One Girl at a Time Turned Lesbian


One Girl at a Time Turned Lesbian”I can’t,” the pretty young brunette said softly to the tall short haired blonde woman standing beside her beside the bar. “I’m not into girls,” she laughed nervously, ” and besides that I’m married.” She held up her left hand and showed Shelly a small diamond ring and matching wedding band. She was in her early twenties and was much too young, Shelly thought, to be married. The two women had been talking for nearly two hours and Shelly had bought three rounds of drinks for them both.The hotel bar was filled mostly with women in town for a teacher’s convention. Lisa, the pretty brunette was an elementary school teacher from a small town in Iowa but Shelly was a local. She had worked as a cop for the last fifteen years and was at the bar with a few friends celebrating her promotion to Detective III. She spotted the pretty young teacher sitting alone at the bar shortly after arriving. Her eyes had continued to flash in the brunette’s direction and after getting caught looking for a third time she left her friends and joined the solo brunette at the end of the bar.”I won’t tell him if you don’t,” Shelly teased as she inched closer to her prey. She held eye contact and smiled unassumingly as she gauged the girl’s reaction. Shelly had a type and the pretty brunette was it. She was decidedly femme and had the youthful innocence of the girl next door but there was a knowing spark of curiosity in the young woman’s beautiful brown eyes; couple that with a pretty face, long silky brown hair, a tight compact body and magnificent perky tits and Shelly was spellbound. Married or not, Shelly knew the pretty young woman had a secret.The brunette giggled nervously and flashed a perfect white smile. “You’re bad,” she said softly as she looked down at the floor. Lisa had known when she first saw Shelly that she was a lesbian. She was around 40 with a short butch haircut but she was not unattractive. Her face would have been almost beautiful with a little eye makeup and she had pretty blue eyes as well as a really nice smile. Shelly was almost 6′ tall with a thick muscular body and she towered over the 5’3″ teacher. Her breasts were big and, though she hid it behind men’s jeans and a loose fitting polo shirt; she had a nice hourglass shape almost like a super sized version of the sexy redhead from Mad Men.Shelly brushed a stray hair away from the brunette’s cheek. She had played this game before and she knew when to push. The brunette was clearly intrigued and she was a long way from home in a town that she knew no one. “You’re not into girls?” Shelly prodded skeptically.”Nope, not really. Sorry,” the brunette giggled again. She was trying to sound sure of herself but failing miserably.”Come on Lisa,” Shelly smiled questioningly as she pressed on, “have you ever thought about it?” She knew the honest answer to her question but would Lisa lie?”Of course I have thought about it,” Lisa answered honestly as she giggled again. “Every girl has.” The nervous giggling might be annoying in some women but from Lisa it was adorable.”Then why haven’t you tried it,” Shelly asked as she inched slightly closer to the pretty young woman. She could smell her perfume. It was light and airy and Shelly liked it. She liked it a lot.”Uh, I dunno, never really thought about it,” the brunette stammered. “And I never really had the opportunity,” she lied. Her mind flashed back to her sophomore year at NYU. Her roommate Pamela was in the midst of her experimental phase and made several drunken passes at her. Pamela was obviously much younger than Shelly, but she was tomboyish with a strong muscular body from a lifetime playing field hockey and she too had pretty blue eyes. Lisa laughed off Pamela’s advances at the time but they had stuck with her. In the years since college she sometimes found herself alone on the computer when her husband, Brian, was out of town. She would watch girl/girl movies on various websites. They always made her wet but most of the girls were plastic and you could tell that they were faking it. When left to her own imagination, Lisa’s fantasies revolved around real women, real women who looked like Shelly or Pamela. Strong, confident and, yes, butch women were what Lisa was drawn to and standing in front of her was the chance to fulfill her deepest fantasy.”Well now you have the opportunity,” Shelly said reading the young woman’s mind. She grazed the back of her hand across the Lisa’s cheek. The big butch’s gentle touch sent shivers kaçak iddaa through Lisa’s petite body.Lisa closed her eyes and sighed softly, “I shouldn’t,” she stammered nervously. She felt her heart racing and she hoped Shelly couldn’t hear it.”But you want to,” Shelly said playfully. She knew she was close.Lisa looked down at the floor as her cheeks flushed crimson red. She could feel the familiar squishy feeling between her legs and she was sure her thong was soaked. “No,” she whispered. It was a lie and from her expression she knew Shelly saw right through it.Shelly moved closer until Lisa’s body was pinned between her and the bar. Her hand slipped around the pretty brunette’s waist and she pulled her even closer as she slipped a denim covered thigh between the young woman’s legs causing her skirt to ride up exposing the tops of her thigh-high stockings. “Come home with me,” she whispered in the pretty brunette’s ear. Her lips grazed the girl’s earlobe and she heard Lisa let out a low moan. Shelly’s free hand touched the girls stocking clad thigh and slowly moved upward.Lisa felt a tremendous surge of wetness between her legs. “Oh god,” she sighed. She wanted to run but her limbs felt heavy. Her body was trembling and she could feel the warmth of Shelly’s breath in her ear. She was scared but too excited to move. She held her breath and bit her bottom lip as Shelly’s fingers continued to draw a line up her thigh.”Or we can go upstairs to your room,” Shelly continued. Her leg moved higher between Lisa’s thighs and she could feel an almost imperceptible movement of the teachers hips. Her fingers moved between them and touched the wet silk of the young woman’s panties.Lisa knew what she wanted but she was frightened. She had been raised in a religious family in a small town and homosexuality was taught to be wrong. That was why she had laughed off Pamela’s advances in college and why she had married Brian when deep down she knew there was something missing.Lisa moaned softly as Shelly’s calloused finger touched the sopping fabric of her tiny thong. She shuddered unable to speak.”You’re wet,” Shelly whispered as her tongue traced the outline of Lisa’s ear.”Uhh,” Lisa squeaked. She could smell Shelly’s warm sweet breath tickle her nostrils. She could feel the searing heat of Shelly’s hand as it rested on the small of her back. She hesitated as she considered the ramifications of her decision. She was a thousand miles from home and she knew she would never get an opportunity like this back home or maybe ever again. “Yes,” the pretty brunette finally answered meekly. “Upstairs.”They walked from the bar. Shelly’s hand stayed on the young woman’s back as they left together as a couple.Lisa heart was pounding with excitement as they waited for the elevator. ‘Oh god,’ she thought as she felt the onset of a panic attack. ‘How can I get out of this?’ Her body was shaking. ‘I can’t do it.’Shelly sensed the woman’s apprehension. Her hand left the girls back and she took Lisa’s hand in hers. “Relax,” she said softly as she looked into the young woman’s eyes. She had calmed people in far more stressful situations. She was good at it. It was a talent that had served her well over the years.The elevator doors opened and Lisa quickly stepped inside. The car was empty and she was glad to see that they were alone. She pushed the button for her floor and turned to face Shelly. She looked sheepishly at the older woman as she felt a wave of tranquility pass over her. The bright lighting in the elevator brought out the blue in the older woman’s eyes. She did have a pretty face.The doors closed and Shelly moved closer. She took Lisa’s hands and pulled her tight. She leaned in and kissed the pretty brunette tenderly.Lisa felt Shelly’s body against hers as their lips met in a soft kiss. She tensed momentarily and then melted against the bigger woman’s warm body. Lisa’s lips parted of their own accord and Shelly’s tongue slipped into her mouth. Shelly’s tongue was long and thick and it moved around her mouth in an incredible sensuous frenzy. Her lips were soft and supple and unlike anything she had felt before. The kiss was amazing. Lisa felt Shelly’s tongue slither around hers and she moaned softly into the butch woman’s hot mouth as she pressed herself hard against the bigger woman’s strong body. Her heart was racing and she was more turned on than she had been in years.They kissed deeply while the elevator climbed 11 floors and when the chime sounded at their floor they kaçak bahis reluctantly separated.Lisa was breathing heavy, and her body was on fire. She took Shelly’s hand and they walked hand in hand to her room. She was no longer unsure but she felt a million butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She stumbled with the electronic key until the door finally opened and they quickly stepped inside.The door closed behind them and Shelly bent down to kiss the petite brunette. Lisa’s mouth opened and their tongues entwined in a deep French kiss as Shelly unzipped the young teachers dress. She pushed the dress off the brunette’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor as they continued to kiss.Shelly had wanted to sweep the young woman off her feet the moment she saw her in the bar and as the dress fell to the floor she did just that. She hoisted the smaller woman into her strong arms and effortlessly carried her to the bed.Lisa was stunned at how strong Shelly was. She wrapped her arms around the big cop’s thick neck as Shelly carried her across the room and looked into the older woman’s pretty blue eyes. She felt something unexplainable, an epiphany of sorts as though she was were she belonged. She kissed Shelly softly and, despite the warm temperature of the room, goose bumps covered her nearly naked body.Shelly lowered the pretty brunette to the bed and smiled. “God you are beautiful,” she said quietly.”Thank you,” Lisa said quickly, “so are you.” She lay on the bed in just her underwear. She felt exposed and vulnerable and instinctively crossed her arm across her chest. She had always been self conscious of her breasts. They weren’t huge but she thought they looked freakish on her small frame and she thought that her nipples were too big.Shelly smiled at Lisa’s sign of insecurity. “They are perfect,” Shelly said reassuringly as she touched the young woman’s face.Lisa felt relieved and rolled onto her side to face Shelly. “Let me see you,” the young woman said softly. She reached up and unsnapped the blonde’s jeans and watched excitedly as Shelly pulled her shirt up over her head exposing her enormous 38dd breasts. They were held in place with a tight sports bra but even so they looked huge.Shelly felt Lisa’s hungry eyes looking at her as she pulled her sports bra over her head. Her huge tits were capped with big sensitive brown nipples and they sagged under their own weight as she set them free.”Oh my god,” Lisa moaned at the sight of Shelly’s tits. She sat up facing the butch woman and swung her legs to each side as she unzipped Shelly’s pants and pulled them down over her wide hips.Shelly stepped out of her jeans and stood in between Lisa’s spread legs in just a pair of white cotton men’s boxers.”God that’s hot,” Lisa sighed. The sight of Shelly’s sexy feminine body juxtaposed with her boyish hairstyle as she wore men’s boxers was the most erotic vision the young teacher had ever seen. She looked up at Shelly with hungry eyes as she reached out and touched the bigger woman’s naked flesh. She pulled Shelly’s boxers over her wide hips exposing a thick forest of blonde pubic hair. Lisa’s fingers trembled as she ran her hands through the coarse untrimmed fur between Shelly’s legs. She could smell the faint musky scent of aroused pussy and it excited her even more.Shelly saw the lust in Lisa’s eyes and she knew what to do. She pushed the petite brunette softly onto her back and climbed on the bed beside her.Lisa lay beside Shelly and ran her hands over the big woman’s body. She had never felt skin so soft. The curves of Shelly’s body, her big soft tits and her strong muscular legs turned Lisa on much more than her husband’s body ever had.Shelly rolled on top on the small brunette and pushed her hairy pussy hard against Lisa’s smooth shaved cunt.”Oh god,” Lisa moaned at the intimate contact as their pussies slid together.Shelly lowered her mouth to Lisa’s and the kissed passionately as their hips ground together at a frenetic pace. Their tongues entwined and the room filled with raw a****listic noises.Lisa’s body was on fire. The seduction and foreplay had combined to bring the young woman to the brink of orgasm before Shelly had climbed between her legs. The weight of her new lover’s body on hers, the intimacy of their pussies sliding together exchanging fluids and the erotic deep sensuous kisses all conspired to bring her to a fast powerful climax.Shelly felt Lisa’s body quiver beneath her and she ground her hairy cunt hard against Lisa soft smooth illegal bahis pussy. She held the young woman’s face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Her long thick tongue thrust into Lisa’s mouth and Lisa sucked hard on it as she cried and yelped like an excited puppy.Lisa’s body shook like an 8.5 earthquake. She was weak and breathless went the last waves of pleasure rolled through her body.”That was amazing,” Lisa said weakly between soft tender kisses.Shelly allowed Lisa time to recover. She kissed the young brunette tenderly as she caressed her tight compact body.Lisa had never been multi-orgasmic. Her climaxes always left her clit far too sensitive for another run at the prize. Shelly seemed to know exactly what she needed. Her fingers touched her in just the right places and just the right way. Lisa felt her body responding to the butch’s touch and when Shelly dipped two fingers into her honey pot Lisa moaned with need.Shelly pumped two fingers into Lisa’s pussy. Her rough fingertips stroked the younger woman’s g-spot with each stroke and the sexy brunette jogged her hips to meet her fingers.”Oh fuck, don’t stop,” Lisa pleaded. The words seemed to come from somewhere else.”Do you want more Baby?” Shelly teased.”Yes,” the young woman hissed as she ground her hips against the strong butch’s rough hand.Shelly pushed a third finger inside Lisa’s quivering quim. “Your tight baby, your husband must not be fucking you enough, or is he small?””He’s not very big, and we don’t do it much,” Lisa moaned as her legs started to shake.”Want another,” Shelly asked as she made a cone from her big hand and pushed it into Lisa’s soaking wet cunt.The young brunette was wetter than ever and Shelly four fingers stretched her wide open. She moaned with pleasure as the first wave rolled through her body. “Please don’t stop baby,” Lisa begged. Her eyes clenched tight and she cried out loudly. Her body spasmed and quaked uncontrollably. She felt something surge from her pussy. A warm liquid covered Shelly’s hand and the bed beneath her ass. She had heard of squirters but she had never thought she was one.Shelly pulled her soaking wet hand from Lisa’s pussy and rose onto her knees. She straddled the brunette’s pretty face and slowly lowered her pussy to her mouth.Lisa had never seen a woman’s pussy up close but she had dreamed of it for years. She saw the slick wet folds of Shelly’s pussy and her heart skipped a beat. It was beautiful and the scent was amazing. Her tongue flicked out and caressed the big butch’s thick meaty lips. The taste was electric and a delicious mix of salty sweet. She sucked her lips into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them as Shelly moaned loudly. Lisa pushed her tongue deep inside her new lover’s cunt as her juices ran down her face. Her tongue strummed Shelly’s clit making her legs quiver as her climax approached.”Right there,” the big butch hissed. Her body shook as she came hard on Lisa’s pretty face.Shelly lay beside Lisa in post climactic bliss. They continued to kiss as Lisa explored her new lover’s big strong body. She kissed Shelly’s neck and the big woman moaned softly. Lisa slid between her butch lover’s thighs and pressed her mouth to Shelly’s big beautiful tits. She sucked, licked, kissed and nibbled on the big soft orbs as the night ticked away. She slithered between the butch’s strong muscular thighs and inhaled the scent of her arousal. She pressed her tongue against Shelly’s liquid core and marveled at her delicious flavor. She wondered why she had waited so long to give in to her carnal lesbian desires.Shelly lay against the headboard on the hotel bed with Lisa between her widely spread legs. The pretty brunette had spent over an hour licking, sucking and fingering the butch woman’s cunt bringing her to at least ten gut clenching orgasms and she showed no signs of stopping. She sank three fingers inside Shelly’s elastic pussy and strummed her tongue over Shelly’s hard clit until she came again.Lisa couldn’t tear herself away from Shelly’s pussy. It was as though she had discovered her purpose in life and that purpose was to lick pussy.Shelly pulled Lisa up beside her. “Let’s get some sleep,” she told Lisa as she wrapped her arms around her.They kissed and Lisa slipped into the most restful sleep she had in years. She awoke as Shelly was getting dressed.”Will you call me?” Lisa asked. She knew the answer but she also knew the truth.”Of course I will,” Shelly lied as she kissed the pretty brunette goodbye.Lisa sighed as she watched her butch lover leave. She would fly home to Iowa but she knew that Pandora’s Box had been opened. She touched her raw sore pussy and smiled as she though of the new endless possibilities her life held.

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