My Dream Cum True Massage


My Dream Cum True MassageIt started out innocent enough. He asked me where it hurt, and I told him shoulders and lower back from sitting at a desk all day. I laid face down on the table completely nude with just a sheet over my ass and legs. He was great with his hands and very strong. Massaging my sore muscles taking his time working his way down from my shoulders down my spine to the crack of my ass. He had the sheet halfway over my ass and he was massaging my hips and top of my ass still keeping me partially covered as to be somewhat professional. After he put hot towels on my shoulders and lower back, he brought the sheet up over the towels just covering the top half of me ass. Then he started at my feet and rubbed them working his way up my calves and over my thighs and across my ass. It felt incredible. Each time he made a pass he would get closer to my balls and cock between my legs. I have ED so it takes a LOT of stimulation or excitement to get me up and going and whatever he bahis siteleri was doing was working. And I told him so. I asked with hands this good he must be making somebody at home very happy. He said that he had nobody and was single. I told him what a waste of talented hands. I told him that I had ED and that his hands were making some magic happen He chuckled and said I see that. He continued rubbing my legs and feet teasing me by getting as close to my now semi hard cock without actually touching it. Then it was time to roll over… I did and he had the sheet covering me from the waste down and he d****d it uncovering my one leg and all bunched up over my cock. He then continued to massage my feet, calves and thighs and again getting as close as he could to my balls without touching them. I was going crazy and I tried to let him know it. I moaned as he came close… I moved my body over to try and get him to “accidently” brush up against by balls to no avail. Each time he made a pass canlı bahis siteleri by them my cock would begin to grow. It was getting harder and harder until I had a full-blown rock-hard cock. A miracle… without actually touching it. As it flinched with my heartbeat the covers began to move and my cock was now becoming uncovered from the sheet. And that’s when it happened!! His next stoke upwards over my leg he grabbed my balls and squeezed them. Took the head of my cock and started tickling the head with his fingertips causing precum to start to spill out which he used as lotion to massage the rest of my cock. As he was playing with my balls and stroking my cock I reached over and grabbed his now hard cock through his pants. He started moaning and pushing against my hand. The whole scene was so surreal I could not believe my fantasy was cumming true. I started to moan along with him as I was getting ready to explode. To have someone else touching my cock beside me felt amazing. canlı bahis He leaned over and whispered in my ear that we need to be quiet that the walls are paper thin. I acknowledged and squeezed his cock even harder and he did the same to mine. He cupped my balls in his hand and stroked me up and down faster and faster making sure my precum leaking from my head was added to the mix. I tapped him on the arm with my free hand telling him I was going to cum. He grabbed a towel and put it over my stomach just in time as I exploded like I have not exploded in a long time. He grabbed my hand that was rubbing his very hard cock through his pants and pulled it away. I don’t think he wanted to cum in his pants and still had more massages to do. He used the towel to clean me up. He continued to massage my balls making sure that I was empty and tried to get me hard again. I whispered to him that he already saw one miracle today and that he was down for the count. He massaged my neck some and then a scalp massage, tweaked my nipples and said all done. He asked how I felt LOL I told him I felt better than ever! I will see you next week. And I have … every Friday since! Next time I can tell you how I returned the favor ?

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