If You Have To… Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

Hello fellow degenerates, feel free to have a read. Let me know what you think.

Xo 😉


I think about how it started out like this.

Looking around my son’s dimly lit room, posters on the wall of his favorite alternative bands. There’s a distinct odor in the room, definitely smells musty adolescence which I guess is just a combination of sweat and cum. Definitely smells like someone spends too much time in his room.

“Oh mom…” my son groaned softly.

I look down at my son laying on his bed, his eyes are closed as he’s laying back naked from the waist down. He does appear to be enjoying himself.

“Just remember to tell me when you’re close”

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I sit on his bed with my hand gripped around my son’s penis. I quickly look away as I realize what I’m looking at is far from what I should be doing. It’s definitely not exactly how I pictured my typical Friday night, my Husband got stuck at work again as usual, and I’m at home with my Son as we take care of his… needs.

I notice my son’s phone charging on his bedside table as it nears 8pm, I know my husband will be home soon and I need to be getting this over with.

This has become a recent bad habit, one of the ones you wish never started but now has gotten too far complicated to stop. Kind of like smoking or alcohol. I’m 42 years old and sitting in my sons room relieving him. Is this for him, or for both of us?

Does this make me a bad mother and wife? Most definitely.

I can feel my son start to tense up as his breathing gets heavier. I know what that means by now, realizing that I really shouldn’t whilst grabbing the tissues in anticipation.

“Mom.. I’m gonna…” James moans.

He lets out a satisfied groan as I hold the tissues over the end of his cock ready to collect his ejaculation. I can feel it pulsing in my hand as it starts to spray out, I look at my son’s face with his eyes still closed and can clearly see the face of satisfaction.

“He’s spraying out so much as usual, why is there always so much?” I think to myself.

I look down and can see it starting to spill out of the tissue and into my hands, I try to move the tissue to collect it but at this point it makes no difference as my son is basically just cumming into my hands. I’m conflicted as I’m glad my teenage son is healthy, but is this really something for a mother to be knowledgeable on?

After a significant performance his penis begins to settle down now that he’s finished. I can feel my hands covered in the sticky mess, this is a sensation makes me feel strange. A combination of comfort in the warmth and wetness, remembering how we got here, but the biggest feeling is the shame in this taboo activity that I am doing to my son.

My son opens his eyes as I’m cleaning him up. We look at each other for a brief second before we both look away. Eye contact is not a comfortable situation as we both know this is not normal, this an evolving activity that has started in the last few weeks.

“Thanks Mom…” he says quietly.

“It’s OK” I said as I get up from the bed. I quickly leave the room without saying anything else, carrying out this evening’s evidence in my hands.

I make it to the bathroom and as I throw away the tissues, I catch myself again looking at the remaining cum in my hands. I can’t help but be entranced, there’s such a thickness to it that I can’t say I’ve ever seen before from anyone, and the quantity is amazing. Snapping back to realization of the situation that this is my son’s cum in my hands, I quickly start the shower and wash my hands under it before getting undressed.

I start removing my underwear and notice that there is a distinct wetness there. I quickly throw my panties into the washing basket as I hop into the shower. To think, this is like me trying to hide the evidence in my underwear as I sense that I am clearly starting to enjoy these sessions with my son.

The warmth of the shower water is soothing on my body as I drift off into my thoughts. I start the think about the events that led to this whole thing starting and found myself drifting off with the memory…

I think it’s safe to say my son is a typical adolescent boy, atleast for today’s standards. He’s not very athletically motivated, does OK at school and prefers to spend most of his nights and weekends gaming at home. One thing stands out is that he has more virtual friends than real-life friends and I don’t think he’s ever really had a girlfriend.

It was the weekend before we planned around having an 18th birthday celebration, there was already an unhealthy level of anxiety brewing around it as a result of the current climate with lockdowns and social distancing. Before we knew it, he had received several cancellations citing “safety concerns”.

As a Mother I felt really bad, this was a new reality and there was nothing that could be done.

My son had already turned 18, mariobet güvenilirmi we had gone out for dinner and he spent the rest of the night gaming, he told us he was ‘raiding classic’. I had no idea what that meant but he seemed content. Due to the length and continuous delays he eventually he decided to give up on having an actual 18th party.

I felt that he was clearly saddened by the situation so I came up with an idea to go camping as a family, just like we used to do when he was younger. James agreed and we had it all planned out, campsite picked for what was supposed to be the party weekend.

On the day before we were set to leave my husband received news that there was a major problem with a client at work and he would be needed to assist over the weekend, meaning he would not be able to come camping. My son was again disappointed, but he understood.

I decided on the best course of action.

“Shall we still go, James?” I said

“What just us?” he responded.

“Yeah of course! We’ll go exploring, camp out, have a fire. It’ll be fun with your Mom, I promise!” I said excitedly.

“Ok then, I guess.” James nodded.

“You guess…? Get a little enthused Mr. Birthday Boy” I replied.

My son left the room smiling.

“Are you going to be OK to look after the house without us, Eric?” I turned and asked my Husband.

“Of course, Eve! I’m not completely useless. I’ll try and make it up to James when you guys get back” My husband responded.

Deep down I knew that he was in fact, completely useless.

The next day my James and I set out, with my wagon packed and ready to go camping. The campsite was pretty far away, it took about 2.5 hours to drive to, but it was worth it. Atleast we thought driving this far would be anyway. On the way we talked about school, gossip, any rumors, shared stories. Listening to his stories, I noticed my son may have been a bit more sheltered than I thought. He didn’t seem to have many social experiences with his friends outside of gaming, not that he seemed bothered by that.

As we neared the national park we started to notice some pretty dark clouds coming in from the direction of where we were heading.

“Mom, did you check the weather before you planned?” James asked me.

“Excuse me! I did, and I swear it was fine!” I said confidently.

“Mom, did you check the weather of where we were going, or did you check the weather for home?” My son responded with a confident smirk.

I only now recognized my error, but refusing to be wrong I decided plead the 5th.

“Classic Evelyn.” James laughed.

I hoped he was at least having fun so far. Arriving at the campsite we quickly noticed we were the only ones brave enough, as it was empty. We decided to commit to this expedition and quickly setup as the clouds rolled in, it was only about midday but it now looked about 7:00pm.

James wanted to listen to music car radio, personally I could have done without his heavy metal but it was his birthday so I let him.

After about 45 minutes of messing around, we were done.

“There! The tent is all good to go, we’ve rolled out sleeping bags, bags safely secured inside and we’re pretty much set. What did you want to do now!?” I asked triumphantly.

“We can go for a quick walk I guess, emphasis on quick as I think its about to bucket down.” James said, less than enthused.

I quickly searched for a throw over raincoat I thought I had in the car, as I know I definitely didn’t pack one in the bags.

“Ok so, bad news is we don’t have any rain coats.” I said sheepishly.

“Is there any good news?” James asked.

“It’s going to be fun?” I laughed confidently as I remembered to turn off the radio.

“Let’s just hurry up and go so we can get back” James sighed.

So we went for a quick walk, and very quickly ended up getting a little lost. We couldn’t have been more than 25 minutes directly from the campsite, but we didn’t know that. We were on our way back when I went and rolled my ankle.

James had to help me walk back to camp as I hobbled along in alot of discomfort, and almost like it was destined, it began to rain.

I’ve been caught in the rain before, but this was something else. The heavens had absolutely unleashed, we were now completely drenched to the bone. Fortunately we found the track, but dealt with what now felt like the longest walk I’ve ever done, given I was injured and had to have assistance to walk. 25 minute walk quickly turned into nearly one and a half hours.

It was only lightly spitting as we got back to the campsite. But things got worse, the tent had half collapsed on one side, and there was a big puddle of water formed on top of it.

“That can’t be good…” James said.

He propped up the tent to open it, only to find it was now completely flooded as the lining has leaked through.

“All of our clothes, and sleeping bags are drenched Mom. Give me the keys and we’ll hop in the car.” He yelled back to me.

Keys… Keys I thought mariobet yeni giriş as I searched my drenched pants. I quickly noticed I did not have them, and they were still in the car.

“I think they’re in the car!” I yelled back to James.

He came and grabbed me as we hobbled over to the car and there we found the keys, still in the ignition. With the ignition still in the “ON” position.

“That can’t be good…” I said.

Turns out I completely forgot to take the keys out when i turned the radio off.

“Don’t worry about that for now James, we need to get warm as it’s freezing.” I said.

“What are we supposed to do? All our spare clothes are all drenched..” James said shivering.

I remembered some old camping guides which said to remove the wet clothing as a priority and protect yourself from the wind.

“We need to strip down and get rid of all our wet clothes, we’ll hand them up on this branch under this tree to drip” I yelled.

“What… I’m not doi-“

“We don’t really have a choice” I interrupted.

“Quickest way to get warm is to simply remove the clothing and we’ll just get in the car. Keep your knickers on.” I instructed my son.

“We have to get undressed outside in the cold!?” He replied.

“Well yes, otherwise we’ll get the car wet and it will be miserable.”

I started trying to strip down but I was struggling to do so with my ankle as it was.

“James, I need your help when you are done”

I waited as I watched my son strip to his underwear, I always like his choice of underwear. “Boxer Briefs” they were, short cut and sat well on the hips, with a handy ‘Y’ front which I thought was handy touch for men.

Once he was done he hopped around to help me, I could tell he was starting to freeze as he was shivering quite badly behind me.

“How are we going to do this?” he said through chattering teeth.

“I think I should sit down and you can help me remove things easier. Pop the boot lid and I’ll sit down” I replied, also noticing that I was really starting to feel the cold at this point.

I sat down the tray of the wagon now that the boot was up.

“Bottoms or top first?” James asked.

His question caught me off guard. I noted that I’m now looking at my (basically) naked son, whilst he’s asking me what he can take off me. I shook my head and responded.

“Take the shoes and pants off first please as it’s going to be the worst with my ankle.”

He quickly moved to take my shoes off, I was impressed with how much extra care he was taking with my ankle, such a nice tenderness to it, it almost made me forget the cold. He got my shoe untied and loosened.

“OK, we’re gonna take it off slowly on three.” He said with authority.

“OK on three.” I was squeamish at the thought, the pain was quite severe now.

“One… two… three” he said as he removed my shoe.

“Fuuuck!” I yelled in pain.

James look at me playfully.

“You sook! this was your idea remember?” He was atleast laughing at the situation we were in.

My socks soon followed, and onto the next challenge. The pants.

“How do you suggest we do this?” James asked curiously.

“Well, I’ll just simply lay back and you just pull my pants down and off when I lift up. Easy.” I said confidently.

I started to unbuttoned my pants, as he put his hands on my hips ready to take down my pants. I took a minute to think about how what I am doing would look, this was not an unfamiliar situation for me to be in as far as getting undressed, but it was definitely a different situation for a mother and son.

“Ok so just pull down as you push up your butt. Got it” James said.

I lifted off as James tried to pull down, he almost pulled me out the car but my pants stayed on.

“God they’re stuck, Mom. Your ass is too big” He said jokingly.

“Screw you! The water is making them tight/get stuck” I said as I thought Why did I have to wear my tight ass denim pants..

“OK I think I got it” James yelled.

I felt his hands curl over the top of my pants alot more, as he started to pull down. I lifted up and he yanked quickly as he fell backwards from the momentum. Before I knew it, my pants were off successfully.

I looked down and to my horror, it was not just my pants that were off but he has also pulled my underwear completely off. My vagina was completely exposed as my son started caught himself from falling over.

He stared at me for what felt like 10 minutes, as I tried to cover myself with my hand.

“Oh my god James, sorry.” I said

“Oh my god my bad that was all me, sorry” He said.

He clearly didn’t know where to look, he was fixated on the position of my hand and what it was covering.

“Um can I please have my underwear…?” I asked.

He quickly tried to unravel the tangled up underwear from my jeans before handing them to me and staring again.

“Can you turn around?” I said, shaking my head.

Noting my vulnerable position, I was now half naked in the mariobet giriş backseat with a bad ankle as I clumsily tried to get my underwear over my foot.

“James I need help, can you just turn around close your eyes and hold one side of my underwear to get it over my foot?”

James turned around with his eyes closed as I put the underwear strap in his hand.

“Just hold it there so i can put my foot in it” I said.

This was turning into a gymnastics event in itself, being careful not to move my foot too quickly.

I don’t know when it happened, but James was clearly curious what i was doing and opened his eyes. I did not notice that he was staring right at me, with my legs slightly spread, one leg in the air trying to put my panties on. He had a full view of my exposed vagina. He quickly closed his eyes when I looked at his face.

I got my underwear back on, immediately noticed it didnt even really make much different, the outline of my mound and labia was basically visible as the underwear was pretty much see through.

I took off my jumper and t-shirt myself, i was instantly greeted with the cold as my nipples were hard and fully visible through my bra. This was turning into a great day I thought.

“Well that was something…” I said.

“Yeah…” James replied.

I couldn’t help but notice a bulge in his pants. I chose to ignore it as we were now both in our wet underwear, it was still cold and we still had things to do. I pushed the seats down to make the tray long enough for me to lay down, and shut the boot door.

“Mom, lets sit in the car and turn the heater on, that should help” James said.

It was a great idea, however as he hopped into the driver seat and went to turn on the car there was the all to familiar sound of starter motor desperation. One turn over, two turn over… *click, *click, *click.

“Umm Mum, I think the battery is dead.” James said worryingly.

“Well, just when I was thinking things wouldn’t get worse. Let me guess, no phone signal?”

“You must have scripted this!” James said jokingly.

We sat for a few hours thinking about our options, it was atleast warm in the car. I kept catching James staring at me from the front seat in the rear vision mirror. I pretended not to notice, small relief that my nipples had softened and my underwear wasn’t so see through anymore. I found an old towel in the boot tray, it barely covered one person but it was better than nothing.

“Sorry your camping trip went south, Son” I apologized.

“It’s ok, I did get to do some sight seeing…” He responded as we both laughed.

It was getting late, I was actually pretty tired. We had decided it was going to be easier to just wait til morning as the weather was still pretty bad. James was sitting in the front seat trying to sleep, he looked uncomfortable so I invited him to lay in the back with me.

“There’s plenty of room, you stay on your side i’ll stay on mine, and we can share this tiny ass towel.” I said jokingly.

He eventually crawled back and we tried to sleep with some distance apart.

I awoke in the night, checking my phone it was just after midnight. The first thing that hit me was the temperature, it was absolutely freezing, this towel wasn’t cutting it, and I saw that James was completely exposed. I decided it would be best to cuddle up for warmth. I put my head on his chest and snuggled in, wrapping the towel over us as best I could before I fell asleep.

I woke up a couple hours later to James talking.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck…” He was whispering.

“What’s wrong honey what happened?” I asked groggily.

“Umm Mom, I am so sorry.” He said nervously.

I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, I felt really nice and warm under the towel and when I went to move, I noticed it as i reached down. There was a big wet patch on my stomach, all over my underwear and on my legs. It was sticky, and slimy at the same time. It didn’t take me long to figure out exactly what it was.

“James did yo-“

“Mom, oh my god I am so sorry” He apologized.

I tried to piece together what had happened from my delirious state.

“James did you jerk off on me whilst I was sleeping!?” I asked as I moved away.

“What the fuck no! I was having a dream and I felt it coming up and then I awoke where i was and it was way too late.” He tried to frantically explain.

I turned on my phone light and looked down, his erection appears to have slipped through the front of his boxers and he had clearly sprayed his cum all over my body and underwear. I couldn’t believe how thick it was, clinging to everything, and there was no shortage of it.

“Jesus Christ how many times did you cum, it’s everywhere!?” I asked half jokingly.

I had no idea what to do with this situation. James quickly rolled over as he kept apologizing as he curled up into the fetal position.

“Honey its OK, its perfectly natural, I’m sure you’ve had this happen with girls before, nothing to worry about!” I tried to reassure him.

He was quite upset at what had happened clearly.

“Well at least you got some action on your birthday party, and you even got a show!” I tried to joke at the situation.

James didn’t say anything but I swear I saw the corner of a smile. I think it worked.

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