex smiled as he watched them, then vanished as quickly as he had arrived.


Adara lay on her side sucking Alex. Alex was eating Ariana, who was, in turn, eating Adara, completing the chain. Adara began to moan and squirm as Ariana sucked her clit into her mouth. Ariana came just moments later, and the circle came apart.

Both women moved their mouths to his cock, taking turns licking and sucking. They often paused to kiss each other as both would stroke him. He soon filled their mouths with his seed, which they shared. The women were in the middle of a passionate kiss when their orgasms overtook them. All three were soon cuddled together with Alex between them.


Titanus was having the time of his life. The line of women seemed never ending. He didn’t mind a bit. His aunt Helena had worn him out to the extent that he went home for a short rest. Titanus even managed to sneak in about an hour for a nap before returning to the celebration with renewed vigor. That’s when he ran into Danae and Astrae who were both sexual dynamos, much like Nomena’s twin girls. He was in need of another break by the time his father found him.

Alex tossed him a robe. “Come with me to get a bite to eat,” Alex, who was also dressed, told him.

They walked over to the food, and after fixing plates, sat at one of the tables.

“Dad, this is exhausting.”

Alex chuckled. “Yes, it is. Ready to call it a day?”

“No way. It’s exhausting but awesome,” Titanus replied, with a Cheshire smile. “Dad, I don’t think the Chinese group likes me.”

“Why do you say that?”

“They’re kind of ignoring me.”

“They’re as available as anyone else, but they won’t approach you. It’s a cultural thing. You have to approach them.”

“How? When I speak to one of them, they look down at the ground.”

“That’s showing you respect. I’ll introduce you after we finish eating.”

“That would be great.”

“Do you know Chen?”

“I do,” Titanus replied.

“She’s the mamas. Her daughter, Shu, will be their new Emamas in a couple of months.”

“So, how does that work? Like with Terra and me.”

“When they turn eighteen, we have a celebration where they lose their virginity. Then at the solstice or equinox they promise themselves to the Epapas. It’s basically getting engaged. A year later they become Mamas. When your son with Terra turns eighteen the process starts over.”

“Terra and I are having a kid?”

“Probably more than one. You and your fellow Papas will be evening up the counts to about half males and half females.”

“When does that happen?”

“The kids?” his father asked.


“When you and Terra decide it’s time. It won’t be until at least a year from now.”

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