My First Visit at a Swing Club – Part 4 – Getting

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My First Visit at a Swing Club – Part 4 – GettingPart 4 – Getting InvolvedWe almost never watch porn movies, and the few times we watch we never get to the end. But this was much better then porn coz it was real. Real people, no stupid overdone acting which for me makes porn uninteresting… While we were fascinated by this scene, an older man came to me and was bothering me with his conversation which I did not understand because of the local language. He was drunk and was disturbing us. I said to C: “let’s go to restroom” just to be able to escape from him. There C went to the men’s room and said he would wait for me at the bar just around the corner where he could have another drink. Same time I noticed the old guy left the club. So instead of going into the ladies room, which I didn’t need, I hurried back to the place where the 4 guys were playing with the woman. I was attracted like a magnet to that area where the sexual action was and even forgot about C for a while. When I came back the men just traded places… I came as close as possible and wanted to see every detail… I was that close if I wanted I could almost touch them…much better than using peepholes! Matt was still kissing her but now one of the guys was sliding his cock into her pussy! Seeing this live took my breath away! The other two where kissing her all over…I found it so hard to believe that Matt let the other man fuck his beautiful wife! I was not the only one watching, some other single man stood there while stroking their cocks… Maybe hoping of having a chance as well…. I never saw so many hard cocks in real in my life and I got very aroused… I was even not aware that I started to touch my own breasts and my nipples that became real hard being the voyeur like that… My scarf lost his function to hide my boobs and I really did not care about it that I was standing there half naked….My scarf was bothering me and I took it off and hung over the chair next to me. Putting away my scarf and revealing my naked upper body got the attention of several guys… At that moment I was the only woman there, except for the girlfriend that was being shared. Now maybe 7, 8 or more men were standing around the scene watching the MMFMM. A few of them changed their focus on me… First one, then two more turned to me standing in a little half circle around me. They did not say anything, they just where jerking off slowly while looking at my half naked body and me touching myself. I remember I proudly put my shoulders back and boobs forward to them and only made one move with my arm to show them I did not wanted to lose my view on the 5 other people who were having sex there… They understood and moved in such way I had perfect view again…the guys that focused on me where clearly friends and knew each other and started talking with me but I could not understand and their English was very limited… They gave me sign to take of my skirt but I refused… Not that I did not wanted to take it of coz I was exited enough now to give them to see what they wanted to see but my brain said no, coz maybe C would not like that.. What I learned in last week and for sure this evening is that I like to be watched so that gives me a new “hobby”: being exhibitionist! The guys where maybe somewhere between 25 and 30 and it was hot seeing them playing with their young tools out of their jeans…instead of taking of my skirt I putted one foot on the chair which brought my skirt completely up, opened my leg a little bit so I could touch and show off my pussy to them while breathing through my open mouth…First I could not understand why they came to me instead of watching the hot scene I was witnessing myself.. When I thought about this it seemed logical coz maybe they thought to get more from me then only showing of my body to them… Or maybe they were more attracted to me, not taken yet by any other guy…maybe I was just hot to watch? Anyway, my focus was still on the other 5!The man who shared his wife stopped kissing her and looked at the guys taking care of his woman and then again our eyes met. Matt saw me standing there watching him… Again they traded places and a second man started to fuck her now! I saw the muscles of his ass contracting kaçak iddaa every time he went inside her. She stayed in same position all the time…now that Matt stopped kissing her the man who fucked her last brought his dick to her mouth so she could taste his juices. Her eyes where closed almost all the time…Then suddenly to my surprise Matt with whom I had a few times eye contact before was standing up and with two steps he was next to me! At that moment I was leaning against the wall, one hand on my breast squeezing a nipple and my other hand under my skirt… Coz of the music he brought his mouth to my ear and asked if I liked what I saw… I just nodded my head and smiled… Why should I lie… He said: I also like what I see and pointed at me… Hmmm, I liked that also and just continued what I was doing, watching them and touching myself…,all I was doing went very natural, I didn’t think much, I just went with the flow of what I saw.Now Matt and me where standing side by side watching his woman getting fucked and giving BJ to the other while nr 3 was sucking her breasts…. Matt was half naked from his waist down, only wearing an unbuttoned open shirt with a half hard cock peeping from under the shirt and I was half naked waist up… Again I did not know where to look first: Matts cock or his girlfriend getting all the sex…In my mind a lot of things where going on… I imagined I was laying there where Matt’s girlfriend was and was wondering how this would feel like… I looked at Matt’s cock and imagined him fucking me now… I was comparing in my thoughts her body with mine, maybe typical for women to do that and although she was younger I felt sexy enough, had bigger boobs which gave me more confidence as well to fantasize even better about Matt having sex with me. Matt and I witnessed now how his girlfriend changed position. She went on her knees on the sofa and the naked guy started to take her doggy, one of my favorite positions… The other guy was standing behind the sofa so she could suck his cock and nr 3 was laying under her licking her clit… That was the hottest combination I ever saw in my life! I could not avoid imagining it was me on that sofa, but preferred Matt doing me doggy instead of the one I saw doing the girl… Then suddenly Matt asked me if wanted to trade places with his wife!!! I did not believe my ears! I was speechless and shocked! Was he reading my mind or what??? All I could do was lifting my shoulders in a way like saying “I don’t know” … Then everything happened so fast! While he was not losing sight of his Woman he took my hand and put it on his half hard cock! I was so surprised! Surprised of what happened but also about the fact I did not run away… So long ago that I felt a different cock in my hand.. So guess I took advantage of the situation and kept my hand where he left it… In a few seconds I decided to bring my fingers around his cock and started moving back and forward to please Matt. I knew I was being a bad girl now and watched in the direction of the restroom to see if C was appearing. I did not see him and continued enjoying the feeling and excitement of that new tool in my hand. Matt looked me right in the eyes and we smiled…he had one arm around my waist now like making sure I would not walk away… We continued watching his girlfriend while I was stroking him slowly. Then he put his hand between the wall and my bum.. I felt how he tried to go with his hand under my skirt which was very easy. I thought I had no right to refuse him doing that since I could already play his dick. His girlfriend was getting very active now and he made sure she could see me stroking him…think we were only 1 meter away from her. One moment in a reflection I was thinking maybe she would be “not amused” but that was “my old conservative thinking” that escaped my mind…I thought I even saw her smiling at me! Matts cock got hard and his hand found his way between the cheeks of my ass going further down to the front to my pussy. While standing there I felt that without thinking I spread my feet and legs a bit more apart to make it easy for him to touch me there. I knew also that at that time I must have become soaking wet… So one hand on Matts cock, his fingers kaçak bahis touching me private and almost inside my dripping pussy and watching 3 guys doing a woman and some other young men dropping their pants now and jerking of in front of me! Hard for me who never experienced those kind of sexual and erotic situations with several people in one place to imagine something more hot and arousing then this. Only a few days before I had the joy of being watched by two wankers in the resort and now this! I gave a little scream that nobody heard when I felt one finger going in! The gentle movements he made brought a horny smile on my face!Then I thought this was enough for a short but very exiting experience coz I was thinking I needed going back to C now… Of course I would prefer to stay, but that would not be fair to him… he also deserves a hot night and after all this I was intended to give that to him….Just when I was about to let go and leave, Matt withdrew his hand from under my skirt and put on my shoulder and pushed in a gentle way to make me sit on the chair with my scarf that was next to me… I obeyed and sat down. On my left side of the chair I had full close up on his handsome tool that I made hard and fully erected now. Again I looked around for C but did not see him coming. “Oral sex is not really cheating” I remembered him saying one time, so I grabbed this cock and gave a quick shy kiss first, then after watching again a few licks and then quickly I allowed him to bring a small part in my mouth.. My lips and tongue felt the shape of the head of his dick and I had taste of his precum… While I sucked his head carefully and slow over my left side I had brief eye contact with his girlfriend that was right in front of me while she was sucking one of the other man… That felt really weird and hot knowing she was looking at her husband getting his dick licked and sucked by me at the same time. One hand I used to hold his cock and guide my mouth while sucking and my other was searching for my nipples. Again while doing this I tried watching the other way on the right. No C around yet so I took the risk to continue and experience the excitement of doing something that was not planned, something not allowed, dangerous and same time something super arousing, something really daring… Right! Didn’t C say I had to behave as sexy as possible and as daring as I wanted??? Well then…..I never did something like this in my life and without C I would never have been in the position to do this and being as open-minded like this now. This way I washed away the only negative feeling I had at that moment: the feeling of guilt. I was still nervous about being caught by C but I was too much exited to stop, and in a moment I even felt like I wanted to be caught. Moreover, a while ago before visiting the swing club he told me he fantasized about 3somes, MFM, about watching me giving BJ to another guy…so…I was just fulfilling his fantasies…if he would find me like this he can’t blame me for practicing his “wishful thinking”, right?The other young men that asked me to take of my skirt before got more company coz there was a second woman also doing some sexual action now: me! They came closer and closer! All of them with their dick in their hand and wanking… My view on his girlfriend was blocked. Without knowing I became a “hot subject” for voyeurs myself. I also realized if I wanted I could give BJ to several guys the same time there, at least 10! Needless to say the opportunity to get fucked by any man of my choice was not an impossible fantasy! A powerful and hot idea to know that as a woman! When I looked up to catch my breath all I saw where erected hard cocks around my chair! I did not have the time to count them… Because I was cautious about C I checked my right side again and suddenly recognized the guy I danced with earlier among the “voyeurs”. He obviously recognized me too and looked with big eyes like he could not believe… I could hardly believe myself! He also came close to watch how I was sucking and playing a hard cock. He took his out of his boxer and showed me. Now I could see the cock I was so curious about while I was dancing with him. Hmmm not bad! He looked at me like he was illegal bahis waiting for comments but I was too involved in action and with a mouthful it was hard to talk! I went on pleasing Matt.Don’t ask me why but suddenly I was very aware a lot of men were watching me with some kind of “expectations”. Maybe it was only my imagination where I don’t want to disappoint people, but this situation was impossible… Of course they would all love to fuck me or get sucked by me but that was out of the question. So best thing I could do was to let them watch and enjoy me a minute longer sucking lucky Matt’s cock. Same time I remembered how Matt’s girlfriend was holding more than one cock and was thinking of using like her my other hand to hold an extra dick as well (what she can, I can too 😉 a pure natural thing to do I guess when the goods are offered and presented right there in front of you. It was for me a unique situation which maybe would never happen again, so doubts disappeared and lust arrived. Maybe it was because I had the feeling I already knew him as part of a couple we talked with before and the fact he was a gentleman when I danced with him but I choose to take the cock of my former dance partner in my hand and started to rub him…While still sitting on my chair I pulled back my head and watched up to the two guys smiling at me while I had their cocks in my hands. I smiled back at them and felt the dancing-guy’s was a bit bigger than the other… So I sat there, Matt on my left, the dancer on my right and in front of me several young wankers. To sit stable on the chair while playing the two cocks I had to put my feet and legs open. My mini-skirt looked more like a belt around my waist because it was completely up skirt and felt my bare ass sitting naked on the plastic chair. The view for the wankers in front of me must have been perfect and very hot: as a newborn exhibitionista I like to describe for you the view to help your imagination. I start from the floor: a pair of legs coming out of high heels, legs wide open, complete shaved and shiny wet naked pussy, up skirt, proud naked tits with dark hard nipples, moving and slowly shaking, a woman with long black hair, left and right a man of which she hold their dick… The dancing guy looked at me now and expected to be next…Beside the visual and physical stimulation I received together with the alcohol, the beats of the music in the club pushed me even more out of my comfort zone. I knew I had no time to waste and started now to lick the dancer’s cock while still holding the other… Now I really felt like a little slut! I changed their cocks to my mouth like every 5 to 10 seconds… The fact that this was happening got me much more excited than the feeling, taste, sense and sent of those dicks. It felt like on a sexual roller-coaster: building up the excitement first while watching the 5 and then getting unexpectedly involved after being pulled and launched in the deep for a fast and arousing horny ride! The lucky guys were more close to me now, some standing, some stooped. I stopped licking and while still holding their cocks I looked down left and right to my breasts where I felt hands caressing over them. I did not ask anybody to do that but I got even more aroused and liked to be softly touched by them. The fact that I did not know who’s hands were touching me was an unimportant detail. Looking more down I saw a young man crawling closer on his knees… I got a dirty mind there and knew what he was up to… I opened my legs more in the hope to be licked…the guy seemed to get my thinking since my position with legs spread eagle on the chair and no pantie must have been very inviting. He moved his way in more close between Matt and the dancer and I moved with my pussy to the edge of the chair. There I felt a strong tonguing over my pussy. I dropped my head backwards looking up… Just holding two cocks and stroking slowly was all I was able to do so I could enjoy a strangers tongue on my clit for about 30 seconds. When I enjoy sex my brain is really zero and not working properly anymore but suddenly I got really nervous again for C so I did a few quick BJ moves more on both of them and I got up…I did not wait for them to cum, that was never my intention either and I did not want to get “dirty”. I hoped the 3 men were not too disappointed and that they realized how lucky they were…(to be continued) – In attachment a picture of that same evening.

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