My Neighbor and My Pool Pt. 01

Missionary Position

Chapter 1

I lived in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of town where I was easily the youngest of the homeowners in my area. The neighbors were peaceful and friendly. I had sold a tech company early in my career and this afforded my ability to live in a large, modern home with a nice yard and swimming pool.

My neighbors next door to the west had a beautiful 21-year-old daughter named Luna who was living at home while attending college. I knew she was 21 because they had asked if they could use my pool for her 21st birthday party. I didn’t like the thought of a bunch of drunk twenty-somethings in my pool area and home, so I politely declined, yet I made it clear that if Luna and just a couple of her friends ever wanted to use the pool, they were welcome. I reminded them that I worked from home, so would be there as well.

One day there was a knock on the door. When I answered the door, there stood Luna and one of her friends. They were both beautiful women and were wearing swim tops and shorts covering suits. “Hi Brandon” Luna said with a bright, perky voice. “Is that pool invitation still good? Sarah and I could use a swim today. It’s so hot out here!”

The thought of these two beauties frolicking in my pool delighted me and I stepped back, opened the door all the way, and motioned them in with a smile. “You are both very welcome!” I said with obvious enthusiasm.

Luna and Sarah giggled as they strolled in. Looking around, Luna exclaimed “Wow! You have a cool place, Brandon! It’s so spacious and open, too!” Sarah was nodding her head and her smile looked like she was saying ‘wow’ too.

“Thank you kindly. I admit it looks better with you two in it. Would you like a tour?” I offered grandly.

They eagerly agreed. I gave them the grand tour and even showed the laundry room which I was glad to have organized the day before. In fact, I was lucky to have tidied and cleaned the entire home the day before. Little did I know I would be giving a tour.

When we got to the master bedroom, they both checked out every angle and part. “This is a wonderful bedroom, Brandon” said Luna dreamily. “Do you use it just by yourself?” She was clearly probing, so I took the bait.

“Yes, more often than I care to admit” I replied with sincerity. They both blushed and I wondered what thoughts crossed their minds.

I finished the tour outside showing the pool and the pool house. The pool house was surprisingly complete with toilets, a shower, changing rooms. a wet bar, and grill. Luna and Sarah kept saying “oh this is so cool…so cool!” with visible excitement.

“Help yourself to beers in the fridge or you’re welcome to get creative at the bar. If you have something in mind but don’t know how to make it, I will be glad to show you. Make yourselves comfortable and at home, ok?” I offered.

“Oh, Brandon. This is all so nice. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! We promise not to drink you out of house and home” Luna promised with a wide smile.

“Me too, Brandon. You’re so generous to let us use the pool and it’s so nice you’ll share the bar too!” exclaimed Sarah with an equally wide smile. They both had gorgeous smiles.

I decided to go back inside and leave them to enjoy their time in the pool. “Enjoy yourselves, girls. I’ll be right inside if you need anything” I said with a genuine smile.

As I walked away, I could hear them talking excitedly. I heard the word “cool” a number of times and smiled to myself. This was turning out to be a great day. When I reached the main house I turned and gasped. They were emerging from the changing rooms in brightly colored string bikinis and looked beautiful and sexy. I had never seen Luna’s bikini figure before and I had just met Sarah. Both of them would qualify as Playboy models. I felt a rush of warmth through my body but scolded myself for leering at my neighbor’s daughter and her friend, then I stepped inside the house.

I found myself drifting past the large windows facing the pool. The two beauties alternated between dipping in the pool and sunning on the loungers. At last, I decided they must be hungry and went out to offer some food. The right offering would have been a vegetable tray, but I defaulted to my personal favorite when enjoying the pool. “Who wants nachos and salsa?”

Their faces opened into large smiles. “Sure!” shouted Sarah as Luna held up an “OK” symbol with her hand. “We’d love some!”

I returned a short while later with a full plate of nachos and salsa. It looked appetizing and I was proud to present it at the outside table. “Presenting Brandon’s can’t-leave-’em-alone nachos!” I proclaimed. They giggled and joined me at the table. I got up and grabbed three beers from the fridge.

“You’re really spoiling us, Brandon. Thank you so much! I didn’t know I had such a cool neighbor.” Luna said with a grin.

“You are more than welcome. Both of you are. You’re the perfect guests and you add beauty to the pool area” I said with genuine appreciation.

“Oh, have you been watching?” teased Sarah.

“How adiosbet yeni giriş could I not notice two lovely models at my pool?” I replied.

“I hope you have liked what you’ve seen” said Luna raising one eyebrow.

“I’ve never seen finer” I said like a proud neighbor.

They looked at each other with smiles. “We like you, Brandon. You say the nicest things,” said Sarah. “I’m sorry that I have to leave soon” she said frowning then pouted her lip.

“What’s pulling you away?” I asked.

“My boyfriend is treating me to a ball tonight and I need to get prettied up. That takes time for a girl like me” she said.

“Just go like you are right now and I assure you everyone will be pleased” I assured her.

“Aw! You are a big sweetie, Brandon! I want to give you a hug before I leave.” She got up and came to my side. I stood up and she was suddenly a petit little woman. We hugged tightly for a moment then,

Luna jumped up.

“Hey! I want one of those too!” We enjoyed a tight hug. “You’ve been great today. I don’t have any plans to leave for. Do you mind if I hang around a bit longer?” she asked with a sweet and sincere look.

“I have no plans either and I’d be happy if you stayed around, Luna” I said with genuine sincerity. In truth, I could have jumped up and whooped for joy, but I played it cool.

“Wow! You’re the best Brandon” she said baring her brilliant white teeth with a huge smile.

We chatted while Sarah changed then we walked her to her car. She had long blond hair and an amazing figure. I could only wonder what she would look like going to the ball that night. She started her car while Luna and I walked back to the house. Luna walked a little ahead of me and I loved the view of her perfect rear in the little bikini bottoms. I imagined my hands on those buns then scolded myself again.

Chapter 2

We walked back to the table by the pool and gathered up the dishes from our nacho fest. Luna was fun to talk with and we chatted about her schooling, her future plans, then her dating life, which was pretty bleak. Not that I could point fingers. After the sale of my company, the word got out that I was “loaded,” and my life was flooded with women who suddenly found me attractive. In the end, I didn’t meet anyone who could be engaging out of the bed. Luna was a refreshing change. She had lots of questions for me, too. I could tell she was as comfortable talking with me as I was with her. Despite my being 12 years her senior, it was like we were on the same level. She surprised me with her next round of questions.

“What do you think of Sarah, Brandon?” Luna asked nonchalantly.

“I think she’s a fine woman and seems to be a fun friend for you” I replied pragmatically.

“Yeah, I agree. What do you think of her looks?”

“Well,” I started, but hesitated. I knew to be careful in this area of discussion. “I think she is a pretty girl, and she seems to take good care of herself.” I decided not to add that, like Luna, she was damn sexy too.

“I think she is perfect” Luna said whimsically. “She’s certainly prettier than me,” she added sounding frustrated.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Yes, Sarah was a knockout, but Luna was a goddess. Her whole body paired together perfectly. I had never seen a prettier woman either but just as importantly, she was smart and had a wonderful personality. She was quite perfect in my eyes.

“In what ways do you think she is prettier than you?” I queried with genuine curiosity.

Luna looked at me seriously for a moment, then asked “Brandon, may I confide in you? I mean, I really don’t have anyone to share this with and I trust you.” I assured her that she could share anything she wanted. She nodded her head and continued.

“Well, first, her boobs are perfect. Mine are too big” she offered. I was stunned.

“Too big??”

“Yes. I think mine are too big. Guys keep staring at them and it’s hard to find a perfect fitting bra although I can go without one. Also, her areolas are quarter sized. Mine are larger and I don’t like them.”

I thought she was exaggerating and protested lightly “from what I can see, Luna, your breasts look perfect! I can only imagine your areolas, but I’m sure they are too.”

She looked at me sincerely and offered suddenly, “Do you want to see them?” She bit her lip as if afraid I might somehow be offended.

Did I want to see them??? Did I ever! I felt a bolt of lightning go through my body and I heard my voice say, “it would be a pleasure, Luna.”

She stood, reached back, and pulled her top string knot and the bikini top fell away. Her beautiful breasts bobbed into view with two medium shaded silver dollar sized slightly oval areolas and firm nipples in the middle of each. She tilted her head and put a look of “well?” on her face.

“Luna, I think you have amazingly beautiful breasts. Those are fine areolas too. I like them very much” I said with full honesty. I didn’t mention that I wanted to massage and kiss them. “I would be pleased and adiosbet giriş honored if you left off your top while here. No need to have tan lines, right?” This was taking a chance, but I had to ask.

Luna laughed and said “that’s so sweet of you to say and I love your offer of being topless. It would be wonderful to enjoy being in the sun and in the water without a top. Are you sure you really like them?”

I decided to really be bold. “Luna, I have never seen finer. May I touch them?”

She seemed to hesitate for a moment, then she smiled and walked over to me, again, biting her lip. She was clearly pushing her comfort level and trust with me. I reached out and caressed them. My touch caused goosebumps to spring up and her nipples hardened. She shuddered slightly. “Luna, they are perfect and what a pleasant firmness and roundness. How nice it must be that they will stay aloft without a bra or top.” My thumbs circled her nipples and she let out a quiet murmur. I could tell she was pushing herself to be bold. On impulse, I leaned forward and kissed her left nipple then the right one. I also noticed my cock was raging and starting to harden. I hoped it wasn’t noticeable. Luna stroked my head in a way that implied she wanted me to stay there. I began to suck on the right nipple and tugged it a little.

“I love that, Brandon. Would you suck the left one too?” she whispered. I shifted to the left nipple and gently sucked on it too. Each of the nipples responded by hardening further. I squeezed the breasts together and kissed them both. Still holding them I sat back and smiled. “Luna, these are the loveliest breasts I have ever seen, my friend. Thank you for showing them to me. What else do you think is better on Sarah?” I could hardly wait for her reply. She was breathing a little deeper as she sat in the chair next to me without putting the bikini top back on. Her chest slowly rose and fell and her great breasts road along with the breathing. It was a lovely sight.

“Her buns have a perfect shape and her, well, I’ve seen her pussy and it’s real pretty. I’m just being honest” she stammered. “And there’s one more thing” she said hesitantly. “Sarah must be a great lover because she has had the same boyfriend for a year, but I can’t keep one longer than a few weeks.” She dropped her head.

It continued to amaze me that this beautiful young woman would have such thoughts. I wanted to help her, and I wanted to find out just what kind of lover she was. “Luna, may I help you with these concerns?”

“You would?” she said sweetly. “How?” she asked while looking intently at me.

“Yes, it would be my pleasure. I propose giving you a body rub so I can get to know all parts of your beautiful body. I want to tell you what I’m seeing. Next, and only if you’re fully ok with it, I want to be your lover today and share some ideas with you. What do you think?” My heart was pounding. This was such a bold and assertive suggestion for me, and it was possible she would slap me and storm out. Instead, she regarded my idea for a moment, looked at me intently, then replied.

“Ok, Brandon. I would love that. I have never done such a thing and I don’t want you to think I’m some loose party girl. I’ve never had what I thought of as a good sexual experience. I trust you, though, and I think you can help me. Maybe I can somehow help you too. I want to shower first, please, so I’m very fresh. Is that, ok?”

“It’s not only ok, but I insist on one too. Let’s take one together, shall we? I have a large shower and I think you’ll enjoy the experience. Also, you might as well see me too. If we are to be lovers today, we should be informed lovers, right? ” I finished this with an inviting smile and extended my hand to Luna. She was all grins and took my hand. I was pleased with the trust she was affording me. I learned later that she had been very nervous at that moment and fought an inner voice that was berating her for being so open to me.

I circled my arm around Luna’s waist as we walked to the door of the main house. What started as a typical Saturday had really turned into something unique and exciting and this day still had a long way to go.

Chapter 3

We stopped in the kitchen, and I prepared a couple of glasses of iced soda water for us. “You’ll love this after our shower,” I commented.

“You’re quite the host, my new lover,” she said smiling with blushed cheeks. She looked so beautiful, and she was really getting into this, and her voice had a dreamy sound too it.

I had a theory that the reason Luna thought so poorly of herself as a lover or herself physically was that she hadn’t been treated properly by any of the goons she had dated. They probably went straight for her tits, groped them awkwardly then tried to fuck her right away. Sarah must have shared some stories of her bedroom quests with her boyfriend leaving Luna to assume she was the cause of her poor treatment. I wanted to show her what a real lover could do, and I was excited to have this time with her.

We walked into the adiosbet güvenilirmi master bedroom, and I turned to set up the shower. I wanted it to be warm and inviting for her. Meanwhile, Luna walked around the room with a dreamy look. The room had lots of black and grey tones, a high ceiling, and wall to wall white carpet. Most people would avoid such a color combination, but I liked the contrast it gave. I looked over and Luna was sizing up the bed. She seemed hungry for a good experience, and I intended for her to have one.

When the shower room was ready, I took Luna’s hand and led her to the vanity area. She untied the little bikini bottom and revealed a neatly shaved mound with a perfect little landing strip. I dropped my shorts to reveal an equally shaved mound. I pulled off my t-shirt and it was my turn to give the look of “what do you think?”

Luna smiled, looked me over with a double take at my cock, and nodded approvingly. “Very nice, my handsome neighbor. Very nice.”

“Thank you, dear Luna. You, my lovely neighbor, are a sexy rock star. Let’s go enjoy some water, shall we?” I led her into the steamy room.

The warm steamy air enveloped us as we walked in, Luna let out a long “ah…” sound as she took in the room. “This is great!” she exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Isn’t it better than starting with a cold shower room?” I replied.

“Oh yes! This is heaven, Brandon. Your home is full of nice surprises,” she exclaimed with a laugh.

I hadn’t shared this shower with anyone in a while and it was indeed great to me too. Luna looked radiant. I reached for the shower wand and turned on the water. When the temperature was just right, I held it high over her head and she raised her arms as if greeting rain. She gently swayed her hips as the warm water caressed her body. I couldn’t help but watch her. She was a sensual vision, and the cascading water heightened the effect.

She looked at me and said, “come share the rain with me handsome.” I grinned and moved in close to her. The water rained on us both as she slowly swayed in front of me. Turning her back to me, she backed her lovely buns into my cock and ground on me with such a sensual style that my cock began to respond and grow. It would have been quite obvious to her, yet she continued to grind me. When my cock was hard enough to stay lifted, I squatted a little and pushed the tip between her legs.

“Wow! Is that all you?” she giggled.

“All me, baby. All me” I answered as I reached around her leg and grabbed the tip of my cock. Then I rose a little and she was now straddling my hard rod. “Just introducing myself in the neighborhood,” I teased. She immediately began to tilt her hips back and forth, left, and right, riding my cock. I could feel her warm, slick pussy lips open and slide around my shaft. “You’re quite the little cock rider,” I complimented.

“I’m just responding to a wonderful experience, my stud. No one has ever taken such a genuine interest in me. You are very special, Brandon.” She clamped her thighs on my cock. “I want to spend more time with this guy.”

“I promise you may enjoy all you wish. For now, let me wash you before we get ahead of ourselves. I want to explore every inch of you outside before venturing inside.” I gave one more little up movement with my cock then pulled it back. Luna gave a little cry and sported a pouty lip, followed by a grin.

“Ok, I’d love to be washed, my creative lover. Then I will want to wash you.” She stood at attention feigning seriousness but with a big grin on her face.

I placed the shower wand back in its holster and grabbed the liquid soap. Luna wanted to wet her hair but not shampoo it, so I started to lather her strong, nicely toned shoulders then slid my hands down her arms. “Lift please,” I gently requested, and she raised her arms high. I lathered her under arms, dropped down to her side ribs, then swooped in circling her breasts. I came back to her upper shoulders and made a full pass around her neck. “First rinse,” I declared like a surgeon calling steps.

It was thrilling to have Luna so open to my moves. She was a beautiful woman in every way. I washed my way to her rear, then enjoyed passing between the cheeks of her rear, around her anus, and around her pussy. She squatted to give me better access and I was very thorough with the rinse. There wasn’t any doubt this aroused her, and I could imagine her little clit throbbing for more attention, but it was tucked under the neatly sealed edges of her outer labia, and I couldn’t feel it. I was certain that it could feel me, though.

I squatted on my haunches and motioned for her to sit on the bench. Then I lifted each foot and lathered between the toes. Her feet and toes were even sexy. Luna’s beauty was very complete.

When I finished the final rinse, Luna stood, moved to my front, reached for my head, and pulled me down to her lips for a very rich, deep kiss. She stopped and touched her forehead to my chin, then tilted her head back and looked me in the eyes. “You have made me feel like a queen already, dear Brandon, now let me show you how a king should feel. I love this world you are showing me. You have awakened a special appetite I didn’t know existed.” She gave me one more short kiss and, smiling, took the shower wand from the holster.

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