Reunion, of Sorts Ch. 02


Molly was shocked. She thought she’d never hear his voice again, let alone see him. She didn’t know what to say to him.

“Hello?” he said. Molly shook her head and started to say something.

“Yeah, I’m here,” she said finally.

“Oh, good. I thought maybe you hung up on me,” he said, relieved. The thought did cross my mind, she thought to herself.

“No, I’m just in shock,” she said quietly.

“Why? Oh, because I left so suddenly and didn’t tell you. Yeah, I can see that,” he said. Molly fought back tears.

“Look, I’m really sorry for doing that. You know things were really fucked up around here before I left. I should have let you know that I was okay before now…can you forgive me?” he said. Molly closed her eyes, fighting harder not to start bawling. She took in a deep breath. I hope I don’t regret this.

“Of course, I forgive you. I love you, and I totally understand why you left,” she replied.

“I love you, too, and I’ve really missed you, like I did after high school,” he said softly. Molly was beginning to feel emotionally drained from fighting her emotions so hard. She felt a tear squeeze out of the corner of her left eye and slide slowly down her cheek. She sniffed loudly without meaning to.

“Aw, honey, are you crying? I am so sorry,” he said. Molly let loose.

“Yes, I’m crying! You hint around that you MIGHT leave, then you do without even telling me you’re okay, then you expect me to just forgive you for it? If I didn’t love you as much as I do, I’d tell you to go fuck yourself!” she yelled. Silence filled not only the other end, but everyone who had been unloading the truck stopped dead and stared at her. Molly felt the eyes on her, looked around then excused herself outside.

“I know that I can’t change how I did things, but I really am sorry. I could’ve gone about it differently, but I didn’t want you to see me in the state I was in. You wouldn’t have recognized me,” he explained.

“Erik, I love you. I know things were screwed up, but if you were any different than when you were here, I still would’ve recognized you. I love you and I want to be there for you. I told you I would be by your side as long as you wanted me there. I’m not joking,” she said.

“I know you’re not. That’s just one of the many reasons I still love you.”

“I guess I need to know what’s going to happen now,” she said. There was a moment of silence on the other end.

“I’m coming home in a couple of months. I would like to see you and if you still want to be with me, I’d like to start building our relationship. I still want you. I miss everything about you so much. I haven’t stopped thinking about you the entire time I’ve been away. You are the stability I’ve needed in my life. I still want that,” he said. Molly sniffed.

“I want that, too. I miss you. My body misses yours. So many nights, I just wanted to have you next to me, even if it was just to feel someone next to me. I’ve been a mess since you took off. I don’t like that feeling,” she said.

“I know, and I don’t think I could’ve handled seeing you like that. I’m really sorry. I can’t wait to hold you again. I hope you forgive me. I love you,” he said.

“Just come home soon.”

“I will.”

A few nights later, Molly was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, as she did so many nights before. Except this time, she was thinking of the things she wanted to do with Erik once he came home. She also remembered the night they had spent in a hotel during their class reunion. The reunion itself was a bit lame, but the night was one she would never forget. He had suggested that particular hotel to her. She called and booked a room for two for one night. As that weekend was near, she became more excited. She moved around the house with an air of happiness. She knew her middle child would be going to her parents for the next week, while her other two would be at her ex’s parents’ house for the weekend until their dad would pick them up. She had the weekend to herself, and Erik to herself as well. She wasn’t sure what he had planned for that night, but she was definitely looking forward to it. They checked in at the hotel and went up to their room. He opened the door ahead of her. She entered, looking around in amazement. The room was beautiful. A two-person hot tub was in one corner, and the bed was huge! The décor was beautiful, but that really didn’t matter. She figured that neither of them would be paying much attention to it later. She set down her suitcase and took off her shoes before walking around the room. She felt his presence behind her as she stopped to look out the French doors to the balcony overlooking a very swollen river below. She felt his arms move around her waist, pulling her back up against him. He nuzzled her neck with his nose and lips as she enjoyed the view bahis siteleri outside.

“This could be interesting,” she said.

“What’s that?” he asked, not looking up.

“Balcony, darkness later…are you thinking what I’m thinking now?” she grinned mischievously. She could feel him smiling as he held his face against her neck.

“Might be something we could try later, if it’s not too cool out…or raining,” he said. He lifted his head and spun her around to face him. He pulled her closer and looked deep into her eyes.

“I love you, and I want you to enjoy yourself tonight,” he said softly. She smiled.

“I love you, and I doubt that will be a problem,” she replied. “In the meantime, I should get ready.” He cradled her face in his hands and gently yet passionately kissed her. After a few minutes, she giggled as she slowly pulled away.

“I really need to get ready now,” she whispered. He smiled back and reluctantly let her go. He turned and walked to the hot tub as she began to undress. She turned her back towards him as she took off her shorts and tank top. As she was attempting to remove her bra, she felt his arms around her again. This time he held her tighter than before, and began to playfully nibble her neck. He remembered how she reacted when he did that to her before. This time he wasn’t going to stop until he was ready to. As he bit her beautiful skin, she let soft moans escape from her throat. He bit a little harder and she took in a quick and sudden breath. He reached down in front of her, between her legs and began to tickle her lips. In his search for her clit, she began to moan louder. He bit harder still. She felt like she was about to climax right then and there. He lifted his head and bent her over at her waist, gently pushing her into the bed chest first and removing her panties. He entered her from behind, her favorite position. He wasted no time in setting his rhythm. He pounded away, going faster and harder with each sound she made. He put on foot on the side rail if the bed to give his thrusts more leverage. She buried her face into the comforter and began to groan loudly as he continued his powerful thrusts. She reached down and began to rub herself furiously. If his thrusts were giving her this sensation now, a little help would make this orgasm a million times bigger. The faster he thrust, the louder she became, the more intense her orgasm became. As he neared climax, he began to pump even harder and deeper into her. He could feel her wetness as it thickly coated his aching cock. She had been more than ready and willing. He reached under her and began to squeeze her breasts and nipples as he drove into her with such force that she was sure her eyes were going to pop out of her head. She kept her face planted in the comforter and her groans became shouts as he kept his pace up nicely. She didn’t want it to end, but on the other hand she did. She loved what he was doing to her, but she knew that if it kept up, they’d never get to the reunion…although she was sure he wouldn’t have minded it. If she hadn’t offered to say something at the dinner, she would’ve skipped out, too. But a promise is a promise. She began to meet his thrusts with her hips, increasing the sensation she was feeling. She could hear him grunting softly behind her, his hands on her hips guiding her. This was even better than the night in the bathroom. She heard his familiar inhale as he pulled out and released his cum outside of her. She wished he would’ve done it inside of her, but she didn’t want to become pregnant again yet, and neither one had used protection. She had some, but it was for later. This was a spontaneous romp. She heard him panting as he continued to spill.

“You okay,” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m good,” he said. She stood up and turned around.

“Oh, my god!” she said, looking down at the floor. She had seen guys who spilled a lot, but not this much.

“What?” he asked, alarmed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much from one person before.”

“How many have you seen at one time?” he asked.

“Oh, none, but what I meant was…well, shit! That’s a lot of kids right there!” she laughed. He looked down and laughed, too.

“There’s plenty more where those came from,” he said as he moved closer to her and kissed her passionately.

“Who’s going to clean up this mess?” she teased. He smiled as he continued to kiss her.

“I will, in a moment,” he said. He took her in his arms and held her close. They stood in their embrace for several minutes before he loosened his arms around her. He kept his hands on her waist, staring into her eyes. She smiled and stared back. She felt a playful smack on her ass from him.

“Better get dressed now, Missy!” he teased. She kissed him hard for a few seconds, then moved away to get dressed. As canlı bahis siteleri she put on her little black dress that she had made, he wiped up his mess on the floor. She watched as he walked across the room, his ass shaking and his cock swaying. She had half a mind to knock him down to the floor and blow him, but she knew there wasn’t time…it would be the first thing she did when they returned that night…if he didn’t do something first!

Molly and Erik returned to the room well after midnight. As she entered the room, Erik rushed in behind her and started up the hot tub. Molly kicked off her shoes and threw herself on the bed. Her dress had flopped up so that her black lacy panties were showing. As the hot tub filled with water, Erik swaggered over to the bed and straddled her legs. He looked down at her, then reached up under her dress and found one of her breasts. She pulled her dress up further and gave him more room to wander. She smiled as his fingers began tweaking her nipple. He smiled, then took his other hand and teasingly pulled the crotch of her panties away from her warm pussy. She moaned as he slid two fingers inside then out, pulling out her juices and rubbing her clit with it. She felt him tickle her ever so gently, then thrust his fingers back up inside of her. She inhaled deeply. She arched her back as she felt his fingers exploring her inside. She wanted his cock inside her more than anything, but foreplay was nice. He looked back at the hot tub before he pulled his fingers out and let go of her breast.

“Time to put the bubbles in,” he said. “Better get undressed. I’d hate to see that dress get ruined in the water.”

Molly quickly pulled the dress over her head and removed her bra and panties. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. As he measured out the right amount of bubbles, she loosened his belt and unfastened his pants, letting them fall to the floor. She took his cock into her hand and began to gently pump it. He let out a deep sigh. She took the small cup of bubbles from him and dropped it into the hot tub, then took the bottle and set it on the counter behind her. She turned back to him and rubbed his chest and stomach with her free hand. He quickly turned around to face her and began to passionately kiss her. His hands began to roam her body. She felt his hands everywhere. He grabbed her ass, her breasts, stroked her gushing pussy, rubbed her back and hips, and held her mouth to his. He wanted her badly, and she knew it. She broke the kiss and took his hand as she stepped into the hot tub. He followed her and took her into his arms again, continuing the kiss. She let her hands roam over his body as he did hers. She squeezed his ass, stroked his rock hard cock, rubbed his chest, tickled his inner thighs, and teased his balls. He helped her to sit down. She sat with him straddling her lap. She helped him to raise his hips to the top of the water as she took his cock and began to suck it like a lollipop. She sucked as she had never sucked him… or anyone… before. Erik closed his eyes and moaned softly as she went to town. After a few minutes, he lowered his hips and looked into her eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” he said.


“Can I try to put my dick in your ass? I mean, I know how you feel about it and all, but…”

“As long as you’re gentle and don’t try to ram me with it, sure,” she said. Erik looked at her in shock.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, why not? Just be very gentle.”

“Okay,” he said as he turned her around and she got up on the side of the tub on her elbows, her legs out behind her. He came up behind her and reached down to find her hole. He teased it for a little bit, then carefully slid his cock into her ass. It was a very tight fit, tighter than her pussy. But it felt good. He gently inserted the tip, then a little more. He pulled out a little, then back in. Molly inhaled deeply, not sure if she was liking this. Her ex had been very forceful whenever he wanted her in that way. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. Erik was being very gentle, but it was something she wasn’t entirely used to yet. He slipped and accidentally pushed a little too hard into her, causing her to almost fly out of the tub. He grabbed her waist, keeping her in the tub.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it that hard. We can stop if you want,” he said. Molly nodded. He kissed her cheek, then helped her to turn around. They soaked for several minutes before deciding to take things to the bed. They let the water out of the tub and dried off. Erik dropped his towel next to the hot tub and held his hand out to Molly. She wrapped her towel around her and held his hand as she stepped out. He held onto her hand as he lead her to the bed and removed her towel. It fell to the floor as his hands canlı bahis took her breasts. He tickled her nipples with his tongue, going back and forth between the two. Then he smiled as he came in for a very passionate kiss. He let one hand fall down between them and rub her pussy, already warm from the hot tub. She reached behind her and grabbed the protection she had brought with her for just this moment. She pulled away from him and excused herself to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and opened the package. She looked at it for a few seconds, wishing she didn’t have to use it. She sighed, then inserted it into her aching vagina. Just doing that was turning her on more than she ever thought would. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. She quickly finished up and left the bathroom. Erik was waiting for her on the bed, lying on his side with his hand propping up his head. He smiled as she came up beside him.

“All ready?” he asked. She nodded and smiled, taking his face into her hands and kissing him. She broke the kiss, then began to plant little kisses on his chest and stomach, working her way down to his cock. When she arrived, she kissed it as if it were a delicate piece of porcelain. She licked it with the very tip of her tongue, driving him wild.

“Just suck it!” he said. She opened her mouth just enough to take him in. She began to move up and down, maintaining a seal with her mouth that couldn’t be pried open. Erik felt his balls shrink back into his body briefly, then drop again as she set her pace. She began to bob faster when she felt his hand on the back of her head. She looked up at him.

“Not too fast! I’ll be done before we even get started,” he said, chuckling at her enthusiasm. She smiled and wiped the spit from her chin. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. She felt his cock poke her pussy as she settled down onto his lap. She felt him enter her smoothly.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he sighed. She did, and he laid her onto her back with his cock still inside of her. She kept her legs around him as he began to thrust. Her pussy felt warmer and wetter than usual because of the contraceptive she had used. She felt really good right now, and he wanted her as much as she’d let him have. He stared into her eyes, focusing on the look of pleasure on her beautiful face. How could I have let her walk away from me all those years ago? he asked himself. But it didn’t matter now. She was here with him, and he was enjoying every second of it. His dream had come true. He had the love of his life underneath him, letting him take her in ways she only dreamed of. No other woman had come close to her. She was the one he truly wanted to be with. He smiled at her as she met his thrusts with her hips and moaned softly at the feeling he gave her. She worked just as hard to meet his thrusts as he did to thrust into her. He could tell she was thoroughly enjoying their time together. Neither one wanted the night to end.

His thrusts became faster and harder as he pounded away on her flooded pussy. She was wetter than she had ever been with him, and he liked it. She reached out and touched his face, a look in her eyes that made him love her all the more. She was just as beautiful now as in high school, if not more so. How am I ever going to leave her? he thought. He pushed the thought out of his mind as he felt his load well up in the base of his cock. He let out a groan as he felt his cum shoot into her already overflowing entrance. She quivered and moaned loudly as the sensation of him releasing in her brought her to climax. She grabbed his wrists when he touched her breasts, her body still tense. Her pussy squeezed every last drop from him before she relaxed and let him collapse on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held his head against her chest until they both fell asleep.

The alarm clock woke them up suddenly. It was almost 11 a.m., check-out time. Erik was still on top of Molly, his head between her breasts. Molly was trying to open her eyes. She squinted at Erik and smiled.

“Good morning,” he said, grinning.

“Morning,” she whispered sleepily.

“You are beautiful when you sleep,” he said, touching her cheek. Molly felt herself blush.

“Ready to get going?” he asked. Molly shook her head.

“No. Why did last night end?” she asked.

“Because we wore each other out,” he answered.

“Oh, yeah…guess we’ll have to do that again at your place tonight,” she smirked. Erik started rubbing his cock against her pelvic area just to tease her.

“You’d better watch out or they’re going to charge us for another day,” she said. He grinned and got up off of her. He held his hands out and helped her to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her, burying his face in her neck. He smelled her sweet skin and felt it’s silkiness.

“I love you,” he said. Molly breathed in deeply.

“I love you,” she said. This had been the best weekend ever…and it wasn’t even over yet………

Part 3 on it’s way…

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