I like to share. She accommodated


I like to share. She accommodatedI was in Cleveland for business. I had been stuck in the hotel working 12 hour shifts for weeks on end. I found her add on Craigslist. I liked her bodysuit. I texted her. After a minute she texted back. We chatted a minute or two. I told her I wanted bareback and either the bodysuit in her photos or thigh highs. She said she had thigh highs and a bustier. I asked her what hotel. She was at a hotel on a hill in Independence. 30 min. She was ok with bareback. I told her to put on her best stripper eyeshaddow because it is a fetish and we hung up. I bought some weed from the girl at the front desk of my hotel and headed over. The moment you get to a hooker’s door is always one that makes your heart rate spike. What if it’s a setup and there are guys going to jump me, or cops, or worse… what if she’s really ugly and you can’t fuck her? She opened the door and my cock got instantly hard. She’s 5’6 with really thick pink into purple into black sparkle eyeshadow over green eyes and dirty blonde bed head. The room smelt of B.O., fresh cum and weed. It was intoxicating. She kissed me. I was going to fuck her so good… She had on a pair of red, sheer thigh highs with a pair of black fishnet thigh highs on on top of them. She also wore tube socks and a low pair of Chuck Taylors. The black bustier was tight and had a zipper up the front. She blinked… “How do you want me?” “Call another man you know in here and fuck him until he cums in güvenilir bahis your pussy.”She blinked again. She stared at me for a minute… “Are we getting high?” she asked. I smiled. “Yeah.” She smiled. She picked up her phone and turned away. Her thong and red bottoms of her heels taunted me. My hands found her hips and I ground my now hard cock against her ass. “You want more than one guy?” She glanced over her shoulder at me, her mouth open but smiling. “Yeah.” Now I was hard. I reached around and felt her pussy… her satin panties were almost dripping they were so wet. I could smell her sex. “It will be a minute…” she turned throwing her phone on the counter and grabbing my head she brought her open mouth to mine and our tongues began to lick. She tasted like wine, weed and cum. We got high. In a few minutes there was a knock. I answered the door. Jay was a short muscular guy and Pete was taller and quiet. She kissed them both hello. With Jay the kiss lingered… she rubbed his cock through his jeans. I think they had done this before. We got high and she climbed between us on the bed. Jay had cut a line of co and I licked it up with my tongue and swished it around in my mouth. She was sucking Pete’s dick… Jay was getting undressed. His cock was hard too. Now I was hard and she was cooing and moaning like she was enjoying being the center of attention. Her panties where off. Jay stepped in and scooped his hands in between her legs and scooped under her güvenilir bahis siteleri ass pulling himself against her. He rubbed his veiny hard cock against her a few strokes and then reached over with his hand and pushed his cock into her pussy. Her eyes got intense with him and he grunted trusting in her. They fucked hard and intense, thrusting into each other, smacking skin until he grimaced and thrust one last time squirting cum time after time, thrust after thrust. I could smell it. I could see her lips were swollen and wet. I knelt to her beautiful butterfly and licked the co into her wetness. I spit the co into her and began licking it all over her pussy, mixing it with his cum. She was juicy with cum. I spit co into her, then licked it back out again. I did this a few times and couldn’t wait any longer and thrust my cock into her coed out cum filled pussy. She was sloppy wet but so swollen tight on my cock. I like fucking after another guy or two. I think it is erotic making her the center of attention. We took turns fucking her for a while. Jay and Pete left before I did. She was a pro. I had to stay and make sure to take care of business. Make sure we were square. She enjoyed it and later invited me to be with her and another guy. I don’t know if the other guy asked for a threesome or not, but she told me that she liked it so much she wanted to x and go with a friend of hers. Now that was hot. She called me out of the blue and I almost did iddaa siteleri not text back. “I have a tattooed guy who wants to lick your cum out of my pussy.” was what she texted me. It turned into a foursome after another guy joined. He was just there when I walked in the room. I think he was a new client that just lucked the fuck out. We all fucked her. I fucked her last, with her hot swollen pussy tight against my cock. She stank of cum and lust. We were rolling and molly was there. We just took turns. I would cum in her, then watch the other two fuck her which made me hard again and it went that way for a while. I squirted at least four times… and that was my TURN. The other two guys also were squirting into her… At one point she was reverse cowgirl on one of the other guys whose legs were on each side of the corner of the mattress. Reverse cowgirl fucking him, snarling at me with her thick disco stripper purple eye liner smeared against a mans abs as she sucked his cock. She had on slutty stockings and heels in the air reverse cowgirl with a big cock in her pussy and I just had to step in and rub my cock into the wetness of her cunt. I pressed my cock against her swollen pussy lips and the spongey vein along the bottom of his cock. It was hot, warm tight and disgustingly refreshing fucking her cum filled pussy with another man’s cock rubbing tight against mine. She was gripping my hair with all her strength, twisting my head as I thrust into her slutty sloppy cunt. This was what I was paying for. Fucking her dvp using some other guy’s cum as fuck lube. Regular readers know this is my fetish. Most of the pros I do business with will accommodate my fetish. Otherwise I just skip the games dot com.

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