Nancy, Chapter 4


Nancy, Chapter 4Chapter 4, More anyone?Mother broke a barrier! In a way, I was not surprised. Sapphic love was not all that unusual between consenting female adults. It certainly was not the norm between us.This became the second time she tasted Chuck’s cum. I wondered if he was habit forming because I could become an addict.It was the first time she tasted me and I totally enjoyed it. It was a passive thing on my part. Well, sort of. It was a mental and physical act because I enjoy receiving oral pleasure and pushed myself on her until she did her magic with her mouth and tongue- and I climaxed. I said it was a mental act because of the erotic component. How many of you have orgasmed from such an intimate act from someone that close to you? What she did pushed me further into a situation that was explosive. As much as I loved what she was doing to me, I felt unable to return the favor to her and told her so. To her credit, she said it was okay because she only wanted me pleased. How could I be so lucky? And selfish?Jillian brought out a pitcher of fresh lemonade, ice, and cups. It was refreshing.Poor Chuck- he, like Peter, was petered out. It was a blessing because I was tired from a series of strong orgasms and could handle no more than lead him to bed and lay naked in his arms. We stood to thank our hosts for a wonderful afternoon and evening. Chuck laughed saying it was a stimulating afternoon and evening.Oh, the punishments.Before we headed to bed, Peter asked if we were up to friends of theirs coming over to join us for a swim party the next day. I mentioned our lack of conservative bathing suits. Jillian said wearing them, we probably would feel over-dressed. I translated for mother and Gina. Mother asked if tomorrow would be a repeated day with Jillian responding it might even be better once we were rested. We four needed a night of rest; it was beginning to show on our faces. Besides, there was tomorrow; it would be day 57 since my last period.As I lay in his arms, Chuck, always the planner, said he planned a surprise for me once we reached Fiji. Obviously, the inner c***d in me asked what it was. He smiled and responded that it would not be a surprise if he told me. He looked into my eyes and assured me I would love it.I was sure of that!I felt small in his arms. Protected. Content. Complete. I wondered how soon I would feel our c***d growing inside me… Our breathing slowed as sleep crept up on us like a gentle fog bringing us needed sleep.Chuck was awake and looking at me when I opened my eyes. I felt wonderful, alive, thankful. I asked him how long he had been awake to hear him chuckle.“Darling, I don’t know. You were sleeping so well I feared disturbing you if I moved.”I was touched and wanted to thank him. I slid down to find his cock to pleasure him. I licked his shaft as I played with his balls and he came to life. As I bobbed up and down on him, he thrust to meet my mouth. A steady, mutual rhythm evolved with me going down and him pushing up. I always loved giving this special gift to a lover but was never fond of men ejaculating in my mouth. It was a texture issue causing me to gag. I told this to Chuck who said he would not cum in my mouth.I wanted to give him an intimate gift. I wanted him to erupt in my mouth. It was thought out by me that I would suck him until he started to cum. Then, I would take a breath, push my head so his cock went deeper in my mouth causing him to cum into my throat and not my mouth. So, with my tongue, lips, hands, and mouth, I went for my goal.I learned a lesson. It is wise to share plans.In maybe 10 minutes, Chuck announced he was getting close. I felt my core tighten as though an orgasm was pending. Mine. As he started to cum, he pulled back with my lips barely covering the head of his cock. Big spurt, second big spurt, a slightly smaller… he was trying to pull out and away while I was trying to take him deeper to let him enjoy what I was doing without biting him.It did not go directly down my throat as planned. It sat on my tongue. In reality, it was not that bad. I just wanted to swallow his gift. His response?“I love you!” as he pulled his wife up with her mouth full of his cum to kiss her. And kiss? We kissed deeply. That was a first. He was not gay, not bi. For a man to want to kiss my semen-filled mouth spoke volumes.And, I loved it! It was an act of togetherness, giving, and sharing.We cuddled a bit before slipping into robes to see what was going on.Mother was in bed, Peter was cleaning the pool, and Gina was helping Jillian fix breakfast. They talked back and forth in a mixture of English and Spanish as though they we’re old friends. Their chemistry was fascinating causing me to wonder if I was seeing a bond because Gina experienced a level of sexual intimacy with our hostess that was her first such connection. I guessed I would figure that out later. Maybe. Jillian poured two cups of coffee with Gina carrying them to us. I took mine receiving her customary ‘good morning’ kiss. Chuck received the same. I think she lingered a bit longer with him delivering both. Chuck carried his cup out to help Peter with the the pool and deck. I pitched in preparing parts of snacks and lunch. It was refreshing to be with two sexy ladies. Yes, Gina acted like an adult. I had just sliced a plate of oranges to go with breakfast when my mother walked into the kitchen wearing her just bikini bottom and a smile.“Buenos tardes,” piped Gina. Jillian and I laughed at the joke. It was only 10:30, 90 minutes from the ‘tardes’, or afternoon, portion of the day.“Buenos dia, mia puta pequeno,” her reply caused Gina to blush and us to laugh. Mother then walked to Gina, hugged her and lovingly kissed her. Gina accepted the kiss with her lips and a gave caress of a full bare breast.“If that brings such a greeting, buenos tardes,” chimed Jillian. Me too I added. For both of us, the response was in English. But mother got it and kissed both of us with gropes and passion which were reciprocated.I looked out the kitchen window bahis siteleri to see two naked men cleaning the deck! Their bodies were beginning to glisten with sweat, their cocks moved with their movement. Chuck was putting cushions on lounge chairs. His muscles moved under his skin nicely, his ass looked nice. Knowing he had not brushed his teeth following our kiss, I wondered if he could taste us, him, in his coffee. Ha, his own cream for his coffee. Recycling?The day was warming up nicely. Two hot men!I helped straighten the kitchen from our food prep. Gina helped put out plastic food serving pieces, my mother sat, at Jillian’s insistence, to supervise, Jillian covered the plates with plastic wrap. We turned when the door rang a few minutes before noon. Jillian left to answer it.Jillian returned to introduce a nice looking tall, couple. Thom was about the height of Chuck but with a build similar to a swimmer and a close haircut. His eyes were blue, his bulge in his swim shorts was noticeable. His wife, Claire, was tall and slim as well with nice breasts considering how thin she was- they extended out to her sides with their fullness. Her brown hair was cut long without bangs. We greeted them with hugs and kisses as I introduced my mother simply as Nelida who spoke no English and Gina by name not mentioning our relationship.Nelida smiled and stood to greet them, still naked from the bikini bottom up. She looked sexy as hell. No one would suspect she was a decade older than Chuck and two ahead of me. Gina was in her red net bikini with both nipples pointing out. Like Nelida, she did not look her age.As the introductions and hugs were concluded, we turned when the door bell rang. Jillian came back with another couple. He introduced himself as Peter. Jillian said she called him “Good Peter”. I looked down to view a sizable bulge in his shorts wondering if the name came from size or what he did with it. He was a shorter version of Chuck and handsome. His wife, Zelda, was a stunning woman in terms of shape although not the most attractive. I loved her hearty laugh. Her hug and kiss were warm. Mother and Gina stood and introduced themselves. Mother was still the only mostly naked one. Good for her. Good Peter spoke to she and Gina in excellent Spanish causing both to smile. It was not just his Spanish, he had a nice smile to complement that bulge. I saw that Gina was as impressed as mother.The pool and deck area were clean and prepped and the two naked cabana boys walked in to report. Introductions were made with mother and Gina standing to hug and kiss the naked guys saying the others were way over-dressed. Good Peter asked her in Spanish if she’d like to help him with his trunks.In moments, the ice broken, four couples, all naked, my naked mother and Gina, who wore only her bottom piece, walked out to the pool.Chuck and Peter had set up a water volleyball net across the pool. We joked as we established teams. Thom and Claire paired up with us. The Peter Boys, as they called themselves, and their wives paired up. Mother joined them making a joke, “A team of three sexy gals cannot have too many Peters.” Good Peter translated, laughed, and nodded his head. Once translated, all the females laughed while the men smiled. Gina removed her bottom as she got in the pool with us, her tight body looked amazing, desirable.I was sure to look at the men before they entered the cool water of the pool. It was sort of like window shopping as I had selected Chuck. He had repeatedly said he would willingly share me. ‘A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.’ I wondered if she could ever have enough sex.Thom, the tall, slim guy was muscular with those long, lean muscles you see on runners and basketball players. His cock hung nicely, long in proportion to his thickness. I thought to myself, “Perfect for anal!” Good Peter? He looked as good naked as he did dressed. He was not the largest in terms of cock size. Part of the bulge in his shorts was the pair of balls- like that of a seasoned bullock. They had to hold a massive load when full and I wondered how recently Zelda had taken advantage of them. Our host Peter was just thick! I had seen him yesterday in all his raging glory as he rutted mother and Gina. I still could not believe how easily he took Gina. What had she been doing behind her door in privacy?As usual, as skin hit the cool water, cocks retracted some and nipples expanded. Mother’s were easily the most impressive but Zelda’s were noteworthy. Claire was similar to me and Gina. Jillian, she just looked delicious in every respect.Gina got to serve first. It was not returned earning us a point. It was the same for the next two serves. She managed to put the ball where it hit water that was not protected. Thom said she looked like she knew how to handle balls. Good Peter and Jillian translated for mother at the same time. Her response?“It is a family trait.” I jumped on that translation for Thom and Zelda’s benefit. Jillian piped in about Gina being good with boobs and pussy too.Jillian returned the next serve which was hit to me. I was lost in lust and slow in response allowing the ball to fall in front of me just beyond my reach. Zelda served next sending the ball in my direction. I hit it up high with it coming down just short of our side of the net but Chuck jumped and hit it hard sending it in the water on the other side of the net. Our serve. We shifted places with Chuck behind me and Thom was beside me to the left. The game progressed.Then, Claire was to serve. I turned to look at her. Tall, graceful, nice boobs with slightly inverted nipples. I looked over at Zelda. She was about my height. While I have some curves, I looked very slim in comparison to her classic 1950s look with her full boobs, slim waist, and curvy hips. Nice erect nipples complemented her full breasts that were showing a little sign of gravity pulling on them. Her pubic area was mostly bare with a hint of hair in a strip above her pussy mound. Chuck takes his sweet time in our love canlı bahis siteleri making saying I am built for speed, Zelda is built for comfort with more padding.Claire’s serve was returned with a nice volley between the two sides. Thom made two good saves but we lost the serve when Peter made a good hit falling behind me. They evened the game.Claire asked what we were playing for. All four men replied, “sex.” Jillian suggested we be more specific. It was decided that the solo woman on the winning team decide the pairing for sexual fun. Gina got it, and, grinning, translated to her grandmother who really smiled saying to the effects, “let’s go”.The winners had to hit 11 points. I sort of cringed about things thinking it could get complicated as I would be unable to control the outcome. The game got serious for Gina and mother as each tried to outperform the other. It reached a point where both sides had ten points. The next volley could decide things.Well, it didn’t. Each serve was messed up so no point was earned but the server position changed until it was Chuck’s serve again. I swear, the water was still for nearly a minute as no one moved. He winked at my mother and, as she stood in a trance, he served the ball over the net hitting the water in front of her. Then she smiled and winked back. Eyes turned to Gina. My daughter held control over four horny couples, including her mother, and her grandmother.Gina spoke slowly in English. “My mother and Chuck want to start their family so, I pair those two for their goal. I want Nilida and Good Peter to pair joined by Claire. Jillian to be with Thom. Peter with Zelda and me.” We started to move.“Wait. I request that the pairs pair with another pair too. Jillian, you and Thom join mother and Chuck.”I breathed a sigh of relief because Chuck and I had not thought that far in advance.Chuck and I went to a pair of cushions along with Thom and Jillian. They had that easy familiarity about themselves as though this was not going to be their first time to make the b**st with two backs. Jillian sat across from me, Thom behind her, Chuck behind me. We caressed each other’s breasts as the guys touched our pussies. Soon, we were kissing which turned to a sexual pretzel of arms, legs, and cocks. I sucked Thom’s cock and Jillian gobbled Chuck’s.Jillian pretty much took over like she was directing a movie. It did not take much to get the guys hard and ready. Chuck lay on his back like he was told and I mounted him as directed. I was happily humping when Jillian asked if I liked anal. Chuck replied to the affirmative. I was asked if I wanted DP.“Make me a slut,” was my response. I felt a warm sensation as lube was applied to my ass. Jillian rubbed oil onto Thom. He knelt behind me and pressed into my ass. I climaxed immediately causing a most unlady-like torrent of verbal filth to leave my lips in two languages. I had no self-control, no propriety.“Fuck me. Harder. Use my ass. Suck my titties. Spank me.” Calls to deities known and unknown to deliver pleasure to us, to give me babies, deliver buckets of cum in my body… I sounded possessed at times. Jillian added to it in Spanish and English causing me to fuck harder while she played with my nipples, pulling and pinching them, the whole time rubbing Thom’s balls and pinching Chuck’s nipples. Thom asked when I wanted his soon to come cum load. Jillian was correct.“Her ass.”I felt him erupt in my well-fucked ass and started an orgasm so strong I worried about a miscarry. Several minutes later, Chuck delivered his precious gift of life.Honestly, I have no clue what else was happening. Wave after wave of after orgasms kept sweeping over me. I slumped down onto Chuck and felt Thom pull out followed by a warm, wet towel that cleansed my ass. I whispered to Chuck, “I love you, thank you.”I was correct, Thom had a perfect cock to give anal pleasure.Chuck and Thom went to clean up. Thom more so than Chuck for obvious reasons. In their absence, I asked Jillian if there was a near-by pharmacy. She looked alarmed asking if I felt ill. I said I never felt better. Gina? Nelida.“It is not illness with any of us.”“What do you need? We might have it here.”“A pregnancy test kitShe smiled. “Do you really think so?”“I missed my second period. So, I am either pregnant or started menopause.”“Is it really important to know now?”I explained that we wanted to start a family and preferred the baby be actually his and not a random accident.“So, Gina engineered your play?”We continued our exchange by my saying it was probable. I had not told her to do it but was pleased how it worked out. Then, I wondered how my mother would have made the pairing. I finished saying the test was not essential but it would be nice to know. The two guys returned carrying two red plastic cups each. It was cold water infused with citrus. And it was delicious.I kept having little ripples of orgasms. Jillian sat her cup down and disappeared into the house. As her cute ass disappeared, I told Chuck and Thom that Jillian had insured I had been the recipient of pleasure every time but Jillian had not gotten the same level of treatment. I said the three of us should give her all our attention when she returns.It wasn’t long before she glided back humming as she walked toward us. I stood and greeted her with a hug and kiss.“Jillian, it’s your turn to play as you have flattered me with attention from the moment of our arrival. Can I start with you and have them watch then join?”I did not wait for an answer. Nor did she respond except by returning my kiss.Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. We breathed in and out of each other decreasing our oxygen levels making us giddy. Sinking to our knees, we caressed each other’s body. Her hands pressed on my breasts making them feel hot with desire. I felt her unfucked pussy rubbing my fingers between her labia, fucking her gently. Her moisture increased. Pushing her onto her back, I replaced my fingers with my mouth. With urgency, I licked, sucked, and gently bit. I wanted her canlı bahis to cum on my mouth like she had helped me cum. I wanted her to want the men to enjoy her like I had enjoyed. Her pussy leaked fluid into my mouth. I wet my fingers with her secretions and rubbed my fingertip in the opening of her ass.A guttural sound started- a woman’s sexual purr of acceptance and desire for more. I replaced my finger tip with my tongue and rimmed her ass pushing it into her now and then. She lifted her hips to me. I increased my efforts. Looking up at her face, I saw Chuck playing with her right breast with his hand while sucking the nipple of her left one with his mouth. Thom was kneeling by her face and she was playing with his cock that was beginning to harden.Thom moved closer to her face and she turned to accept him in her mouth. He moved closer and she moved her head back and forth to fuck him with her mouth. In short order, I realized she was climaxing. Thom had grown to a respectful length. I told him to get in my place to service her. I found myself beside him as he took my place. Like Gina had done with me, I took his cock and rubbed it on Jillian’s wet pussy moistening the head. Done, I pushed gently on his butt signaling all was ready. He slid in fully. I repositioned and licked his balls from behind as he fucked her slowly. When his speed increased, I moved out of the way. Chuck moved as well.I started kissing Chuck. He patted my tummy whispering “Hello, little one”.“Baby, I want to watch you fuck.”“Who?” was his response.“You choose.”He looked at me. “That is not fair.”“What’s not fair?”“We are partners. If I am with another woman, I cannot do it alone. If I have sex with a woman, you are there having sex with us. The same if you are with a guy.”“Who?”“How about Good Peter and Zelda?”“Okay.”“Or Clare and Good Peter?”“Okay.”He looked blank.I asked, “How about Gina and Good Peter?”“No. That is too much for us.”“Okay, Nelida and Good Peter.”“Seriously?”“Why not?”“Why her?“Why Zelda?”“Baby, I am comfortable doing almost anything. But Gina? Seriously.”“Okay. Nelida and Good Peter.”We watched Thom and Jillian. She was verbal and active humpingnup as he thrust down. It was fun. Looking over, I saw Good Peter sipping from a cup watching Peter, Clare, and Zelda playing. Mother was playing with a Good Peter’s ass. Gina was playing with herself.I grabbed Chuck’s hand and we walked toward them. Chuck pulled my hand asking, “Do we need condoms?”“Do you want condoms?”“I am happy to leave them put away if you wish.”I kissed him. “Will it please you seeing me fuck another man without one?”He kissed me. We continued to walk joining Good Peter and Nelida not knowing what they had been up to. For all I knew, Good Peter might have been through for the day. I knew mother was not.Mark Twain in his “Letters from Earth” described men saying they are like candles. They can melt getting limp and useless. They can burn too fast fading away in short order rendering them useless. Mother, she was like any good candle stick holder. Stick a candle in her and she is ready to hold it. I wanted to check Good Peter’s candle.“May we join you?”Chuck put his arm around Nelida’s waist and she moved closer to him. Good Peter turned toward me and gave me a nice hug. Speaking in Spanish, Nelida asked if I was having fun. I replied, yes, much fun.“Do we have more fun now?” she asked me.“Do you want to have fun?”“Who will be my lover?”“Who do you want?”Her hand went onto Chuck’s cock. I think Chuck followed the short discussion. Obviously, Good Peter got it all. “Carlos.” Nelida squatted down in front of Chuck and took him in both hands. I did the same in front of Good Peter. Mother and daughter were sucking the cocks of two guy’s side-by-side. Maybe our techniques and abilities were similar. Hers came from more experience on her part. She managed to take nearly all of Chuck down her throat until his ball sack covered her chin. Initially, I did the same for Good Peter. He was impressive as he grew to the point I could not take all of him.Nelida was slurping loudly. I got tickled. Good Peter’s peter was ready. So was Chuck’s. We gave each other a ‘are you sure’ look, then we both smiled. I got on my hands and knees with Nelida doing the same so close our thighs touched. We made similar sounds as the cocks entered our bodies. We fucked back onto the men, rubbed our clits; we made similar sexual comments. Good Peter leaned forward and took my breasts in his hands and fucked me hard. I felt him erupt in my pussy, only the second man to do so since my divorce.Chuck fucked Nelida to her climax then pulled out and shot his load on her butt and back.Gina was standing there watching as Good Peter fucked me and knelt down taking his spent cock in her mouth sucking it deep into her throat before kissing me on the mouth. She licked the cum off Nelida’s back after licking and sucking Chuck’s cock and kissed me again.I doubted it could get much wilder.Peter’s cellphone sounded. He looked at it, grabbed a towel, walking and wrapping it around him, he headed to the kitchen calling for Jillian to join him. She wrapped a towel around her and followed him disappearing behind the door. A few minutes later, she stood at the door in nylon lingerie. Catching my attention,she called me from the door, “Nancy, could you come over?”Holding a small sack, she handed it to me saying she had a gift for me. I looked inside. A pregnancy test kit!I took it to the bathroom, opened it, and read the directions. I wiped off the remaining semen and peed most of my bladder empty before finishing on the test end. I walked out to the kitchen to check the time which moved in slow motion. Jillian re-entered the kitchen bringing Gina and my mother who had inquisitive looks on their faces. The time had ended. The test was ready to read. I looked at the display with them.I was pregnant. We screamed like young school girls with the news.I turned to go show Chuck.He was around the corner in a huddle with the rest. Jillian held up a cake saying ‘congratulations’. Chuck was in the dark as to what was happening until I showed him the kit.A happy pregnant woman was hugged by the man she loved surrounded by intimate family members and friends.What a start for our honeymoon.

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