SARAHS FANCYSarah and I,d been married a few years when we went on holiday to Essex staying in a local bed and breakfast in Clacton. Some how we,d gotten Sarah.s parents to agree to babysit for our two young k**s so we had the place all to ourselves us and about 3,000 others that busy August. The first few days had been pretty cool and windy, but the third dawned bright and sunny with the temperature heading for the high seventies, the main danger too much sun. We,d met a nice man called Trevor the night before, he also from London on holiday with his brother and sister in law, his wife having walked out him a few years previously for another man. Trevor seemed quite chatty and not so crazy about his relatives and seemed to fancy Sarah a lot. In a way I felt pride that someone else could fancy my wife and it seemed to make me randier when we were engaged in fore play later. “Seemed Trevor took a real shine to you, my lover! And I think you like him as well?” “I do like him, but what really got me interested was the way his cock threatened to escape from his trousers. bahis şirketleri He obviously Wasn,t wearing underpants and it stood straight out! If he,d unzipped his flies it would have jumped up and stood like a flag pole!” she laughed on recollection. “ Suppose you wanna suck him off then?” I led her. “Well it would be interesting! I haven,t really had anything to practise deep throat on except yours sweetie! Don,t get me wrong as I like it very much, but I can deep throat yours rather easily! I need a Long one to practise my Talent on!” Sarah always prided herself on her cocksucking skills as it had kept all her boyfriends happy including me Before she got engaged to me and my cock was ever so grateful as she was so tight on our initial fuck we were both raw afterwards and it took twenty four hours to recover. Then we made up for the times she,d put me off and turned into quite a lover. She also opened my eyes even more when I discovered she liked having sex with more than just me whether it was Male or female, some times both though the few gang bangs she,d bahis firmaları been in were never planned. So she wanted to practise deep throat on Trevor. The next morning we had breakfast with him and when we invited him to join us for a picnic on the beach he happily accepted as his relatives were off on a tour for the day. By the time we were baking in our swim costumes we were like old friends and Sarah had begun to work on him. She,d put on her one piece Navy, white and black costume while I wore basic tight green trucks and Trevor wore even tighter black ones and it was very evident that he was a much bigger cocked Male than me as he seemed uncomfortable with his reaction. Once we,d eaten our picnic and washed it down with wine Sarah suggested we head back to get out of the sun before we burned. Sarah having very fair skin burned rather easily. (We lost two days of fucking on my leave we got engaged on because we both stayed in the sun too long and could not bear to even touch each other and would Never make that mistake again. Sarah invited Trevor back to,our kaçak bahis siteleri room as we sneaked in where we had more booze to loosen our inhibitions even more. “I,m just going for a quick shower!” Sarah told us and disappeared into the bathroom carrying a large bath towel and toiletries. Fifteen minutes later she emerged carrying her costume, the towel now worn round her shoulders with all her charms on full display. “You must be ever so uncomfortable, Trevor luv! Why don,t you take those wet trunks off and let me see that nice big cock you,ve been trying to hide from me?” she purred and ser down directly across from him with her legs splayed open so he could see right up her fleshy crack. “Okay!” he stood and peeled off his only garment. He WAS huge, even bigger than my old friend Burt, must have been at least eleven inches long and thick in uncut beauty, precum dribbling from the tip. “Mind if I taste you?” Sarah asked then not waiting for his reply licked the precum away with her delicate cat,s tongue as she gently fondled his sensitive balls. Meanwhile I,d also divested myself of my trunks and was absent minded.y stroking my cock ss Sarah worked her magic on Trevors manly meat sausage. She couldn,t go deep enough to do deepthroat with Trevor, but she certain,y gave it a good try. TBC

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